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November 8, 2017 VIA FAX:

Suffolk County DA Conley

One Bullfinch Place
Boston, MA 02114

RE: Docket # 1601CR6216

Dear DA Conley:

As of this date, I have no Public Defender. Attorney Richard Noone was told to withdraw due to his outright refusal to do
any discovery on Steven Rands ID, and then I found out AFTER his withdrawal your office had disclosed more fabricated
information. Attorney Meg Stanley was told to beat it due to her refusal to address Steven Rands ID as she was
allowing your office to disclose fabricated information and evidence to conceal the crimes committed by Steven Rand.
Attorney Lenfest sent me his withdrawal, and has outright refused to follow up, so now I have no attorney to defend me
against your attack and your fabricated information and evidence.

I am disabled, which your office and Judge Kelly have acknowledged on 3/23/17 and again on 9/7/17 when Meg Stanley
had a motion heard on reporting requirements added on to my BAIL, I requested a reasonable accommodation from the
public defenders office, however Nancy OLeary has refused to assign me one, but had no problem doing it before.

Since I am not being afforded a Public Defender to defend me against this attack that has the identical characteristics as
documented in the MURDER OF AN INFORMANT FOR THE FBI, DAVID RIVERA, your office appears to be telling me I am
going to end up being retaliated against repeatedly, by the same maggots involved with having David Rivera murdered,
same maggots involved in the murders of John and Geraldine Magee, Denise Robert and the murders and cover up of
Nina Obukhov and her 2 little girls, which was confessed to on July 8, 2016 by an unidentified maggot who was with
Steven Rand. Otherwise, your office wouldnt feel the need to disclose all this fabricated information.
Enclosed in the fabricated information Meg Stanley and Richard Noone have given to me, disclosed by your office:

1. A business card alleging Steven Rand, the person I am said to have wiretapped, as a DHS Agent with NPPD
mailed to me after Meg Stanley withdrew;

2. A Federal Protective Services report, mailed to me after Meg Stanley withdrew;

a. 2nd page claims Chuck Protzmann is a Security Specialist out of the Boston EPA
i. Chuck Protzmann is a DIVER with the EPA and works out of the North Chelmsford, MA Lab, as
can easily be confirmed and is attached

b. Bottom of 2nd page, Area Commander Chris Gonyer with.?

i. I have enclosed Chris Gonyers resume

c. Last page, 6th paragraph, USMS Jonathan LeMay was contacted and provided with information on me,
and please be advised Jonathan LeMay is a RECRUITER with the United States Marshals and probably
recruits criminals by failing to do adequate background checks, just my opinion.

3. A CJIS printout by Steven Rand, ICE Federal Protective Services, mailed to me after Meg Stanley withdrew;

4. Not attached is my letter to your office dated 4/3/17 which was also provided to the US Attorneys Office and
sent to the FBI, providing your office with emails to and from Steven Rands FBI Email address, so basically you
disclosed my letter that starts off with I am a FEDERAL WITNESS WITHOUT PROTECTION FROM THOSE I AM
WITNESS AGAINST as evidence against me, for being a Federal Witness and Im currently being retaliated against
for it;

As I have continuously requested my 2 former public defenders to do is have your office disclose the Identification of
Steven Rand, due to the numerous titles disclosed by your office, and as they refused, they were allowing your office to
disclose more fabricated titles.

As previously sent to your office, I am again including the 4/6/17 letter from the US Attorneys Office stating Steven
Rand is a Security Guard who impersonated various agents. Again, I am informing your office, Nancy Rojas at the US
Attorneys Office stated on 8/22/16 that she contacted DHS looking for Steven Rand to discuss his 6/22/16 email
addressed to me, threatening me with legal action via a FBI email address. According to Nancy Rojas, no one at DHS
knew who Steven Rand is. Yet, your office has been disclosing information claiming Steven Rand is a DHS Agent in spite

On September 7, 2017 Attorney Meg Stanley had a motion heard in my absence about Reporting Requirements ordered
by the Court. Those Conditions order me to Stay away from Agent Rand of Federal Protective Services. Yet, allegedly
on 8/16/16 Det. Dave Cataldo documented Steven Rand as a police officer. Attorney Meg Stanley then discloses a
business card, a FPS report, and a CJIS Printout as outlined above. Interesting Meg Stanley documented how she was
outright refusing to address Steven Rands title while your office was disclosing more fabricated titles which she had in
her possession while she was outright lying to me, and had the 4/6/17 letter from the US Attorneys Office saying Steven
Rand is a security guard who impersonated various agents.guess that would explain the guy who shoved his ID up to
my holding cell door didnt have a BADGE. But by shoving his ID up to my holding cell door, he was admitting, as he did
in text messages to me, that he was absolutely lying about who he was when he threatened to put a bullet in my head
on 6/20/16, although his 6/22/16 email to me was a dead giveaway.

There appears to be some big misconception your office can outright LIE and fabricate information and evidence to
create a case, in order to retaliate against me for coming forward with irrefutable evidence of organized crime.
Additionally, I am including some evidence to support, beyond any reasonable doubt the FPS report is fabricated, and
its trying to conceal some serious criminal activity, although claiming Chuck Protzmann is a Security Specialist with the
EPA in Boston did that.

A. 12/2/14 Letter from Assistant AG John Kennedy, assigned to the Homicide Prosecution Unit within the NH AGs
Office. Bottom of 1st page, Asst. AG Kennedy acknowledges I was reporting Organized Crime since 2014;

B. Attorney Kennedy made some fascinating statements about Wild Accusations I made about the NH & Mass
State Policeso I am enclosing emails I received from the NH State Police, where they intentionally provided me
with a FAKE COLD CASE UNIT EMAIL ADDRESS. Thats hardly a wild accusation. Thats just fact, although your
office is already in possession of this information, as well as the US Attorneys Office and the FBI. ASK STEVEN

C. I am including one of the envelopes that kept making it thru the US mail, and I have a confession from NH
Department of Environmental Services compliance attorney Kerry Barnsley stating there is no department 8048
within the DOJ;

Now, please be advised that while I am conveniently being denied the right to a public defender, who will not
allow your office to fabricate an entire case against me, because some scumbag threatened to murder me, youre
moving forward with charges against me where your office have done nothing but fabricate information and
evidence for someone who threatened to murder me while he was pretending to be the very TITLES your office
has disclosed.

Will Steven Rands ID match all of the titles your office has disclosed?? Because if I make it to trial, his ID has to
match everything your office has disclosed. With a badge. If it doesnt, then the only thing Steven Rand will be
testifying to is how your office SET ME UP.

Until I am afforded a public defender, I will keep in touch with your office.

I did ask Attorney Lenfest to file for a continuance for pretrial, however he refuses to respond to me, so Im running
with he conveniently DID NOT.


Audra Toop