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Cynthia Barker
Message from the Philippine Ambassador
to Canada HE Petronila Garcia
It is my pleasure to welcome all
participants to the 14th Filipina
FWN Fellow
FWN Fellow Editorial Coordinator
Leadership Global Summit ably
organized by the Filipina Women’s
AMYLINE QUIEN CHING Network. The history of the Philippines
FRANCINE MAIGUE is filled with accounts of Filipinas taking
NIKKI ZANO TANG the mantle of leadership in the struggle
FWN BOARD for freedom and independence, which
commitment continues as women
leaders now share the burden of
MARIA BEEBE, PH.D. lifting our country and kababayans
MARIA SANTOS-GREAVES from the bondage of poverty and
ROSARIO CA JUCOM-BRADBURY want which afflict a significant part of HE PEtroNila Garcia
our population, and which similarly Ambassador to Canada

imperils the lives of many in other
ADVISORY COUNCIL (EAC) countries, including those in North
BAMBI LORICA, M.D. America. I enjoin everybody to actively
COL. SHIRLEY RAGUINDIN participate in the proceedings of this
PHOTO CREDITS Global Summit and contribute to the
GANI RICARTE goal of further empowering Filipinas.
Let us not resist the calling to step
up and be counted. After all, we are
women. Our actions matter. And, more
importantly, we are Filipinas!

The views and opinions of advertisers
and contributors expressed in this publication
do not necessarily state or reflect those of
Filipina Women’s Network.

© 2017 Filipina Women’s Network. All Rights
Reserved. No part of this publication may
be published without the expressed written
permission of the publisher.

4 HOW TO REACH THE FILIPINA WOMEN’S NETWORK: P. O. Box 192143, San Francisco, CA 94119 | Phone: 415. 935. 4FWN | | Twitter@filipinawomen
Welcome from the Global FWN100TM Selection Committee CHAIR
Congratulations and Mabuhay! I am highly honored to representatives of the corporate and business world,
welcome all of you to Filipina Women’s Network’s 14th government and policy, military, legal services, consulting
Filipina Leadership Global Summit, honoring Filipina services, retail, financial services, healthcare, non-profit
women who are game changers on the world stage. This organizations, educational institutions, journalism, broadcast
is, indeed, an historic event celebrating and sharing the media, entertainment, film, and culinary arts. They are
accomplishments of outstanding women who will carry on lawyers, judges, architects, artists, entrepreneurs, and
the banner of our vision -- expanding the next generation of engineers -- all demonstrating exceptional courage in
Filipina leaders by 2020 in both public and private sectors. leadership.
These extraordinary women being honored this week
will continue the pathway and will be the influencers, as Visionaries, innovators and risk takers -- these extraordinary
they already are, to attain the goal of the Filipina Women’s women who have excelled in their areas of expertise and
Network. continued to influence others with their leadership skills,
their spirit of humility, their selfless energy of helping others,
Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You gained strength, courage, their deep respect for family and humanity, and, most of all,
and confidence by every experience in which you really stop their devotion to women’s rights -- they are helping to make
to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you a better world.
think you cannot do.” Having had the rewarding honor of
conversing with these inspiring and empowering women As Leymah Roberta Gbowee of Liberia said as she accepted
from the United States and various countries, I have seen the Nobel Peace Prize, “You can never leave footprints that
first-hand their amazing strength, courage, and confidence. last -- if you are always walking on tiptoes.” These women of HoN. tHElma boac
influence we are honoring at the gala awards ceremony will Chair, Global FWN100™
These Filipina women continue to influence their never walk on tiptoes. They have their two feet firmly on the Selection Committee
communities -- collectively building positive images of ground -- fearless, gentle, compassionate and disciplined!
the Filipina woman around the world. They include My sincerest and heartfelt congratulations to all of you!

Greetings to all the honored delegates and special guests of the 2017 FWN social and cultural issues, but especially
Filipina Leadership Global Summit! economic and political issues that impact
Filipina women around the world.
We are extremely privileged to have four power women as our keynote
speakers—Philippine Ambassador to Canada, HE Petronila P. Garcia, Philippine The purpose of this annual global
Undersecretary of the Department of Trade and Industry, Nora Kakilala Terrado, gathering is to bring together as one our
Chairman of Air Asia Philippines, Maan Hontiveros, and the Founder, Chairman minds and voices, and especially, our
and CEO of Care.Com, Sheila Lirio Marcelo. hearts, so we can be heard and felt and
understood, here in Canada, back home
Each of our keynote speakers is leading her own destiny, advocating her in the Philippines, and around the world.
personal power of choice, of purpose, of authenticity, of action and of gratitude, As we engage at this year’s summit, please
generating exponential power, making an impact for the good of all humanity. participate actively as we bear in mind
Their collective experiences mirror our theme for this year’s gathering: Filipinas the challenges of today’s world and as we
in motion: leading, advocating, impacting. prepare for future generations who will
benefit from the output of this gathering.
Today, the world is in constant and sometimes dizzying motion, perhaps unlike
any year before. We need to be more connected, if we want to be more effective On a personal note, I joined FWN in 2016
and strategic as contributors to the global economy and social issues. Our theme with the intent to contribute and make
speaks to the urgency of change. We are here to impact the world! a positive impact to the global Filipina
community. I was a recipient of the 2016
The mission and vision of the Filipina Women’s Network is to place a Filipina Most Influential Filipina Woman in the roSario caJUcom-
woman leader in every sector of the global economy by 2020, which we call World award, and this year I have had the braDbUrY
Pinay Power 2020. Every year, the Filipina Women’s Network searches for honor and privilege of supporting the FWN Chair #FWNSummit2017
Filipina women who are accomplishing great work and leaving a lasting Filipina community by serving as the Chair for this Steering Committee
global imprint in their respective communities and around the world. The year’s event. My thanks and gratitude to our
awards gala of the top Most Influential Filipina Women in the World is a symbol Founder, Marily Mondejar, and all the members of the FWN board, and mostly to
of supporting each other’s successes. We aim, not only to make an impact on you, our attendees. May this year’s gathering be all you wish it to be and more.

3A 1 4 TH
The Most Influential Filipina Women award criteria:
in the World Award™ recognizes 1. Impact - 15 points This award category recognizes Filipina This award recognizes women who have
women of Philippine ancestry who are 2. Innovation - 15 points women who may not have the big title or broken new ground in the marketplace,
influencing the face of leadership in 3. Involvement - 15 points corner office, but is a driving force behind have delivered new and unique
the global workplace, having reached 4. Femtorship (mentorship) - 15 the success of a social cause or life issue, applications of emerging technology
status for outstanding work in their points a community organization’s project or transforming the way people think, in the
respective professions, industries and 5. Professionalism - 15 points initiative; or her employer’s organizational fields of sports, literature, the arts and
6. Sustainability (of activity or project business unit or department. Someone pop culture, or have improved the lives
communities. They are recognized for
she may have started or have been who has gone beyond the call of duty to of others by helping develop a product or
their achievement and contributions to
involved) - 15 point devote time, energy, and resources to service in the fields of science, technology,
society, femtorship and legacy.
7. Bonus points for demonstrated advocate for those who need a voice, or engineering, arts, or mathematics. This
global support the organization she represents or award category is also for someone who
The Global FWN100™ Selection
imprint - 10 points works for. have either launched a new enterprise
Committee ensures that nominations are
learning function or completely overhauled
reviewed fairly. Nominees are selected
by a rigorous vetting process which
For 2nd or 3rd time award
nominations, nominee is scored
BUILDERS an existing development or community
includes a determination of nominee’s Builders have demonstrated exceptional
on activities she has undertaken to organizational impact at a large workplace
global Filipina imprint, a personal
interview, a review of the accurateness
further FWN’s Mission since receiving
the U.S. and/or Global FWN100 Award
environment; displaying deep passion for POLICY MAKERS & VISIONARIES
a cause through collaborative initiatives This award recognizes Filipina women
of the nomination submission, answers in addition to the award criteria = 30 or alliances with institutions, corporations leaders who have demonstrated
to the criteria questions, social media points total or nonprofit organizations on behalf of
and internet vetting, and a chat with her exceptional business acumen combined
Since receiving the U.S. and/or Global her own company. Builders demonstrate
references and nominator. with a forward-looking vision in the
FWN100 Award, what has nominee high potential and skill with measurable development or influencing of policies,
done for FWN and to further FWN’s results at a government agency, higher campaigns or laws that impact business,
The scoring is set up for consistency Mission? education institution, nonprofit or an industry, and society; leaders who enrich
across the award categories. The organization in the public and private the lives, careers and businesses of others
Selection Committee provides numerical 1. Has nominee nominated Filipina sectors. “Buildership” is about developing
by sharing the benefits of their wealth,
scores for each of the following criteria women for the Global FWN100™ better organizations, leading broken
experience, and knowledge; actions that
described on the nomination form for Award? organizations to adjust, repair, and re-align
2. Has nominee signed up as a FWN including journalistic views redefining significantly change how we think and live.
activities and projects of the last three
years that nominee initiated or have Femtor?; If so, how many has she traditional methods.
been involved in her country of residence femtored? “NICOLE”
around three factors: 3. Has nominee invited other Filipina
women to join FWN?
EMERGING LEADERS This award honors Filipina women whose
words, actions, and activism, inspire
This award category recognizes Filipina
leadership: The degree to which the 4. Has nominee been a speaker or women below age 35 who are making others to act and revolutionize society’s
nominee led the initiative, project or facilitator for a FWN event or at the their mark in a leadership role, are on way of understanding traditional beliefs
annual Filipina Summit? the pathway to principalship and building and customs thus leaving behind a
activity, demonstrated by behaviors such
5. Has nominee volunteered her capacity across a system. Emerging Filipino global imprint. “Nicole,” who
as setting clear goals, providing guidance,
time and resources to FWN as Leaders have powerful mindsets and sparked an international dialogue about
coaching and support, working through
a committee / task force chair/ skill sets that drive achievement for their women’s rights, national sovereignty,
obstacles and/or celebrating success. co-chair?
organizations. and international law as she steadfastly
6. What other actions has nominee pursued justice against her rapists, inspires
challenge: The scope, difficulty and size taken to advance FWN’s Mission?
of the initiative, project or activity. FOUNDERS & PIONEERS this category.
This award honors Filipina women in
ownership: The degree to which
When selected, the nominees will be
notified privately in advance of the their capacities as the chief executive, KEEPERS OF THE FLAME
the nominee took ownership of the president, executive director or founder of Sustaining Pinay Power 2020 is quite
Filipina Summit dates so they can be
challenges she faced for the initiative, a company, community organization, non- daunting. As the excitement dies down
profiled in the publication of the FWN
project or activity, demonstrated by profit, or business venture that they helped and the reality of executing FWN’s 2020
Magazine Global FWN100™ Souvenir
start, build or significantly grow. This game plan sets in, many will drop out and
behaviors such as helping define Issue, allow for travel arrangements,
award category is for the trailblazers who others will pick up the torch. The Keepers
outcomes, setting clear goals, providing time off from work, Filipina Leadership
have marshaled resources and applied of the Flame are the caretakers to ensure
guidance, working through obstacles Global Summit registration, FWN
innovative practices, processes and/or that the Vision 2020 is kept alive: A Filipina
and communicating challenges and membership and participation in the
technologies in a new and groundbreaking Woman Leader in every sector of the
successes. summit activities, sessions, photo /
way to address a significant business or global economy.
video interview sessions and media
organizational opportunity.
more info at


Sustaining Pinay Power
2020 is quite daunting. As
the excitement dies down
and the reality of executing
FWN’s 2020 game plan sets
in, many will drop out and
others will pick up the
torch. The Keepers of the
Flame are the caretakers to
ensure that the Vision 2020
is kept alive:
a Filipina Woman in every
sector of the global

HON Marily Mondejar Maria Santos Greaves HON Thelma Boac
FWN Founder & CEO FWN Secretary of the Board Chair, Global FWN100™ Awards
Chair & President, Commission on President, Surrey Hearing Care Trustee, Berryessa School District
Community Investment and Infrastructure British Columbia, Canada San Jose, California
San Francisco, California
Amar Bornkamp Bambi Lorica, M.D.
Susie Quesada FWN VP, Member Engagement Member, Executive Advisory Council
FWN President (Ret) Charles Schwab CEO, AuraStrat PA, LLC
President, Ramar Foods International Union City, California Potomac, Maryland
Pittsburg, California
Leonor S. Vintervoll Gloria T. Caoile
Maria Beebe, Ph.D. FWN VP Member Recruitment Member, Executive Advisory Council
FWN Board Chair European Network of Filipinos in Diaspora National Political Director, APALA
President, Global Networks (ENFiD) Henderson, Nevada
Hawaii Oslo, Norway
Colonel Shirley S. Raguindin
Rosario Cajucom Bradbury Maan Hontiveros Member, Executive Advisory Council
FWN President-Elect FWN Chair, Executive Advisory Council (EAC) Chief Diversity Officer, Air National Guard
Country Manager, Authentix Chair, Philippines AirAsia, Inc. Washington, DC
Philippines and USA Philippines
Elizabeth Bautista Nini M. Alvero
FWN Chief Financial Officer Co-Chair, FWN Policy Committee
Manager, Operations Technology Group Senior Trade Commissioner
NERSC, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Philippines Trade and Investment Center
Berkeley, California Toronto, Canada

5A 1 4 TH

PrimarY EcoNomic SEctor = includes industries that produce or extract raw
materials Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Farming, Hunting, Mining, Extraction

Secondary Economic Sector = includes the manufacturing of natural resources
Construction, Processing, Auto Production, Textiles, Engineering, Energy Utilities

tertiary Economic Sector = service industry
Communication Services, Government (military, law enforcement, politics, public transit),
Healthcare, Finance, Food Services, Education, Entertainment (special events, publishing, motion
picture, video & TV, sound and music), Legal, Non-profit/non-governmental, Restaurants, Retail,
Travel/Tourism, Transportation, Wholesale

Quaternary Economic Sector = knowledge-based and production of information
Consulting Services (interior design, architecture), Information Technology, Financial Planning,
Media (journalism), Research & Development, Science

Mary Jane’s name is a fixture in any conversation about Filipino workplace involved in most of the prestigious
excellence in the UAE. Through her exemplary hard work and discipline, she has government and private projects in
carved a reputation as a true benchmark of what Filipinos can accomplish, an the United Arab Emirates.
icon of female empowerment. Not only a key figure in the Middle East business
community and a global force for women empowerment, Mary Jane has gained What is the most significant
acclaim through 25 years of experience in quality assurance, certification and barrier to female leadership
analytical laboratory services. She has received various industry awards for from your experience? How did it
her outstanding body of work: CEO of The Year award at the World Water impact your career or business?
Leadership Congress, the World Women Leadership Achievement Award at Did it help you become a leader
the Women Leadership Congress in India, Lifetime Achievement Award at or advocate?
the Golden Globe Tigers in Kuala Lumpur, Quality Leadership Award at the
Global Awards for Excellence in Quality Management and Leadership, and the The most significant barrier to
distinction of being included amongst Dubai’s 100 Global Sustainable CEOs. female leadership is the second
generation gender bias and
ONE person who influenced you as a leader and advocate? How did it stereotyping in the workplace. This
impact your career or business? barrier is a powerful influence of
how women are viewed. Women marY JaNE alvEro
Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico. She inspires me for valuing family as an important are viewed as supportive and al maHDi
contributor in corporate culture. People who stand up for what they believe in encouraging, the “taking care” Group Chief Executive Officer
make for great leaders and can make important changes at companies and in skill sets. Men are viewed as Prime Group UAE (Geoscience Testing
communities. decision makers, problem-solvers, Laboratory, Prime Certification and Inspection
assertive and influential, the “take LLC, Prime Alpha Consultancy, Prime Innova
What was your very first paid job? (actual job title) How old were you? charge” skills. As a CEO, I develop Training Center
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
How much were you paid? How did this job turn you into leadership? How female leaders with a sense of
did it impact your career or business direction? purpose aligning personal values
with corporate goals; encouraging women to look beyond the status quo
Part time food service crew at Jollibee; age 16 earning 15 pesos per hour; and to what is possible which gives them a compelling reason to take action
working 4 hours a day. This experience made me resilient and patient; made overcoming personal fears and insecurities. I mentor with a leadership purpose.
me understand the value of work at an early age. The job trained me to have Leading and advocating make me feel empowered, decisive, collaborative and
a direction and focus on my goals. 31 years after that job, I am now a Group confident.
CEO of Prime, leading 4 business entities, managing over 700 employees,


