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Fade In

Five black youth ages 17 to 23 enter a check cashing place to rob it. This
group of young men call themselves the CHAIN GANG, because of the
gold and diamond chains around their necks. There is about 40 members
of this group spread around the city. Some of the members have trademark
names of cities in the United States. The gang is known in the area for
their drug selling, violent, and thieving ways. In recent months members
BALTIMORE and ST.LOUIS and a few others form a hip-hop rap group
with in the organization. This causes conflict in the gang, because some
members believe this hurts the image of the gang, especially
CLEVELAND. Cleveland is 23 years old an is a self proclaimed “real
gangster, that believe robbing and stealing will get them to the top and he
hates rappers in fact he takes pride in robbing them.

The members pull their ski mask over their face and tie their hooded sweat
shirts on their head and enter the check cashing place. They pull out their
guns and order everyone on the floor. Cleveland and Baltimore jumped
behind the counter and takes the manager to the safe, while TEXAS,
JERSEY and St.Louis hold the people at gun point. A minute later
Cleveland and Baltimore emerge from the back with bags and then
everyone run out the door, but not before they create a frenzy with a
smoke screen. They then jumped into a parked car and drove fast down the

Members pull up to a little warehouse that looks abandon. The gang goes
in and start to open up the money bags and count the money and this is
when the arguing starts.

Yo St.Louis we got that studio session tonight.

St.Louis sitting across from Baltimore smiling counting his share of the

I know how much is it like two-fifty a piece?

Cleveland stand up yelling and swinging his arms.

All here we go again with this music shit again. I tired of giving
my fuckin money up for this bullshit. I’m aint seeing shit back and
man I don’t even fuckin rap.

Man you right I need all mine.

That’s real rap.

Yall niggaz talking all this shit,yall and going to be the first niggaz
trying to fuck the hoes and come on TV wit us and all that shit
when we go platinum.

Platinum! (laughing)

Yeah nigga

What ever right now I’m a soldier out here so yall nigga can keep
playing the lox or socks or what ever, I’m out

Yall niggaz on yall own this time I need all mine.

Baltimore and St.Louis pick their cash up and leaves out the door sticking
their middle finger up.


Three older guys were torturing a young man in a old factory building in
the south part of the city. The young man being tortured, is a rapper by the
name of FREEZE. Freeze was part of a group called the twin glokz that
recently sold a million records on Superior Entertainment. Freeze was in
talks with signing a solo deal with another record label and that did not
make FOX happy.
ALFONSO (FOX) DAVIS owner of Superior entertainment, a ruthless
criminal turned record executive, but use to be a hitman for the Black Mob
in the eighties. Through his connections his label is the only record
company backed by a major distribution company. Some how the artist
that sign to him have some success but always end up broke, jailed, or
dead some how.

Motherfucker Superior made you and we gone break you.

Man I can leave if I want to fuck you pussy you stole all our
money anyway.

Fox hits Freeze with a gun and breaks his jaw. (blood everywhere)

I told you little desperate motherfuckers when I signed yall
superior is forever. I guess you didn’t hear that nigga, your
little ass was broke and aint care. The only way you leave this
label is if you are dead bitch.

When Major find this out you dead bitch, cause I am going to
see you in hell.

Fox orders the goons with him to tie freeze up to a chair while he reaches
for the gasoline can. He begins to pour gasoline all over Freeze, then starts
to taunt him some more

Well freezy (laughing) this is your night to be a burning star.

Fox lights the match and set Freeze on fire and watches his body burn,
then makes a phone call ordering someone to kill his girlfriend to.


In the center city section of Philadelphia there is a night club that exploits
the male gay lifestyle. This club is called the Gentlemans Quarters, it is a
private club for high power gay men to pick up and see their boy toys for a
night. Some of these men are married and have families, others are
doctors, business men, sports figures and ect.. Inside is a young 24year old
struggling r&b artist with a beautiful voice and dreams of being a
successful artist. Sean works days at the post office and nights stripping
for gay men, but one thing Sean is “heterosexual”. Sean was introduced to
stripping buy his friend POP who claims he is not gay he just fuck men for
money. Sean does not like his night job but he believes this is the only
way he can pay for studio sessions for his music and possible meet some
one in the club who could help his career. It is one word to describe Sean
desperate, he will do any thing to see his dream through.


Okay all you cock suckers and ass eaters get the fuck to the stage
and welcome Stretch Armstrong.

Men flock to the stage with money in hand touching and feeling on Sean
as he dances around on stage. Sean is new to this seen so they attack him
like wolf on sheep. He finishes his routine and the heads off to the
backstage dressing room.


