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Free market for devices, services and facilities

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Table of Contents
I. Executive Summary ............................................................................................... 2
Mission Statement
Keys to Success
II. Description of Business......................................................................................... 5
Company Ownership/Legal Entity
Hours of Operation
Products and Services
Financial Management
Start-Up/Acquisition Summary
III. Marketing ............................................................................................................. 12
Market Analysis
Market Segmentation
IV. Appendix..................................................................... Error! Bookmark not defined.
Start-Up Expenses
Determining Start-Up Capital
Cash Flow
Income Projection Statement
Profit and Loss Statement
Balance Sheet
Sales Forecast
Break-Even Analysis
Miscellaneous Documents
Executive Summary
Pincom intends to become the number one application that facilitates passive income
from the comfort of one's home, it is set to achieve this through rigorous marketing,
ease of use and absence of competition. The ability to rent peoples possessions locally
within 0.5< mile radius per hourly rate; while remaining in renter's residence will be the
key to the success of this company. Following previous assessment of the sharing market
that blossomed recently, our strategy will be similar to that of Uber and Airbnb in
targeting countries and regions with poor economies to eliminate.

In addition to that our success will be reliant on the ease of functionality of the site and
security we're providing, which are both tackled with our experienced programmers
and security protocols in place that include anonymous listing until registration
complete (takes copy of users ID) and tracks of both users before, during and after
transaction to ensure the safety of all our clients.

Summarize key business highlights. For example, you might include a chart showing sales, expenses and
net profit for several years.

Note: to replace the sample chart data with your own, right-click the chart and then click Edit Data.

Financial Overview
$120,000 Sales
$100,000 Net Profit
$80,000 Expenses

2011 2012 2013 2014
2 months 4 months 6 months 1 years 2 years
Marketing Structuring Ready to
Branding Structuring Ready to
Server and Acquired
Web Planning Beta Launch
Development finalized
Financial Structuring Settled
Legal Structuring Mailed Signed
Targets Structuring Planning Site 1m listings Ability to
finalized complete total expand

Mission Statement
We envision to conveniently actualize client-based solutions that we would endeavor to
satisfy our internal and external customers.

Keys to Success
- The identity of the pincomers will not be visible to the pincomee nor will the
location when the booking process is undergoing as only location radius will be
visible. It is only when the pincomer responds with an acceptance that the
location and usernames are shared. User interface:
- The website design will follow the late trend in website designing with css3 and
html5 while incorporating a flat ui design and colors which makes the site run
much smoother, and the mobile app will follow up the same.
- Fast registration through facebook, twitter or gmail.
- Easy-2-click booking process through the use of visual timetable to determine
User interface
- The website design will follow the late trend in website designing with css3 and
html5 while incorporating a flat ui design and colors which makes the site run much
smoother, and the mobile app will follow up the same.

- GPS tracking will be implemented to monitor the location of the pincomer and
pincomee, once the pincomee reaches the site, they will be sent a verification
request to verify the pincom is as stated in the ad.
- Ten minutes before conclusion of the session both pincomer and pincomee's
will be notified of session ending and will be able to either extend session or give
a review of service before pincomee leaves the location site.
- Users will have to upload copy of ID/passport or any form of verification similar
to the Airbnb security measures.

- The website will target countries with bad economies that are undergoing
recession or currency inflation and so on. As these are the regions that are
looking for access to wider range of opportunities and save money at the same
time. (Concluding from understanding the sharing market, the success of Airbnb
and Uber was not foreseen, however they prospered first in poor economies that
drove people to treat trust as currency worthy for lower prices).

Renting method:
- Unlike previous startups that attempted to implement the renting of household
items. This will focus primarily on expensive tech devices, equipment's or
workshops. (Unlike the startups that were mainly looking at simple items such as
vacuums or drills.)
- Primary usage of things by pincomee will be within the pincomers household, to
avoid high risk damage hindrance and deposit fees, Secondary option will be to
rent out a session of drilling rather than the drill itself, and third option will also still
be available that is to rent out the device. Therefore having a wide variety of
options; making no limitations but instead a matter of preference.
Description of Business

Pincom is an online freemarket that provides users with the ability to use neighboring
household items or inventory, devices (such as wifi, retro gaming consoles, piano)
facilities (such as wood workshops, free space, couch potatoing) and services (such as
house cleaning, garden mowing).
Similar to how amazon or ebay are the first thing that comes to mind when people think
ecommerce, the primary goal of the website is to be the first thing that comes to mind
when people think "passive income".
Pincom will have the solution to all weaknesses that caused previous sharing-like
platforms to fail e.g. poor security sense structure, impractical implementations,
ineffective timing and regional application/focus.

