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The meeting was held at Knutson Station and began at 1000 hours. All six committee members
were in attendance. Captain Copeland gave a brief overview and handed out some information
that was taken from NTSB report. Copeland explained that the focus of this committee would be
narrowly focused toward law enforcement responses to wrong way drivers. No engineering
issues would be addressed.

The first item discussed was whether or not a standalone policy was needed to address the wrong
way driving problem. A long discussion ensured and a vote was taken. Four committee
members (Copeland, Elliot, Anderson, and Lujan) believed that a policy was needed. Two
committee members (Golden and Freeman) believed that no new policy was needed. Golden
and Freeman believed there was currently sufficient guidance in the pursuit policy and the use of
force policy to properly guide Department officers when confronted with a wrong way driver.
Eventually, the decision was reached to move forward and create a draft g.o. All parties agreed
that the g.o. should contain some procedural best practices similar to the existing pursuit
policy. Captain Golden volunteered to draft a policy and the rest of the committee members
were instructed to bring notes and ideas to the next meeting.

The next item addressed concerned training. All committee members overwhelming agreed that
a block of training needed to be developed. After a discussion, the group agreed that the training
should be provided at in-service as well as to new officers in the Advanced Basic. No plans
were made for development of this training. That will be addressed at a future meeting.

The next meeting was scheduled for July 17, 2013 at 1000 hours at Knutson station.