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Top 10 Tips for OET Writing

OET Writing Task is all about practice. Many candidates repeatedly sit the OET but do
not clear the writing section as they do not have the right approach. If you are one of
those candidates, you should learn the strategies of OET writing.

Know the marking criteria

It is important to know what the right marking criterion is. Your task is marked on the
basis of these criteria. One is Overall Task Fulfilment. Second is Appropriateness of
Language. Third is Comprehension of stimulus choose to include the most relevant
information to the situation. This shows the marker you have understood the
stimulus. You are checked on the basis of grammar and cohesion and your
presentation features.

Consider Key Points

In your writing task, you should know each of the key points because these are the
things that the examiner will be looking out for. So if you are confidently fulfilling the
required criteria, then you can definitely impress the examiner.

Use Abbreviations

You can use abbreviations that are frequently accepted in the candidates profession
and clear to the Assessors may be used in the Writing sub-test, for example BMI
for body mass index, or units of measurement such as mg. Right usage of
language is one of the five assessment criteria for the Writing sub-test.

Know the Writing sub-test structure

The task is to write a letter, generally a referral letter. Sometimes you have to write
a different type of letter for example a letter of transfer or discharge, or a letter to
advise or inform a patient, group or carer.

Follow the task instructions

Always follow the instructions in the exam. You will receive prompt material (case
notes and/or other related documentation) which includes information to use in your
Top 10 Tips for OET Writing
Check grammar and spellings

Check your grammar after finishing your task. Check the spellings and punctuation.
Your layout of writing should be impressive.

Know the word limit

You should know the word limit. Follow the required word length which is around 180
to 200 words. Do not write which is not required in the task.

Use appropriate vocabulary

Organize your writing in such a way that it impresses the examiner. Choose the
suitable vocabulary and tone for the particular situation. Give clear ideas.

Know how your writing ability is assessed

Your performance on the Writing sub-test is marked by a minimum of two trained

Assessors. First Assessor does not know what scores the other has given you, or
what scores you have attained on any of the other sub-tests. Your performance is
scored against five criteria and receives a band score for each criterion.

Know which tense is required

Use simple past tense according to condition mentioned in your letter. To explain
anything you did in the past whilst the patient was under your care. For this kind of
situation use past tense like you performed dressings on Mr Browns wound. This
medicine was prescribed to patient. Write correct tense according to situation asked
in the test.