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Strategic Thinking and Leadership Success

A Critical Ingredient for individual & Organizational Success

Key Take Aways Workshop Overview

The workshop will use a variety This interactive Workshop helps participants understand the
of exercises to help participants connection between strategic management and leadership.
identify their current Strategic Research shows that Senior Managers spend the vast majority
Thinking Strengths, and help of time on operational issues, and correspondingly Managers
lift them to the next level become very efficient at implementing operational plans and
day to day management.
We will also be using Gallups
Leadership Strengths Finder The causes for this phenomenon are various and many, and
Assessment Tools, to help amongst them are that most Senior Managers are promoted
participants identify their into their roles, due to their operational excellence.
current Strategic Thinking
Strengths, from a Leadership This fast paced two-day workshop allows Middle and Senior
Perspective, and lifting them to Managers to analyse and identify their own Strategic
the next level. This will mean Strengths, and provides them opportunities to further develop
extra exercises where those strengths and develop their own models on how they
participants will identify the can have more strategic focus.
need to work with people with
For most organisations to strengthen their long term success
different strengths in order to
their Middle and Senior Managers need to focus more time on
increase their own Strategic
Strategic Thinking.
Thinking, and become more
Strategic. To help achieve this, this fast paced two day workshop will
share with the audience the latest thoughts and proven models
Each individual will receive an
of success in terms of Strategic Thinking, and apply modelling
individual confidential Strategic
exercises to determine how they might apply that thinking and
Leadership Strengths Report,
focus on strategy in their own workplace and in their own role.
and an individual Leadership
Strengths Finder book. In this workshop, delegates will learn practical principles and
concepts that will enhance their capacity for strategic analysis,
planning and the execution of strategic plans. This workshop
offers proven methods to develop a strategic plan for an
organization, or any part of an organization that may require
to set a strategic direction.

The topics covered will help those who are either directly
responsible for developing plans or those people who want to
expand their perspective and understanding of strategys
impact on their work lives and the success of their
organization. This Workshop, therefore, builds on the mid-
stone course Strategic Management to further advance the
knowledge of potential managers through the analysis of
complex business issues and case studies.

Organised & Development by -

MAWA EVENTS SDN BHD Trusting in Delivering Excellence
This Workshop is highly interactive, and we will be extensively
Objectives: using Leadership Development Principles, including Powerpoint
Presentations, Case Studies, Group Activities and
Understand the relationship between
Modelling/Analysis Exercises.
strategic management and leadership.
We will also be using Video Clips on Strategic Thinking, and
Be able to apply management and exposure to Leading Strategic Thinking Models developed by
leadership theory to support organisational
Edward De Bono, Peter Senge, W. Chan Kim, Tom Rath and
Elliott Jacques, to focus on Strategic Thinking Principles, to
ensure each participant reaches the next level in terms of their
Demonstrate an understanding of and
Strategic Thinking Journey.
ability to use, strategic leadership and
thinking in dealing with challenges in We will also provide an Interactive Q&A Session on Live Video
workplace settings. Link with an internationally recognised Strategic Thinking
Demonstrate an understanding of the
elements and impact of strategic plans and Eight Dimensions of Strategic Management
their relationship to strategic thinking.
This workshop contains assessments of performance along
Create a strategic plan that demonstrates eight different dimensions of strategic management:
strategic thinking about the context and
challenges of a specific organization. Leadership
Culture and values
Strategic thinking and planning
Prepare, deliver and assess a strategic plan.
Performance measurement
Understanding Hierarchal Span of Vision. Performance management
Process improvement
Analysis of Participants Strategic Thinking Sustainability of strategic management
Strengths and Weaknesses.
Who Should Attend
Case Studies of Successful Strategic
Thinking. Through the examination of real world business cases,
participants should gain an understanding of the skillset needed
Models to Strengthen Strategic Thinking by a leader to support organisational direction and thus be able
Strengths and Overcome our Strategic to plan for leadership development.
Thinking Weaknesses.
Managers / Asst. Managers
Leaders / GM / Directors
Analyse those Models - Impact, Costs,
Emerging Leaders and Managers
Barriers and Drivers. Team leader
Prioritise Low Yield, High Risk and High Project Managers
Yield, Low Risk Strategic Thinking Strategies. HR / Admin Managers
Corporate Strategy Managers
Applying Strategic Thinking in your Day to Business Development Managers
Day Role. Finance & Strategy Execution Professionals
Technical Professionals
Becoming More Strategic From Red Ocean
This course is right for you if:
to Blue Ocean.
You're in a senior management role and wish to influence the
Measuring my Strategic Level strategic direction of your business.