GLOBAL FWN100™ 2017
fleeing Russia in 1917 when the in accounting and finance.
Bolsheviks took over that country.
What is the most significant barrier
In 2016, “Tiempo Russo” was to female leadership from your
awarded the Silver Archer Awards experience? How did it impact your
by the Russian Government for career or business? Did it help you
being the most successful project become a leader or advocate?
that further inter-governmental,
cultural, economic and social ties My most significant barrier
between Russia and the rest of the as a leader was my culturally-
world. ingrained timidity in voicing my
My collaboration with the Russian- opinions and ideas—the constant
American Congress demonstrates second-guessing of whether my
Ann Mariza Nepomuceno the importance of dialogue and thoughts are valid or whether I
Sanchez-Bensurto collaboration echoing the need am expressing myself too strongly
for nations to come together in
President League of San Francisco peace and understanding, as human
or aggressively. It took a lot of Lilian Maria Soriano
self-exploration and courage to
Consular Corps (LSFCC) beings. get over this, but once I found my
California, USA Senior Design and Application
voice, it was transformational. Now,
Ann Mariza Sachez-Bensurto was as a leader, that experience helps Engineer Daikin Middle East and
unanimously elected as Preasident me understand other women of Africa FZE Dubai,
of the League of San Francisco similar background. This gives me a United Arab Emirates
Consular Corps (LSFCC). As the common ground from which to start As a Senior Design and Application
wife of the Philippine Consul helping them find their own voice. Engineer and the only woman
General in San Francisco, Mariza has in a team of engineers, Engr.
initiated projects to complement What was your very first paid job? Bautista is blazing a trail for Filipina
the Consulate’s advocacy to spark, How old were you? How much were professionals in the Middle East.
connect and empower the Filipino you paid? How did this job turn you Her influence is felt throughout
community in the Bay Area. Her onto leadership? How did it impact the Filipino Community in UAE,
project with with the US-Russian your career or business direction? where she co-founded Filipino
Congress, Tiempo Russo Tubabao Digerati Association (FDA), which
Island Project was awarded the I was twenty years old when my offers computer-related, personal
Silver Archer Award for the Best Editha Tijamo family and I migrated to the United development and livelihood training
Russia Relations Project. Winterhalter, Ed.D. States and my first job ever was courses.
Director of Administrative Services as a cashier at a McDonald’s in
One influential action that California State University downtown Los Angeles. I was Filipina women face workplace
makes you very proud of your California, USA earning $4.25 per hour, which challenges everyday. How are you
body of work. How does the was the minimum wage at that advocating for gender equality
action demonstrate you leading, Edith is focused on paying forward
time but I felt like a millionaire in your place of work - Was it
advocating, impacting your all the opportunities that were given
when I got my first paycheck! But successful? What did you do?
constituency? to her throughout her career by
what was significant about this Living and working in Dubai, a
helping others succeed, primarily
first job was that I learned about Muslim city in the Middle East,
My collaboration with the president as the Director of Administrative
time management, helped me where women are still treated as
of the Russian-American Congress, Services at California State
develop a systems way of thinking, subordinates of men gives me an
Ms. Natalie Sabelnik, on the multi- University, Northridge (CSUN) and
afforded me opportunity to observe opportunity to demonstrate that
project “Tiempo Russo” provided as Chair of the National Executive
different management styles and women engineers are equal if not
a platform that raised awareness Board of the International Society of
the employees’ reactions to those more than qualified in technical
on how the Philippines opened its Filipinos in Finance and Accounting
styles, and understanding customer expertise as most male engineers.
doors to over 6,000 White Russian (ISFFA). At CSUN, she mentors
care. They also get to know how an
refugees who fled Shanghai when students and staff in areas of
The ONE thing that we would empowered Filipina woman excels
the communists took over China in leadership, resource management,
not guess about you. in her chosen field of endeavor.
1949. They were settled in Tubabao and professional ethics. At ISFFA,
Island, Samar for two years. These she continues to expand this non- I just became a PADI certified last
refugees were in Shanghai after profit’s activities to help students Fall -at age 48!
and emerging professionals succeed

7A 1 4 TH

If you could run the world, what HR Consultancy and Recruitment What was your very first paid job?
one law would you enact? How will Company, a social enterprise that How old were you? How much were
it impact the world? helps people with disabilities find you paid? How did this job turn you

FWN100™ ‘17
The law to protect women; work. onto leadership? How did it impact
diminish violence against women your career or business direction?
and discrimination. This is a What is the most significant barrier My first job in the US was a
developmental issue and will
require change in the traditions
and cultures, religions and values,
to female leadership from your
experience? How did it impact your
career or business? Did it help you
become a leader or advocate?
BUILDERS housekeeper. I was able to turn this
role into leadership with my strong
determination, persistence, hard
practices and beliefs. Child marriage work, and common sense because I
in Indonesia, sexual assaults, I never experienced any barrier wanted to change my life.
bullying, female genital cutting as a result of my gender. I started
in Africa are acceptable in these my career as a stockbroker, a male
cultures. If I could run the world, dominated industry where we were
I will develop a global law, strict treated solely based on performance.
policies, rules and regulations, even I was promoted to head up a new
standards to be followed by every office in Cebu as Branch Manager at
unit in the smallest community in age 27, based purely on performance
all the countries in the world; to results not because of my gender.
be implemented from the top to
bottom, and then I hope I could What you would advice to your 20-
make this place morally equitable. year old self?
Explore the world. Enjoy life. Travel
If you had superpowers, and learn. Don’t take life seriously, Isabelita “Lita” M. Abele
take it easy. Appreciate life and be President and CEO
what would you do? Leading,
compassionate. Every minute is an US Lumber, Inc.
Advocating, Impacting the world?
experience, treasure it. New Jersey, USA
I would like the power of convincing
the world that women be given As President and CEO of the
the opportunity to utilize their full South Jersey-based, family-owned
potential in whatever career they lumber supplier U.S. Lumber, Inc.,
choose; create women as leaders in Isabelita Abele has successfully Jacqueline D. Yu, Esq.
“gone against the grain” and Estate Attorney
positioned her certified woman Valensi Rose PLC
and minority-owned lumber and California, USA
building materials company as a As an attorney, Jacqueline has
regional leader in industry sales. broad-based experience in trusts
She represents the best of success and estates, tax, and business
in diversity as she breaks the glass law. Her clients include high-net-
ceiling and opens opportunities for worth individuals and closely-held
Filipino women and men in America. businesses, whom she advises on
With her outstanding leadership in estate, tax and business succession
a non-traditional male-dominated planning, entity formation,
Rosary Escano industry, this woman-owned trademark and brand licensing, asset
corporation has been recognized for protection, tax controversy, trust
Marketing and Community over twenty years with outstanding and probate administration and
Relations Head international, regional, and local probate litigation.
ABS-CBN Canada business awards and recognition.
Maria Cristina Estella Ontario, Canada
She is active in non-profit and civic
Bulong Calaguian Rosary is a marketing professional Who influenced you as a leader? organizations that advocate for
who successfully promotes No one influenced me. My business
Managing Director and Philippine culture and identity in human rights and environmental
Career Management Consultant is the achievement of my dream, preservation that support
Canada. She is a major influencer in because I am a dreamer.
Dagaz HR Consultancy and strengthening the Filipino identity sustainability-driven innovation and
Recruitment Company FZ LLC while supporting the rich cultural Most significant barrier to female diversity policies in the public and
Dubai, United Arab Emirates diversity in Canada. As the Marketing leadership? How did it impact your private sectors. She is a member of
and Community Relations Head for career or business? the State Bar of California, Beverly
After 11 years of making a name for ABS-CBN Canada for the past 7 My accent. I used it to my Hills Bar Association, Society of
herself as a Licensed Stockbroker years, she identified and developed Trust and Estate Practitioners,
advantage by highlighting the
in a traditionally male-dominated key partners among Filipino National Cannabis Bar Association,
need for diversity in government
industry, Cristina moved to Dubai organizations, media institutions Women in Cleantech and
where she decided to pursue a and government agencies that Sustainability, National Association
business that would give meaning strengthened the company’s brand
of Women Business Owners, KAYA
to her life. She founded Dagaz through its heightened community

Filipino Americans for Progress communities. She is influential ONE Filipino custom you would Freedom Park, Manila.
- San Francisco Chapter; Filipino largely due to her gift for like to pass on to others that would
American Democratic Club of authentically connecting with make an impactful impression in How do you take care of yourself?
San Francisco Filipina Women’s people from all walks of life. She society. What does self-care mean to you?
Network, Beverly Hills Rotary Club, has the ultimate interdisciplinary I would love Filipinos’ level of I do not stop learning. I learn from
and IVY Social University. background and deep cross-sector respect for elders and overall people, from books, from training,
experience having worked for courtesy to everyone catch on for from networking. Continuous
What was you very first paid job? prominent institutions in business, the rest of the world -- perhaps learning keeps me from becoming
(actual job title) How old were you? such as Twitter and Korn/Ferry, and teaching “mano po” custom to obsolete and improves my self
How much were you paid? How did social sectors, such as the Robert all would create a new kind of confidence.
this job turn you into leadership? Wood Johnson Foundation and the revolution in how the world treats
How did it impact your career or Peace Corps. each other. What is one piece of advice that
business direction? you would give to your 20-year old
My first job was at Magic Mountain Throughout her career, Leah has The ONE thing that we would not self?
selling photos and I was 18 years been led to countless opportunities guess about you. For her to speak her mind and be
old. I was paid $10 an hour. I to build on other people’s ideas, That I speak five languages and plan assertive about what she wants. She
was the only female in my group usually with scrappy resources. Yet to learn more. should not expect people to guess
and learned how to assert myself somehow, Leah always manages to her wants and expect people to
when faced harassment or unfair create big things out of little and know what she needs. Many women
treatment through underpayment of there is no doubt her ability to bring tend to wait for people to guess
wages by my employer. others along in realizing a vision what they want, and they’ve been
plays a big part. waiting forever.
The ONE thing that we would not
guess about you. How have you impacted your
I used to race cars when I was profession, your organization, your
younger, driving a Mitsubishi Eclipse community?
in the San Fernando Valley. I have been most impactful through
my consistent authenticity in my
What do you think is the biggest connections and being a voice/face
challenge that faces the next for those not often heard, or usually
generation of Filipina women? misunderstood. Being genuinely
The biggest challenge is to maintain interested, honest, and sincere in Lou Olvido Parroco
consciousness of the struggles many how I do my work, live my life and Human Resources
of our Filipina women still face all interact with all those around me Director
across the world. It’s easy to remain have provided a strong foundation Canadian Energy
passive and quiet and harder to be a for things I pursue professionally Equipment Manufacturing FZE
noise maker. and personally. Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab
What is the most significant barrier Lou’s skills and HR management
to female leadership from your expertise has led her to take on a Mary Ann Gamboa
experience? How did it impact your Global Human Resources Manager
Director of Sales &
career or business? Did it help you role at LMKR Holdings, a software
become a leader or advocate? and technology company within
Intercontinental Toronto Centre
My lack of professional role models the Oil and Gas industries. She had
Ontario, Canada
within my family or immediate circle instituted several HR frameworks
led to my taking longer to think that increased employee efficiency As Director of Sales and Marketing
about career development vs. simply and improved working environments of the Intercontinental Toronto Cen-
having a job. Once I got exposed in all their offices around the globe. tre, Mary Ann is the highest ranking
and connected to organizations She has streamlined policies and Filipina in InterContinental Hotels
like FWN and other leadership procedures for its human resources in Canada. She has led a team of 20
development programs, my universe across the globe. Lou was the first professionals for the last four years.
expanded and possibilities became Southeast Asian manager entrusted Mary Ann was recently nominated
limitless. As a result, I have become with global authority for a company for the Intercontinental Hotel Group
Leah L. Laxamana 2016 Best of the Best Award.
an ongoing and staunch coach/ with 500 employees, managing
Program Manager, Public femtor, even informally, to anyone eight HR Managers direct reports.
Policy who would listen about best Her personal leadership style is
Twitter, Inc. practices that took me a decade to The ONE thing that we would not combined with an open and fun
California, USA learn around career development guess about you. work environment, which has result-
and leadership. I was a student activist marching ed in engaged and high-performing
Leah is dedicated to promoting on the streets of Mendiola, and teams. She takes pride in her men-
equity and empowering global doubled the lamenting screams at torship and development of current

9A 1 4 TH

and former associates. Mary Ann My passion and commitment in She believes students need to have become nannies just to find work
attributes her 25 years of success to mentoring people regardless of their the curiosity to learn and not told abroad. There has not been one
her passion, drive and enthusiasm title or position and my commitment how to think. She encourages young country that I’ve visited where I am
for the hospitality industry, support in giving something back to the mathematicians to build under- not asked if I am there for those rea-
from her parents and mentors, and community. I am a strong advocate standing through peer discourse, sons. I think this needs to change.
her ambition to provide her son a of people who want to grow pro- make conjectures and generaliza- We need to help our government
better life. fessionally and personally but don’t tions, and reflect on misconcep- open doors to many other profes-
know how to go about it. tions. As Math Coach at the United sions that will help Filipina women
If there is one influential action What was your very first paid job? Nations International School, she succeed in all kinds of careers.
that makes you very proud of your How old were you? How much implements STEAM problem-based Your LEGACY for the Filipina Wom-
body of work, what would that be? were you paid? How did this job courses and innovative math curric- en’s Network.
How does the action demonstrate turn you onto leadership? How did ulum design. This is a challenge because my legacy
you as leading, advocating, impact- it impact your career or business continues to evolve. This is a word
ing your constituency? direction? What is the most significant barrier that normally belongs to somebody
In 2016, we received a perfect score Staff Nurse, 23 years old, $4.97 an to female leadership from your who has passed on or who has lived
of 100% in the Department of Sales hour. I never turn away any op- experience? How did it impact your long enough to have a huge impact
and Marketing employee engage- portunity that comes along. If i am career or business? Did it help you on people. Given the context of
ment survey. This was a personal asked to do something by my nurs- become a leader or advocate? where I am now, I am hoping that my
goal since 2013. The well-being of ing leadership, I’d do it even if I had legacy will be to open doors for Fili-
my team is important to me, and never done it before. I look at those I find that heavy competition pina women to the field of anything
this score is reflective of a happy opportunities as an investment in amongst women in many fields of to do with mathematics. This means
and highly motivated department. my career. work places an unnecessary burden careers in technology, sciences,
to their roads to success. When I education, construction, design,
The ONE thing that we would not What is one piece of advice that was an architect, I was constantly and even politics. The world would
guess about you. you would give to your 20-year old challenged by needing to prove be a better place if it were diverse,
I have a 24-year old son! self? my worth in both the design and non-biased, and equally represented
Believe in yourself, stay away from construction environments. This by many kinds of people.
Your LEGACY for the Filipina negative people and surround your- continues to be the case in archi-
Women’s Network. self with people who inspire you. tecture as it is a heavily dominated
I hope to inspire and mentor Filipina male environment. Education
women in the hospitality industry. experiences a similar dilemma in
My hope is that more Filipina wom- that women dominate the class-
en will pursue and reach executive room scene, however, leadership in
and corporate level positions. administration is male-dominated.
As being a math coach is a relatively
new field, my role is androgynous
in the profession. Having been an
architect and now a math coach is
seamlessly aligned for me as it is fo-
cused on applied mathematics. This
is why leading teacher development
and advocating for young female
mathematicians is intuitive, inten-
tional, and purposeful in my goals.
Rowena Romulo
The ONE thing that we would not Romulo Restaurant
guess about you. Group UK Limited
I am passionate about wine edu- London, United Kingdom
cation and I passed a blind tasting Rowena can be credited in
exam. putting Philippine cuisine on the
Rebecca Santos Murry gastronomic map of London in less
Myrna P. Young What do you think is the biggest than a year from opening the first
challenge that faces the next gen- foreign outpost of Romulo Café, a
Nursing Education Specialist Math Coach, Manhattan eration of Filipina women? family-owned food business first
Robert Wood Johnson Hospital & Queens Campuses The stigma Filipinas have abroad established in Manila in 2009. The
New Jersey, USA United Nations International School focus on the generalization that we restaurant draws upon the family
New York USA leave the country for domestic ser-
One influential action that makes legacy of one of the Philippines’
you proud of your body of work? vice work or being a nurse. When I international diplomatic figures,
An architect for 20 years, Rebecca
How did the action demonstrate am in Europe, I meet Filipinas who Carlos P. Romulo, offering food
shifted to teaching Mathematics
you as leading, advocating, are geographers, social workers, lovers a taste of the Philippines in
where she helps eliminate math
impacting your constituency? even teachers, who decided to the heart of Kensington, London.
anxiety, especially with young girls.

