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hy 1 M KONTZEVITCH THE ACQUISITION OF THE Hoty Spirit in Ancient Russia by 1. M. Kontzevitch ‘Tramdated from the Ruston ‘by Olga Kosbonsky edited by the St, Herman of Alaa Brotherbood ‘ST. HERMAN OF ALASKA BROTHERHOOD 1988, copra 1988 by te seam Ala rohebood Addr al comapondece St Herman of Alta Bote Pasion, Clio 96076 FIRST ENGLISH EDITION ‘Coen “The Passion," psaing by Vs Lnioky. When Eker Neca of ‘Option the autor pial father and one who od aque the Holy Sprit — wae beheld in Uncented Lh, the slow ety clo (0 which 1s Lig con be Ukencd was vse. Hence the cor scheme whch the pus have here fo icone. inary of Congres Cataloging Pablction Data "Tenens of th Holy Spin ance Rosi Tv chstany — Entra Onbodor Spistwlty. 2 Winary — ysamine od san, 3 Resin ~ Gach story. Lary of Congo Ctlogue Number 86.065597 saw 938035263 “To anor die tis booke reserving menor of mae ‘he ranltr dete tis tion tothe memory of her pares John a Evol “The pith dew his bok rhe Mile of Hy Rasa CONTENTS ‘Cups One The re Manglan Period ‘Gaps Two: Meco Re the Ler Induene of he Souther Sas 5 Diet Comsct with be East ‘PARTI RUSSIAN MONASTICIH (lob 70h Cea) ‘Chapter One Kevan Raa (Ohh Cae) the Crs of te Epoch Cehgtr Tos Maco et 2 Gres Paso f the Ro Land Se Seni of Radoneeh 5 stoma Oboe 4 Gharterer fhe 1th Cenrry SSe Gator wit take Ein atte Gr 5st como of Rael 1. The nh ceo ‘Shaper One The Rercston af Manse (180 Centr) ‘Gaps Twos The Spal eval of te 190 Contry and pin Money cole The hci peti oc Psy ‘chapter Fou: Oe Renowned Win of Opi Money eng tee: Ned Loopy Speen ‘pends hy Abu tbe Author. am AM Kone nd Hs Wie en 136 1 1 ier EpiTOR's PREFACE He ACQUISITION OF THE HOLY SPIRET ithe main sim of nan pon sis earth, for ct toagh the ascve spe of"pelng {nthe Holy Spit in repentant humble bet ea a8 fps josieon before the fee of Cod, Ons our Seve tly longs we veine me ae pshng andthe scqistin ofthe Holy ‘Spits the acolo ng sve inca Ove Lord Jee Cisse dows she Hay Spi as He promised to Ms fel flowers ft was the peso, India exit of poole of “frou neonates fn, hang lt the svg state of won wih God, ‘wormed ele mtn. ving te original apostaic community a4 ode, SSIEN‘Nwe bute thor chstions on Chin pips. on the Faith SE'hnst tue kes man Godlike A uous apt theory of Weert haste, Cini has made invade and etd ns who have become ‘Mom even and tho beoc bave atthe tone for the specie came Tere of thir especie atone Tn one way ar another tse nan be ‘ming ntsc wis htc, ave developed indigenous quate of sy Athen ave evored the snc heir ar bert and cams. "Cesta sti characte ar vad onl if they stom fom the cuinenequistion ofthe Maly Spies wees all a Cri and thus 10 The sco Ada before he Fal othe paradise for whch an was Ipod Bri cht uo link an here exrangement fom tat nil sree ‘pe tonal hore pho acquing the Holy Spit ~ then she elt [5 Seprtion eciacty and obit, source of ste and dicord, The Bi foveal squton af the ly Spt tx reflted i oa, rational churches Tee heed Reve choir composed of early ten and women who have ‘eine theme it stints ends of Go 2 THE ACQUISITION OF THE HOLY SPIRET “The path to aquite the ate of sty tt an eat one Because ‘sitter the vlunaryslrixon of te fen man and war with the Glew he sh andthe world But for today’s Codehiing opts (is $o00 yeerld path hor coinly Been wel-medien, tared aod sgh posed th role that hasbeen aeaied fom practice and psi down in te Ten of vats lngoer td sures by oviog pore abd teachers tio have known God fd Such knows contr ati Thesony, ‘he nti oe paca pct of which as ben ell preseted by ME Kent vich in he work, The Acquistion of the Holy Spit om Ancient Rama {Ths book, wich prseted hee forthe Sis ene the Engh ngs, ithe rele of he Independent wil of loving ahalar who encountered Scie his your, St Nectar of Opin. Impeeed by the rely of se ty being ave in the 2Orh century, Kontaeh deed hit whole Me resin and preseting the path to tha sancthy, the pe or icons when were hay eae unknown to Western Chord. “To commemorte #tousind year of Chitin Ras, we pest to the conempory ede» sre of modem patie texts hero Uopab- Tete inthe Engl Lnaage Even a moder nes, wih theft of OF fon Chron vlc, Rusa bas predecdanssing ouput of snes, erly footed in and senening from aacent Byentvm, Sich phenomena! wer Springs of spay at St Scrap Soon, ob of Ronee, Ps Yelchkowty and Sie Opin dacpe, the New Marts of Rus and the ‘leted Wonderware Jobo Maximoitch ~ ae all nes its bequeathed from the Hy Rusa of moder ome. These Saints, wel the OrBodoe fete theslogy which made them suc, Have fot been presented adequately forcontemponty men and women It wi the hope of atte Profesor Kont evi to scguaine conemporny Godseckers wit the very cence of the Orthodox tampa tin — the aeguion ofthe Holy Spire a = Inierason ofthe Aosta of suns and prophets (A the fe ware in thse. The Action ofthe Holy Spit sees ove hore survey of be vr) of aceon Seied storey and aoqed by genuine cof grace. Tin the mast Work of Par Kontetch, pet 2 1,000yerrpansrima of Stone Thats and condone whch ware sir comdbcve or hone tthe sped ‘the Go chonen men and women, called God being Fathers ané Mothers bythe Orthod ure, ‘Te ook died to two ej 1) what in neces sie Ces tian acetic, and 2) ow toate and aprnd to Rasa The ato Ivan and his wife Tien Kons, were ang epreentaties of ha ey traidon tha proced ins they were inked to St Somphim, St.John ‘ional, the Optina Eder, end more een sits i ays who have orwed the Church Ivan io heen Abit ography of te asthoe nd is wife eto be found inthe Appendix which deberetly menos fpbeous men and women Bound up with them ihe unknows who wos "Th book, writen ander