Sean enters the room with a look on his face like he wanted to die. He is
shaking his head as he enters the dressing room, only to be greeted by his
excited friend POP.

Is it jumpin our there? I need some money

Man what the fuck kind of question is that. I don’t know how
To answer that.
You got tips motherfucker don’t you?

Yeah but the tips make me feel like I like this fagot shit.

You aint gotta like this shit just like this money.

I love the money it pays the bills and my studio shit.
By the way what you think of my songs?

You hear me playing the shit don’t you. It’s tight it’s starting to
grow on me. It’s starting to come together like butt cheeks

Sean throws a towel at pop.

Fuck you POP (laughing) Fuck you.

By the way a couple of us is doing a bachelor party tonight
you want to cum? (smirking)

Joke, Jokes.

It’s going to be a lot of high rollers there money everywhere
OOOOOOOOOOH I’m so horny. (laughing)

A bachelor party for a man marrying a man that shit is
crazy. How much you be making?

Naw man. Dude is actually marrying a girl. Down low
Down low. But we can make about $2000 a piece and plus
we can make more a lot more if you want to bust some ass.
Motherfucker you sick, but count me in. I aint fucking nobody
fuck that shit.

Never say never stretch (laughing).


RONALD GARY COOPER (aka) RON MILLIONS is a 28 year old local

drug dealer, who believes making the transition from street thug to record
executive is easy because he thinks of himself as what he would call
“GHETTO FABULOUS. He runs five corners in the southwest section of
the city selling crack cocaine and marijuana. Ron runs his corners in shifts
like a real job, he has around twenty people he pay each week. Ron is
ruthless he will kill you if he believe you are hurting his business. He is
always in battle with other little dealer trying to move in on his turf such
as STEVE and others. RON loves to show off, he likes to have pockets
full of money, clothes, pretty women and cars. He just brought a 2007
Escalade with rims, dvd player and all. Ron likes to cruz the hood a check
on things like he like to say. Recently Ron has been having some heat
from the law so he is now thinking of a new way of life. He starts
managing his nephew who he believes is the next big star coming up in the
music game.

Ron pulls on the corner with ANTHONY and a pretty girl blasting
“ANTS” new song. He has to pick some money up, but he really wants to
show off his new SUV.

Yo Neph this what you did at the studio last night? This shit is hot
I like it.

No doubt unc I told you niggaz workin hard this year the game
got to let us in.

YO I gotta pick some paper up then we out to the mall.
Ron notices a guy name STEVIE ROTTEN on his corner, he got the
name because he always stealing people things and just being rotten.
Ron don’t like Stevie hanging out on his corners because he makes things
hot for his workers. Steve brings a lot of drama if its not the police then it
is somebody that is looking for him. Ron gets mad and reaches for his gun.

Motherfucker I told you don’t be sellin around here.

Ron gets out the SUV pulls his hand gun out and puts it to Stevie’s

YO man I swear I wasn’t selling nothing ask them.

Well what are you doing around here then nigga?

Just chillin I swear (scared)

Well empty ya pockets

Stevie emptied his pockets he had no drug and six dollars. Ron shoves him
and Stevie takes off running.

Don’t let me catch you sellin out here that’s ya ass and yall
Niggaz to.

Ron then walks up the street to pick some money up. He likes to give out
what he like to call Ron’s Words of Wisdom as he is leaving.

Yall niggaz out here better check ya selves because its other niggaz
who want yall life style and I aint got no problem givin it to them.
Remember this a fool is a fool who fools with Ron shit that will get you
dead believe dat.

Ron pulls off in his SUV.

YOLONDA (HONEY LIPS) CATER a 25 year old record executive who
started out as an intern but quickly went to the top. Through her hardcore
kickass and cut throat tactics she became one of the youngest top
executives in the business. Honey likes to say she is on top of the world as
she describes it. She was addicted to the life, the power,money,vip
treatment, and the highrollers she would meet, it quickly went from the
music world to it was all about Honey. She started to believe that she was
more famous than the label and the artist, but to some degree she was.
Then Honey started taking thing for granted, she started sleeping with
more powerful people and more married men. She started black mailing
them for luxury goods such as diamonds,furs,trips,and money but most
important it gave her the power. This girls is ruthless and will role over
any one in her way. She got her way so much people started calling her the
“SEX EXEC” and she loved every word of it.


Honey was having sex with RAYMOND JACKSON a famous ball player
when his wife DIANE came walking in the room.