it more successfully. It made me If there is one influential action
Before devoting her work fulltime step up and have the courage to that makes you very proud of your
to Romulo Café, Rowena was make change both on an individual body of work, what would that be?
an accomplished senior banker and organizational level. I constantly How did the action demonstrate
with 30 years of a fulfilling career reminded myself that I didn’t need you as leading, advocating,
with Citibank and JP Morgan. to think and act like men to succeed impacting your constituency?
She has built an expertise around in this world but rather I needed Nokia’s “Anna, I’m Coming Home”
managing businesses, market to embrace my own authentic advertising campaign. In my
expansion, motivating a diverse personal brand, build my confidence capacity as the Regional Group
team of professionals around the and self-respect, enhance my Media Director at CARAT MENA
globe, leading start-up projects and communications skills and not be handling Nokia for Middle East, I led
handling complex transactions. afraid to speak up! in developing a 360 communication
plan targeting Filipinos for the
What is the global imprint of your The ONE thing that we would not launch of Nokia’s affordable
body of work? Are you leading, guess about you. smartphone.
advocating, impacting your I have 7 tattoos. This project made a tremendous
constituency? impact in recognizing Filipinos as
From the outset, the vision was a powerful demographic market in
to create a family restaurant and UAE. Very rare that a multinational
dining experience that could hold its brand like Nokia / Microsoft would
own and compete in London, one allocate a sizeable communication
of the gastronomic capitals of the budget targeting a niche audience. Wilma “Amy” T. Eisma, Esq.
world. It was also meant to be, in The campaign won gold in the Chair & Administrator
its own small way, a showcase for Subic Bay Metropolitan
GEMAS Effie, a prestigious industry
the Philippines, its food, culture and Authority (SBMA)
people. Olongapo, Philippines
Today, Filipino food and service as
What is the global imprint of your Action-oriented and forward-look-
delivered by Romulo Café has now
body of work? Are you leading, ing, Amy is a strategist and catalyst
been covered relatively widely in
advocating, impacting your for change. After a successful 15
the communications space catching
constituency? year stint in the private sector, Amy
the attention of trend-spotters and
Being the only Filipina in UAE returned to the public sector and
trend setters.
I believe that we are familiarizing Roxane Negrillo holding a senior director position in now serves as Chairperson and
the media industry, I give hope and
restaurant goers in London with the Magbanua inspiration to our fellow OFWs to
Administrator of the Subic Bay Met-
taste, flavor and variety of Filipino Senior Media Director - Planning ropolitan Authority. She manages
food and that we have as much to keep striving, work hard and believe the Philippines’ first free port. She
PHD (an Omnicom Media Group in themselves.
offer as other more known Asian company) steers the SBMA and Subic Bay
cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese Freeport toward the future with the
Dubai, United Arab Emirates The ONE thing that we would not
or Indian food. support of her former co-volunteers
Roxane is the only Filipina woman guess about you. and putting her strategic mind and
What is the most significant barrier in a senior role in the media sector That I play an instrument called solid track record to task. Guided by
to female leadership from your in a field of 400 media agencies in “banduria.” her moral compass, she has found
experience? How did it impact your the United Arab Emirates. She is her true north, serving once again
career or business? Did it help you very influential and renowned in What is one piece of advice that the institution she has fiercely pro-
become a leader or advocate? the media industry, championing you would give to your 20-year old tected in the past and will continue
the Filipino media expertise in the self? to do so for the sake of its 2,631
I think that the differences last 10 years through her quality of I would tell my 20-year old self: employees and 1,527 locators, and
in women’s style, approach, work. Her leadership and expertise toughen up, smile more, cry less, the Freeport’s 229,647 workers, and
communication, decision making, have garnered several awards enjoy what life gives you. 10,598 local and foreign residents.
leadership values, focus and and recognitions, including the shine as a Filipina woman leader.
“energy,” are still not all understood Asian Young Women Leadership
or valued. Further, the emphasis Award in 2015, the Global Women
many women leaders place on Leadership Award in 2016, The
connection, empathy, emotional Filipino Times’ Marketing and
cue-taking, consensus-building, Advertising Professional of the
mutuality, and questioning are Year in 2016 and part of Illustrado
often misconstrued as a “less-than” Magazine’s 100 Most Influential
leadership style. Filipinos in the Gulf. Roxane works
in an industry dominated by men
This encouraged me to understand mostly Arabs and Europeans, but
better the environment that I was through hard work, perseverance
operating in so that I could navigate and resilience, she continues to

11A 1 4 TH

My ability to see tasks/situations ing to infectious diseases. She has new hires are projected in the next
from a bird’s-eye view. I have a published articles and reports in few years providing employment
strong belief in smart and collabo- both English and Norwegian, has for the Philippines and boosting

FWN100TM rative work; the ability to summa-
rize the steps needed to achieve
a project, create a solid workflow
worked in government and academ-
ic laboratories, with public health
institutions in both the United States
the industry on finance and shared

2017 process streamlining as necessary;
selecting the most skilled people
and Europe, and has volunteer ex-
perience in West Africa. While Miss
If you could start over, what would
you do? Leading? Advocating?

qualified to achieve the desired Ocampo grew up outside of Oslo, Impacting?
result in the least amount of time. Norway, she considers the Philip- I would work for a development
pines as one of her many homes. organization. I have always wanted

What is one piece of advice that She can cook like a Kapampangan to make an impact in society; help
you would give to your 20-year old and speak Tagalog. Her goal is to use the less fortunate. My dream was to
self? what she has learned throughout work for the United Nations and if
Be brave, be bold, be strong. The her professional and academic life to given the chance, I would do it.
world is yours to explore. It’s wait- help benefit Filipinos.
ing for you with open hands. If you had superpowers, what
would you do? Leading, Advocating,
Impacting the world?
I would lead people to aim for bigger
things; guide and inspire them to be
better (just like Professor X)

Claire Aquino Quito
Sponsorship Director
HRN Europe Ltd.
Budapest, Hungary
Kristina Laranjo Alabado
Claire was once described by her
CEO with a Shakespeare quote, President
‘’And though she be but little, She Partners Group Prime
is fierce.’’ Her true passion revolves
Joanne Michelle Services Solutions (Phils.), Inc.
around sales and leadership. With Fernandez Ocampo Taguig, Philippines
more than 13 years of combined ex- Advisor After a six-year stint in Partners
perience, she has lived and worked The Norwegian Institute Group Singapore, Kristina has
in six different countries across of Public Health taken on the challenge of leading
Europe, Middle East and Africa, Oslo, Norway the build-up of Partners Group’s
building global sales teams, develop- new services hub in Manila. She
Joanne has obtained a solid and
ing pipelines of future leaders and convinced Switzerland HQ that
international education within
creating new country offices. Filipino talent is a success factor
the biological sciences, health,
and business administration. She in business operations so the
If there is one influential action Finance back office was moved from
currently works as an Advisor at
that makes you very proud of your Singapore to the Philippines. Under
the Norwegian Institute of Public
body of work, what would that be? her leadership, Partners Group
Health’s Department for Zoonotic,
How does the action demonstrate Manila has grown from a pioneer
Food, Water and Vectorborne Infec-
you as leading, advocating, impact- team of eight hires to more than 60
tious Diseases. Her work includes
ing your constituency? employees in 2017. Hundreds of
preventing, detecting and respond-


GLOBAL help Filipinos (and Asians) find
their voices and nurture leaderful
in the United States, Claire
understands the unique challenges

cultures in teams. To date, I have facing Filipina women in today’s
helped train 300,000 individuals and complex and highly competitive
teams in the Philippines, Thailand,
environment. She overcomes overt
Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. and muted racism and gender bias
in her profession and continues to
PIONEERS What is the most significant barrier
to female leadership from your
believe in the ideal that empowering
women, empowers children and
experience? How did it impact your
whole communities.
career or business? Did it help you
become a leader or advocate?
One influential action that makes
I think it is work-life balance. Having you very proud of your body
a corporate /business career and of work. How does the action
attending to your responsibility as demonstrate you as leading,
a mother requires a balancing act advocating, impacting your
that can drain out one’s energy. constituency?
Personally, I was able to manage Representing over 3,000 banana
this by bringing my husband and farm workers from Davao in a
children to my universe and making pesticide action in Los Angeles. I
them understand what I do and will take cases which are difficult
the huge work ahead of me. My to give voice to people who need
Cherry Pua Africa advocacy is a family mission and advocates in the United States. Cora dela Cruz
Managing Director I am happy to fight this challenge Senior Advisor, National Activities,
World Stage International Network with my family as my source of What is the global imprint of your Canadian Chamber of Commerce of
inspiration. the Philippines (CanCham)
Makati, Philippines work? Are you leading, advocating,
A thought leader in the field of impacting your constituency? Philippines
Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cora has over 30 years of govern-
leadership, sales, personal There are very few Filipina women
ment management experience in
empowerment and communication, litigators in the United States and I
business regulation and in the ad-
Cherry is one of the most widely am one of the pioneers who started
ministration of consumer protection
followed transformation coaches in her own civil and criminal litigation statutes in Ontario, ranging from
Asia, having helped over 300,000 firm. policy development, operations
individuals & businesses up the ante
management, project management,
on their performance by unleashing What is the most significant barrier
their inner fires so that they are information technology and systems
to female leadership from your development.
releasing their fullest promise to experience? How did it impact your
inspire bold action and impact career or business? Did it help you
organizational results. A seasoned entrepreneur, she leads
become a leader or advocate? a business school in Southeast Asia
Armed with a mission to change and has operated a travel agency in
the consciousness of corporate The cultural and gender stereotypes Toronto, with a growing interest in
Philippines, she set up World Stage which inhibit women from pursuing facilitating business and trade mis-
Claire Navarro Espina openly their ambition with drive sions between Asia and Canada
International Network, a company President and CEO
that is involved in leading edge and without shame - is the biggest
Edelberg & Espina, APLC hindrance I encountered. I was
personal breakthrough, transforming She was the National Executive
California, USA accused of being too ambitious, Director (COO) of the Canadian
work cultures and igniting
individual enabling. Cherry and Claire was a deported alien mother too hard, not soft enough, Chamber of Commerce of the Phil-
her team have impacted individual of four who overcame great odds, confrontational. I overcame these ippines (CanCham) for almost five
breakthroughs, leadership shifts pursued her legal education while barriers by just going after what I years with offices in Manila, Cebu
and cultural disruptions, influencing raising four children, fought her want. When people tell me I cannot and Davao, an organization that
over 300,000 lives. Her work has own deportation and won, and is do it, I am motivated to prove them promotes, supports, and represents
translated to higher engagement, now the principal of Edelberg & wrong. Canada-Philippines business inter-
enabling teams to achieve double Espina, a full service litigation firm ests.
their baseline, while making people in Los Angeles. Her practice focuses The ONE thing that we would not
become more empowered. on criminal defense, banking, If there is one influential action
guess about you.
business and civil rights. Her firm, Without the discipline and focus of that makes you very proud of your
What is the global imprint of your also represents prominent Filipino body of work, what would that be?
body of work? Are you leading, the law, I could easily be a criminal.
nationals in their legal and business It is the discipline of the law which How does the action demonstrate
advocating, impacting your you as leading, advocating, impact-
affairs in the US. tempers my natural subversive,
constituency? ing your constituency?
anarchic self
As a female, immigrant attorney I led the Canadian Chamber of Com-
Through training, I am able to

13A 1 4 TH
merce of the Philippines (CanCham) look beyond and the courage to
to a new phase by organizing trade move forward despite all the odds
and investment missions to Canada and difficulties.
from the Philippines. CanCham has
never done a single outbound trade What is one piece of advice that
mission to Canada until I came. you would give to your 20-year old
These trade missions provided self?
opportunities for Philippine com- Go Slow. There is so much to enjoy.
panies seeking partnerships, joint
ventures, trade and investments. I
also introduced Canada trade fairs in
the NCR, Cebu and Davao regions to
showcase business collaborations.

What is the most significant barrier
to female leadership? How did it Joji Ilagan Bian
impact your career or business?
Did it help you become a leader or
Joji Ilagan International Schools
Joji Ilagan Career Center
Foundation, Inc.
The Filipino culture of being “nice”
and “polite” molded our personal Dina Dela Paz Stalder Davao City, Philippines
character at a young age. Filipina President and CEO Joji Ilagan-Bian wears many hats:
women were perceived as shy and BCP Dermatological foremost is her being a business
not assertive. Many of our brilliant Corp., Dermaline Inc., leader and an educator. Through her Kalika Nacion Yap
ideas were either presented by oth- Stalder Laboratories Inc. various initiatives she has helped
create a favorable business and Founder and CEO
ers or not shared at all. This made Manila, Philippines
investment climate in Davao City Citrus Studios Inc., Luxe Link LLC,
us feel like failures. I learned how
to be assertive and made sure that Dina has modernized the skin care since 1988 which resulted to higher The Waxing Co. and Orange and
my ideas get out “first”. I have led and retail industry in the Philippines employment in the countryside. She Bergamot
Assertiveness Training Seminars (pro with the latest skin care technology believes that education is the great California, USA
bono) to the Filipino women in the and skin care products. Her technical leveler, having established the Joji Kalika embodies what it means to
community. preparation as a medical technologist Ilagan International Schools and the be a female serial entrepreneur,
– having hands-on experience in the Joji Ilagan Career Center Foundation, having established the award-
field and having studied the needs of Inc. Joi has transformed the lives of winning interactive design agency
the local industry – provided a good thousands of less privilege youth Citrus Studios, based in sunny
foundation for her to establish BCP through her technical vocational Santa Monica, CA., Luxe Link,
Dermatological Corp., Dermaline skills scholarship since 2000. She the ultimate handbag accessory
continuously work with women responsible for keeping women’s
Inc., and Stalder Laboratories Inc.
influencing them and instilling in purses off the floor, The Waxing
Her name and reputation is now a
them an entrepreneurial mindset. Co., Honolulu’s first waxing only
by-word in the industry, synonymous
with quality and professionalism. salon and Orange and Bergamot,
If there is one influential action that agency quality website built at an
makes you very proud from your affordable membership cost. Her
One influential action that makes body of work, what would that be? passion is to empower women-
you very proud of your body How did the action demonstrate owned small businesses around
of work. How does the action you as leading, advocating, the globe to flourish. She is an
demonstrate you as leading, impacting your constituency? advocate for entrepreneurship and
advocating, impacting your innovation as demonstrated by her
constituency? I have shared my expertise in leadership roles in the community,
I was chosen as one of several enterprise development in the four concurrent businesses and a
featured honorees for Vice-President women sector when I served as Vice patented inventor.
Leni Robredo’s development program Chair (Economic) for the Mindanao
“Istorya ng Pag-Asa”, that aims Commission on Women in 2002- Kalika defines success not just
among other things, to inspire less 2006. I have mentored both Muslim by her businesses’ bottom line.
privileged youth to never give up and Christian women start their She integrates the value-based
on their dreams as well as provide own businesses and enhance their culture of philanthropy within all
scholarship opportunities. entrepreneurial capabilities. her business units and has been an
active member of key entrepreneur
ONE person who influenced you as groups such as Entrepreneur’s
a leader and advocate? How did it Organization and the National
impact your career or business? Association of Women Business
Gabriela Silang. She fought for Owners to share her knowledge
her principles amidst a hostile with others and to keep learning.
environment. She inspired me to



R. Edna Consing
Nikki Zano Tang Concepcion
Chief Executive Officer Owner and Certified Financial Advisor
DMARK Corporation and Heritage Investments & Retirement
Derm Asia Corporation Planning, Inc., California USA
Mercedes Muldong Metro Manila, Philippines Integrity, perseverance, equal
Nikki Tang is a Beautypreneur opportunity for women, civic
Calderon - one who, aside from being an engagement, and Filipino pride
Founder / Owner and entrepreneur in the beauty industry, define Edna Consing Concepcion’s
Managing Director also gives importance in helping brand of influence. From breaking
Xavier International School people achieve their beauty goals by a mortgage banking mold, to Anna-Karina Tabuñar
Maputo City, Mozambique working hand in hand with medical chartering a chamber of commerce, Director, Communications Strategy,
professionals. She works closely serving as a city commissioner, Diversity and Inclusion
Mercedes Calderon’s career as an with skin experts and always in starting a baseball league tradition,
educator brought her to Maputo, Sodexo
the forefront to bring innovation and initiating a prestigious
Mozambique, where she first taught Ontario, Canada
and breakthrough technology in community service awards gala,
at the American International the market. Her determination, Edna has blazed many trails. But Anna-Karina Tabuñar calls herself
School. This led her to establish hard-work, and the courage to tap beyond these “firsts”, Edna’s life a recovering journalist, trying to
the Xavier International School, into the market of anti-aging in the testifies to “lasting” impacts, make a difference in the world. Her
one of the only few kindergartens Philippines, led to founding DMark generations helped, relationships own journey with disability gives
Beauty and DermAsiaCorporations. sustained, legacies established. her a unique vantage point and
in Maputo with English as the
Driven by an honest desire to new way of working, making her
language of instruction. Being
One influential action that makes help and careful to nurturing the a vocal advocate for accessibility
a senior academician and and inclusion in the workplace. Her
entrepreneur, Mercedes has become you very proud of your body of work. reciprocal trust she has earned,
How does the action demonstrate Edna serves. documentary film Talent Untapped
one of the major contacts of the weaves personal stories to tell
you as leading, advocating,
Philippine Embassy in South Africa impacting your constituency? the business case behind hiring
How have you impacted your
and serves as adviser to Filipino I am proud to be a woman which people with disabilities. A seasoned
profession, your organization, your
community leaders. motivated me to cultivate the beauty community? broadcaster and journalist, she was
in every woman by providing the best I have impacted my profession, the host and contributing editor
What is the global imprint of your and well researched products in the organization, and community by: of the internationally acclaimed
body of work? Are you leading, Philippines. It also sparked a passion 1) Being the first female Filipino program Canada in Perspective
advocating, impacting your in me to encourage other women to American mortgage banker in San which explores issues surrounding
constituency? be brave and follow their own dreams Diego County assisting thousands inclusion, ageing and disability.
As school director and owner, as well. of Filipino American families with
I serve as an advocate to new their loans to purchase their first What is the most significant barrier
school owners to sustain their If you could run the world, what one home; 2) Initiating the first “Filipino to female leadership from your
law would you enact? How will it Night” at the Padres game during experience? How did it impact your
businesses. I help Filipino teachers
impact the world? the Filipino Centennial Celebration career or business? Did it help you
in the Philippines by providing jobs I would be interested in creating in 1998 where I threw the Official become a leader or advocate?
overseas, likewise with the local a law that does not allow people Ball at a major baseball game My most significant barrier was
people. below 21 years old to undergo plastic a lack of a mentor and advocate.
to commemorate the Philippine
surgery. People at a young age are Centennial Celebration, the first Having one early in my career would
What is one piece of advice that still undergoing their formative years, have made my path much easier.
Filipino American to have this
you would give to your 20-year old and it is important for them to be Having a mentor would have also
honor; 3) The first female Filipino
self? fully exposed to all kinds of beauty given me the confidence to self-
American commissioner in the city
Be brave. Be bold. Chase your treatments before making permanent advocate.
of Chula Vista, California.
dream. physical changes. This law will help
define themselves as beautiful If you had superpowers,
individuals instead of being pressured The ONE thing that we would not
guess about you. what would you do? Leading,
by social media and celebrity icons. Advocating, Impacting the world?
I am an ardent numismatist.

