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Total Cost from start to finish as per specifications below - "The total cost of Project is INR

1,54,50,000/- (Rupees One Crore Fifty Four Lac and Fifty Thousand only) inclusive of all taxes" - excerpt
from signed contract.

Per Square Foot Cost - 1,54,50,000 divided by 10,300 = INR 1500

Specifications of building
Number of Floors - Ground (stilt parking + utilities) + 4 Floors of Residences

Number of apartments per floor - 2. So 4 floors have 8 apartments

Foundation up to Plinth Level -

a) Foundation with M-20 / M 25 grade concrete and Fe-500 grade steel

b) Depth 1500 mm from Ground level or as per sanctioned plan
c) Plinth 150 above ground level or as per plan
d) Brick soling below foundation or as per plan
e) Anti termite treatment in 3 layers
f) 100 thick PCC (1:4:8)

Superstructure -

a) RCC structure with M -20 / M-25 grade concrete and Fe-500 grade steel
b) Parking floor ht. as per sanctioned plan
c) Other floor ht as per sanctioned plan
d) 200 mm External brick works with cement sand mortar (1:4)
e) 125/75 Internal brick works ceiling with cement sand mortar (1:4) /(1:6)
f) 12 mm thick internal plaster (1:5)
g) 15 mm thick external plaster (1:5) / (1:6)
h) Lift machine room
i) Loft and down slab as per requirement
j) Darwans (Security Guard) room, toilet, meter room etc. with 9 nos. parking arrangement

Cement: Ultratech/ Ambuja

Steel : TEMCO Fe-500 / SRMB / ISI TMT
Stone chips: 3/4down, 5/8 down free from any slurry and black in color
Sand: Full Coarse for RCC and Medium for others
Bricks : 1st class Preferably 8x 4x 4 /10 x 5 x 3

Note: Concrete grade Mixture ~ M20 for all structural work except columns which will be M25

Doors -

100 x 62.5 mm Malaysian Sal wood door frames and factory made flush door.

a) Internal doors: 32 / 35 mm moulded panel type door

(i) Mortice lock with handle (ii) 1 x 250 mm S.S. tower bolt (iii) 1 x door stopper (iv) 1 x rubber buffer
b) Main door: 32 mm Polished teak wood panel design without curvature
(i) Godrej night latch (ii) 1 pair decorative handle (iii) 1 x 250 mm brass/SS tower bolt (iv) 1 x magic eye (v) 1 x door stopper
(vi) 1 x rubber buffer

c) Toilet doors: Moulded panel type door

Windows -

Anodised aluminium sliding windows with 4 mm. colour or tinted glass and M.S. grills

Electrical -

a) Concealed electrical wiring through PVC conduit

b) All switches are Anchor / Northwest / Havells Modular type
c) 8/10 way MCB for all circuits
d) Copper PVC insulated wiresHavells/ Finolex
e) 2 x Main Switches for each flat (Havells)
f) Electrical arrangements for Pump, Lift etc.
g) Number of electrical point in each flat as per contemporary standards
h) Separate circuit for Power (AC, Fridge, Oven, Heater etc.) and Utility (Light, Fan, Bell etc.)
i) Line for camera in each floor, Lift & Ground Lobby/Garage

Other Areas: 2 calling bell points for each flat - one at main door and one on ground floor
Staircase: 1 light point on each landing with a 2 way switch
Car parking/ roof / passage areas - 8 x light points including gate light + 4 x 15A plug sockets

Sanitary and Plumbing -

a) Concealed U-PVC hot and cold water lines in all toilets in each flat- Make Ashirvad / Supreme.
b) PVC medium pipes for external water lines
c) High density (HDPE) PVC pipes for waste and solid lines
d) PVC 100 mm diameter rain water down pipe
e) C.P. fittings for all toilets in each flat ESSCO/ half turn or quarter turn
f) White vitreous sanitary fittings like normal commode, basin, etc. in each toilet (Parryware/ Hindware)
g) S.S. Sink with cock with extra tap point at kitchen
h) Aqua guard point, washing machine point and dining basin point to be provided at suitable location
i) 1 x basin with pedestal with basin cock with angular stop cock at dining
j) Standard fittings for servants/darwans toilet
k) 6 diameter S.W. line with necessary manholes, master trap etc.

Toilets -

a) 12 x 8 Glazed wall tiles up to lintel height - Johnson/Orient/ NITCO as per approved color and design.
b) Floor with anti skid ceramic tile 1 x 1 ~ Floor treated with damp proof compound.
c) Toilet fittings;
All drain points, commode with PVC cistern and seat cover (white), 1 x Basin, 3-in-1 wall mixture with hand shower and O.H.
shower (white)
Provision for geyser with stop cocks
1 x mirror, 1 x soap holder & 1 x towel rod and door back hanger hook, floor trap etc. (All stainless steel)

Kitchens -

a) Black/ Ruby red granite cooking platform and in-built fitted stainless steel (SS) sink
b) Flooring similar to living and dining floor
c) Glazed tiles up to 7 all around
d) Kitchen fittings;
1 x SS single bowl sink with waste pipe, 1 x Sink cock + 1 x tap below sink
Glazed tiled corner with tap, 1 x small SS sink and provision for washing machine in service balcony of the kitchen.

Flooring -

a) Vitreous tiles of size 600 x 600 mm/ Marble 2 x 2 in rooms, toilet, kitchen etc. (NITCO digital)
Granite top on Kitchen platform, wall tiles 70 high on toilet and Kitchen walls subject to approval of the owner.
b) Matching marble floor or otherwise at toilets
c) Marble flooring with acid polish for stair floor and landings
d) Kota stone flooring of approved design in the car parking area
e) Roof tiles over 2 layer water proofing chemical treatment with water proofing paint finish

Common Works -

a) 1 x Underground Reservoir of required capacity

b) 1 x Overhead Reservoir of required capacity
c) 125 mm thick boundary wall of 1.5 mt ht. with necessary foundation
d) M.S. gates of standard design at front entry
e) Grill gates at main building entry
f) Grill gate at roof entry
g) 33 ht. M.S. railing in all balconies with M.S. Top
h) 33 ht. M.S. railing for the stairs

Painting -

a) 2 coat weather coat/ Rain guard/Apex Ultima over primer on exterior surface
b) 2 coat cement primer over wall putty on internal surfaces of each flat
c) 2 coat distemper paint over 2 coat cement primer over wall putty for the car parking area and staircase area
d) All wood and MS grill works will have 2 coat synthetic paint over 2 coat primer. Duco paint or Melamine polish for the main
e) White wash for lift room and lift well

Paints -ICI/ Berger/ Asian

Services -

a) 1 x BE pump with Crompton Motor (2 H.P.) with necessary delivery and suction line
b) Water line from municipal supply to Underground Reservoir
c) Calling bell from main gate to Darwans room
d) 4 passengers lift (Telescopic door) with necessary license from reputed company