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Break The Cycle Glenquarie Incorporated

Inc: 9882556
ABN: 42 655 083 183

32 Edgar St
Macquarie Fields NSW 2564
Phone: (02) 9829 8898

9 November 2017

Senior Constable David Blom

Macquarie Fields LAC
10 Brooks Street
Macquarie Fields
NWS 2564

Dear David,

It is with great sadness that I am writing today to tender my resignation from the
Campbelltown White Ribbon Day Convoy organising committee.

I became aware yesterday that White Ribbon Australia issued a position statement1
on the topic of abortion back in February 2017. In that statement they declared an
unequivocal support of abortion all the way to birth for any reason. They made this
statement while at the same time expressing opposition to all forms of violence.

In Australia one woman a week is killed due to domestic violence. That means that
by the end of 2017 at least another 50 women will have died. We are agreed that this
is a tragedy. Over that same period in Australia over 80,000 children will be killed in
their mothers womb, over half of whom will be women. It is to my mind an
unconscionable hypocrisy to speak up about violence perpetrated against women
and at the same time actively promote and support a culture of death for
exponentially more women. Of those children who are aborted, only a very small
minority were conceived through sexual violence. Even in those awful circumstances
it seems quite wrong that they should bear such a final and terrible penalty for
something they did not do when at the same time we advocate so hard for the
safety of children in homes where there is family violence. This is not to suggest
that answers to these questions are simple or simplistic. On the contrary, they are
very difficult and require great care and sensitivity.

Therefore I find myself in an impossible position. I, along with Break the Cycle, am
wholeheartedly supportive of White Ribbon Australias stated desire to eradicate all
forms of family violence. I have also been, as you know, an enthusiastic supporter of

Break The Cycle Glenquarie Incorporated

the local convoy event and more generally of the excellent work that the Macquarie
Fields LAC Domestic Violence Unit does. That support remains unchanged.
Nevertheless, because of the White Ribbon Australia statement on abortion I am in
good conscience unable to continue to have my name or that of Break the Cycle and
Glenquarie Anglican Church associated with the White Ribbon organisation. I am
deeply saddened to have to make this decision; this is not a controversy I would
have sought out but White Ribbons Position Statement has forced it upon us.

In writing this I recognise that the 2017 event is only a matter of weeks away. We
have no desire to cause any difficulties for you all, let alone bring any
embarrassment. We understand that the 2017 promotional material includes a Break
the Cycle logo and we will not be asking you to remove that logo at this late stage
unless the organising committee choose to do so. I may, in due course, make this
decision public but will also seek to do so in a way that honours the work done
locally for which we have nothing but praise.

Please also be assured of our ongoing support for the work of the Macquarie Fields
LAC. We look forward to continued partnership between Break the Cycle and your
colleagues as we work together for the good of our local community. Glenquarie
Anglican Church remains committed to praying for you and the entire LAC. I am also
grateful for our personal partnership; it is greatly encouraging to see your care for
a community that we love.

With every good wish,

Rev. David Ould


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