15A 1 4 TH
I would have the power to learn How does the action demonstrate
instantly what others know and you as leading, advocating,
absorb their talents and expertise on impacting your constituency?
the spot.
I am fortunate to be in this era
The ONE thing that we would not of change and has led the way
guess about you. in achieving aggressive yet
That I manage chronic fatigue and safe surgeries, both open and
progressive vision loss. laparoscopic approach for the
liver and pancreas which were not
done before in the Philippines. Fidelina Adan Corcuera
With the good outcomes of my
surgeries especially for liver cancer (Ret.)Executive Director, BPI Foundation
and advanced pancreatic cancer, (Ret.)Chief Sustainability Officer, BPI
Makati, Philippines Georgitta Pimentel Puyat
I’ve made an effort to educate
physicians and patients alike. I To Faye, the greatest thrill is in
Philippine Orchard
gave lectures showing how these actually being able to move the
aggressive surgeries are doable and needle and create value. Her Corporation
the impact on the survival outcomes career is a showcase of a complete Makati City, Philippine
professional with a solid track Georgitta Puyat is not your ordinary
of patients. I wanted to change the
record of 35 years of international business woman. She is a serious,
landscape of liver and pancreatic
cancer from hopeless to a more and local work experience in Human goals and results oriented leader
encouraging state. Because of the Resources, capped in the past three whose life experiences shaped and
good outcomes that these surgeries years focusing her energy in doing directed her purpose to serve, to
have shown, physicians began good for a larger audience as the be a staunch advocate for women’s
to refer patients, patients began Executive Director of BPI (Bank of issues. Her socio-civic work over the
to accept surgery as a treatment the Philippine Islands) Foundation. years has impacted generations of
Catherine Sia Cheng Teh, option, trainees began to gain Her role has enabled her to put women and families.
interest in the field of hepatobiliary societal issues at the core of the
M.D. company’s strategy and repurposed
pancreatic surgery. It took some If there is one influential action that
Chief, Hepatobiliary time but I am certain and happy that the focus of the Foundation from makes you very proud from your
Pancreatic Section, Department of today, HPB surgery is a specialized capital allocation to shared value,
body of work, what would that be?
Surgery a new way of doing business when
field that has found its place in How does the action demonstrate
companies generate economic
Makati Medical Center Philippine surgery. you as leading, advocating,
value for themselves in a way that
Makati, Philippines impacting your constituency?
simultaneously produces value by
ONE person who influenced you as addressing social and environmental In 1997, I co-initiated the
Dr. Catherine Teh has revolutionized a leader and advocate? How did it
hepatopancreatociliary surgery in challenges. establishment of a Psychological
impact your career or business? Center for Sexually Abused
the Philippines. She introduced It is hard to pinpoint one particular
advanced and complex liver, What is the global imprint of your Children (ages 3-17) that has
person who influenced me as a body of work? Are you leading,
pancreatic and biliary surgeries provided continuous psychological
leader. The truth is that I am so advocating, impacting your
including the laparoscopic approach. care for raped, sexually abused,
fortunate to be mentored by many constituency?
To date, she is the only one in the leaders in the fields of medicine, trafficked girls in Marillac Hills,
country performing highly advanced Each of the programs and initiatives Muntinlupa, Philippines. This was
surgery and leadership. Mentors I have created builds on a tapestry
and complex HPB surgeries, helping whom I have worked with all a needed response to the lack of a
one patient at a time and training of possibilities, an integrated
younger surgeons in the field of
contributed and served as my role ecosystem that changes how people government facility that provided
models that I have become today. become financially healthy, how and protected the mental health and
HPB surgery. Unfortunately, they were all men. well-being of young girls. To date,
micro-small entrepreneurs grow
There were no women surgeons at their businesses, and how small- the Center has helped over 4,500
Dr. Teh is a champion of that time to hold my hand and lead girls.
holder farmers build scale and
multidisciplinary approach in me the way. I had to learn things sustainability in agriculture.
cancer management. This allows
on my own feminine / feminist way, What was you very first paid job?
best approach in the management
taking into consideration everything What do you think is the biggest (actual job title) How old were
of cancer incorporating resource
that my (male) mentors have challenge that faces the next you? How much were you paid?
stratification and risk benefit
achieved. I know that if he (they) can generation of Filipina women? How did this job turn you into
analysis. In doing so, she has The demographics show more than
trained both oncologists and do it, I can do it. leadership? How did it impact your
50% of the Philippine population career or business direction?
surgeons to apply this in their being female, with almost 38% in
daily practice. This has then been Which historical female figure My first job was as a Singing Talent
would you like to have coffee with? the labor force (2013). Although
a standard in the management for an Ad Agency at age 16. I did
What would you like to learn from there are more Filipina women
process in her institutions. senior executives, only 21% of not gain anything but it led to my
her? second job as the spokesperson for
Coco Chanel on fashion and style, organizations have female CEOs.
If there is one influential action To me, the ability to make it to the the Philippine Tuberculosis Society
that makes you very proud of your on lifelong determination, ambition, when I won a beauty contest.
CEO level remains a challenge for
body of work, what would that be? energy and financial success.
Filipina women.

one law would you enact? How will young girls we improve the lives of robotic gynecologic surgery and has
it impact the world? a community and their country. I continued to place the Philippines
I would require those who turn 13 continue to support organizations on the map by pursuing new
years old to volunteer at least 30 whose goal is to get young girls frontiers of medicine and pushing
hours to helping others in their into STEM, to educate girls and to the boundaries of standards of care
communities. The law would result broaden awareness of this need for through innovative and pioneering
in fostering an environment where a better tomorrow. work in the management of
youth could look outside themselves patients.
and also prepare them for a career. How have you impacted your
profession, your organization, your What is the global imprint of your
The ONE thing that we would not community? body of work? Are you leading,
guess about you. Through the work I do with women advocating, impacting your
I can or I used to be able to fit my and young girls I have created constituency?
fist in my mouth. awareness of the importance It is putting the Philippines in the
Geri Alumit Zeldes, Ph.D. of gender equity, importance of world map that we can do robotic
What is one piece of advice that representing the customer we serve,
Associate Professor and minimally invasive surgery in our
you would give to your 20-year old and the importance of getting young
Director of Journalism country encouraging medical
self? girls exposed to STEM for a better
Graduate Studies tourism. It is announcing to the
Don’t take 22 credits during a future.
Michigan State University world that our medical care in
semester. You set yourself up for
Michigan, USA the Philippines is at par with
failure. Travel. Back pack. Stay at What is the most significant barrier international standards. This is a
Geri Alumit Zeldes, Ph.D., a tenured hostels. to female leadership from your big impact in the quality of lives of
Professor in Michigan State experience? How did it impact your patients since their productivity
University’s School of Journalism, career or business? Did it help you is not reduced, they feel better
has seven best paper awards from become a leader or advocate? and energetic even if they have
international communication Women have a tendency to undergone a major surgery.
associations and 100+ honors and downplay their strengths and
screenings for her documentary achievements. I, too, am guilty of Filipina women face workplace
films and other creative scholarships this. I constantly have to remind challenges everyday. How are you
that include the Dr. Suzanne Ahn myself to advocate for myself. It is advocating for gender equality in
Award for coverage of social justice not about me but about others and your place of work - e.g., equal pay,
issues from the Asian American how advancing myself will only help sexual harassment reporting policy,
Journalists Association, Radio others. etc.? Was it successful? Was it a
Television Digital News Association
failure? What did you do? Describe.
Edward R. Murrow and Unity
During my training, my co-fellows
awards, two national Broadcast
Gizelle Covarrubias were men from the Middle East
Education Association Best of
and they see women as inferior to
Festival Awards, Top 25 Public Robinson them. To advocate gender equality
Vote recognition for an exhibit in IT Managing Director in the workplace, I set an example
ArtPrize, three regional Emmys Schwab Technology Services that Filipino women are smart,
®, and a handful of Society of California USA
Professional Journalists, Michigan hardworking, fair and I treated
Gizelle is an award-winning them as equals. I even taught
Association of Broadcaster and
transformative information them different techniques of the
Michigan Associated Press Editors’
technology leader. She delivers procedure. I was able to earn their
Association awards.
solutions and innovative services respect and they admired and
that enable firms and the business treated Filipino doctors and nurses
ONE person who influenced you as
to improve their clients’ ability to with respect as well.
a leader and advocate? How did it
achieve their financial goals. She
impact your career or business?
lives out her advocacy of gender If you live in the Philippines, what
Dr. Lucinda Davenport, Director
equity, diversity and inclusion. An
Jennifer Bernardo Jose,
of the School of Journalism at is the one significant reason the
active member of several non- M.D. Philippines should no longer be
Michigan State University, told me Urogynecologist and
as I sat crying about being pregnant profit organizations for women considered a 3rd world country?
and young women, she works to Pelvic Reconstructive Being in the field of medicine, we
and having to cancel plans to teach Surgeon, Minimally Invasive &
courses the next semester: “Being spread the word that there is a do a lot of medical tourism. We
need for diversity in all levels and Robotic Gynecologic Surgeon, receive patients from Asia and
a mother is our highest calling.
industries in our society. Aesthetic Gynecologist Europe to have treatments with
Don’t worry. We’ll be fine.” She’s
Makati Medical Center and St . us. Our economy and medical
right. Because of these kind and
What is the global imprint of your Luke’s Medical Center education have also improved.
re-assuring words, I came back and
wanted to work even harder to body of work? Are you leading, Metro Manila, Philippines Filipinos are very hard working
make her proud. advocating, impacting your and very promising. We excel in
constituency? Dr. Jennifer Jose is blazing trails in
communications, sports and we are
When we support women and the field of Philippine medicine. She
If you could run the world, what known to be focused in achieving
is the first Filipino to be performing
our dreams.

17A 1 4 TH
Elected as the first Filipina
GLOBAL Councillor in the UK. As a political

leader and before the end of my
term, I plan to form a Conservative

2017 POLICYMAKERS Friends of the Philippines to
encourage Filipinos to be more

& VISIONARIES active in politics.
How have you impacted your
profession, your organization, your
As a Councillor, I have made
an impact by supporting local
community groups, decision-making Jerrilyn Malana HE Junever Melchor
at the Council and scrutinising
decisions taken by the councillors
Chief Deputy District Mahilum-West
Attorney, Human Resources
on the Executive (or Cabinet). I have Philippine Ambassador
San Diego County District
been involved with reviewing the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Attorney’s Office, California, USA
resilience of the 61 departments to the Hashemite Kingdom of
in the Council and the Council’s Jerrilyn Malana is a distinguished
attorney and community leader. Jordan with concurrent jurisdiction
vision for 2020 planning. As Vice- in Palestine
Prior to her current postion as
Chairman, Political of Hertsmere Chief Deputy District Attorney Philippine Embassy in Jordan
Conservative Party, I led the for Human Resources at the San As Philippine Ambassador to Jordan
successful campaign of our Member Diego County District Attorney’s with concurrent jurisdiction over
of Parliament (MP) in the recent Office, Jerri was a shareholder at a Palestine, where around 46,000
General Elections (8 June 2017) prestigious employment law firm Filipino workers who are mostly
where he increased his majority. In for over 10 years. She is a dynamic women reside, Ambassador Junever
inspiring the Filipino community, I public speaker, and an effective and Mahilum-West is actively espousing
have shown that a Filipina migrant engaging trainer on employment law Gender and Development (GAD)
can break barriers and get elected and diversity & inclusion matters. goals to empower women workers,
as a political leader in the UK. Jerri is passionate about community simultaneously with intensive
service and helping others. She cultural diplomacy to instill pride
Hon. Cynthia Which living woman do you most
devotes a significant portion of in Philippine identity and culture.
her volunteer time on community Among her achievements in Jordan
Alcantara Barker admire? Is she leading, advocating, and civic matters, and mentoring are regular GAD activities which
impacting an issue important to students and young professionals.
Town Councillor, Brookmeadow, include anti-human trafficking,
Elstree & Borehamwood leadership and upskilling projects
I admire the UK Prime Minister, If there is one influential action that and raising the profile of the Filipino
Borough Councillor, Hertsmere
Teresa May, who worked her way makes you very proud of your body community and the Philippines.
up from humble beginnings, from of work, what would that be? How Before her accepting her post
Immigration Law Practitioner,
serving as a Councillor, to becoming does the action demonstrate you as in Amman, Jordan, she had a
Alcantara Consultancy Service leading, advocating, impacting your
the second female Prime Minister successful tenure as Consul General
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom constituency?
in the UK. She is able to face all her in Toronto, Canada.
Hon. Cynthia Barker has blazed leadership challenges and lead us I am proud of my advocacy and
many trails for Filipinas in the U.K. through the BREXIT negotiations. leadership with regard to equity,
She is the first Filipina to serve in I met her several times and she is diversity, and inclusion matters.
British local government, having As an employment law attorney,
always humble yet inspiring.
been elected to Brookmeadow, equality and fairness in the
Elstree and Borehamwood Town workplace have been a focus of
Your LEGACY for the Filipina my career. I have also dedicated a
Council and Hertsmere Borough Women’s Network significant portion of my time on
Council. As a community leader, she As the first Filipina Councillor in the both educating and advocating for
has broken barriers by being the UK, I hope my example will inspire diversity and inclusion.
first Filipina to become President young Filipina women to become
of a Rotary Club in Britain, the first more politically active and run for What is one piece of advice that you
Filipina to be chair of a museum in would give to your 20-year old self?
Lily Torres-Samoranos
office as a Councillor or Member of
the UK, and the first Filipina to be a The path to success is not always Immigration Attorney
Trustee of the Sixty Plus Club. clear. There will be unexpected Asian Pacific Islander
twists and turns along the way, Legal Outreach (APILO)
If there is one influential action that and you may fall along the way. San Francisco, California, USA
However, you must get up, dust From the beginning of her career as
makes you very proud of your body
yourself off, and stay focused. In a public defender, Lily has overcome
of work, what would that be? How
the end, you will succeed. It is the a number of adversities and broken
does the action demonstrate you as barriers, being the first Filipina public
leading, advocating, impacting your journey along that path which makes
our lives fulfilling. defender hired in Alameda County in
constituency? a white-male dominated profession.

