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Snacks & Shareables

House pickle jar 5

Fried oyster, creamed spinach, smoked mustard aioli 3 each / three for 8.5 / six for 16

Pretzel knot, beer cheese fondue, house mustard one for 6 / two for 11

Hand cut fries, hop salt, ketchup, malt vinegar aioli 6.5
add white truffle oil 2

Lentil soup, fried onions 9

Monks mac n cheese, beer cheese fondue, herbed breadcrumbs 12.5

add house bacon 2 add white truffle oil 2 add lobster 5
House meat & cheese board 18
comes with pickled veg, preserves, mustard & levain
choice of two items / for each additional item add 6
meat: bresaola, head cheese, coppa, salami
cheese: bay blue, humboldt fog, taleggio, truffle brie

add avocado 2 add chicken thigh 4 add 4oz hanger steak 7

Shaved brussels sprouts, mixed greens, apple, fennel, manchego, mustard vinaigrette 13

Kale, pickled red onion, cucumber, hazelnuts, feta, buttermilk dressing 13

Burgers & Sandwiches

add hand cut fries, cup of soup, or mixed greens for 3.5
add house bacon 2.5 add avocado 2

Monks burger, house ground beef, onion jam, gruyere, aioli, burger bun 14

Black bean & shiitake burger, sprouts, herbed chevre, cucumber relish, aioli, burger bun 12

House ground lamb burger, raita aioli, pata cabra cheese, red onion, arugula, kaiser roll 14

Fried chicken sandwich, apple slaw, b+b pickles, spicy honey mustard, burger bun 13

Tuna nicoise salad sandwich, green beans, egg, olives, lettuce, capers, sweet baguette 13

Penn cove mussels, allagash white broth, garlic, fennel, celery, capers, shallots, grilled levain 19

add fries 3.5

Poblano & green chili tamales, guajillo chili, lime sour cream, avocado, cilantro 17

Bricked jerk 1/2 chicken, Israeli couscous, grilled plantain & pineapple relish 22

Grilled hanger steak, potato confit, fried onions, french beans, house steak sauce 24

5% will be added to all checks to provide for sf mandates
consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

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