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C3 CON Tools

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- Added feature to select a random winner for the event (chosen from previous
- Added feature to show estimated end time of event based on current queue (uses
song length from Setlist file when available, estimates 4:00 per song when not
available, and adds a 1:00 delay between songs to keep things realistic)
- Add Band field is now a combo box, which lets you click on a drop down to select
from previous acts and also auto-suggests and auto-appends (press Enter) based on
previous acts
- Can now double-click on a song in the queue to send it to Play Now
- Re-arranged fields when entering a new performance for more streamlined process
- Fixed bug that would cause soft crash when clicking to play after editing a song
in the queue
- Other minor fixes throughout

- Added option to use silent mode when drag/dropping CON or DTA files (under
Options) so you don't get repeated prompts when drag/dropping multiple CONs or DTA

- Added feature to batch analyze a folder of CON or MIDI files to identify songs
that have unpitched (# or ^) vocals - find it under the Lyrics/Vocals tab - option
to separate the files with unpitched vocals will move the CON/MIDI files to a
folder named _UNPITCHED VOCALS in the same location - this looks at both PART
- Fixed bug in analysis of songs that would not count unpitched vocals using ^ in


- Ability to specify encoding quality (1-10, default 5) is back as requested -
applies both when splitting stems (if not encrypted) and when downmixing to stereo
(always possible)
- Fixed bug that would sometimes fail when downmixing mogg files to stereo ogg
during conversion

- Added feature to search for songs with song ID conflicts - find it under Tools


- Make corrections to how items are sorted to match exactly (in theory) how they're
sorted in game
- Added ability to search for songs with possible file path conflicts
- Added ability to search for songs with possible short name conflicts
- Added ability to search for songs with possible song ID conflicts
- Exporting to Excel or CSV using the 'Everything' option now includes the song's
short name
- Added small label that shows you how many songs you have selected at any given
point (was useful to me)
- Other minor behavior improvements

- Added Auto-queue feature so Event Manager can automatically add the same band who
performed to the end of the queue for automatic rotation
- Added ability to add to queue only with a band name, without needing to specify
song and artist name
- Added ability to view Setlist details just like in Setlist Manager
- Added ability to enable/disable the auto-suggestion text
- Added ability to edit the auto-suggestion text for bands, songs and artists
(ported the code from the old stand-alone Event Manager)
- Can now double-click on the list of songs from the Setlist (if one is loaded) to
view song details
- Can now double-click on the list of previous performances to view performance
- Can now pin/unpin Event Manager to always be on top like with most other tools in
C3 CON Tools
- Changed behavior to make it so only way to close down is by clicking on Exit ->
Save and Exit - no more 'accidentally' clicking on close button, Alt + F4, etc
- Other minor behavior improvements

- Fixed bug that prevented you from hiding icons once assigned - right-click the
icon for option to remove
- Fixed behavior so when moving an icon from left to right, or right to left, the
other icon is moved to the other spot, rather than old behavior that deleted the
other icon
- Fixed bug where songs dePACKed with C3 CON Tools would label the author as Rock
Band Network


- Fixed bug where user couldn't right-click to add Magma file(s) if there were no
other files on the USB drive

- Fixed compatibility with newer Setlist Manager .setlist files broken in v3.9.5


- Added ability to label songs as RB1 DLC, RB2 DLC, RB3 DLC, RB4 DLC or simply DLC
- Added ability to add a link for each song (YouTube, Spotify, etc) - right-click
on the song in your list and click 'Edit link to song' to enter or edit a link, or
click 'Open link in browser' or press F5 to open a song's link on your browser
- All columns can be rearranged (just drag them), resized (click on the edge and
drag), and hidden/shown (right-click on the list and click on 'Edit columns')
- Entire window can now be resized - you can then move the different panels around
and lastly resize the song list (refer to Help doc for instructions)
- Instrument difficulties in the song list can now be displayed as tier names, tier
numbers or using 'dots' - choose your preferred method under 'Instrument difficulty
tier options'
- Sorting instrument difficulties now sorts by difficulty hierarchy rather than
- Improved behavior when searching for duplicates and none were found
- Improved behavior when locked
- Minor improvements to importing of DTA and Setlist files
- Fixed various minor bugs with the GUI
- Minor improvements to GUI behavior

- Added ability to export list of contents to CSV, just right-click on the list and
click 'Export list to CSV'