very unfavorable postwar conditions, een tally «textbook of acetic teloy. Tht sujet tat hasbeen beet {a comtemporary theologel shod seralang nthe apparent ack of sney i soday's Ontodox society. The ai of the autor and the poise sco thi ap to inspire Orbodoe Chrisie to led ue spit Orthodox fein concion wih the send of Orthodox rev, bath inthe Fee Woe nd tend the rom Caran By pobning this wook, we rele that the Dok, ‘Tit reach Resi be roeanved and do Ke work towed the abaton of “Te value of hs work isnot ony in ts xpton of te very erence of Cislan region, so mein and preci prea, Bet abo im te fhe tht the anther ad et once with sm who thenacen sie the Holy pi. ox only schol sady, abondae i roach an faut fin wl alot enna estony by ee tbr, enced in ‘Sorbamblenes "A few poets ae ot sfiinly developed in the books fine, the ‘viking infec" coming upon ancient Renin by way of the Northwest, fiom hich come Olp, the gundmater of St Visine the eget and, ‘cond the infenc of Vala Monastry, inch though Se. Abani od mia of Rostov infienced the peat Se. Sep of Radones, the Abba (Nor Rassan monk vey yu ner withthe patption ofthe thor wie. Awl ee ‘Frain, mel tone ofthe Kit caves were sinmed over bec of the Ink of te and space Moeoer, te ego he Bok war aot aly finishes. eis hope tat ce spec sections on ienopaghy and the Oro PhuO- sophy of Kees wl spleen the apparent ‘eis of monorpt onthe Opna Hes ae intent follow it es fom to complete the pie of the atempid Trlogy of Profesor Kone: « “THE ACQUISITION OF THE HOLY sich, The Acquistion ofthe Holy Spr watt be Vaume 1, took on the Tnmedine Gcles of Se Pius Vlcorhy was tobe Volume ad Opting [Monatry ants aoe sobe Ven UI Te is came ou in 1952, and the tnd come our tweny yess later, efi incorporating Vebme 1 ns ‘Sint chpees, Te pune St. Herman Prem whch a founded wth Fretenoe Roncuten's prion, pblited ix Rusian she prin Ss ‘rege major Opin Pers, paotopaphcaly rerodued from books of the Nonna’ eatin, whe the Les of the Ine two Ede, Busenapins fu Neca, wer fly Incorporated int Opin Monastery ands Era Web {Co's ip and the pay of auras. hope that re easy of ese fen wolmcs il Sc gin Engh ration, which Pave been underaken (Tab the parietin of Pon ea Rontentch’s widow bel “Thi in tot conctucs peu offering to contemporary God sechers who longs psc not oly olay eons, bt tens wich rami ‘the esence of contemporary sc holies hens ‘ovough #tealing of The Aci ofthe Holy Spr, many gue ions and doubts af ae converts to Orthodox Chetan wl be answered ‘Tis bok s pabibed nthe hope tae wil erable reads to efie thie pect of diccnment, which i 4 impersive roasy when soperialty sd ERiaton ares rampant. Engh opening wos, although rote 0 the Guinan andertendng of he Hay Sp beng preset om eh ily Soin thi ne mathemati! prea sn ientig the gen (om the ering ped tht the ade i estates moment ble the oly ret ‘ruined th boy an wil al he Hay Sprit hn a: auch away wil ‘fe bert om th aor of love, an rr ts pgs wil core forth undress [St acs whose mans ate charged win bans May hob of the Eni ‘peaking wordnet mis the ie line betwen the state Of entty 8 the SE of dlson, andy they come outs tors in the lft actiy oF Sting the aly Spot or steal te lee ofthe ator and pushes ioe mercy to inform, er to wktnanto the Divine Fe ha atc ‘hd desend upon ths eh dd touch ee hey Bears lem men did htge the ace of whole nin and dl depot into the Rly Orthodox ‘lon ling tush sav tay and ie potent to ene his Ye Engaging sn, pies pl at noon oe Glny be 2 God fo al things Ao ema PREFACE TO THE ENGLISH EDITION [ACQUISITION OF THE HOLY SPIRFFIN ANCIENT RUSSIA pubined in Caos in 1979 ty fact, mth any change of BY Doers The book dlc so the imvesiption of the ‘pit Le of the Rossum people from the dpe of Ross's bpm, and erty a the end of the Tau neon, when tere arose te posiity SPitunyimecmmonion with countries ofthe New East (Greece, Hpi, {Zohn which ba anda the aching ofS. GreoryPlamas! Tae crowds nanan pms who red these lands, yon he eur bome, hasten (omar exching om te eae a hs tome Se Span of Radome excted monastery in se dee fore: nh nciny of Meow, Tit moanery gfe to Bese spiel {iter forthe le lands unr the ame of Hay Ty Se. Sergi Ta. “Te ie ofS Serie nteates ta hs monastery thee exied the dine. Characetn of Heycham, whieh sbeeguenly fete all ascetic exis inthe northern pat of Ross ken athe "Norther Thai" Amid eee tern eure he ie ofthe seer demanded superar poi, ec nea byte ceases doing of he Jens Prayer Ths Payer snd 8 he ‘Sm founda of the lacy of Rusian monastic expt for the drion ‘Rectan story. Insite of pric peneeion, Hesham eed fh inlet of Rest mona sanctity. Tho was ul he ak ero Opting Monsey 1s of enya, et Pe ge tr 6 TH ACQUISITION OF THE HOLY SeURIT Closely faked with the sain of heyehisn is thar of eden, ‘the Apo Pal slks aboot gift, ane of which prophecy (Eph #11) Elda is this gift of prophecy. This ea was not fm the Reson ins Sf Aegon, for we bud ot nied a then 8 Bow itll i the li edition, I she covery af ha ex I he whole meaning of tee fina Michilotch Kontacith, eis nds» Sncovery, for by he een Sf cdcnip tas ben anche. Heri tone of he prof he Hay Spt, trick no onc undead “Aconing to the wow of St as, od but st some te chorh ‘fs sport, scontarly ropes, indy teachers fe hot miracle, "bee {50s of belag bls, ovement dere of tongue Eo 1228) Tht poste Jee renner and enchngese neem ie of he Charch, ‘om th gong tte en ofthe ager cers at ol Co spol mini ty in oer mony the sanctyng sence of the Chtch The minsy of sericea apparent for al cose, The tesood minty ls prophet, and Bat {Ee been pemancoiy itive by the Apostle Although foes ot have Sie demacaton, nevethle has at ivi pce the