Motherfucker I knew you was fucking this stinkin bitch
everybody told me (crying)

Please baby I’m sorry I’m sorry

Diane runs to the closet and gets a gun and points it at honey.

Put the gun down bitch you aint stupid

I’m going to kill you fuckin whore.

You right I might be a whore but think how I got in your bed bitch.
Ya fuckin freak ass husband invited me here, because he can’t get
enough of this good pussy. So now you have two options you can
join us and I will let you taste some too or I’m gonna take that gun
from you and smack the shit out you. Your choice.
Honey walks towards the wife.

If you take one more step I’m going to shoot you bitch

Diane cocked the gun back as Honey walked closer, then she took a shot and hit the wall.
Honey then grabs the gun and smacks her across the bed.

I told you you crazy bitch if you wasn’t gonna kill me get
that shit out my face.

Raymond punches Honey in the face knocking her to the ground. She gets up holding
her jaw laughing.

Ray you hit like a bitch (laughing)

Get the fuck out bitch

Naw don’t leave stay I am going to do you both a favor. You
will be hearing from my lawyer asshole and I am going public
with this. I am going to take you for everything and as for you
bitch I am going to fuck your life up, you fucked up the wrong
home this time skank. I hope it was worth it RAY!

Diane slams the door when she leaves out.

Now that’s over you wanna finish I aint even cum yet.

What bitch I just lost my wife, my family and my money don’t
you give a fuck?
Man spare me the bullshit you should have thought about
this before you begged me to come over here.

Well just get the fuck out!

Yeah whatever nigga.

Honey starts putting on her clothes and the leave out the door.


MONTGOMERY. Trina is a 35 year old 8th grade school teacher with two children. She
is very educated and loves to teach children. She teaches in lower merion school district a
suburb outside philly. Trina believes that if she can help one student understand that they
don’t have to sing, rap,act,or play sports,to be successful she fills like her job is worth it.
Trina met her husband CASSIUS when they attended Morgan State University, they fell
in love and after grad school they married and had two children.

CASSIUS is a 35year old man, that teaches 12th grade English to inner-city youth. This
man is well educated, with a degree in science, economics and a master in English.
Simply brilliant man well spoken and loved and admired by his peers. But lately Cassius
has become bored with just teaching and family life. Do to him teaching in the city he has
become very interested in the hip-hop culture. He believes because of his English
background it’s very easy for him to rap or write r&b songs. What was once viewed as a
hobby by him and his wife has turned into a real life situation that’s tearing the family
apart. Cassius began hanging out all hours of the night at theses clubs and studios. He
started to talk like the kids, he was teaching using broken English, he even gave himself a
stage name “OLD E” short for OLD ENGLISH Teacher the kids called him. So just
about every morning or night an argument starts between the couple.


Trina is getting ready for work, she is trying to make breakfast and get the kids ready for
school. She turns on the television set and see it was a shooting at a night club, so se
quickly picks up the phone to call Cassius. Cassius comes walking through the door as
she starts to call, Trina starts yelling.

They was shooting at that club you was suppose to be at.
You didn’t have anything to do with it did you?
NO! I just opened up for Young Haze

What does that mean in English Cassius?

Don’t start I gotta get dress and get ready for work.

I’m so tired of you and this bullshit when are you going to
understand you are 35 going on 36 hanging with fuckin teenagers
at clubs and god knows where else, while ya family is home
praying nothing happens to you dumb ass.

What about my dreams, I can’t dream?

I thought me and the kids was your dream and our life together.

Didn’t you ever want something so bad you couldn’t sleep or
eat until you got it.

Yeah my education that’s why I’m teaching

Well for me it’s my music. I love to be on stage hearing the
crowd screaming.

Well you should of thought about that before we got married
and had two kids. Now this family is your stage, and your
screaming fans is me and your screaming kids. You told me
in two years we was going to buy a house now it’s five because
all the extra saving is going to this music crap. Look I getting
tired now you going to have to make a decision real soon.
I don’t have time for this I have to go to work.

Cassius leaves out the door, while Trina starts to cry and the kids are
still running around. The phone rings and it is RONDA a friend of Trina’s
calling to gossip like she always do.


Hey girl whats up? How you feelin.

You don’t wanna know.

Girl I got something to tell you that is too funny.

Good. I need something to make me laugh this morning.

Good. I was at club zero last night with TANYA you know how
we do. It was that little hip-hop night thing, but we was like “cool”
we would go any way. I felt like robbing the cradle anyway.

You are trip crazy.

