Numerology is the study of numbers. You're born on a certain date; you die on a certain date.

You live a certain number of days. Numerology is a system that calculates the karmic direction of your life. It examines why you are born and why you die on a particular date and explains everything in between. The origins of Numerology are lost somewhere within history. Some attribute it to being created by Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician, (569-470 B.C). Einstein thought that God was the original mathematician, saying famously that God doesn't play dice with the world -- everything is explainable by numbers. Certain numbers possess special prominence in the physical world. For example, mathematical constants, like the number pi. Numerology determines those numbers that are important for you. Numbers are linked to your karmic path. Your life path number is the most important number. It describes life patterns, shows karmic impulses and reveals you to yourself. Throughout our lives, various numbers are celebrated, highlighted and remembered. Your birthday, marriage date, all of these numbers influence you, in different ways. The world is set up and controlled by numbers, and so are you. Numbers govern your life, based on the pattern of the numbers in your life. Numerology places importance on the numbers, from 1 to 9, and the numbers, 11 and 22. The last two numbers are referred to as master numbers. Numerology charts are constructed from numbers obtained from your birthdate and birthname. The numbers are reduced down to one of these base numbers. Your life path number is obtained from your birthdate. Other important numbers are your expression

number, soul urge number and destiny number, obtained from using the letters in your name. Numerology helps to identify these patterns, traits, karmic connections and influences in your life. Numerology helps you learn life lessons, reminding you of your life purpose. Karmic lessons are completed when love teaches you its lesson. Numerology is not predicting how your life will be, but more describing a possible life scenario for you. It's up to you then what you do with your life. Another number is the death number. Dying with the same number as you were born with means that you fulfilled your true life purpose.

Life Path Number First, write down your full date of birth. Convert the year, month and day to a single number by adding their individual numbers together. For example, someone with the date of birth of November 5, 1966 would add 1+1+5+1+9+6+6. The digits in the resulting number – 2+9 in our example -are then similarly added, reducing the sum to a single digit, a number between 1 and 9, or to the master numbers 11 or 22. Master numbers are left in place and are not usually reduced any further, as in the example, which resulted in a master number of 11. Some of the different traits of life path numbers are as follows:

The No. 1 life path indicates individuality and leadership. Negative qualities may include selfishness and impatience. The No. 2 life path produces sensitive people who crave habit and familiarity. Negative qualities may include apathy and lethargy. The No. 3 life path emphasizes creativity and sociability. Superficiality and moodiness may be negative aspects of this life path. The No. 4 life path embodies trustworthiness and down-to-earth individuals who may tend to be narrowminded and routine-dependent. The No. 5 life path indicates spontaneity and someone who lives in the moment but may be irresponsible and not a good decision maker. The No. 6 life path produces people with a strong sense of responsibility and community awareness. These people may be volunteers but must be careful not to forget their own needs while serving others. The No. 7 life path indicates peace and a sense of reserve. People under this path might tend to be loners, and as a result, have a negative attitude.

The No. 8 life path concerns itself with ambition and material success. People under this path may not consider the effects that seeking success might have on others. The No. 9 life path embodies compassion, generosity and humanitarianism. As a result, it is sometimes hard for people under this path to accept harsh realities. The No. 11 life path – one of the master numbers – emphasizes peace, intuition and innovativeness as its character qualities, but the path also may lead to great moodiness. The No. 22 life path may be one that leads to fame and fortune but with a sense of realism. Negative qualities of the path can be insensitivity and a domineering personality.

Elvis Presley was a life path number 9. He died as a death number 3. A soul runs its life according to its karma, and also according to its ultimate purpose, towards the fulfillment of its path, to learn more about divine love. Dying as a 3 means that Elvis's death was brought about by circumstances influenced by his karma. The number 3 means he will come back again as a 3, until he finally leaves as a 9 and when his karma is then completed for that part of his purpose. Karma and numerology work hand in hand. Numbers reveal aspects of your karma, revealing the different patterns established in your past. Numerology profiles are guides only. The soul is always greater than its numerology profile. You are never limited, or fixed, into any position. Source;

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