Coarch nd fm foundation im essai Ue, The prophes, unde che mame of ‘Metps away ete inthe Chor The i of rip wa negated in {scm and boon op with mension Like the teaching of heyshasm,eMehip wis Orvghe to Roma by pilgrims fom the Orthodox East and fm i nen soe the money [Sc Senin and te whole of Northern Ronan monet, The ders were fot tied to tbe exiting order of government and were herfore fee. Tis {he oot ofthe wfc Crh of the people which exited daring all he faye of Rsssn story Recall it nr conflict with the offal Synodal church. At the Sodne of pery inthe county, the ede, Hees sk ihe gt of pphesy, were misedentood and perected. Thre were MH) ‘ramps of thi inthe vs of theses af Opa Momatery. The shah ‘thor wanceeo bei ker Leon o pron in Slo Aish ward ‘cate tha plan he found the Eder dead ld HleroonkBarebpbioe was ‘eciy remeron Opinay andthe ln Fler of Opting, Sehemarone Neca, ended snk fae, Ao he Rshan burch autre dd at {Deance the prophet St.John of Krome He 0, was mbjeced to acs ‘ily in sionston wth sider, impersie to sy that He mons ‘anot te hound up with pcadoelentip, the characteris ‘St which eds in Pare To his book iden Kanai Bere cairn GLossary shat specil, ey serie to Jeu Ci, the Mother of God, or + it, nrimen (atimenson) = soul whch ae sown the es of smarty and ye nny oie i speccay. « ery that ase that hes wil setup 29 cathy Tngdom ov general any entity that expects hevely bese to Be reliein ay etl esycbvom an srt practice staid wih the anche way of ite nd “evn ment ies ine spits concentration an unceasing aye. esysby on who paces mest lest emmonk 1 monn pris ak Fens compuionate elemprying lay aug coenobite money Inetacion (metocbiaP podvorye im Rosin) a mena dependency of sich soe fo thet pode set explo ea sags ‘rest spel Scena duro ning ray the way Prospbontlesened bread fr sein the Die Uy “loons oe wo he no he yo nd ie mo ik ota she of he monte ers or mystery (nna: comyti. INTRODUCTION come be bend of toe crt (Gum 1722) te by spe ryteheha tone , Ice Jour comeing yor Tort 3.718) ays per Plt ee he purpon of the in, heretic! pr ofthe present work ito pre ‘sent x compen, only bi, expostin of he exenee of re abaey is abr (pede of ac ving pel sovnling ax exetcaed By ede. (arty) a8 puting pence. The vee of eip (rcs), how 20 {ie ACQUISETION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT cr, act confined within monary wall xen fr beyond tes be Sr Sem SSS pre nthe apical ae mon mien of Me i res tio ay pele, eric al maifeaon of to ot yl md sce, which foxpnly nero ede fesume ane ey ferrite, te sme an pr eplreste develope of wc abo it ancien ne inte a adi Rosin in he TBAT cei THe iE en ee ofthe eng Crs the “ays of an se i ssa ne cy mesing of City thy penetrate ae ca aprain for he presen won cme sb 46 ve rand tro scemamonk Nace ~ nh 9 convey Ni ein ra ‘encdner of iio he Opin Monte. ee ane hte wie the eine inthe ner of 1926 ing une tad Jy nd thea in he pmmer the alloning ya fom Fa che ler Anatole Corpo ined the Opin Monsey Toe Ae tponodn, be taper of the sed Neri Ted in th ‘ae bl ate nay from the monastery. cerain ret who Wat shee at 2 Petro the spl promt of cach of thee Es co oticod thr es Artal he enor the Wom ith anwar Atoka Tenis ded in the fe ye of he ioe Nee oe Neca ed longer than al he ote. He i 1928, Renin cy when i ba aedy been offialy sel. My Be ca er cer! wold se hin several tes «year, onl de ta a ants, tough em, we aed abroad, tad a8 oP peony con i ee ese deere long pod see, nd ws ony ding thew 1 sath te aed ee tht my othr bad ie, having been tore cars tne of Neen memory o be ie. ee esa the Opin Monat fllows the ancien ching of heya tnce pace wee slo how a= “whey.” of mental Ste gate wien sonst was ext abe ing the Sine Br Antony te Gert, Macros of By, Jb of the Las, a ote Bee eee the eather of pal prayer wee St Gregor of Sint pital ether of he ator An ale by he mtr seer Ver (que) a wander of pues of Constanrinpl, trary aamas 13348) 1) et Shemamr and ott oesandng mex of Bye. Bl a ad ese amie SS of Sr (1908 an Se Pe Wethtonhy 0722-1790. so Tot etc bors ured among mont ao he pea ea ae ete Ce, we he Seine of ich bo el Fi ee he ail He meena esta ctintyscompaned aarssni bye nthe ety ay of monic ba inthe cous of ne 2 ee gat of, aching et developmen the vod ey wo a bin sgee, nl 0 comet if pin eo TEAS tow eng. now ling an toe ign, a ee ae a fogetien ao in a rng te te of Se akon NaesNy the eh cnr. Bo he ge Ee reve tei i rer and dc nn) Dee srt gn HONE men man the bin of set raion i Rai te et come se mea exis ad ewok of sect aromychenble meres Ser Chon 74 Fuse cderrhas ben aie eae a wt ema pr Recnry Ran oy? Howse. he BN aoe thu hey old only vue notion about ie ow hw Se re arn he ero ete ne problem, Pele sei gn Tbe wcion feds in cent Rasim moat at Secbrey wily umoused in our sca etre But ae by serail mm ships ave een iepra”? a ore ely ned wih Tere ow ed 403 he ro Pt tut af te pent ork conten pions a ahaa sash HOC mere ny exposed ro Te tcl toa + cave sey cll by sel, Among a et ec of amen Ran city wh the Eater nan th on ay ecard inthe th nd ch ena, AC a te O8 ek eae pyran people wise he Dowsing of cmeie Me Ath ibe Lith eur became knoe 5 "enh Hower oti Koc and ttre he carer of ncn Rena cgi of er i a Page aces nn pn hr tice hu, fom then om developed independ abd magne mane, coming “spec bane of Ooo sey : sone: a ce ie haem ‘ese oth ‘ac he pnt om ery ony cel oe fat an ep wich bps deep oh Pants la foe te tec of Neen ban ad nro fod ‘em dn enn cm nh kn the eng sede or th ating re, ne a enry, 2 rion ing tern of Aletanier Id the prencupaton of cern pope with wesc nye any nd of mpi en Ooo yn mee est tur pe va ea mo th onoten obo ato eps tse San, nh pr Cet ment poy te! led wl eda conten as pe? Sri Pa gyn og th i ae he se ett Cech Tae don stoic op xr dy Te (Gog tows he Wet bein long tin go and propedal. Te hue Cons 85 tha) “hn Seng Aout te Gach Par Te fee Sy vt er es ic se Errstaaeryeccentnsmnmtea Say eng a eet ano hcaguy be mr hey Seite te et cn ‘st sey co ioe canner inh tone a erect "it un iand i doay ones Odes a eet ee eet Shee sn iraandrtho ieee eacacay 1 Fac pes Ems Fy, Mp of in Te 937, u “rH ACQUISITION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT ment of ia was ached ing the fl of Byam, when Meow Tee sito he pty of rack ey? Considering the re created sree ceotges!sholashp tthe ata experence of ce Church” sae eee dy af Ronan sant eines. 