In the years she’s been practicing The ONE thing that we would not As Secretary of Labor and
law, Lily has done litigation work guess about you. Employment in the 1990s, the
in and outside government service My favorite actor growing up is Yul overseas migration policies of the
to defend indigent and friendless Brynner, since I have seen the Ten Government were being shaped
defendants. As Deputy Defender for Commandments. He made bald sexy. amid turbulent debates and global
almost 25 years and in her current labor movements. From that point
public practice, Lily has served a great What is one piece of advice that you until today, and in various roles and
number of defendants who are poor, would give to your 20-year old self? positions in both government and
immigrants, and under-privileged. Not to be afraid of failures and to in the private sector, I have been
learn from every mistake. That life is involved in shaping and moving for
What is the global imprint of your meant to be a journey of teachable the adoption of overseas migration
body of work? Are you leading, moments. In the grand scheme of policies as part of an over-all
advocating, impacting your things, when a disaster happens, it national employment and decent
constituency? is not the end of the world, it is just work advocacy. Such advocacies Justice Milagros
Throughout US history, the influx of the end of THAT world that no longer also defined the roles I played in Eustaquio Syme
immigration has always impacted the serves me. Just enjoy the ride and be regional and global institutions
world -- from the time, the pilgrims less angry. including the International Labor Her Worship Justice of the Peace
landed in Plymouth, MA, the people Organization, the ASEAN, and the Ontario Court of Justice
from Africa were kidnapped and ADB. Ontario, Canada
enslaved and brought over to the new Since the 1980s, Justice Mila
world, to the Chinese exclusion Act What is the most significant barrier Eustaquio-Syme has been
in the 1860’s up to the internment to female leadership from your advocating for the issues that affect
of the Japanese in the US and the experience? How did it impact your
immigrants and women minorities.
banning of the Muslims in today’s US career or business? Did it help you
society. My work in asylum cases, She served as the first Chair of
become a leader or advocate?
both affirmative and defensive, Our culture does have a significant the Women’s Committee of the
removal defense and deportation effect on women leadership. Canadian Ethnocultural Council,
will assure that at the very least, However, it is also the same culture where she played a vital role in
the undocumented immigrants, a Ma. Nieves R. Confesor that has produced the best in our ensuring their voices were heard
small segment of predominantly women leaders as well. For the and understood. As a Justice of the
the Latino and the Asian Pacific
Associate Professor,
major “events” in my life, I was Peace in Ontario, she presides over
Islanders population will get effective Leadership and People always the FIRST woman – to be virtually all judicial interim release
representation in the immigration Management Asian Institute of Deparment of Labor Secretary, to hearings in the province and in the
court; and our organization’s advocacy Management Manila, Philippines be AIM Dean, to be Chairperson of majority of criminal remand courts.
to ensure that undocumented As educator, public servant, a the Philippine Government Panel
immigrants be accorded basic human “mover and shaker”, Nieves is co- Negotiating with the Communist
creating the Philippines, ASEAN’s, If there is one influential action that
rights will continue and grow. Party of the Philippines, to be
global “compelling future.” She makes you very proud from your
Chairperson of the Workers’ Fund
What is the most significant barrier served as the very first Secretary (KMPI) – and the second to be the body of work, what would that be?
to female leadership from your of Labor and Employment in 1991, Chairperson of the ILO Governing How does the action demonstrate
experience? How did it impact your during the Aquino and Ramos Body. But I was always followed you as leading, advocating,
career or business? Did it help you administrations, where she received by women afterwards. This has impacting your constituency?
become a leader or advocate? several accollades for her excellent helped in my career as I am seen As Chair of the Women’s
When I started my law career as a trial service in government. In this role, as a leader, as responsible for Committee of the Canadian
litigator in the late 80’s, I find myself she also served as the first Filipino innovations and mobilizing multiple Ethnocultural Council, I advocated
in a judge’s chambers with mostly to be elected as Chairperson of the stakeholders, etc. for employment equity, addressing
white men, sometimes being the International Labor Organization, issues of family violence, mail-order
only woman (and of color, to boot). I the highest policy-making body If you could start over, what would brides, live-in caregivers, etc.
knew that it was hard for them to take of the organization, bringing you do? Leading? Advocating?
me seriously. However, I learned to not only the Philippine “voice” Impacting?
but also the Asian voice into the What is the most significant barrier
actually use my status as a woman of If I could start over, I would work
color to get the best deal, to get along shaping of labor and social policy to female leadership from your
in education as well in bridging the
with the judges and to undermine my between 1992-2002. She presently gap between opportunity and the experience? How did it impact your
opponents in the courtroom. I used serves as core faculty of the Asian preparedness of our young people. career or business? Did it help you
cultural defenses, hired experts for Institute of Management Center It is to ensure that employment become a leader or advocate?
some obscure defenses that would providing research and training and education come together to Stereotyping of immigrant visible
not have entered the horizon of in the Leadership and People enable our young people and those minority women, which I overcame
my mainstream litigators, because Management for the Business as displaced by global conditions to by completing my MBA in York
I used my perspective as a woman well as its Executive Education and access a better world. It is also University. It helped me realize that
of color to look at the situation in Development Management schools. for our women to access such my degree from Manila was on par
a trial context; and sometimes, it opportunities in the same manner with university here in Canada.
worked wonderfully. I hoped that If there is one influential action that as our men.
I have opened the door wider for makes you very proud of your body
of work, what would that be? How The ONE thing that we would not
many women of color which was very
does the action demonstrate you as guess about you.
narrowly opened when I first started.
leading, advocating, impacting your I have a twin sister.

19A 1 4 TH

experience? How did it impact your body of work, what would that be? career objectives, and in turn help
career or business? Did it help you How does the action demonstrate others who faced similar barriers. I
become a leader or advocate? you as leading, advocating, turned my frustrations and anger into
Slut shaming is the most common impacting your constituency? positive behaviors and actions that
and convenient way of deterring As Board Trustee and current yielded positive results.
women from achieving success President of the New Haven Unified
outside their traditional roles. This School District, I have the ability ONE (only) Filipino custom you
is still being practiced today and it to impact the lives of over 12,000 would like to pass on to others that
should not be tolerated in any way, students, over 600 staff members, would make an impactful impression
shape or form. and the surrounding Union City- in society.
Hayward community by setting Filipinos have the custom of
HE Petronila Which historical female figure would direction, establishing vision and “Bayanihan.” This means “being in a
you like to have coffee with? What priorities, supporting a safe and bayan,” or community. This entails
P. Garcia would you like to learn from her? positive learning environment a community spirit of helping one
Philippine Ambassador Extraordinary Winnie Mandela. I would like to hear for students and staff, expecting another, especially in times of need,
and Plenipotentiary to Canada her side of the story. How she raised accountability from all stakeholders, without expecting anything in return.
Philippines Department of Foreign her children in South Africa as a black and providing community leadership It is the spirit of collaboration and
Affairs woman during apartheid, with her and advocacy to promote student cooperation to achieve a particular
husband (their father) incarcerated success. I was instrumental in goal. If we, as a society, could
Canada and Philippines
and leading the anti-apartheid helping to rename one of our middle practice such an attitude, imagine the
Ambassador Petronila P. Garcia movement from inside the jail. schools the Itliong-Vera Cruz Middle possibilities of what each individual,
is the first Filipina woman to School, after Filipino-American farm working in a team as a community,
become Ambassador to Canada What is one piece of advice that you workers, co-founders of the United could do for others who are in need.
and first woman Ambassador to would give to your 20-year old self?
Farm Workers (UFW), to recognize This spirit would help address and
an Arab country. As Ambassador, Quit smoking immediately. Don’t
their achievements and promote mitigate many of the social issues
she is tasked to contribute to the wait until you are 35.
pride amongst the large Filipino- that we currently face.
enhancement of national security
American population in our school
and the protection of the territorial
integrity and national sovereignty district. This is the first school in the
of the Philippines, to participate in U.S. named after Filipino-Americans.
the national endeavor of sustaining Having a school named after Filipinos
development and enhancing the allows the Filipino students and
Philippines’ competitive edge, to families to “see” themselves as part
protect the rights and promote of the community because they
the welfare of Filipinos overseas, see role models that reflect their
about 660,000 in Canada, and to ethnicity. This also helps to publicize
mobilize them as partners in national and promote awareness of the “rest
development, to project a positive of the story,” providing the whole
image of the Philippines, and to history of the California farm worker
increase international understanding labor movement.
of Philippine culture for mutually- HON Rosalinda V.
beneficial relations not just with What is the most significant barrier
Canada but also with other countries. Canlas to female leadership from your
Board Trustee and President experience? How did it impact your
What is the global imprint of your New Haven Unified School District career or business? Did it help you
body of work? Are you leading, California, USA become a leader or advocate?
advocating, impacting your Although slowly improving, for
constituency? Linda is an educator, elected public
servant, and community volunteer me, the most significant barrier to
As a diplomat, I engage the host leadership is the society’s accepted
government in positive and who has devoted her career to
promoting student success and to intersectional attitudes towards
constructive ways, in order to women with different ethnic
strengthen bilateral relations enhancing the quality of life in her
community. She serves as New backgrounds. Comments such as
and enhance cooperation in the “She’s not blonde enough” or “Will
multilateral field. I also constantly Haven Unified School District Board
Trustee, currently as Board President, she be able to handle this?” indicated
endeavor to ensure that the Filipino
successfully promoting a grass-roots such intersectional attitudes that
community in my country of
prevailed as I was applying for a
assignment are given legal protection community effort to rename a middle
and have access to consular services school in honor of Filipino-American Principal position within public
and assistance when needed. Finally, farm labor leaders Larry Itliong and schools. Comments such as these
I explore all avenues to increase Phillip Vera Cruz, the first public implied that I needed to be of a
economic relations and two-way school in the U.S. to be named for specific color, or a man, in order
bilateral trade between the host Filipino-Americans. to be considered for the positions
country and the Philippines. that I was seeking. Yes, it helped
If there is one influential action that me become both a leader AND an
What is the most significant barrier makes you very proud from your advocate. Such comments made
to female leadership from your me more determined to pursue my

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by Amyline Quien Ching
The moment she stepped into the country, she fell in love.
And who would not? For a small-town girl like Cynthia Alcantara-Barker, United
Kingdom was that new, dynamic place where every dream seemed possible.
But what she did not anticipate then is this: that its people will love her back and
that she would not just achieve her impossible dream but also be in the position
to make other people’s dreams possible as well.

No Mean Feat
Cynthia is the first Filipina—or make that Filipino!—to get elected as Borough
Councillor in the United Kingdom. It is the highest position in the British
government that a Filipino has ever achieved. As Town Councillor for Elstree and
Borehamwood and Borough Councillor for Potters Bar, she represents residents
to make sure that they have access to services, improving their lives further, and
serving as a good example to them.

“Never have I thought that I would become a public servant. Growing up, I was
very shy. But if I were to do my life over, I would still choose public service and I
would do it early so I could help more people. There is something so satisfying in
being able to make an impact on people’s lives and contribute to society, not just
in what you do but in who you are and what you have achieved. It is a privilege to
be able to inspire others and show that nothing is impossible when you work at

These days, people would come up and tell her how they look up to her. To
the Filipino community, she is an inspiration and a role model for hard work,
determination, and faith. She is the portrait of the modern Filipina woman—
independent, assertive, and focused, yet still possessing the values of humility,
respect for elders, love for family, and altruism. Cynthia will always be in the
frontlines, helping out, when disaster struck. She would be the one raising funds,
or leading a donation drive, or chairing a committee for some worthy cause
or endeavour. Her philanthropic work, in fact, was what paved the way for her

“I really wanted to help people. So I started joining community and charity
organizations. It was then when our community and political leaders noticed my
work and contribution to the community. Politics turned out to be my calling.”

Cynthia Barker with UK
Prime Minister Teresa May


Cynthia Barker with
MP Boris Johnson

With her position, she gets to do more, make a bigger But Cynthia’s impact, however, goes beyond
impact in people’s lives, and effect real change. She her town or even the country. Her story has
uses her influence to push for projects that will help helped raised the profile of Filipina women
the community and to promote legislation that will help abroad, opening people’s eyes to what
local residents. With a bigger network of contacts, she Filipina women are capable of achieving. By
is able to help women in need. Through the Filipina showing that a Filipina migrant can break
Women’s Association, she is able to help provide barriers and get elected as a political leader
scholarships to children in the Philippines. She is in the UK, she paved the way for others to do
also an avid supporter of local history and heritage as the same—maybe even do better. She broke
founding Chair of Elstree and Borehamwood Museum. the chain of divergence, equalled the playing
As a member of the governing board of St Nicholas field, and opened up the possibility for every
Church of England School, she provides guidance and person, whoever they are—what race, what
advice covering all aspects of school governance. age, what gender, or what culture—wherever
they are in the world.
Cynthia is a recipient of several awards including the
Outstanding San Pablenos Award in May 2017 and
British Community Honours Award in October 2016 in
recognition of her outstanding voluntary contributions
to society, promoting integration, and building social
cohesion through her community work.

23A 1 4 TH




Wilma T Eisma
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Our 5 Program Areas
What We Do 1. Branding
• Shaping the Filipina Image
Filipina Women’s Network convenes programs and
activities that enhance public perceptions of Filipina • Filipina Action Now
women’s capacities to lead and to build the Filipina 2. Social Justice
community’s pipeline of qualified leaders, to increase the • Anti-Domestic Violence and Anti-Human

25B 1 4 TH
This year we gather at our annual Filipina Leadership happen again. Each of
Global Summit the 2017 Most Influential Filipina women us has an obligation
selected from nine countries – Canada, Hungary, Jordan, to lead, to role model
Mozambique, Norway, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, and to amplify the
United Kingdom, and the United States – proving that voices of each other.
Filipinas all over the globe are, indeed, IN MOTION. It is Make sure you have
amazing that Filipina women awardees are contributors a good talk with your
in all the economic sectors with emphasis in the tertiary fellow awardees. How
economic industries of healthcare and education. Our can you help her do
global footprint is growing. It is this indomitable spirit that what she loves doing?
gives us hope that our goal of a Filipina woman leader in How can she help
every sector of the economy by 2020 will be achieved. you? How can we
IMAGINE what we can all do together. bring along our next marilY moNDEJar,
The globalization of Filipina women in the diaspora. This generation of leaders? Founder & CEO
Filipina Women’s Network
is a high-power gathering of inspiring women leaders and FWN is a network,
game changers coming together for meaningful discussions a network of Filipina women making their marks in the
on our courses of action in elevating the public’s perception world. Pursue the work the Filipina Women’s Network
of Filipina women’s ability has started in promoting the
INFLUENTIAL: having the power to cause change;
to lead and developing the empowerment of Filipina
having power over the minds or behavior of others;
pipeline of next generation women. Let’s go change the
intersection of accomplishment and renown.
Filipina women leaders. world.
We couldn’t be more The 2017 Summit’s theme,
excited to host the summit in the bustling metropolis of “Filipinas in Motion: Leading. Advocating. Impacting.”
Toronto, Canada – a city that encapsulates the vibrancy reminds us of the urgency for greater responsiveness
and dynamism of this year’s cohort of awardees. We and responsibility to ensure that our efforts to champion
have a line-up of global leaders, influencers, and public Filipina women remain relevant in spite of the dramatic
figures whose success stories, rich experiences and expert paradigm shifts happening all over the globe. It is a call
knowledge will surely provide unique insights to the to action: to take our places as leaders in our own fields,
sessions we have prepared. We are joined by extraordinary advocate for those who are silenced in a united voice, and
women: Undersecretary Nora Kakilala Terrado of the work towards the impact we want to see.
Philippine Department of Trade and Industry, phenomenal The stories we will share throughout the Summit should
business leaders Sheila Lirio Marcelo and Maan Hontiveros, open and elevate discussions in exploring solutions on
and Ambassador Petronila Garcia, the Philippines’ first how we can better enhance the profile of Filipina women’s
woman Ambassador to Canada. capacities to lead in every sector of the global economy, to
The summit is about change. develop the next generation of Filipina leaders, and more
The summit is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Filipina importantly, to encourage Filipina women all over the world
women leaders selected for the Global FWN100 Awards to actualize their full potential. Make these stories ignite a
to be together in one place. This configuration, this fire in all of us to lead, advocate, and create a meaningful
composition of personalities together in Toronto, will never impact in society.