frontline supervisors not senior managers - are the opinion leaders in your organization
Course Contents 2 Days Workshop

Indicative Workshop Agenda Session

Session 1 Why Strategy Is Essential for Success

The pressures for better strategic performance
What is strategy/strategic planning?
Understanding the strategic vocabulary
Current strategic thinking in your own organization Session

Session 2 - Strategic Analysis and Review

Understanding our current strategic position
Understanding our stakeholders and customers
Understanding our competitors
Understanding the strategic environment in which we operate
Understanding our own performance
Completing a SWOT analysis Session

Session 3 - Setting Strategic Direction

The importance of vision and mission and destination statements
Setting long term strategic goals
Developing a strategy road map
Strategic Change management in a dynamic environment

Session 4 - Monitoring Strategic Performance

Agreeing key performance indicators (KPIs) for the strategy
Deciding what to measure using the strategy map
Deciding how to measure agreeing KPIs
Setting performance targets Session

Session 5 - Strategic Leadership

The Importance of Ethics
Organization Culture
The Influence of Leadership on Culture
Impact of Vision and Mission
Organizational Artefacts
Understanding Organizational Change

Session 6 - Strategic Thinking

Strategies of Market Leaders
Tips for Making the Vision a Reality
Managing for Results
Strategic Innovation
Setting the Right Direction
Leadership-Management Synergy
Leadership and Management
Leadership Roles
The 8 Stage Change Management Process
Top 10 Essential Requirements To Be A Great Strategic Thinker

Session 7 - Strategic Management

Human Resources, Time, and Financial Considerations
Strategic Planning: External/Internal Variables and SWOT Analysis

Session 8 Review and whats next

Leadership styles and Strategic Leading for long term success
Action planning: translating these ideas into future practice
Deciding whats next cascading strategy throughout the organization

line managers do play a vital role in encouraging, facilitating, initiating and even inhibiting, the
learning and development of their staff.
Workshop Facilitator Ron Palmer

Ron has worked in Senior Management positions with several well known Multi-National Corporations,
including BUPA, ICI and Rio Tinto, and has lived and worked in Australia, Saudi Arabia, USA, Malaysia
and UK.

He has held various roles including CEO, Vice President Infrastructure and Director of Innovation.
He holds Fellow Membership Status with the Australian Institute of Management and the American
Society of Human Resources Management and has spoken at seminars in Australia, Malaysia, Pakistan,
Korea, Thailand, and USA, on various Strategic Planning and Strategic Thinking issues. Ron also
developed a guide to Strategic Thinking called The Seven Successful Steps of Strategic Success which
he will share at the Master Class.

Ron will be the Lead Facilitator on this project. He has a Bachelor of Economics, a Post Graduate Diploma
in Human Resources and a Masters of Project Management.

In his career he has facilitated several Strategic Planning and Strategic Thinking Master Classes.

Impact & Experiences:

This workshop will build your visionary capacity, advance your strategic agility and become well-versed in
multinational execution, catapulting you ahead in your profession. You will:

Increase your capacity to formulate and execute global strategy.

Acquire new ways to inspire peers and subordinates in your organization.
Build capabilities for leading and serving customers across national and international
Generate counter-intuitive ideas around changing geopolitical realities.
Engage in best-case/worst-case scenario planning to map out future situations that could
affect your industry or organization.
Construct and communicate your own vision in a way that will be both authentic and

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