1 we iis who danse ag nae oh Liver fm Th, rofeor Kinch = ase Stes Rann Lis fants Ave Some of Mor (178) Nw dl af ser om the es of minal dob fr so are ric eaploed art 150 docamets on the Live sng (0 xc ‘ee rca tb the yt pot im HB won fe i urh omy with edt sain of the Noh by khan aoe eaten en ear rit Prom ht time osha ent a oe re onl Prtnoy Kaaba othe being fe 208 ae se gin ened to therm, nding he meray dome a scion eof epoch he Wo eC x ae ay ryan ai” and he et ping on espe rs ot eral coming C8 with cee ad ot spec tat ewes detng wh 2 pei Tm Tang nr dan ire schoo bebind Tibbs tue Race book Reon ad ry Move se aa ere he Tvs sion ws yoo. The wok wt ‘opiate theme shoals aoa Sn tp camemplaion of God aan sou somehow ne old ay ence sd tlic heey. Bese, he eed: hing ca df eychans were weneing Cc story He SEONG Sts nea on te se of "Wenem conic cai” and tiie el sen ae oe Seniesa ene am Sin, en pa eer ee cea eae eeona th at tea ate ee a ae "eer vat x bee seater cee as ln ot es te es pamed2005 asin “exzangut theosphie myn". Somewhat ler homers {Ee ame ya he fins p00 pape os ae evaume work bP Syeton Ato f the Gancon of sks Bg tbe 1b Cony wus pbled Ps work whe rk pound salty ech fe Tohe t ving son the ie and ching ofS Greg of Si, hereeed the ine sgiance of hoya w the Niger nanfrton ofthese Iie ofc Gch In hots. yon erated Reehenk’s ook te {Slowing wor Gene poston tht tome mera mai heh isl, neve depron bythe deadly Sogn of Cee, Races dere tose ot ft nt bees heh sn eee eching and 4 vou be fue he concen wih a, moreover tot qe cel eopee Ts wa he an pre of Recent’ ook ‘athe seminng tector oft bk wee very weak" Hwan Ra ‘Beato who cont wp wih se opinion dred mented sone, sat hy Shum lth oncom old ot pony hve ached Ran tore in porn cons, Ti hyptins hs sured wt ows hee oy itaccpnce sud heeled rote Feorn mmm the cx of ‘sie Renan snety ahugh whe ot conotesthauigrnce Law rcminedtnlie. esaye "Ty wy Iori oo fouror cho wi he Pha ing bigs li sb Pa ‘Ss comleayenknown or secmingy Hose cy of ancien Ram ‘Sungei bert tat eaplonny Resor saciny amg taon pt ie a er ne seen.” at bak, pbied nS Sh New ous in topo 4 Tey of Reso pty, Pte Fedor cas flow ime ec whch gy domed Ron sear eratare tempted the sete Spey of he Gch Tae sophie, iter eon porn the Ce, {Eevocente ty, ose) apa bred omc ete, Bot the beh bocca te simp an he angie eet wit he ‘hrc deed nd ah nde own pic erreion nthe psd Sredind) rocing oe Recline angle? noo fo els ‘rwhp fr of eon th Sin Te forme and Ines id mo ccd in droping pe {Uy of Wai wn dep cnet to coumcaance the sectomy, or Bk SELES starz cn tt mt 98 co ne he nly kth ing hh a6 “re AeQUISITION OF THE HOLY SPIT inflence of mona, and tht dul played fal pr ip the dite Teen Se nacom and sent, viewed by Profeoe Fedo ae ced topes af an sen pray sec nacre, aly erie bythe spn of te epoch Tr lc otude owaedheyeaon, however, ing ely re laced Wh cblnen fs tve meaning no ony im Ordon Bo rene cin Weer scholar 1930, nthe Ps ein Bootie At aoe teresa ancl by «protein of Blgade User. Fer pi waih he eapoal she ifoence of hoyshiwnwpen Serban ae yc fe wrt tht operon thi se has es fal 3 volo eto nd eon 1 recap beychasm “ech Tey See huh” epecig ke sexing recone 9 SBE lst numa ts hepa ws aig more tah Sect eh So ee pang rime exe an incor maton abo Heyes ioe sy tute potoicsfve eon found Gee Vash means Wes a wt be beau to etn te eine fs ovEEN Ande (Soe tcl was “Pun for nance, Hae ones the sgl which arose oer ey cha (ob sone of the met aasing phenomena fal tes aml one of 26 cae ating nthe history a eatin, esp the enrl cceped ke Se ain Ctr) univer ap seine unde te a of re eich har nr ceed Pouring cexp Mockery eve Feeney ts nly roving comple mianderanding ofthe mes meee etre hinary oes” Profesor Vasc (rhe rests 2 ‘sen ote by Hal wh “unheaingy rend the conroeny ovr BF i ace sch ba span inthe Wes Demos ih Pane igi mor of he Gack Gach eas then for he ast me ‘Sreguonnan wich drew renga he boom rms clea tht 9 Te era rand tpuents hr pare forgcn bad ons ph a ay tar pied, Learned theologians fe two cape wee Teen etl her lets bering wines tthe One of REN nf posopy” Poet aso ais Solis bak The Life and Peach ofthe ders (tes ed Lobe ser Saison, ies) eae ost Geren Tio Tor Fe ey of sin Spit Lin agi (Ne York, 1864 tas sited wo canis anything new som sedi ih the pe tig te nue fsa Rn tty. De. Sobt he the ote Sopot te noun of eg mato essen nett when be dha capciance of concrete doo frm pu ol he enc of Re seracsepoticeeeepe among # few fun fina ol few of whom {Sault ealed myc The te of Ms Book, Mowee, in he fat {he authors crpreesv examin and syatctiznion of Orthod ye Atal thesogy resent learn hou ita omer charceiic, “ty hnychom as foun scape an te jin in he isco of rts Akins Cp (Sem The Anlnoply#/ Se cer Palomar; bse 930 in Par. The uta ends sos Ton te power of it cholnty exon if acompreersie invest Te malin to the som sone yo nether ‘ny tinehnd neenntce with he crate dealing wih os spi shows ht he me af en Rn ani. esa nig ‘Rtn anc