They said somebody was coming to the stage, but you know me if
Its now JAY-Z or 50CENT or a big name star I don’t pay attention
to that crap.

I know that’s right.

Well I looked up and it was Cassius I didn’t know he was a rapper.
I could not stop laughing, he had on his little bandana and baggy
jeans, jumping around up their. It was funny but the crowd was
feelin it, watch out now! (laughing).
Girl don’t tell him that, this is why I am stressed out now.
That negro is 35 trying to be some rapper, I can’t take this
straight up.

I know girl but he is talented let him do his little thing. He could
be chasing skeezers.

Trina hangs the phone up because she is mad and frustrated.

PEDRO BIAZ the self promoting greaseball spic immigrant who came to
this country dealing drugs and made a fortune. He invested in some
legitimate companies and his favorite line is “I came to this country with
nothing now I got it all can you handle that”. Pedro is involve in many
companies, but where he spends most of his time is his night club called
PASSIONS. This place is the place to be seen at in the city if you claim to
be somebody important. Everyone comes to this club, high rollers from all
over, celebrities, sports figures, you name it they their. Also Pedro keeps
special women in the club to keep a close eye on the “Ballers”. On
Saturday’s he bring a big name star to perform at the club and he lets local
acts open up, this is his way as he says giving back to the community. But
in reality he uses the club to sell sex, drugs, and black mail people.

This particular night things turned deadly at the club. A Chain gang
member name BIG CITY was gunned down in front of the club. This
night of violence brought out every cop, news reporter and community
activist, because the cities murder rate is at an all time high. One activist
that was out there, because he wants to get the club shut down is the
GOOD REVERAND BARNES. Now he always wasn’t a saint years ago
he was a runner for the mob and someone tried to rob him and he killed
them. Barnes got off with eight years for self defense. He took up ministry
in prison so when he came home he vowed he we do good forever. He got
married a had a lovely daughter name CARMEN. Carmen was recently
killed do to the stupid violence in the city. She was dating the local rapper
Freeze that was sign to Superior Entertainment that also was recently
murdered. Some people blame Fox but no one could ever prove it, they
say Carmen knew to much of Fox’s business so she had to go too. Barnes
like to call people like Fox and Pedro the devils handymen.
Carmen had two cousins and a friend that she hung out with all the time,
they names is MINA, TASHA,and DANIELLE. They all loved to hang
out at Passions so it was no surprise for them to be their. Thats where
Carmen met Freeze so they believe they are next in line to find a high
roller to. These girls are all cute and sexy they will do anything for what
they like to call their “Come Up”. They mostly get petty cash from men,
but they think it is something special. “If the price is right then the deal is
real” that’s Danielle’s motto. They are out their still trying to find men in
all that drama.



Pedro is surrounded by reporters and police when Barnes points at him

yelling calling him a Devil’s Handyman.

We going to shut you down bum!

Yeah right this aint my fault.


Danielle notices Mina’s uncle Barnes and starts to point.

Oh shit there goes ya crazy uncle.

OH shit! Where?


Tasha is not trying to get spotted by Barnes.

Lets go across the street.

As they start to make their move they are spotted by Barnes.

Tasha, Mina, and Danielle what are yall doing at this hells haven.
Another person has lost their life just like my daughter your

We was leaving uncle B

I’m shutting this place down.

The girls start to walk across the street.

Your uncle always talking that god died for our sins.
Well I’m still fuckin and suckin and that some times
Fill like hell. (Laughing)

I know he be trippin he swears Carmen was a saint, she was a
whore to she just got lucky when she met freeze. But I do miss

Bitch I aint no whore! (laughing). I just like money, decent things
and big dicks. It’s so happens most of the time it’s little money,
little dicks and half decent shit.

Danielle giving Tasha a high five while Mina just shakes her head.

I know that’s the fuck right. (laughing).
Superior Entertainment is having a 10 year in business party at the famous
Kimbel Center in Center City Philadelphia. They also launched a new
program along with the Mayor and the police chief to stop the violence on
the city streets. Fox along with his staff rolled out the red carpet for the
who’s who of the town, this move was encouraged by CA.
CONSTANTINE ARMANI the high power attorney that most believe is
Fox’s silent partner in the record company and is the real brains behind the
scenes. He is a 40 year old power broker in the city, this guy graduated
from Harvard at 19 and Wharton business school by 21 he is a genius. His
partying ways was always questioned by his peers. CA loves the fast life,
fast women and fast cars, this is why some people are not surprised to his
connections to the music world. The brilliant lawyer also indulges in a
little cocaine use, he believes it helps him make sharp decisions. Once he
was asked by a partner why did he like to hang around hip-hop guys and
don’t he fear for his life. He explains “for one if you’re the only smart one
in the room everyone listens and don’t talk and second I am more safe
with those guys in there hood than the president at the pentagon.