This is a call for abstracts for a book on • Author(s) name, title, full contact
DISRUPT 3.0. Failing to Succeed. The book information, and institutional affiliation
builds on the FWN’s first leadership book (if any)
called “DISRUPT. Filipina Women. Proud. • Description of the chapter including
Loud. Leading without a Doubt” launched purpose, content, key features, and
in 2014 and “DISRUPT 2.0. Filipina Women. how it adds to the main purpose of the
Daring to Lead launched in 2016. See <http:// book.>. You have to be
an FWN honoree and be a current member to The purpose of the book is to examine the
submit. SEND AN ABSTRACT (by December 1, leadership of Filipinas in a complex global
2017) environment through individual life stories.
The book will be useful: (a) for people who
Behind every brilliant success story there have current leadership responsibilities with
are several attempts that did not go quite as varying degrees of culture-spanning and other
planned. FWN is seeking stories about your complexities, (b) for leadership development
best failures—those mistakes, missteps, in the global environment, and (c) for teaching
detours, or derailment that ultimately led leadership that not only informs but also
you to where you are today. Rather than Order your copy of DISRUPT 3.0 NOW: transforms promising leaders into actual
seeing failure as something to be ashamed of, leaders. Narratives about Filipina leadership
FWN sees it as something to be celebrated. have implications for gender and intercultural
It means as a Filipina woman you tried legacy building: What would you like the next leadership research and practice and for
something, you learned something and you generation of leaders to know? (If you knew advancing theories of women and leadership.
are now wiser than you were before. It is then what you know now, what would you want Understanding how Filipina women bridge
a mark of courage. To try and try until you the next generation to know?) the range of Filipino and global cultures will
succeed. Questions to consider include: challenge existing theories of multi-culturalism,
leading with impact: How does the concept co-culturation, and global or diaspora
General leadership: Why and how do you of sustainable development influence your leadership.
lead as a Filipina leader in the Philippines and leadership? How do the UN Sustainable
globally? Can you identify a point when you Development Goals influence your leadership?
recognized your talents as a leader? Describe.
What led you to consider yourself a leader? A synthesis chapter will pull together key
What is your story? How does Philippine themes and make recommendations for
culture influence how you lead? How do you aspiring leaders and thought leaders in the
learn to lead in different cultures? What, if sectors represented.
anything, surprises you about culture as a
leader? Please note that your chapter is a memoir,
a story from your life; it is not your
Failing up: What do you believe has been autobiography which is the story of a life.
your biggest ‘mistake’ or ‘failure’ as a leader? A memoir is just a slice of your life. For the
How did that impact you as a leader? What purpose of this 3rd FWN leadership book, your
did you learn from that experience? What memoir is how you remember your life as a
keeps you motivated to try and try again? Filipina woman leader.
Who is your inspiration? What’s good about Write a concise summary of the key points of
failing? How did you deal with the situation? your chapter. Your abstract should be a single
How can you use your failure(s) to support paragraph double-spaced; about 150 - 500
others? words. Please include the following in your

• Proposed chapter title

27B 1 4 TH

SUSiE QUESaDa maria bEEbE
President, Board Chair,
Filipina Women’s Network Filipina Women’s Network

Welcome to the 14th Annual Filipina Leadership Global Summit! I write this welcome message as a visiting Fulbright Specialist at the
Center for Bridging Leadership at the Asian Institute for Management
I am so happy you could join us this year in the vibrant city of Toronto. (AIM) in Manila. How apropos considering that AIM and FWN have
Our Canadian based members have been so helpful in making us shared interest in leadership that is inspirational and transformational,
feel welcome. If there is one thing I have learned since I joined FWN with one key difference; FWN’s primary focus on the Filipina woman.
in 2007 it is that Filipinas are always in Motion! Hence our theme this
year-- On August 26, 2016, FWN launched DISRUPT2.0. Filipina Women: Daring
to Lead that I co-edited at AIM. That same day I received notice of the
Filipinas in motion: leading. advocating. impacting. approval of my Fulbright application. I am here for a month to share my
And it is so true! That is why I am so appreciative that you are expertise concerning critical discourse analysis, an interdisciplinary
approach that looks at language-in-use and the historical and cultural
spending this very precious time with us and join the dialogue about
forces that lie beyond language. Together with the faculty, researchers,
the future of the Filipina as leaders and advocates in the community.
and staff from throughout AIM, we are examining leadership stories
and seeking leadership themes. AIM participants are learning how to
Special thanks to our Summit Chair and FWN President-Elect Rosario write their leadership stories and relate these to their current work
Bradbury. She and our CEO Marily Mondejar have put together an setting.
engaging program so we can collaborate and discuss the issues that
are most important to the Filipino community here in Canada and One of the building blocks that made this possible is my engagement as
around the world. Your time at the Summit is your time-your time to an FWM member, board member, and now Chair of the Board. I first
network, educate, learn, collaborate and make an impact in the global met FWN at the 7th Leadership Summit in 2010 in Las Vegas where I did
community. a session on Filipina Women of the World. Global Development
Alliances. I was honored to accept the U.S. FWN100™ award in 2011 and
Thank you for being a part of our 2020 mission to have a Filipina Global FWN100™ award in 2013. Along with others, I co-edited DISRUPT
Leader in every industry across all sectors. Together we can achieve 1.0. Filipina Women: Proud. Loud. Leading without a Doubt.
this mission by continuing to lift each other up and shape the
generation of Pinay leaders. My fellow FWN members and awardees, on behalf of the FWN board, I
welcome you to the 14th annual leadership summit. I challenge you to
In FWN Sisterhood, imagine how you can make your FWN membership even more
meaningful. Our experience has shown that sharing stories of
Susie Quesada successful leadership can serve as an inspiration for others. During this
FWN Board President leadership summit, ask what you can do to contribute towards
achieving success for Filipina woman in every sector in countries where
we work as immigrants, expatriates, and overseas Filipina leaders.

PinAy Power: whAt it is/isn’t
Pinay Power looks and feels like a lot of

Pinay Power is actively FEMtoring young
Filipinas – developing innovative leaders
empowered to fully advocate for both
themselves and their communities. It’s not
building silent disciples to condescendingly
lecture merely as an attentive, receptive

Pinay Power is doing the right thing
and standing alongside one another, as
Filipinas, as women, as representatives of
communities of color – fighting as hard
for our sisters as we would for ourselves
and vice versa. It’s not linking arms when
cameras are on and hashtags trending then
perpetuating crab mentality in gossipy,
wealth/age-based cliques, behind closed

Pinay Power is being transparent about
individual goals and collaborating when
mission statements overlap – working
through, not running away from, challenging
conversations and opposing views. It’s not Author Francine Maigue is the Face of Global Pinay Power
parting ways because a “leader’s” greed for
Pinay Power is saying, “I appreciate your effort/idea, but I think it’s
glory surpasses the will to see a whole community rise.
moving us in a direction away from our end goal.” It’s not tolerating
groupthink because egos are too sensitive or the value of old customs
Pinay Power is carefully strategizing when building and executing
inhibits necessary progress.
initiatives – conducting exhaustive research before allowing any and all
brand association to take place. It’s not inviting every celebrity, company
Pinay Power is accepting, sharing, giving credit when and where it’s
and public official to the table before motives and values are clear.
due – showing self-awareness, gratitude and humility. It’s not refusing a
well-deserved honor (If you earned it, accept the compliment!), owning
the spotlight when other’s pitched in (If you didn’t get to the top by
yourself, you shouldn’t pretend you did.), or forgetting to say “please”
and “thank you” when someone gives generously of their time, talent
and/or treasure in order for you to succeed (Everyone’s busy, so mind
your manners and return the favor when someone needs you, too.).

Pinay Power is you and me working together, showing Filipina women
everywhere that they are wells of infinite potential – worthy of every
opportunity and respect. They belong. They matter.

Mabuhay ang mga Pilipina!

29B 1 4 TH

Congratulations to
Mary Ann Gamboa

Edna Consing Concepcion, CRFA
FWN Founder - Pioneer honoree
and her fellow
“100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World”
(Global FWN100™) honorees

Edna Concepcion and I have known each other since the late 1980s.
As the Mayor of the City of Chula Vista, the Council and I voted for
and appointed Edna to be a Commissioner making her the first female Filipino American Commissioner of the City of Chula Vista.
Edna served faithfully for 8 years. Our friendship continued to grow
even when I was in the California Legislature and had to spend most
of my time at the Capitol. Edna has always been dedicated to her
THANK YOU #FWNSUMMIT SPONSORS family, her career, and the community. She has, over the years,
handled most of my personal and financial investments. Edna is a
trusted financial advisor and mostly, a dear friend.” - July 2008

Shirley Horton
California Legislator (2002 - 2008)
Mayor, City of Chula Vista (1994 -2002)

Plan, Prosper, and Preserve Your Assets

L · I · L · A · C · S

With offices nationwide: (888) 955-7171
Direct: (619) 436 9494 · Fax: (619) 421-0075
HQ: 8880 Rio San Diego Dr. #835 · San Diego · CA · 92108
Filipina Women’s
Network: Setting
Memory: Leah
Women in Motion
Laxamana at the
V-Day FWN The
“I live at the crossroads, straddling
Vagina Monologues
multiple worlds. Hybridity is my home
where transition and nuance
are always welcome.”
- Janet Stickmon, Disrupt.
Filipina Women: Proud. Loud. Leading Without A Doubt

After 11 years of being part of the Filipina ways to make an impact. And the more details by planting a seed of a seemingly impossible
Women’s Network (FWN), I’ve lost count of the of their trials and triumphs I learned, the less dream, then puts you right to work equipped
ways the organization has demonstrated what anything became impossible. with a roadmap and tools enough to keep you
Filipina professionals could be at their best. busy for a lifetime. But it doesn’t let you do it
Whether as an executive, scientist, activist, We don’t know what we don’t know. The alone but acts as a family full of nanays, lolas,
educator, or artist, there is no mold to be part of traditional notion of a woman’s success from my and titas who shower you with tough love
FWN. It does have one imperative: forward and upbringing was some version of finishing school, every step of growth. As a result, your personal,
upward. getting a stable job with benefits, and settling cultural, and professional identities are cultivated
down. Therefore, it was pretty extraordinary with the purpose of realizing your greatest
We cannot unsee possibilities once we see when I came across women who did all that and potential and impacting society positively. And
them. I wasn’t looking into joining a professional more, along with, women who altogether paved because of the deep cultural ties that connect its
network when I got connected with FWN in a completely different path for themselves and community, the depth of the FWN experience is
2006 but wanted to be join that year’s campaign defined success in their own terms. FWN affords immeasurable.
against domestic violence through The Vagina opportunities to learn directly from its circle of
Monologues production. In addition to learning sisterhood. Women have no choice but to be With the next Global FWN100™ in the horizon,
about advocacy issues for women, I was exposed enlightened, molded, and challenged to lead I can’t help but go back to the time when
to a completely different kind of Filipina women upon being in contact with FWN100™ awardees FWN100™was U.S. based and going global
spanning generations. Ones who broke taboos and sheroes of all kinds. Women who often was still on the wish list. Obviously it didn’t
in parenting, et al, those unwavering in their come from humble beginnings and make it to stay there too long as the next few years of the
life choices, and those courageous enough to board rooms, and live a life of poetic struggle and summit are already mapped in different corners
move on from traumatic histories and inspire tenacious leadership in between. of the world. It has been a privilege to witness
others in the process. It was powerful to the organization evolve and be along for the
witness grandmothers, mothers and young Beyond fluff and inspiration. FWN’s ride with hundreds of other Filipina women.
girls collectively speaking truth to the power greatest offerings, from my experience, are I’m beyond excited for the FWN Pinay train get
of womanhood. Over the years, my world theinfrastructure and community it provides longer as it keeps moving forward and upward!
continued to expand the more I got immersed to any Filipina open and willing to create new
and exposed to a myriad of leadership styles and possibilities and do the hard work. FWN starts

31B 1 4 TH
The Campaign to end violence against
Filipina Women and Girls
In 2000, Claire Joyce Tempongko, a 22-year V-Day organization using theatre, popular is a high
old Filipina woman was stabbed multiple culture and education about the high population of
times in front of her two young children ages incidence of violence in Asian homes and Filipinos in the United
five and ten years old. Claire did all the right intimate partner relationships, the show is States: New York, New Jersey,
things, reported the sexual assaults to the San engaging the Filipino and Asian communities Washington DC, Las Vegas
Francisco Police, took out a restraining order, understand the broader connections of Asian and Toronto, Canada in 2017. In 2018,
and on the day of her murder, called SFPD values such as respect for women, dignity, FWN will include The Vagina Monologues
to report that her boyfriend was outside her family, equality and justice to the social and production in its annual Filipina Leadership
home and she was afraid for Global Summit in London. The campaign
her life. When help arrived, has continued on with the rise of human
it was too late. She was trafficking of women and girls as young
dead. Former City Attorney Ang PANGGAGAHASA ay krimen; as six years old.
Louise Renne chaired the
investigation into Tempongko’s HINDI biro; HINDI dapat pagtawanan. ABOUT “THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES”
death and found the City of Hailed by The New York Times as “funny”
San Francisco liable. It took Kung kailangan ng tulong: and “poignant” and by the Daily News as
a Filipina woman’s murder 1-800-799-7233 “intelligent” and “courageous, The Vagina
to overhaul San Francisco’s Monologues, which
citywide response to domestic #FWNAgainstViolence was first performed off-Broadway by
violence. Mayor Willie Brown Ms. Ensler, dives into the mystery,
RAPE is NOT a laughing matter.
convened the Justice and humor, pain, power, wisdom, outrage
Courage Oversight Committee National Domestic Violence Hotline and excitement buried in women’s
to implement the Blueprint 1-800-799-7233 experiences. Through this play and the
for San Francisco’s Response liberation of this one WORD, countless
to Domestic Violence, City women throughout the world have taken
Attorney Renne’s set of control of their bodies and their lives;
recommendations to ensure giving voice to experiences and feelings
that domestic violence not previously exposed in public.
homicides are prevented. FWN An Obie Award-winning whirlwind tour
Founder Marily Mondejar was appointed to economic issues of class and religion. The of a forbidden zone, The Vagina Monologues
the Oversight Committee. campaign’s mission is to encourage Filipina introduces a wildly divergent gathering
and Asian women in abusive relationships to of female voices, including a six-year-old
FWN’s Anti-Violence Awareness Campaign take action and to seek help. girl, a septuagenarian New Yorker, a vagina
was launched in 2003 in response to the workshop participant, a woman who witnesses
2000 Tempongko’s unsolved murder. It took FWN’s Anti-DV Campaign has evolved to the birth of her granddaughter, a Bosnian
almost 10 years for Tempongko’s murder to be include anti-human trafficking initiatives with survivor of rape, and a feminist happy to have
solved. It was a difficult period for the Filipino the San Francisco Mayor’s Office, CourtWatch found a man who “liked to look at it.”
community, a case that reached the California of DV homicides of Filipina women Witty and irreverent, compassionate and
Supreme Court. nationwide, rallies, support for legislation wise, Eve Ensler’s masterpiece gives voice
that protect women and girls in abusive to real women’s deepest fantasies and fears,
What started in 2003 with what we thought situations, Handprints: Men Against Violence, guaranteeing that no one who sees it will ever
was a simple play with an all-Filipina women the publication of the V-Diaries Anti-Violence look at a woman’s body, or think of sex, in
cast, The Vagina Monologues has now become Resource Guide and the annual benefit quite the same way again
a key component for FWN’s Anti-Violence performance of The Vagina Monologues. 2017
Awareness Campaign after many challenges is FWN’s 12th year.
from the FilAm community because of the
V-word. In collaboration with Eve Ensler’s FWN has taken the show to areas where there