t poctedel the pct ay to pes st more a (Silom te sbject th the hope of een ent cieation. The ior {Elan nes onl follow a may Lane Stns were explored wat Fosse Geng Lives sf moni). The itu ebaned as oped Reena, tte oi he ae of hn he i of acon Rasian eect wit at of be Ea “swe fbr devclopcn of he cand’ the (1948) wit ten andre plans fs pote fhe Tso tatu Pats A “es hm fy pony cy moe a PART I (Introductory) A Brier SuRVEY OF ASCETICISM (The Essence of “Inward Activity”) INTRODUCTION . INTRODUCTION 2 THe ACQUISITION OF THE HOLY Sent ‘tou! The elements ofthe mol wee able to hum man and Be wa > Tova Sn hi sg ot dn nae he oon epaion aor ‘MPon nts eb ate of men Divine pace whch had un then rowed ad ‘Weed i now abandoned im he eg of oe wae now nthe ‘ct of coftion and commit. The lsh rebel ps fe spit = the {ine agua mane, Thus the oder of man's sol beamed, an ‘ire appered confused human beg, the man fin Pasion ot one TAS Elgar inom etour, bc dreston of former aii an abies ors whats poper co moni wrong, Th the Nee sift of the [SEh tik tw pre tote ebay torr Gods upon theo of om ‘Belo ih le Dine trned downwards sd exchanged these pion or thetre of one nda hing wy no eed Te hs mys aloe oe nd ter pains eaced by ther the tne for God Tecoma may C0 egcentom, Lf oh own ‘Serf tan war sow tae Co ais rough his oem nate eg SENS cee mato comaictiony, pain, mand flr eve it Gest cete of dent andthe feng of Bg sbandonel ty Go. He bepah Teng he ned fr speratral stance, Thousand of yas wee by ere {he edcmer appa. Se Jobo Kromet mi "Before He bee th IMCL allowed nm to experince all the items sn al penne: st ecictp sant when eryone ced ox forte Svior = Hepp the MT an power! Pyscen snd Hp When wath became sce and people Ten wo hunger and ht for then came the Trath tera" St. Jobe of sa "hy sity Homing hel rough Ebi, wifey an sounvtn te ded oman mate om the fathers sh Tae tha aad coapoon Ii bea the source of eumetion ad eld maf the Woy he ge and th expe 0 hat owing Hf SSLdtieoodsdopuor by Hin, mg become what Hes by Hes ame he SEUSINGis ot God and ta soe”? Than Gin treme the oly mh Joner ef yeopicv nto Ram 1 Cor 1:28, copa of thr ation Teh ane aly ay to God Job 19) Ll Cis achiedco zomaes nd cease israkorarname aa cor ee mPa Kiger MET Ail ster seine Oran e), oyto of mE cap Soon See fhm oF Kana) sy Uf hit, Bok 1 or 28 Pb, 1900. 9.3298 she Hay omer, “Tough he Hy ye, hgh ie windows the Soma Th penetra nt, denying he feo th wd nd Icey he prey st ote won wr ‘Sot Cal of Thomlonce (1371) fom hs heap wa te Irwin ofthe Myers” Yh eC Ne cmp cw fe SE of pln pt ote ol" ths md eres the new ner mes freed inthe age of Gol bing conte ri yf. ora inthe other apg wore” "Thelein Crist" he yh cocec nd ihe ptt yu scoped te fife eno ay (Smt. Bovcce aie doh nc npr of god has inher iu st gel he acy ches 2d fg wh va once sil bean anbpyy and ead men n= happy an mot wo, the eon Beige tong ight wb shining thre sandy, oe wile he tyerte pee ight he see sl ope he Rane po ‘ating here: Only the ly tees may pe in he erie open ‘api iter whieh on tht dyed ele mao cre enmion Si Gh ands tnd ad tole om Haw wht He hed ome Father However one sald come Hen eg Hind dng ee One sil be she bette snyone here mo opens om and pee te ‘edn omens tects the prs (on wth) ben for mh rept {othe i ii el tpg to heb Spay a wont tin tron coe ‘ict nets chal ada of Be pri era at ne Sa hem tnd rae cfr wich Chi poke, The Rom of ese sfieth lene, ond the tesa ity fore a. 1-1) ton reqs coopenton betwee pace nd the fe wl of wh hl ‘Sowethe my of set ogg Uo exami the mm the concept of asic. Acondig te she euch done y Por Bn, doe mee by Haney Ge ine ‘hint ame th ond ent Serene os aera SSD mc ec hy » {rue ACQUISITION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT meat gyms execs, an el tera piosophy inne cheng Wit By met fcc. Te Ale cr, 9.2027) el he oe Oe cey esnns ning wee to win in compete Bat Tey SoeenPerariae deed to comb ee and decay vr. pati Ee monly wed nthe mening SS a sing te tense common Ti cleace pl and ober endivor tnd dpi Fea ae cgi vary nth attade towards sein. The Roman aso Ces av dcp company mei a ‘ee oar nd shove the nr” fry people Prox Chee simply Yea can ech, howe, tat secon, a 12 Ae en to rarous forme, wiry fr all Citi withowt e a ct i tthe wor the Sv, Who eis tha i allowes teen efor? Chapter One THE ORDER OF SPIRITUAL ASCENT ‘Tur wav 10 GoD tens srough knowtege of anes. "No one can now God without knowing Biel” repeats St. Athanas the Greta Se ‘Anthony the Gr. The knowledge of ops he gets of Sens, Sie fron who has not mastered itl er Krow God. An ste aed ave the Knonaige of situa nd pyc we and dep aight ma ‘own sul Unally, however, people fer rom ndaess ad elfen nd EHeembl o sce ther fle sate, Thtetoe becoming svat fon owe ue ‘ate andl wlebin oneal the wep tovase knowledge fone Ot thispith towards mpunby, owever, a ane infeed with ery el [padalprocen and man be scomplshed inthe proper order Se tae the Syran (th cenary) sys “Every vere seh mother of the one flowing tne shoulé eee the mother who ping bith other vues and pie 2 feck ot the dah Before ating thir mother, thee tae rm tipen within onc on. Ione Sonnet them one wa zon ie Than pt tl preston i ataincd gral dina definite ode, ike bung a house. ‘nf oundntion of fit one sl lace he tne of obedience, endernce, ‘sce he comentones beng pane apd courage, which gi the hse fem sbi. Likes ent olin veyhig opts ui, wibout Si HY AN gon dead an ero sina, not ipl to be saved? ri ee sey pinto docrne, noel nodued it the inet cee Cita by those whe ate acouned worthy of cannot be SEN owe mors"? Tne Lara sey of Hinsl For am meek ond Fas iter 11.29) "Len na om an angel rf man, nor Ken Pe sim Me