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Nurse 1 : Good morning, I am nurse Wulan who take in chargein this room.

Is it
true that I am with Indra Harry familly?
Family : Yes I am.
Nurse 1 : This morning I will check the health state of your child, are you ready?
Family : Yes
Nurse 1 : So, How do you feel now?
Pattien : Pretty good, but I feel a little bit fever.
Nurse 1 : OK, Now let me check the temperature of your body, .
Your body temperature is 38 degrees celsius.
is there any other complaints?
Pattien : Yes, Ive got diarhea 3 times per hour, I also feel nausea and vomiting.
Nurse 1 : Well, I will prepare the medicine and consult a doctor here.
Later, nurse Dien will give your child medication. OK.

Nurse 1 : Excuse me doc, I am a nurse on duty in the room Melati, I have done the examination
to patients Indra Harry, her body temperature was 38 degreesCelsius, with
a bowel complaint 3 times per hour, accompanied by nausea andvomiting.
Doctor : All right, give her paracetamol, neoentrostop, and anti-
emetics. I will laterexamine him further.
Nurse 1 : Alright. I will prepare the medicine. Thank you.

Nurse 1 : Excuse Me. I am nurse Wulan, the guard in the room Melati will be
replaced nurse Dien. Later nursing actions for patients Indra Harry will be followed by
nurse Dien.
Chief : Well, what has been prepared for the patient's treatment
plan Indra Harry?
Nurse 1 : Doctor Febra has Already prescribed paracetamol, neoentrostop, and anti-emetics.
Chief : Well, you shall report to the nurse Dien. OK

Nurse 2 : Excuse me, I am a nurse Dien will replace nurse Wulan, who served in the
room Melati.
Chief : Yes, we have a patient named Indra Harry had who suffered
form diarrhea.Nurses Wulan has conducted the examination and treatment
plan. You are assigned to deliver the paracetamol, neoentrostop and antiemetics.
Nurse 2 : Well, I will prepare. thank you

Nurse 2 : Excuse me, I Nurse Dien on duty today, are you Indra Harry family?
Family : Yes, I am
Nurse 2 : Now I will give paracetamol, neoentrostop and antiemetic medication to your child.
Family : Yes
Nurse 2 : Indra harry, take this medicine after you eat. that you heal quickly.
Pattien : Yes, thank you
Nurse 2 : I have given the medicine, the family should monitor the health state ofIndra.
If there are other complaints, please look for me in the room nursing.
Thank you, may Indra recovery soon. See you.