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DATE: June 12, 2014

TO: Major William Beck, Metro Patrol Bureau

FROM: Captain Burley Copeland, District 7


FOR: Action Decision Information Signature

Major, a meeting of the wrong way committee was held today at Knutson Station. Because of
prescheduled vacations and family emergencies, only four of the six members were in
attendance. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss comments and recommendations from
Ltc. McGuffin and to begin to develop a lesson plan.

The first item of discussion was about the draft of a proposed wrong way general order. The
recommendation was to not create a general order and take the information from this draft and
include it in the Highway Operations Manual. Some concern was raised by the committee
members that this manual was considered by some to be obscure and not widely used by officers
from rural Arizona. The decision was made to request that the draft be made into a H.P. division
order if not a general order.

A question was raised by the Ltc about whether sufficient material exists to create a separate
block of instruction for wrong way drivers. After a lengthy discussion it was agreed that two
hours would be an ideal amount of time to present the material. The material that would be
covered would be facts about wrong way driving, engineering efforts to combat this problem,
enforcement options, and a table top type of exercise.

The committee also discussed how the training would be administered. The agreement was
made that a number of individuals would be trained (train the trainer) to provide instruction to all
Highway Patrol officers. This training could either be conducted in an AOT class or district by
district. Additionally, this instruction should be given in future Advanced Basic classes.