Also in the crowd was CA’s former friend and partner DALLAS VERMIL
COVINGTON. Dallas is a sexy sharp dressing gay man who also attended
Wharton and studied in England and speak 7 languages. Dallas is a
international heavyweight. He has connects in Washington D.C. and over
seas. Dallas and CA have one thing in common they love power. His
company DALLAS RESEARCH&INVESTNMENTS brings in millions a
year. The two hate each other now because back when they were friends
they started a company together but somehow there was an inside trading
scam that happened an Dallas did 3 years in prison for it. He believes it
was all CA’s doing and he swore vengeance against him to the day he die.


I like to thank everyone for coming out and I want to say Superior
Is making it there mission to keep peace on the streets.
I want everybody to know that we are tired of the violence on
our streets, our kids are losing there life because certain people are
ignorant, we want to let people know that Superior’s door is
always open. Tonight we are putting our money where our mouth
is we would like to present this 20 thousand dollar check to
Mothers against Violence and we would like to send all the
Mothers on a weekend pure pampered retreat to Florida all on

The crowd starts to cheer and clap.


Ray’s wife Diane made good on her promise she filed for divorce and
linked up with some other people to get Honey arrested on extortion,
assault, and a host of other charges. The scandal shocked the
entertainment world Honey was arrested and her picture was all over the
NewYork times and Television.

Honey is led to court by her lawyer along with a host of reporters trying to
Get the story.


Order Order! This is the case of the state versus Yolonda
Carter, how do you plea against the charges pending.

Not Guilty your honor.

Well you going to have to prove it bail set at
One million dollars cash bail.

Diane starts clapping along with some other people. Honey then turns to
Diane and winks her eye and swing her hair back as she gets handcuffed
and led out the court room.



The guy who got killed outside passion was BIG CITY a producer that
worked with the Chain Gang. Chain gang members Baltimore and St.louis
went to pay his partner CALVIN SLATE(aka CAL-BOY) a visit to see
how he was making out after his friends death.

What’s up homie I know you hurtin.

Yo man I’m hurtin I put death on every niggaz life involved.
YO we on it! Hey we went past the studio they gotta pad lock
on it.

Man Big City died and had a tab with the man we was leasing
From and it was in his name. I know the owner cat but at the end
of the day it’s about that paper you fill me.

YO! What’s that playing in here?

Yo that’s my man Ams beats playing he’s in the back stocking

Yo go get dude I need this track.

Cal-Boy leaves to go get Ams minutes later they appear.

AMADEUS NEWMAN a 22 year old white guy who grew up in the

suburbs in a wealthy family. He graduated from University of Penn where
he studied medicine with a minor in macro economics. He promised his
parents he would return to school and become a doctor he just wanted to
take a little break. His Break is going on two years he started working at a
local inner city sneaker store, thats when he started partying and getting
into the culture of hip-hop. He always made tracks in collage but the life
style had him hooked. His buddy at work gave him the name AMS
because he said it was to long to say Amadeus. Ams told his parents he
was going in to music full time, they were furious but that’s what he
wanted to do so now Ams was born.

Yo that’s ya beat that shit is blazin!

Thanks you got something for it.

Hell yeah some fire!

Well lets get it in.
Well right now we just lost our studio.

Well what happened can I help?

Well if you got some credit you can take over the lease and
get crackin.

Look Ams you can come on board and be a partner with me.

Say no more I ‘m wit it.



While at the party Dallas receives a phone call from Honey. Everyone she
knew was to scared to help her. She lost her job because they was afraid of
a law suit. The only person she knew had the balls to help her in this case
was Dallas. Honey and Dallas met a few years ago liked each others style
and been good friends ever since.

Dallas phone rings he answers heeeeeeeeey! His signature phone answer.

Hey Dallas it’s me I need you I’m in jail

Wait a minute bitch what’s the problem

I’m locked up on some bullshit my bail is one million dollars

Damm! Who you kill it had to be Bush cause if it was
Bobby Brown you would get R.O.R (laughing)

I can explain this shit when I get out.
Girl say no more I’m at this little party in philly right now
so I am going to finish partying, find a little fun boy for the
night and I will be their in the morning.

I owe your fagot ass big time (Laughing)

Who don’t bitch goooooood buy!


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