TORONTO Yorktown Child and Family Robertson House 416-392-3135
Ontario Helpline for Social Centre Provides immediate on-site 416-392-5662 Metropolitan Committee on Not-for-profit service
Service Info 211 416-394-2424 crisis response as well as 291 Sherbourne Street Violence Against Women and helping people who need
2010 Eglinton Ave W, Ste 300 24/7 trauma support services Children legal advice, but who do not
Toronto Distress Centre: 416- Toronto, ON M6E 2K3 immediately following a crisis qualify for legal aid
408-4357 (416-408-HELP) Single session drop-in or sudden tragedy. Women and their children National Association of
24-hour distress line offering counselling offered by family Sojourn House Women and the Law Ontario Women’s Justice
confidential emotional therapists and social workers. Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/ 416-864-0515 2339 Ogilvie Road, P.O. Box Network
support, crisis intervention, Referral to other services. Multicultural Women Against 101 Ontario Street 46008
suicide prevention and linkage Rape Gloucester, ON K1J 9M7 Legal information website
to emergency help when Women’s Counselling, Referral 416-597-8808 (24-Hour Crisis 613-241-7570 on issues relating to violence
necessary. 151 languages & Education Centre Line) Single refugees and Not-for-profit feminist against women
and TTY service for hearing 489 College St. claimants, families with organization that promotes
impaired. Toronto, ON M6G 1A5 children the equality rights of Canadian Family Law Lawyers
416-534-7501 Crisis intervention, counselling Family Residence Canadian women through Network
National Domestic Violence and referral for survivors of 416-397-1318 legal education, research, 1-888-660-4869
Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) Women Recovering from Abuse rape/sexual assault. 4222 Kingston Road, and law reform advocacy.
Program Scarborough, ON North York Women’s Centre first contact is confidential
CHILD ABUSE 416-323-6400 ext 4863 Ontario Network of Sexual Www. 116 Industry Street and free
Canada Child Abuse Hotline Assault/ Toronto, Ontario M6M 4L8
1-800-422-4453 Women’s College Hospital Domestic Violence Treatment Emergency shelter for T416-781-0479 Family Law Education for
76 Grenville Street, 7th floor Centres families, including partners Women (FLEW)
Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, ON M5S 1B2 76 Grenville Street www.ckc.torontofoundation.
Toronto 416-323-6230 Toronto, ON M5S 1B2 HUMAN TRAFFICKING ca/org/north-york-womens- Public legal education project
30 Isabella Street Intensive group therapy Tel. 416-323-7327 Chrysalis Anti-Human resource-centre funded by the government
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1N1 program with accompanying Trafficking Network of Ontario to assist women
416-924-4646 individual therapy for women Ontario Network of Sexual 1-866-528-7109 LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, in understanding their family
who have experienced abuse Assault/Domestic Violence Care TRANSGENDER, & law rights. Does not provide
Catholic Children’s Aid Society and/or neglect in childhood and Treatment Centres Non-governmental QUESTIONING individual legal assistance.
of Toronto 416-323-6400 organization offering services The 519
26 Maitland Street COURT SERVICES/LAW for trafficking victims & sex 416-392-6878 x 4000 YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS &
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1C6 ENFORCEMENT OFFICES A team of nurses and workers – 24/7 hotline & RESOURCES
416-395-1500 Barbra Schlifer Clinic physicians are on call 24/7 counselling. Provides access to Kids Help Phone
Native Child and Family Services 416-323-9149 through the emergency professionally trained 1-800-668-6868
of Toronto 416-323-1361 (TTY) department so that victims of Royal Canadian Mounted volunteer counsellors
30 College Street a sexual assault can receive Police Human Trafficking who are familiar with Boost Child & Youth
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1K2 counselling, legal, specialized medical and National Coordination Centre LGBTQ issues, services and Advocacy Centre
416-969-8510 interpretation, information and emotional care. (HTNCC) therapists. 1-855-424-1100
Jewish Child and Family Services referral service for women who 1-855-850-4640 416-515-1100
4600 Bathurst Street, 1st Floor are survivors of violence. Women’s College Hospital 1-800-387-0020 (Ontario) LGBT National Help Centre
Toronto, Ontario M2R 3V3 Sexual Assault/Domestic Helpline available 24/7 1-888-4564 Programs and services
416-638-7800 Parkdale Community Legal Violence Care Centre (SA/DVCC) FCJ Refugee Centre Service to children, youth, their
SCAN The Suspected Child Services 76 Grenville Street, Main floor 416-469-9754 Peer counseling information families, professionals and
Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) 416-531-2411 Toronto, ON M5S 1B2 & local resources communities to prevent
Program, Hospital for Sick 416-323-6040 human-trafficking/ and respond to abuse and
Children (under 18) East Toronto Community Legal Offers direct services to Trans Lifeline violence.
416-813-4955 Services programs-and-services/sexual- people who have been 1-877-330-6366 West Neighbourhood House
416-461-8102 assault-domestic-violence-care- trafficked. Parkdale Location
Ontario Association of Aboriginal Legal Services of centre 1497 Queen Street W – Unit
Children’s Aid Societies Toronto Acute care for those assaulted Toronto Police Services Egale Canada Human Rights 103
75 Front Street East, Suite 308 416-408-3967 within the past week. Support Human Trafficking Trust Toronto, Ontario Canada
Toronto, Ontario M5E 1V9 available 24/7/. Support for Enforcement Team 1-888-204-7777 M6R 1A3
416-987-7725 | 1-800-718-1797 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE cis- women and cis-men as 416-808-8385 416-964-7887 416-536-1234
For a list of local Children’s RESOURCES well as trans people who have Justice for Children and Youth
Aid Societies: Assaulted Women’s Helpline experienced sexual assault and/ PROS – All Saints Toronto
childrens-aid-child-protection/ 1-866-863-0511 or intimate partner violence. 416-368-7768 YMCA Sprott House Provides summary advice,
locate-a-childrens-aid-society 1-866-863-7368 (TTY) You do NOT have to choose 21 Walmer Rd referrals, and legal education.
416-863-0511 (GTA) to involve police to access this Provides resources and Toronto, ON M5R 2W7 Offers case service and test
COUNSELING SERVICES #SAFE (#7233) on Bell, Rogers, service. support for trafficked 647-438-8383 case litigation for children
Family Service Association of Fido, Telus persons. Offers LGBTQ youth housing and young people under 18
Toronto 24/7 crisis counselling, EMERGENCY SHELTERS services years of age.
416-595-9230 emotional support, information Call 311 ADVOCACY ORGANIZATIONS LGBT Youthline and referrals via telephone to WomenatthecentrE/ David Kelley Services LGBTQ 1-800-268-9688
women in up to 154 languages. Central Intake Women’s Centre for Social Counselling Program 647-694-4275 (text)
Elizabeth Fry Toronto 416-338-4766 Justice 128A Sterling Rd Ste 202,
215 Wellesley Street East FEM’AIDE 1-877-338-3398 (toll free) 1224 King Street West, Suite Toronto, ON M6P 0A1 YWCA Here to Help & YWCA
Toronto ON M4X 1G1 1-877-336-2433 Central Intake (for Women and 300 416-595-9618 Girls’ Centre
416-924-3708 1-866-860-7082 (ATS) Children in Toronto) Toronto, Ontario M6K 1G4 3090 Kingston Rd., Suite 101,
1-855-924-3708 416-397-5637 416-964-0892 sau@familyservicetoronto. Scarborough, ON Victim Support Line Birkdale Residence org 416-266-1232
Support for women who are, 1-888-579-2888 416-392-5650 Non-profit advocacy and Support and services for
have been, or are at risk of 416-314-2447 1229 Ellesmere Road support centre by women children who have witnessed
being in conflict with law. who have experienced sexual abuse. violence. Political and social LEGAL REFERRALS:
West Neighbourhood House php Women (16+) and their children advocacy aimed at informing TEMPORARY RESTRAINING Covenant House
248 Ossington Avenue Province-wide, multilingual, toll- Christie Refugee Welcome policy and programs and ORDER ASSISTANCE 416-593-4898
Toronto, Ontario M6J 3A2 free information line providing Centre changing perceptions about Client Service Centre, Legal Crisis line 416-593-4849
416-532-4828 ext. 136 or ext. a range of services to victims 416-588-9277 sexual and gendered based Aid Ontario 1-800-435-7308 (toll-free)
133 of crime 43 Christie Street violence. 1-800-668-8258. 20 Gerrard Street East
Programs for women who have 8 AM - 10 PM, 7 days a week
faced abuse, immigrants and METRAC
refugees, children and youth. Victim Services Toronto Families, women with children, 158 Spadina Rd JusticeNet Shelter & support for youth
416-808-7066 single women Toronto, ON M5R 2T8 1-866-919-3219 (toll free) aged 16-24

33B 1 4 TH
I used to believe that a woman can I founded not one but two of Philippines’ front-running providers
never have it all —that is, having of dermocosmetics and aesthetic beauty devices —the DMark
a successful career and being a Beauty in 1998, two years after graduating from college, and the
fulfilled homemaker. This belief DermAsia Corporation in 2003. Having pioneered the concept of
was validated when my husband dermocosmeceuticals back home, I became CEO of DMark Group
and I separated ways when my of Companies, recognized as one of the biggest and most successful
kids were three and four years beauty entrepreneurial ventures in the Philippines today. I was
old. I used to believe that though able to build two of the country’s leading importers and distributors
a woman is capable of multi- of dermocosmetics and aesthetic devices just armed with a clear
tasking, she can never achieve that vision, a strategic mind, an unwavering passion, and that good,
harmonious balance of founding old Filipino-Chinese work ethics of prudence and hard work. I also
a company, building a brand, introduced the word Beautypreneur, in the Filipino entrepreneur
engaging in social advocacies, vocabulary. Beautypreneur is my tribute to entrepreneur moms and
HAPPILY WRONG fulfillment from volunteer work, women like me who breathe competence, confidence and a culture
by Nikki Tang and impacting other people’s lives. of excellence in a very competitive field of beauty products and
All this while raising good-natured young adults, attending PTA sciences. My children are my treasures, my workforce, my rock. My
meetings, managing the house, taking care of monthly groceries clientele, my source of energy, wisdom and motivation. All these
and bills. I used to believe that nothing can complete a woman, but make me happily wrong.
a complete family. I was wrong. I have proof that I was wrong.

FiliPiNaS iN motioN: lEaDiNG. aDvocatiNG. imPactiNG.
PINAY POWER 2017 is finally here. The through public and private partnerships. next generation leaders, through FWN’s
Pinay Power campaign was launched The high-powered gathering is now a FEMtorMatch program: http://www.
as a US based initiative as a result of vital part of FWN’s Pinay Power 2020
the 2006 Filipina Summit Future Search Mission. It is the leading forum of its kind 2. Contribute her personal leadership
held at the Philippine Consulate in San in the Filipina global community, which story in FWN’s Filipina Leadership Book
Francisco hosted by then Philippine inspires a renewed understanding of the Series. FWN is filling the gap in leadership
Consulate General Weng Sanchez. Filipina Filipino culture’s emerging influence as a literature about Filipina women’s unique
Women’s Network (FWN) envisioned the community. leadership qualities. FWN’s 3rd book is
Pinay Power 2012 campaign - a dream coming up and awardees will be notified
with a meaningful purpose—to double The summit raises funds for its when to submit their chapter - at least
the number of Filipina women leaders international advocacy that seeks to 6,000 words. FWN has now published
by 2012 and highlight the contributions increase the power of Filipina women as two books: DISRUPT. Filipina Women:
of Filipina women to the American leaders and policy makers at all levels Proud. Loud. Leading Without A Doubt.
economy. To find the Filipina American in corporate, government, institutions and DISRUPT 2.0. Filipina Women: Daring
women who are active contributors to and community organizations to achieve to Lead.
society, FWN then kicked off the search economic and social justice and women’s 3. Join FWN and nominate a fellow
for the 100 Most Influential Filipina rights. influential leader in her community in the
Women in the United States Award™ (US country she resides to the next selection
FWN100™) in 2007. As 2012 loomed, FWN FWN’s programs include pipeline of Most Influential Filipina Women in the
concluded that to achieve true Filipina development of qualified next generation World.
woman power that impacts societies leaders to increase the odds that some
and economies, FWN has to include the will rise to the “president” position. FWN will honor THE 2017 INFLUENTIAL
Filipina women in diaspora. The FWN FILIPINA WOMEN to pay tribute to their work
Board then expanded its search and The Global FWN100™ Award Ceremony and their protégés collectively enhancing the
recognition of Filipina women in the is the highlight of the Filipina Summit. rich history of our Filipina culture.
diaspora with the 100 Most Influential Envisioned as a recognition “working”
Filipina Women in the World Award™ award. When selected, FWN asks each Right now, the focus is to celebrate the 15th
(Global FWN100™). awardee to take action on two important anniversary of the Filipina Women’s Network
FWN initiatives: leading up to 2020 in Washington DC. The
The annual FWN Summit brings FWN15 anniverary celebration co-chaired by
together Filipina women global leaders, 1. “Re-invent herself by giving back” to President Susie Quesada and Board Chair
influencers, thinkers and public figures the future of the worldwide Filipina Maria Beebe with all the awardees will gather
for discussions, learning journeys, community by becoming a Femtor to plan the strategy to get us to 2020 a reality.
“kwentuhan strategies” on how to - femtoring at least ONE protégé (or
succeed as multi-cultural professionals Femtee) thus helping develop our Filipina
and private chats to ignite cooperation world community’s talent pipeline, our

35B 1 4 TH

8:00 am – 6:00 Pm – Pre-Summit 8:30 am – Continental Breakfast
Workshop: Wonder-Full adventures 9:00 am – Welcome remarks,
with robots: Dash and Dot acknowledgments & Summit
moderator: Elizabeth bautista Weavers
Working in tandem with a tablet or Speakers: HON Marily Mondejar,
smart phone and a growing suite of Maria Beebe, Susie Quesada, Rosario
free apps compatible with more than Cajucom-Bradbury
20 iOS and Android devices, Dash and The Globalization of the Filipina
Dot make difficult computer science Women in Diaspora
concepts as easy as finger painting. • Collective Power: Collective Impact
Discover a world of learning and fun • What can your organization do to
with the lovable robots that bring elevate FWN
imaginations to life and encourage • What can FWN do to elevate your
problem solving by exploring the organization
possibilities that programming their • Summit 2017: Filipinas in Motion:
own robots create. Leading. Advocating. Impacting.
• Policy/Advocacy Agenda
Dash and Dot have already been Development
adopted in more than 10,000 • Women’s Rights: Women’s
elementary classrooms worldwide Well-Being Index
with educators applauding their ease • Children, Youth, Seniors and
of use and the collaboration they Families
inspire, while introducing coding to • Housing
kids. • Healthcare
A team of 4 high school Filipina- • Arts & Culture
Canadian students and 1 adult are • Immigration
invited to spend a day learning the • Civic Engagement
comprehensive curricular resources to • Education
enable a team practice computational • Workforce Development
thinking and 21st – century skills • Filipino Town Development
with Dash and Dot robots. No coding • Increase the power of Filipina
experience necessary! Up to 10 teams women as global leaders,
will be chosen for this workshop. Each policymakers to achieve
team gets to bring back the robot. economic and social justice and
women’s rights
• FWN: Networking Pipeline:
1:00 – 5:00 Pm – time capsule
Designing Alliances
Project: Photo and Video Sessions,
• Policy: Advocacies
by appointment
• Call for Abstracts: DISRUPT 3.0.
(Global100 Awardees & FWN Board
Failing to Succeed
Members ONLY) • #FWN15London FWN’s 15th
6:00 – 8:00 Pm – Power meetUp Anniversary
with amazing Filipina and canadian • #PinayPower2020DC
Women (No Host) in October. Purple is also FWN’s 9:30 am – oPENiNG KEYNotE:
Marché Movenpick Brookfield Place D AY O N E : corporate color. “IMAGINE: I’ve been leading. I’ve been
Get a head start with social networking advocating. I’ve been impacting the
with FWN Alliance Partners: Philippine THURSDAY, OCT 26 Attendess will be asked to take photos,world. Lessons learned from the many
Trade and Investment Centre in note notable quotes from speakers, forks in the road of my life journey.”
Canada, OWIT (Organization of collect artifacts during the day’s Speaker: maan Hontiveros, Chair,
Women in International Trade), 7:45 am – 4:30 Pm – learning Journey: AirAsia Zest; Chair, AirAsia Philippines
learning journeys to represent their
Founder Institute Canada, local the Globalization of the Filipina
personal observations on the FUTURE
Canadian women and Fil-Canadian Women in Diaspora 10:00 am – Future Search: building
SEARCH area of the 2017 Summit, a
professionals and entrepreneurs in a Dress code: Business Casual in PURPLE
Learning Wall of Individual Reflections. a Shared Historical Framework (30
Power MeetUp = Power.Discussion. or PINK. Purple in honor of Domestic
7:45 am – Board shuttle at the entrance years)
Violence Awareness Month; Pink in • Current Trends: Stakeholder
of the Intercontinental Toronto Centre.
solidarity for Breast Cancer Awareness. Trends, Prouds and Sorries
8:00 am – Shuttle leaves promptly at
Both are celebrated • Understanding the Forces
8:00am for The Boulevard Club


Impacting Filipina Women in the members and their organizations have & CEO, Filipina Women’s Network, 2:45 Pm – Board shuttle Toronto City
Global Workplace contributed to one of the Sustainable lilian maria Soriano bautista, Senior Tour
• We gather to collect our Development Goals (SDG), including Design and Application Engineer, 4:30 Pm – Board shuttle to
combined experiences to find SDG 5 - Gender Equality and its Daikin Middle East and Africa FZE, Intercontinental Toronto
common ground. targets. The panel discussion will start Nieves confesor, Faculty, Asian 5:30 Pm – Board shuttle to The
• PAST: Where we’ve been with an introduction of the SDGs. Then Institute of Management, atty. Boulevard for Welcome Soirée
• PRESENT: Where we are each panelist will have 5-7 minutes Wilma Eisma, Administrator & CEO, 6:30 Pm - Welcome Soirée led by
• FUTURE: What we want to provide an overview of the global Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, Awesome, Fearless Filipina-Canadian
• ACTION: How we get there problem and how her organization Jerrilyn malana, Chief Deputy Influentials
11:00 am – Global Filipina Women: is contributing to a specific SDG and District Attorney, Human Resources, 7:30 Pm – Search for the Face of
local to Global its targets. The panel and general San Diego County District Attorney’s Global Pinay Power
• Filipina Canadian Influentials participants will then break into small Office, Georgitta Puyat, Chair, 8:30 Pm – Board shuttle to the
• Europe and Beyond groups to brainstorm and highlight Philippine Orchard, Corp., maan Intercontinental Toronto Centre
• USA what action could be taken to Hontiveros, Chair, AirAsia Philippines, 9:30 Pm – Awards Ceremony
• Philippines contribute to gender equality and any Justice milagros Eustaquio Syme, Rehearsal for 2017 Global FWN100™
of the targets for any of the SDGs. Her Worship Justice of the Peace, and FWN Board Members
12:30 Pm – Lunch, Talk and Kodakan Ontario Court of Justice, HoN Do NOT miss this rehearsal. We will
moderator: maria beebe cynthia alcantara barker, Town review the awards process, guidelines
1:30 Pm – Global impact: How Speakers: leah l. laxamana, Councillor, Brookmeadow, Elstree & for your acceptance speech, awards
FWN is transforming the World Program Manager, Public Policy, Borehamwood; Borough Councillor, presenters, and what to do during the
- the United Nations Sustainable Twitter, Inc., HoN thelma boac, Hertsmere Borough Gala Awards Ceremony.
Development Goals (SDGs) Trustee, Berryessa Union School,
This panel will highlight how FWN HON Marily Mondejar, Founder 2:15 Pm – Closing Acknowledgments

D AY T W O :
8:30 – 9:00 am – Welcome, Reform as a Women’s Issue
acknowledgments & Summit • “NICOLE” and KEEPERS OF THE
Weavers FLAME - Challenging the status
Speakers: HON Marily Mondejar, quo is a significant motivator
maria beebe, Susie Quesada, in the Filipina diaspora. How
Rosario Cajucom-Bradbury, Nini do you challenge? How did you
alvero challenge?