that 0m My fadneling oe My ination and 120RE FAP ay Mater of Go aps of er Ply For He bch Setated in tou ese 9 Mi bomen eke 8-8), Acorn St.John ee thre re thee deg of amit. The ist longs those who cee ees puaton, the son eo tose who ae maytinde, and se BNE Tome indpensible alco? “With hm eet ee the bia haber" “Hiya ese siphon fom whic SEE Ty cen tase the soul Deven"? For uty even witht aed dernier anys pedal, bruse wthst hanya ou ood eee Se arayvwey td actos ae file" One can atin bury see a Dpcuane, When practicing mental eye ad spl I aa ene cal tat dsp al hi ffs he pes, i then a Panne alemet aware of Gas help ad afd ewe throw is ‘fates ecto sss sohing to imc, everything to os aoe cee ek cadens fellows tae done ony what Iwas commanded ee esse that Ue? anyone as 2h, 1 sii eT han aquired, and ave no need fr moe” ~ be B90 4 Christin, Fea Ura acini of Satan, One cannot oer have cou DF i ddan to wha exten eater and pra of 0a eet De ae Sach people ae fll of femora ieee lve fr Gad “ae noe ty we accomplish and ee eh Fervent mor DEY Pee ae" pce sing poor an ang cited nothing, They inks 1am cari ean thie upon: Tanith te mo Cry Haren yt Suc be seemarens of an Orthodox aces an herein Sy tated the tenes ren he Oto nd sh Roms Cat in of “onundaning. Aa ay the 3 comuy Be Hoye of Jews : entry, 8 Heyes of eae {top The este Rng ot sheen ‘tara for good deed bt her te i of ce of he Mer repr rata As dre Sr con assed ar igh kh esas etn Nth seed ea fr rl Ae conve hs my; he det not show fo ak hemi. “The tom dingrons kindof pe thnk of ons ante paso, tan eh por Rey caes bey endowed ‘ES eon a a [ANCIENT DESERT MONASTERIES kee ssc ough been pied for ic cents, “Above the Monastry ofS Maca se eat it Se ee hia be tani pice nr ech: aare pad 1859 Chapter Two THE STRUGGLE WITH PASSIONS Passtons, Like VIRTUES, ae als interconnected, jst a “inks of singe tin (Shan of ri) one being a fn of anther. Thre ae {eof thems i the ender of bith they ate a alos 1 tony, 3) ht SV aut #) ange 5) ponder, 8) dep, 7) gory. 8) pe ‘The ma concen of pattie sce not nh een aie tine of in nor ind nuances of in, ether with te cate the ‘ics std psions rooted in the Sol oF dieses ofthe sal sb den nner Dats of in Ug contemporary tem nd concepts Profesor Zain expound the teaching of the Holy Fehrs bout the pychloy of paso ade sap [de wth ere lea ret resume of i expotion, "A shouphe i he inl moment inthe emergence of panlon ites women othetation dance en ent of ti peyholgal tate ‘Ie ence of sei amounts to the rgd with thooghts The Holy Fathers sei, cer me many a8 eo] seven moments nthe deeopent tn growth of puso 1. PROVOCATION (sUCcESTION) ‘The fit impos to the enerence ofthe pycoloil phenomenon ‘hich my end psi known “provocation” oe "aperton” ipl). hc Ass mana he res of com, 2 hag ‘Sontag ond with he nian the wil) NWN SR reer etree ete ret eee ere eee eee et ” “Te ACQUISITION OF THE HOLY SeiRtT tis conception of an abet or an aston corepondig ro ne of the ined ‘Rakdeions imins peso, Uadee the ifoence af extra mpresins or SRSlie tn the pelo orig ofthe memory oF apitaon a SERS Ac ae ot wciton, he povoetion emer Be phere of a's eeatan Thi fm women ke sce indepen of a's fee wi “fare he wih with Me partion, in acordance withthe es fp [Rae inerabey ~ "spontney” and therefore, considered “anor caer evn, dor wantin ani sin i nok ae by Seeeig thought a wot nite consciously ad volun andit hes sat wegen bow Tie te ouesone for eting ou lt LE'Tntter wie acne omar vee oc. sin thi eee ta he fie il fas mate 2. conjuNcTION roocton voles the response of he feng, which te the presion mage lading upon the comeirnes Y cher “ove” of “at” Tomy craig) Ti the most parent mroes, for dei the (teen the provoking tought wl ayo: wil fee only the ene eee hoagie the consonant thar ecu rear of se il oF Fee, er noe mediately reese td Hager on hs eas hat nthe Tar ats pies pen’ ns compatable ground, which expressed hit ym The actos tothe prone. Sympebeneinliation ris ate, fa the seed huge so gow and try i an age of fnay pe ta theca sphere of corcowenes and ousting al eer pressions and ‘Mooghe Arenson ings a he shoe Beau mun dt nT ee RS acre somersaton conjunction Gocbeten. St Ephrain he Spa atnc cara tee acceptance of be thou, orient ai Sreredr convention with it scompued y eight Ime contemporty TEESE Senatog lo mene ta the second moment in he developmen he tough lis ese flowing: man's aeson dete exciely C6 ‘he ney roca inpenn or noon, which server at an meta case fe Be Sepmene of whole sere of tance moons, These ots ge AN ‘Seti pant le sping te eet of Bog he ‘stn ms no obesned, tm dr tocol the sequese of potions 07 SSE Kom hi somone sd 0 terminate the fring of et, man Thaw we eo re for he ec fren salen et nedsto dict is atention bythe eff of his wil He mest tively and im Ipsec the tages on suing in sl ot ear oem gin. 5. Jone. thes, with he sence of wif eto of the ning the hind moment ends hl al bce nnn sated {othe tought. anda Teer becomes cine to et upon wh the ‘tough eth and to gt the sastction of parang fA ine the celta ofS spa ife totaly detoyed, he ol whol renders Sta so the hough ad sine oe wh arora expec {hen mre neue dg. These hind amen ie chrcenedbythe cb ‘on of towns he objec ofthe thug is agreement and ese to ‘ele leer Cats, Consequently, the third moment the wise wl ‘renders tothe thug and pow acts ceeding eter in onder Sere ps led og bn he cop byte shouge Se epithe Sy or coset ofthe oo what a een Premed ot by the haut, companied by et (SJ ofthe Lae), [Tawar already "approaching tata o nan akin ot. Epi the Sri) There come he willl soe to atin he elation of the Beco poet neh by alin auto ma npc be ied in tenon, Hnow reat any he Sn ee tari