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Description ISIN Code

RB CANADA TV EUR3M+0,43 AG20 EUR XS1272154565
Bank Bond

GUARANTOR No guarantor

RATING S&P AA-; Moody's Aa3

Issue Type Unsubordinated
Interest Accrual Date 08/06/2015
Maturity Date 08/06/2020
Outstanding 1,250,000,000

Redemption Pricipal amount paid at maturity.

Call Otion n.a.

Put Option See the Base Prospectus and Final Terms.

The coupon amount, payable on February, May, August and November 6th of each
year until maturity, is equal to EURIBOR3M plus a 0.43% margin. The rate is observed
Pre-tax Coupon
two business days prior to the beginning of each interest period on EURIBOR01
Reuters Page.
First Coupon Date 11/06/2015
Regulated Market London Stock Exchange

Trading Venue ExtraMOT

Trading Hours 8:00 - 9:00 Opening Auction
9:00 - 17:30 Continuous Trading
Day Count Convention ACT/360
Clearing CC&G
First Day of Trading 08/19/2015 Bond Pricing Clean
Minimum Trading Lot 100,000 Trading Currency EUR

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