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Week Unit Title and Session Topics Methodology Evaluation and


1-4 Sequences and Series Lecture and

class discussion.
1. Definitions of sequences and bounds of a

2. Definitions of bounded sequences, convergent

sequences and limits including ,
definition of a limit.

3. Theorems linking the above definitions.

e.g.: (a) A bounded sequence is not necessarily a

convergent sequence.

(b) Cauchy Convergence Principle for sequences.

4. Definition of infinite series and properties

of infinite series.

5. Cauchy Convergence Principle for series.

6. Tests for convergence of series:

Comparison Test, Cauchys nth Root

Test, etc.

7. Definition of absolutely convergent series.

8. Theorem: An absolutely convergent

series is convergent.

9. Limits of functions of several variables.

5 Continuity Lecture and In-class test #1 is

class discussion. given (based on
1. Definition of continuous functions including week 1-4)
, definition.
2. Determine whether or not functions of several
variables are continuous.

5 Differentiation Lecture and Individual take-

class discussion. home assignment
1. Finding partial derivatives of functions of two is given and due in
and three variables. week 8
2. Extension to higher order derivatives: second
order partial derivatives and mixed derivatives.

3. Definition of differentiable functions.

4. Determine whether or not functions are


5. Definitions of local minimum, local maximum,

saddle point and stationary/critical point of
functions of two variables.

6. Finding critical points for functions of two


7. Maximise/Minimise functions subject to a condition

using Lagrange multipliers.

6-8 Practicum

9 Differentiation Continued Lecture and

class discussion.

10 Vector Calculus Lecture and

class discussion.
1. Definition and use of the basic operations
associated with the nabla or del operator -

(a) gradient

(b) divergence

(c) curl

2. Proof of Vector Identities using the above


11,12 Integration Lecture and In-class test #2 is

class discussion. given (based on
1. Line integrals. week 5-10
2. Change of variables and the Jacobian in Polar,
Spherical and Cylindrical Coordinates.

3. Surface and volume integrals.

13,14 Final Examinations