i 4. sreuccLe Somes, however, before man's Sia decision to proceed to hie ae soment, ov ees after sich 4 decison, he expen stage been the Sl dese ad the oposite nlintin of hs ae ower, the st pjehlolel moment of snunsabl cio ofthe wil berween opposing ications takes pac ol when the Bui as no Jet eee formed within the oul, arly the "bad habit” expoding to tee ‘Sotgh takes place when a sil factions bas nt yet ergy pened SUPP errr rere reer rere eee [rin dapostion hen he mn consalypreopied with che objec ‘Se pusione geben the anion re ar hot ye Ben compl forme 6 carnvery ‘When in the power af pion, ran lay ane oes toy this puto ete widows ay toga allo alma withoo tae He {Piotng he doinan, guving and contaling power of his wltiona fly ver idl inclination ad ema of gs he STi ene ates over sana nlinstone, ba ear ue over the wi ly ancemeate onthe ajet of patnon. Ths state Is called epi (ener) ‘Sure he momen ofthe epee development of aon, of he fll {Eid sure ofthesoas whic ow sie al fever tothe wos. rin bt andthe ow sveefl supe aks poe when the thot isco fy mens of ancenig rye a every art Ft a te Fath Sbseguen dost at once, A wie apeei desoys te mother of weed ‘Boni ey the canning pronation nt toughen At the tine of Prayes, ‘oe al dae one's nell shoul be rendered deaf and mute (Svs of Ena) and one’s het emp of ny thou, oe seeing good thought ise enyebin of Jerson). Espen at sow ht the ams of fast tough. Les dactin, flowed Wy a pasion (wicked) Chen het ce cty fe it opens the door ote ate" “Fis ions sl wl portayed to us by Se. Heya of Je salem (un centr) adipic of, Crop the Thelog Noi, Our mind. tein something of appearance sn noses, cay pes tel over co-dayruming and onestanedly bjt 10 eo ‘hough it des no have in el mach a coney which, ike amonach ver the pins, hls i conany wr cone! od is ion, Asp doc net mone without wae hee 8 80 POG weaver inthe uring the mind itbowe sbi with huni and ye eae Ci No 169 Sons acc Wd for the foundation of x hone: Ba for chi sive (be guage in) br he ovation a he oo ae ebay Lahaye tat and venerable name ofc Lard Jesus Gist. Qhicky and easy can ft Ctptin week hit ip daring nm, cnaing she alr hvowng the sls ua no eh se and ging dep Bimal br uch more ily ean the {lat be drowoed ty tbe demons when the thoughts bein to meg, does tot pa oy, and voke the ee of Jous Ost. No. Be. Sabisty andthe Jou Prayer mutually Winfree an another: for exteme watches fos mith the content of conan prayer, wae Pe csi extreme bey and watehfaoes of le. No. BB anya nr thaoghts come fom demons sagen, an fo ses dene ot outward ation I with the bp es re stan} el ‘he thought, we wl vos a conesponding outward action. We il eich ou eves nth the sestc of die krudedgeand v0 wl od God, Who i every sehere Holding te miro the Ieee Semiytowids God we wil be Tene const a ae lt by the un her ly teint, having feed ch nit ses wile Him ese om al other comtenpltion* 1% Hatin of Jena, shri on Malan nd emer oe, Jobo linac sans at she foot the Lae, ping on up is ep, eon ofthe Mosco Seba, 1th entry. Chapter Three PRAYER The ste of rye efor be mys tery of oman witb Git tb te of rational cress it thi Crestor St Greeny Pina) Pe ender ofthe Dow af ene Not one of them tale “teat payer (St. Gregory of Ns) 1. THE JESUS PRAYER, ANCIENT AND UNCEASING Besines st. Hrsycutvs OF JERUSALEM (3th century), other an sien hutch Fathers ao dei wih he Jens Prayer Tis was ao pied ot tp han V- Reyes in hie (185) Eder Maca of Opting! "Bewose ne Worn theo daz te anit of th payer ie unceasing Per of Jou), mol be goo en opi ut he eee in patie trot which ast the yer cer irl ory also,” Wik rege Tbe ess Payer, Rye found avice gen By St Barsiuphis the Gest {Gu comer in hit Awe 039. no. 126i oe in al "Uncen lng wpm the name of Gd eres one not ony of pains, Bu ie of ston tnd art edie fe asick man nits competion, airy the {rato of te name af God deste pasos int anne Beyond 9 Co Fehon," Nov 424 "The mane of Je soul be moked ot ony 2 e Tinea spinon beaut uncenung calling of God's mame really 1No"s25snvcatin of Go's name sek thought aig Sig Pa “ ‘He ACQUISITION OF THE HOLY SPLRIT or prayer, orang. (Cosegunily the Jo Prayer sould not cee tng “icneation of the prayers Seraphim made the sane pot when Ing to Fr Arhinundite fi 429. "Not oly in invoking Go withthe is, Ti nin remembering Hi the hen, dos prayer ost, for God the rower of ers antes othe ea "She ato of Gols Nan in payer explained bythe Orthodox ech Ingo he Names of Go wr Name i holy, venebe and dbl, bcaet denotes in mors he mont pie oan the ato beings God the Ponta ood {hope The name fs Dine, beni as been reeled tow y Gad eens Go aro, upite our inulin to Cd, ec Ton prayer (partly nthe Jou rag) the Nome of God and od nal are prec byw ise, it idertyingonesnother cy cannot and tou nt be separate or oposed {Sone another slough this ke ely i prayer and only Imo hes: How ‘Sern hel) at wel at natal fat, Goss Nae only +e nor God if or Hechter irae of am objet no te objet el, nd {hare i canner be acknowl or ealled ier God (whieh would De ‘Seurand pour), o Divinity, bcs itis nt the Ente of God. eckame of God, when seed ding payer with ath ay ee eto ita ut ott by a ot x eapeguene of some dine Pomer Tove conned nto tase 0 and ating chil, ba ease tbe a scope 9.2 a by ee of sue promi, ens [ada ye pertors miles Cm the Holy Snes Ades of 1915 ‘ery, nconetion withthe "Name-wosiping” ery wich 8 Srumeleinon Monary on Me Atos) te one to understand he ox profound movement of payer spon the ost, enamine ts restr, The ol of man his "bjs fa pena Ne" (rar Za) sings fom the sot ofan nial by kee Let as mate man in On imag ofr Our tenes (en. 1:26, 8 God, oa tet Sees mie med Te Sc STE