Awardees (2007-2017) will sit together 9:00 – 9:20 am – KEYNotE: State of
in their award categories for discussion the Philippines Economy
and 1 Action Outcome: Speaker: HoN Nora K. terrado,
Undersecretary for Trade and
• BEHIND THE SCENES LEADERS Investment Promotion of the
- What boundaries were broken Philippine Department of Trade and
in your industry, profession, Industry
organization or community? How
did you participate? 9:40 – 10:30 am – coNvErSatioNS:
• BUILDERS - Environmental Justice: Philippines-Canada Trade Cooperation
Creating Livable Communities for Moderator: Nini Alvero
Families Speakers: HE Petronila P. Garcia,
• EMERGING LEADERS - What Philippine Ambassador to Canada,
distinguishes the Global HON Nora K. Terrado, Undersecretary
FWN100™ awardees? How has for Trade and Investment Promotion
your experiences work for you of the Philippine Department of Trade
and will work for other Filipina and Industry, Joy Nott, President,
women? Canadian Importers and Exporters
Shaping and Moving a Women’s 10:30 – 10:40 am – break
Agenda: Holding Public Officials
Accountable and Lobbying 10:45 – 11:15 am – KEYNotE: Sheila
Effectively lirio marcelo, Founder, Chairwoman
LEADERS - Ending Violence and
Exploitation Against Women and 11:15 am – 12:15 Pm – make
Girls me a millionaire conversation:
• POLICYMAKERS & VISIONARIES FWN and oWit entrepreneurs
- Making Government Work for The Conversation will begin with
Women and Girls: Structural a moderator’s overview of what

37B 1 4 TH
entrepreneurial legacy means, how U.S. and worldwide. For many Asian attendees Group Photo Sessions sponsors, 2017 Global FWN100™
Filipina women entrepreneurs create companies looking to expand their awardees
change through their businesses, the reach, brand equity is the new must- 2:00 – 6:00 Pm – make-Up room, by
roles they play in the workplace, and have asset. appointment Power networking with VIP guests,
how they have created a global imprint. sponsors, FWN Board Members and
Moderator: HON Marily Mondejar 2:30 – 5:00 Pm – time capsule 2017 Global FWN100™ Awardees
As Asian entrepreneurs extend their Speakers: Anita Agrawal, CEO and Project: Photo and Video Sessions,
international reach, the next chapter Designer, Best Bargains, Isabelita “Lita” by appointment 7:15 Pm – 1:00 am – Global FWN100™
is the rise of Asian women businesses Abele, President and CEO, US Lumber, (Global100 Awardees & FWN Board 2017 Gala awards ceremony, Dinner
and brands. As the benefits of branding Inc., Myrna Tang Yao, President and Members ONLY) and Dancing
grow ever-more clear,Asian companies CEO, Richprime Global Inc. and Richwell Dress Code: Formal: Filipiniana/ Long
are investing heavily in strengthening Trading Corporation 5:30 – 6:30 Pm - Green room for Gown; Barong Tagalog/ Black Tie
their brand equity. Brand development Global FWN100™ awardees oNlY
not only poses difficult challenges for 12:15 – 1:00 Pm – Networking lunch
Asian-owned firms, but has apotentially 6:30 – 7:30 Pm – viP reception with
huge impact on consumer choice in the 2:00 – 2:30 Pm – Speakers, viPs, and FWN board members, viP guests,

D AY T H R E E :
8:30 – 9:30 am – Summit Weavers: The Insular Life Assurance Company,
our Journey so far... Ltd.
Speakers: HON Marily Mondejar, Speakers: caroline Enriquez,
maria beebe, Susie Quesada, rosario President and CEO, Our Lady of Fatima
Cajucom-Bradbury University, maria cristina “bea” Go,
President, BPI Family Savings Bank,
9:00 – 9:45am – make me a Filipina mary Jane alvero al mahdi, Group
cEo Chief Executive Officer, Prime Group
What are the qualities of a Filipina UAE (Geoscience Testing Laboratory,
woman leader? How can we be be Prime Certification and Inspection
corporate savvy to get to the C-Suite? LLC, Prime Alpha Consultancy, Prime
Innova Training Center, Wilma “amy”
The message of Lean In for Filipina t. Eisma, Esq., Administrator & CEO,
women-on-the-rise. Implications Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority
for Filipina Women of the World. (SBMA)
Competitiveness and growth in the 9:50 – 10:35 am – run Filipina run:
workplace. Joining the conversation, Filipina Women for Political Equity
sharing “Lean In Moments”, connecting Filipina women in public office is
with other Filipina women across the dismal. What can we do? How do we
globe. Is Lean In the answer to Filipina educate and encourage women to run
Global100™ Power? for public office? How do we build our
talent pipeline? Can we make this a
An informal Kwentuhan (story telling) global campaign?
session (a la “The View”) among kindred
spirits of how being bi-cultural is both Meet the Filipina women who have run
a challenge and an advantage in the for office, as well as those who support
global workplace. or train women to run for office, and
get all the information you need to
Panelists are corporate executives decide whether you want to run.
who are not related to the large
organizations they manage and are 100 ACTION: Group conversations
Most Influential Filipina Women in the on issues raised by the speakers.
World (Global100) Awardees. Strategies and actions? 2 minutes for
each Group Report.
In the spirit of Lean In, prepare to share
your story of an “ah ha” moment or a 10:45 – 11:45 am - Filipina Women
challenge you overcame. in the Diaspora: How Women lead;
How Women actively Support the
ACTION: Group conversations Sisterhood
on issues raised by the speakers. This is a very informal Kwentuhan
Strategies and actions? 2 minutes for session (a la “The View”) among kindred
each Group Report. spirits on civic engagement, public
service, social and political action. We’d
moderator: mona lisa dela cruz, like the discussion to incorporate the
President and Chief Operating Officer, summit theme and the attendees to

leave inspired with an action item of and advance women – e.g., through A provocative discussion from our our time together.
what they can do to get more engaged gender diversity on boards and in emerging leaders on Topics Du
in the community. upper management – are likely to Jour for Next Generation Filipinas. Post thoughts about FWN’s Filipina
reap the benefits in terms of improved Technology Lives: SmartPhone.Twitter. Women Against Violence Campaign.
The Global Leaders Panel will discuss profitability and performance1. Facebook.Instagram.LinkedIn.
and formulate actions on how we, as a Eliminating gender inequality and How do I take this information back to
leadership group, can shape and move empowering women are finally being Speaker: claire aquino Quito, my home, workplace and community?
the Filipina Women’s Global Agenda recognized, on a global basis, for Sponsorship Director, HRN Europe
on the issues impacting women. We what they are – urgent moral and Ltd., Joanne michelle Fernandez Speakers: HON Marily Mondejar,
will break out into small sessions after economic imperatives. This is as true ocampo, Advisor, The Norwegian maria beebe, Susie Quesada,
the keynote and come together again for businesses and investors as it is for Institute of Public Health, Kristina Rosario Cajucom-Bradbury
for each group’s Action Items Report. broader economies. Gender equality is Laranjo Alabado, President, Partners
fast becoming an investment concept. Group Prime Services Solutions (Phils.),
11:15 am – 12:00 Pm – concurrent Inc.
Session: Personal legacy: my AUDIENCE ACTION: Group
Portfolio conversations on issues raised by the 3:15 – 5:00 Pm – Pinay Speed
Do you have a job or do you have speakers. Strategies and actions? 2 FEmtoring with Global FWN100™
a career? You have a job if you’re minutes for each Group Report. awardees
“doing” and you don’t feel like you’re FWN’s 7th year of building the pipeline
achieving. You have a career if what 12:15 – 1:45 Pm – Pinay talks: next generation of Pinay leaders.
you do creates a path of where you Extraordinary voices – the Filipina Pinay Speed Femtoring is a learning
want to be at a particular time frame. in Diaspora (Working Lunch) event at which femtees / protégés can
This is where you begin - developing The Filipina Diaspora - the power ask the Global FWN100™ Awardees
your legacy by creating your My of telling our professional stories. (AKA Femtors) the “everything-you’ve-
Personal Portfolio, the foundation for Global FWN100™ Awardees share always-wanted-to-know-but-didn’t-
your professional career. their passion for issues important to know-whom-to-ask” questions.
women. Femtees will have the opportunity to
11:15 am – 12:00 Pm – cultural interact with Femtors during the
legacy: Gender Equality as an Speakers: anna-Karina tabuñar, course of the session by moving to
investment and retirement Director-Producer, Talent Untapped, different topic tables every 15 minutes.
concept Street Media Inc., Nikki tang,
There is a strong consensus among Chief Executive Officer, DMark 4:30 -5:00 Pm – cloSiNG KEYNotE
international development experts Beauty Corporation, Jennifer Jose, If we’re half the sky, how do we 7:30 – 9:30 Pm – Filipina Women
that the status and role of women M.D., Urogynecologist & Pelvic change the world as Filipina women? against violence: the vagina
is the best clue to a nation’s growth Reconstructive Surgeon, Minimally A dialogue among awardees on how monologues
potential. Similarly, there is now Invasive and Robotic Gynecologic we as Filipina women make a global Since 2003, FWN has collaborated with
substantial evidence that the status Surgeon, Aesthetic Gynecologist, St. impact. Speakers will have a chance V-DAY, empowering and celebrating
and role of women may be an Lukes Medical Center, claire Espina, to address global issues posed by our women and their sexuality with a
excellent clue to a company’s growth Attorney and Counselor at Law, world today and how we can resolve festival of theatre, comedy, and the
potential as well – that the best Edelberg & Espina, APLC, these issues as Filipina leaders. spoken word, highlighted at benefit
companies, and therefore the best performances in San Francisco, New
investments, are those that take 1:00 – 2:00 Pm - Smart.Young. Speaker: maan Hontiveros York, Las Vegas, Washington, DC, and
advantage of the talents, ideas and Unintimidated. Next Generation now, Toronto.
contributions of half of the world’s leaders. Yes. We. are. | our future. 5:00 – 5:30 Pm – Summit Weaver:
population. Numerous studies have our footprint. our social good. Our Journey almost ends...
shown that companies that empower NoW. Post last thoughts as we almost end

39B 1 4 TH

#FwnsUMMit2017 Keynote sPeAKers

Ambassador Petronila P. Garcia Philippines DTI Undersecretary Chair of AirAsia Philippines Founder, Chair and
Philippine Ambassador to Canada Nora K. Terrado Maan Hontiveros CEO Sheila Lirio Marcelo
Amabassador Petronila P. Garcia is Nora K. Terrado took on the TIPG Maan Hontiveros has been a student Sheila founded in 2006
a seasoned career diplomat, a Portfolio of the DTI in January and youth travel pioneer, a television after her personal challenges as
trailblazer for women in foreign 2016. As TIPG Undersecretary, she producer and host, journalist, a young working mother finding
service. She’s the first woman to be oversees the Foreign Trade Service publishing executive, multi-media care for two small children and
appointed Ambassador to Canada Corps (FTSC), Export Marketing production leader, staunch advocate ailing parents shed a spotlight on
and the first female Philippine Bureau (EMB), Bureau of Domestic for the conservation and protection the massive care needs of families
Ambassador to an Arab country. Trade Promotions (BDTP), Center of the environment, music industry everywhere. Today, the publicly
She began her tour of duty as the for International Trade Expositions managing director, and a passionate traded company is the world’s
Ambassador Extraordinary and and Missions (CITEM), Philippine promoter and supporter of Filipino largest online destination for finding
Plenipotentiary to the Arab Republic Trade Training Center (PTTC), and arts, film, dance, music and culture and managing family care, serving
of Egypt with concurrent jurisdiction Design Center of the Philippines. before she assumed responsibility as more than 22 million people across
over Sudan. As Governor of the Board of Chair of Philippines’ AirAsia, Inc. She 20 countries.
Investments (BOI), she provides is concurrently the Chair of AirAsia
Prior to her nearly four-year stint strategic direction on investment Zest. Sheila’s belief in technology as
in Egypt, she represented the promotions and assistance a solution to solving global care
Philippines in various capacities Her passion for music led her to challenges developed during her
through her foreign postings in Prior to her appointment as the set up Warner Music Philippines as time as a management consultant
Singapore, Australia, South Africa, TIPG Undersecretary, she was Managing Director. At Warner Music and a teaching fellow at Harvard
and South Korea. Ambassador the executive leader for DTI’s she worked closely with Warner Business School. Her growing
Garcia served as the Philippine Management Services Group (MSG). Music Malaysia MD and ASEAN appreciation for the power of
Ambassador to Israel from 2009- Among her key initiatives are the Regional Head, Tony Fernandes, who technology to help solve real
2011. Ambassador Garcia is a Ease of Doing Business (EODB), the later went on to shake up the aviation problems for people led her to
member of the exclusive Mensa Club, APEC Women and the Economy industry by establishing Malaysia’s Upromise, where she was VP of
an international group of individuals (APEC WE) and the DTI-wide roll and ASEAN’s first budget no-frills Product Management and Marketing
whose IQs belong to the top two out of the Performance Governance. airline which is now known as AirAsia. for the service that helped families
percentile. She was the Country Manager of save for college, and then to
Headstrong Philippines (a GENPACT executive search engine TheLadders.
Company) for over 10 years and com, where she was VP and General
the Site Leader for IT Services Manager. Following TheLadders.
for global customers engaged in com, she was an Entrepreneur in
Capital Markets, Financial Services, Residence at Matrix Partners where
Healthcare and Technology. she developed the plan for


Wilma T. Eisma: When Leadership Inspires
In a world controlled largely by male executives, lawyer Wilma “Amy” T. Eisma was man enough to
change the status quo.

In December last year, she made history by becoming the first woman to be appointed Administra-
tor of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), the government agency managing the Subic
Bay Freeport, now the country’s biggest and most progressive free port zone.

Nine months later, she topped that distinction by becoming the first woman Chairman-Administra-
tor of the SBMA when the Duterte government decided to entrust the agency’s reins to just one

As her historic ascent to the top was by no means easy, staying there won’t be a walk in the park,
either. As chief of the SBMA, Eisma not only takes charge of the 2,700-strong SBMA workforce;
she also presides over the length and breadth of the 67,452-hectare special economic zone, the
1,500 registered locator-companies in the zone that had so far pumped in some $10-billion worth
of investments, and the more than 115,000 workers that the firms have employed.

But getting the top job—and getting the job done—is nothing new to Amy Eisma.

Before taking over as SBMA CEO, she had served for 15 years as corporate, government and regu-
latory affairs manager of PMFTC, Inc., the Philippine affiliate of Philip Morris International.

There she worked closely with local tobacco farmers and earned for the firm international acclaim
for farmer programs, best practices systems and leading innovations in agriculture labor relations,
communication, and government relation strategies in supply-chain setting.

“Those were very fruitful years—for the company, as well as for myself,” Amy remembers. “In that
job I became a catalyst for change, and succeeded in setting positive examples for creativity, initi-
ative and resourcefulness.”

Amy T. Eisma: Leading with a heart: Meeting kids Under her direction, the various PMFTC public affairs and contribution programs received interna-
during a community outreach project in the Subic tional awards in corporate social responsibility. Moreover, her knowledge in government processes,
Bay Freeport culture and engagement helped bring about the enactment of the Philippine Tobacco Regulatory
Act of 2003 and the amendment to the Excise Law in 2005 and 2012.

Amy T. Eisma (third from right, front row): With members of the Philippine trade delegation to Japan

41B 1 4 TH

Amy reached for the stars and succeeded so during her stint in the private
sector, but her skills as an empowered woman-leader were honed in gov-
ernment service.

Starting out as a volunteer-lawyer with the SBMA in 1993 to 1998, Eisma
learned the ropes from mentors like then SBMA Chairman Richard Gordon
and delved into the science of management.

“It’s where I learned the art of being prepared, methodical and decisive, and
the need to make informed decisions,” Eisma now recalls. “Most of all, it
was in SBMA where my passion for community service, my “malasakit” for
my country, was kindled. Now I’m trying to spread this same passion to my
co-workers at the SBMA.” Amy T. Eisma: Inspiring stakeholders cooperation during the
International Coastal Cleanup in the Subic Bay Freeport

From the SBMA, Amy went on to serve as chief of staff of the Secretary of the Department of Trade and
Industry from 2000 to 2001, then as head executive assistant and legal counsel to the House of Representa-
tive’s Majority Floor Leader from 1998 to 2000—jobs that further molded her integrity as a leader.

“Whatever decisions I make now is based on the moral compass that I was able to develop as I matured.
Whatever choices I make today is determined by my sincerity to do good that I have learned early on,” she
now says.

With her appointment as SBMA chief bringing her back full circle to Subic,
Amy seeks to lead with the same passion and inspiration that she imbibed
as a young volunteer.

“Rightly or wrongly, I took on this job because I remember this was the best
experience in my young adult life—this SBMA family. I really felt like I was
going home,” she says.

Her new job entails a continuing regimen of analysing and decision-making,
creating teamwork among employees, wooing investors, and inspiring c
ooperation among stakeholders—all to sustain the progress and
productivity of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. But she approaches her work
as if it were a lifetime mission.

“I have a feeling I was chosen for this position so I can be the rallying point,”
Amy reveals. “I have always maintained that I will look after the SBMA interest,
not anything else.”

And how can she, a woman, make a difference in a world ruled by eight men
before her?

“It’s the heart that would set me apart,” she answers readily. “I approach my life
with a heart that takes care of people first.”

But wouldn’t that be taken as weakness? Not so, opines Amy, who asserts that
she could face toe-to-toe any male leader in terms of capacity and tenacity.

“I’d like to think that it’s my strength,” she counters. “When people know that they have a leader who has their backs no matter what,
they get inspired. They will work harder, be more dedicated, be more focused because they don’t need to worry about themselves.”

We are proud to salute Rowan University Trustee

Isabelita Marcelo Abele
Her devotion

to leadership

and service




ambition and