Business Model
Eighteen months into the business, the company plans to locate its headquarters in a
metropolitan area that can provide access to a dozen offices of high-tech labor force,
current e-commerce intelligence, and sources of financial capital. The location should
ensure the best logistics when reaching existing and potential clientele, as well as
strategic partners. Operations in which the company cannot develop core
competencies should be outsourced. The headquarters will initially host the entire
executive team and staff. As company progresses through its growth stages, sales
regions will be assigned for various parts in each continent depending on demand.
The company will initially be a privately-held corporation. The state of incorporation will
mainly depend on the location of corporate headquarters. The company plans to raise
two rounds of venture capital financing before going public.
Company Ownership/Legal Entity
Pincom is a new independent business owned by a partnership of Abdallah Monshi and
Kurt Johnson, providing a global marketplace for home owners offering to rent their
possessions for an in-home hourly rate. And the ability to offer local tasks and services to
surrounding areas.

Pincom: Under negotiation

Auspicious Innovations of Information Technology: Acquired
Auspinno: Pending

Trademark rights
Pincom: Pending
Pincom Logo: Pending

Intellectual Property Rights and Patents

Regional: Pending 7 months
PCT 152 Countries (Patent Cooperation Treaty): Time consuming
Paris Convention WIPO 177 Countries: Pending

Server Location
- Pincom does not require a specific location, as it is an online based service.
- Once the company grows through achieving its objectives and goals, it will need
a HQ office, which will then be decided upon suitability of factors that are
essential considerations (e.g. economic: tax free: ksa).
- Server location will be based in each North American (covers NA and SA),
Europe (covers EU and africa) and Asia (covers Asia and Australia).
(However, Since the website is targeted to users around the world, server
location is not very relevant due to the possibility to set a country target in
Google Webmasters Tools and due to the existence of the so-called CDNs. In
addition, the website will be in several languages with a worldwide audience,
geotargeting will be set for each domain, subdomain or subdirectory, and
hreflang attributes will also be added.
Design Concept
The front-end portion of the website will follow html5, css3 (and Django) trend known as
User Interface (ui) design to enable ease of navigation.

The achievement of the web application and website will depend on how well the User
Interface is designed, thus the design will encompass:

- Structure - The design will systematize the user interface persistently in significant
and helpful ways based on obvious and reliable models available (that is to do
most with the overall UI planning)
- Simplicity - The design will make plain and general tasks simple to do and provide
good shortcuts that are significantly related to longer procedures.
- Visibility The design will keep all desirable options and materials for a given task
visible without disturbing the user with irrelevant or unneeded information.
- Feedback - The design will keep users up to date with actions or analysis,
changes of situation or forms, and faults or exceptions that are applicable and
of interest to the user.
- Reuse -The design will reprocess internal and external workings and behaviors,
retaining consistency with reason rather than just random consistency.

These principles are essential for numerous reasons; as the more perceptive the UI the
easier it is to use, the better the user interface the easier it is to guide people to use it
and it will also reduce the sustain costs. In addition to these principles, User Interface
design will also feature:

- Color coding: Many applications use color coding to help visually differentiate
between different types of accesses. E.g. a simple way to do this is to set a text
label inside a highlighted box. In this way the list becomes simply scan able. It is
important not to use various colors for the same task or parallel colors for entirely
different tasks.
o The colors will also be a choice of what is now known as "Flat Colors" that
are easy to perceive on the eyes by reducing the stress on it. They can
also replace background images for smoother navigation. Flat colors
generally means solid ink coverage with no gradations, screens or
o The color can be anything from bright, dark, pastel, neutral, etc. FLAT also
refers to the application on paper or on screen.


- Virtual hierarchy: the design will interface in a way that allows the user to focus
on what is most important. The dimension, color, and position of each element
will work together and create a clear path to understand the whole interface.
- Provide feedback: the interface will at all times speak to the user when his
actions are both right and wrong or misunderstood. Keeping them always
informed of their actions, changes in condition and mistakes or exceptions that
may occur.

One of the most important benefits of a good user interface is visibility of the
systems condition. Users must observe at once what is going on behind the scenes
and whether their measures have directed them to the predictable results. To attain
a more refined level of system visibility, the web application will use AJAX which
allocates users to modernize segments of a Web page at any time without having
to restore the whole page. AJAX brings the level of openness and interactivity of
Web apps much nearer to desktop based applications.
- Allow people to make decent passive income through all devices and facilities
in their home by providing a platform that is secure and easy to use for all ages.
- Allow people to offer services instead of renting out their equipment (to avoid
the risk in borrowing e.g. 10 mins of drilling instead of borrowing a drill for 10
- Connect neighboring houses needs to each other.
- Extremely simple way to listing items and schedule planning and booking.

- servers in NA to cover the South American and North American
- servers in Amsterdam to cover Europe and African region.
- servers in Dubai to cover Asia and Australia.

