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Complete the sentences with the appropriate form of the verbs in brackets.

Use the be going to,

present simple, present continuous or will form.
1.- Im sure it _________(rain) tomorrow.
2.- I dont expect the train __________ (be) late.
3.- What would you like? I _________ (have) chicken, please.
4.- Hurry up! We __________ (miss) the train.
5.- My niece _________ (study) in France next summer.
6.- Look out! Those books ________ (fall) on your head.
7.- My students _________ (visit) the Prado Museum on Tuesday morning.
8.- If my students dont study, they _________ (fail) their exams.
9.- Have you heard the news? Martin _________ (join) the arm.
10- She probably __________ (not come) with us tonight.
11.- My nephew __________ (study) civil engineering in Santander.
12.- Sorry to keep you waiting. It _________ (not be) long.
13.- In thirty years time, most people __________ (probably ride) bicycles to work.
14.- I __________ (go) to Bristol at the end of the week.
15.- After my niece finishes university she ___________ (travel) all over Europe by InterRail.
16.- In the year 2050 people __________ (live) on the moon.
17.- I bet he ___________ (forget) my birthday again this year.
18.- Oh no! Look! Sally ____________ (fall) off her bike.
19.- I _________ (meet) my cousins outside the cinema at 8.30 on Saturday.
20.- Can somebody help me, please? Yes, I __________ (help) you.
21.- I cant see you on Monday because I ____________ (play) golf with my uncle.
22.- When ___________ (the coach / arrive) in Leeds?
23.- Shes pregnant. She ___________ (have) a baby.
24.- When _________ (you / be back) home? Do you have any idea?
25.- Lucy and Peter __________ (get) married on Saturday evening.
26.- You look tired. I _________ (wash) up.
27.- The banks have announced that interests ______(fall) next year.
28.- If you dont stop that, I __________ (call) the police.
29.- I ___________ (be) 45 soon.
30.- The nine oclock news __________ (start) in a minute.

Unit 1: Future 4 ESO BIL

Complete the sentences with an appropriate future form. Choose between the Future Simple (will
or be going to) and the Future Continuous. More than one answer may be correct.

1. You look hungry; I _________________________ (make) you a sandwich.

2. John and I probably _________________________ (not / come) to the party because it looks
like it _________________________ (rain).

3. I cant have lunch at 2:00 because I _________________________ (have) an operation at that


4. You _________________________ (celebrate) your birthday at a beautiful restaurant and we

_________________________ (fly) on a plane to Europe.

5. The class _________________________ (take) an exam at 9:00 tomorrow morning.

6. Promise me you _________________________ (not / call) before 10; I hate being woken up

7. Sarah and Frank _________________________ (go) to the gym after work today.

8. You guys _________________________ (have) a great time in the Bahamas!

9. I _________________________ (sleep) when you arrive so please try to be quiet.

10. When she arrives at the school tomorrow, Michael _________________________ (teach) the
B2 class, Alex _________________________ (sit) an exam, and Denis ___________________
(probably, talk) to a new student.

Unit 1: Future 4 ESO BIL