SE tate Sg chon sn {Ei fate ocr a rote Uo at SS Y ino the Name of od Se, Peta, 1A} sete edi a rn of He en 22 pc irc conmiouey ad felon The le fh sn anon te Te acing cc the hen. The bea es det a unifying ong a ie Ma's enre didi coment nhs ea. The aah the spe {Sts pe predainrly in tebe nd man connec rst fs She Ro, 213) The Source ofthe hye repos ad mora He sn the {Pin and e's through the pitta mans ving bond with God eid, {Ere te opt nthe enn of God's tes (om. 816). The St of God Fenevats na’ het Shhh pra tai Ths, he eave rth tnd regouscomeloanen and convey, when they ar ae he Sere may Become the orc of unbe all ind afl ae: Out of Ihe ben poced al cheng mand, biter, foi ef, fae ‘nes, Bepbemir Qt 15:19), Teno he pt me ec. a they ne coety booed. Ks actiiy mane ul nape of ssc {hetetal poco a wel sso snd practi! ponies. Due tthe ict the pt upon the tlt bape apprehending tht which it ported te sol and coos ad or pics, Be we sed eto, SHE bean the foal pinto a ans ett, of hee Me, ican espa Th tv compris and onl he city ote ince, ‘The heart, o hail of sh cor fH" both py and sna wot them ing” th" pot oa en inode” shan ene epi f hou ae ‘pe mind nd te wal someting vet ownton And siete ind whe comes face, wee“ enact oa profound Ina sxpercce sr ui latin mst Se npc i er co ‘invan! renting como the "nd" oe he het 4 The ese w “Te ACQUISITION OF THE HOLY seoRiT st communi the proper diction 10 the heart, garding i from inf ‘hughes and aig ito vesous thought, ln view of the fe that thooghs “me inthe enema’ aetna be ep clase or within the Ret, ‘uray be defined swatch of the mid ver hough” Inaction, (hs comet “ing in the ent.” Te mind big inthe Bear and Stvhicg ve hough, ur lack ie tention in he word of the rape. The Toms of payer ar fll, At is the payer soul be practiced el vot Ip Laer tend bie oe the ovement of the tongue the payer te Sane mental Final teeta ese te “sent of he mind int he Bea” the Father ay: Reig lt the hese the id ces th wr of ‘ne love with and us pres cll yon the mame af ests Chis ee {yd with inspect, o pray to God unceasing and with nde ‘ee gp bat my eo wath (Sango oman 5:2)° th dace of the min no the hes” osc sin, inert ‘by Bop nace Banca in he flloning ways "The eat she pace oF the Bea heaton power othe po fa as is eatin he upper pt ofthe heart unde th te ipl of the Dest as de mind Bas i {re ri the nc of payer te sp Soa oi the minds the ming rays {nord teed ony ently, or vcly well wl prayetof thes apes y+ ling of tenders or By tas. This ion he gi of Cie [ce forthe begin, owe, hold ice hi spit sympathies and fopeic withthe mid. Provided the mind Kec attention fixed on te rap the pst il erat epeince the fing of coerion."® meneame ratte ee SSS Lora keene SSS eee Epon vomereicomanenniecemarnene Eee Steet ‘tas escheat he hate, ie ona compre sehen Se ccaeroecestem nes tee Sigurnmia genteel hela iehore escermnet compen eco: SSSDRE I 05 any oe ben coe Vet, Darkrai etn et a [A DRIBE SURVEY OF ASCETICISN » [AS mentioned above the attention mus bien he upper part of ee ear. The imporence and sigieance of thi inaction becomes ein eft wor of Fk Fa Vesey "om Ge ey mn the ear, looking nots depts and nt athe ideo the ott nd. Ti Pome is important, bectse when the mind ys prying inthe wpe eon of the eat ke + kg sting above i jects can rely ere ii ‘hooghts splicing low end denoy them tke the sevnd bbe of Babylon sguinse the rock of Che’ Name. Alo, Big snarl removed from the Inc can ely avert the buenng dee of he Reh which as become ne image ences ans scones nd thn ower in i coacounee, ‘The sul undergoes he proces of tuigunion, besing wth is Men ep an ending in te own "ean" expel inthe Apne wade Verne ut Chri net ume. Ti, he, the prpoe and meaning oe ess Payer® Prayer and watchfulncs ate nepal bound, Acorn o Profesor {i's Stinion: “Wtcfanes the sitertion" of the mind towards wat fakes pace i the ‘hea’ (hen the ier ie) ation which ace ‘rough ee efor and experince, and scampi by glace eet ‘wearing ofthe heat sunt sf movements with he prpoe of pur ‘ying i" “Thi ascetic endeaor i ako known under vais oer sacs, ng xe shades meaning "pod ad oro te mind” (Se. Macro te Gre ‘St John Casian,"orsigameelf none place” (Shae he Sra, Sal ‘he Great) ores "lfconcneton” "concentration within” (hop The han the Ress), “inwaed sty” CAncenPatercon, Bop Thcphan the Rel), atv ofthe hea (Bishop Theopaa he Reh) “den at peal activ (S Heya)? 14a algo to today Sr Pas Websonty oo,6Sh Fa 2 rea enka tbo eh ST (BISHOP) IGNATIUS BRIANCHANINOV “Atos tater of pital ea aly ater or modem ne tec 306), Chapter Four SPIRITUAL CONTEMPLATION ‘Tie woty PATHERS say tha lofty spiriusl sates ae srsined only throgh the “pun ofthe mind” According fo eychin The easing (tthe tlc may spproptely be call "igh prodcing ihn rod Ing hereig and eeu for uly srpases endl ven boy there, Because of this bce athe Borough co whieh Be With one mas Rona hit irae with worthy names Those who ae seed by i ar ie em gw ss a, ete, through Jews Christ Not only this, bu they ate able to contemplate myaialy| tnd teologeand when thy hare beers contempt hey athena pore and nine pe, touching sella and ing and dweing io ‘cing to Scars of yp, te ie of rice, set aflame inthe hears of Cris by the Hay Spi arse low ie candles or the Divine i, nacorance with he wll eo, ihr Hae pio sag fe od owe ts ay vee ines conl yp pon the Apoes in he sape of tongues This re shoneypon St.Paul spoke 1.5 Hepner fale and Py 48 2 ‘Ti ACQUISITION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT ‘obi and imine bis min, Blinding i pes 3 he ume ime eee mo ‘ea ean ea he ance of he pt Moses ow hi igh in he womens SS. 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