There are two strategies that will be assessed based on SEO compatibility, availability
and pricing. They are as follows:

- Domain ending with each counties initials (,,,

- Domain ending with the usual .com or .co then country initials (,,


Organizational Structure

Those activities that are not crucial to the corporate success (i.e. payroll) will be
outsourced or subcontracted. Below are brief summaries of major responsibilities for
corporate officers.
- Board of Directors:
Abdallah Monshis oversees the overall strategic direction and progress of the
company. Specific areas include operational soundness, financial stability, legal
measures and long-term well-being of the corporation.
- Director of Information Technology:
Kurt Johnsons responsibilities include overall technological efficiency, software
development, and information control.

- Head of Finance and Operations:

Nasser Rajab responsibilities include financial oversight, safeguarding of assets,
and human resources management.

- Head of Sales and Marketing:

Responsibilities include sales generation, marketing programs development, and
public relations.

- Senior backend developer:

A programmer that deals with the server, the database, and the server-side
Backend developer: A programmer that deals with the server, the database,
and the server-side applications.

- Backend developer:
A programmer that deals with the server, the database, and the server-side

- Senior Frontend developer:

Front End Developer who can utilize HTML, CSS and jQuery to develop effective
user interfaces on the company website and mobile apps released to the public.
The successful candidate will work closely with our web development and
software design teams to update the website and internal web tools to make
them more efficient. The front end developer will also be responsible for creating
innovative solutions to web design issues to help make the website more visually
appealing and enhance usability.

- Frontend developer:
Front End Developer who can utilize HTML, CSS and jQuery to develop effective
user interfaces on the company website and mobile apps released to the public.
The successful candidate will work closely with our web development and
software design teams to update the website and internal web tools to make
them more efficient. The front end developer will also be responsible for creating
innovative solutions to web design issues to help make the website more visually
appealing and enhance usability.
- Patent Agent:
Deals with obtaining and enforcing such property rights, assessing ownership
issues and preventing copyright infringement.

Start-Up/Acquisition Summary


How well you market your business can play an important role in its success or failure. It is vital to know as
much about your potential customers as possiblewho they are, what they want (and dont want), and
expectations they may have.

Market Analysis
What is your target market? (Who is most likely to buy your products or use your services?) What are the
demographics? What is the size of your potential customer base?

Where are they? How are you going to let them know who and where you are and what you have to

If you believe that you have something new, innovative or that isnt generally available: How do you
know that there is a market for itthat people are willing to pay for what you have to offer?

Consider the market you are trying to reach: Is it growing, shrinking or static?

What percentage of the market do you think you will be able to reach? How will you be able to grow
your market share?

Note: You might include a chart, such as the one that follows, to demonstrate key points about your
market potential at-a-glance.
Local Market Growth

40% Potential Customers

% growth over prior period

New Homes
25% New Businesses
2008 2012 2016

Market Segmentation
Is your target market segmented? Are there different levels within the same type of business, each
offering a difference in quality, price, or range of products?

Is this market segmentation governed by geographic area, product lines, pricing, or other criteria?

Into which market segment will your primary business fall? What percentage of the total market is this
segment? What percentage of this segment will your business reach?

Note: A pie chart is a good way to demonstrate part-to-whole relationships, such as the percentage of
the target market that falls into each major segment. To change the shape of the data labels, right-click
a label and then click Change Data Label Shapes.

Market Segments


Who else is doing what you are trying to do?

Briefly describe several of your nearest and greatest competitors. What percentage of the market does
each reach? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What can you learn from the way they do
business, from their pricing, advertising, and general marketing approaches? How do you expect to
compete? How do you hope to do better?

What indirect competition will you face, such as from internet sales, department stores, or international

How will you keep abreast of technology and changing trends that may impact your business in the

How have you developed your pricing policy?

Which of the following pricing strategies might best suit your business? Retail cost and pricing,
competitive position, pricing below competition, pricing above competition, multiple pricing, price lining,
pricing based on cost-plus-markup, or other?

What are your competitors pricing policies and how does yours compare? Are your prices in line with
industry averages?

How will you monitor prices and overhead to ensure that your business will operate at a profit?

How do you plan to stay abreast of changes in the marketplace, to ensure that your profit margins are
not adversely affected by new innovations or competition?

Advertising and Promotion

How do you intend to advertise your business?

Which of the following advertising and promotion options offer you the best chances of successfully
growing your business? Directory services, social networking websites, media (newspaper, magazine,
television, radio), direct mail, telephone solicitation, seminars and other events, joint advertising with
other companies, sales representatives, word-of-mouth, other?

How will you determine your advertising budget?

How will you track the results of your advertising and promotion efforts?

Will you advertise on a regular basis or will you be conducting seasonal campaigns?

How will your products be packaged? Have you done research to see what type of packaging will best
appeal to your customers? Have you done a cost analysis of different forms of packaging?

Strategy and Implementation

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