- Added ability to quickly add the RB1, Green Day, RB3 and Blitz export songs to a
RB4 setlist with one click. When RB2, Lego and AC/DC are made available by Harmonix
they will automatically download from the server and be available as well. To add
any of these, you must be in RB4 Mode, click on the Rock Band 4 menu and then
select the export to add
- Added ability to export the filtered list of songs to .Setlist format (File ->
Export as .Setlist) - this allows you to curate a specific list of songs that you
can then share with others. You can still export to PDF, Excel and CSV formats as
before by going to File -> Export As...
- Added ability to import a .Setlist file - if you drag/drop or go to File -> Load
existing Setlist, Setlist Manager loads that on its own. This new feature (File ->
Import .Setlist file) will combine the songs in the .Setlist file being imported
with your existing songs
- Several other minor improvements and changes to the GUI

- Should now work fine even for those of you using font/icon/display scaling


- Fixed bug that would fail when exporting individual character images
- Renamed from Editor to Extractor since the editing feature doesn't work well and
it ought to reduce confusion

- Fixed bug where files ending in ... ended up with ..(2) when renamed


- Fixed comment syntax when creating the song.ini file that would break
compatibility with FoFix


- Added notification when a song is marked as expert only based on the MIDI file so
there is no surprise
- Fixed layering so icons are layered behind themes

- Added ability to import your songs from and
- see Help document for instructions
- Improved search feature - now one search field lets you search for songs using
most available metadata (artist, song, album, genre, subgenre, year released, year
- Added Blitz (PS3) as an option when creating a new Setlist
- Code improvements throughout to prevent possible crashes when dealing with some
types of strings


- Improved image resources used for difficulty bubbles to have proper transparency
(so you can change Visualizer's background image without worrying about the bubbles
having a rectangle around them)
- Fixed bug where manually editing some metadata fields would not reflect on the
image unless another field was edited too
- Improved behavior to notify user when uploading to Imgur fails

- Instrument difficulties are now displayed using bubbles just like in Visualizer -
click on any one to change the difficulty for that instrument
- Various other GUI improvements and changes to better accomodate RB4
- Fixed bug that would throw an error at runtime if no setlist file exists
- Fixed bug that would ask you twice if you wanted to move to a different song when
you had unsaved changes to the currently selected song
- Various other bug fixes

- Copying files to the customs drive will now automatically shorten file name to
the FATX 42 character max to avoid disappearing files
- Adjusted behavior so multiple files can be sent through the right-click context

- Adjusted behavior so multiple files can be sent through the right-click context


- Added RB4 and Blitz as possible song sources to assign to a song
- Added RB4 and Blitz as song source filters
- Added feature to search through your existing setlist and automatically mark
songs as coming from Blitz - click on Tools -> Find and label Blitz songs
- Added feature to strip RB3-specific metadata from your setlist for use as a Blitz
or RB4 setlist -> click on Tools -> Correct metadata for RB4/Blitz use
- Added RB3, RB4 and Blitz modes (Options -> Mode) that will enable game-specific
features and disables the incompatible features
- Added feature that allows you to click on a button and add the RB4 on-disc songs
and/or the different pre-order exclusive songs to your RB4 setlist - you need to be
in RB4 mode, then click on the Rock Band 4 menu item, and click on the songs you
want to add - these features are disabled until I can get the correct metadata for
the songs, at which point they'll be uploaded to the server and Setlist Manager
will automatically download them and enable the features
- All exporting presets now behave differently based on what Mode you have selected
- Can now select all songs displayed by using Ctrl + A - to deselect all use Ctrl +
- Fixed bug that broke exporting to Excel
- Various other minor changes and improvements
- Fixed bug where all context menus would use the song ID field instead of the file
location field when locating the file
- Fixed bug where exporting file index to CSV would only include the song name and
location but would not include the ID
- Fixed bug where filtering by songs without wipe proof IDs would disable the
search bar and it could not be re-enabled
- Fixed bug where search term would not be removed when building index

- Will now update free space on drive as it copies files to or deletes files from
the customs drive
- Now correctly displays custom drive names as it would be shown in your Xbox
rather than the volume label used by Windows
- Fixed bug where copying a file that already existed (i.e. overwriting an existing
file) would add +1 to the file count incorrectly
- Fixed bug where after extracting a file it would then analyze it and find it out
of the correct folder
- Removed flickering that would happen when drive had several hundred or more files

- Fixed bug where it would fail at extracting the upgrades.dta file from a pro
upgrade CON file

- Fixed bug where manually selecting instrument difficulty was offset by one value

- Can now drag/drop a CON file to the Audio Analyzer button and it'll launch
directly into Audio Analyzer and start analyzing the file


- Reworked most of the code for better image layering - most of the restrictions in
place before (couldn't do x because of y) are now gone and everything layers like
it should
- Fixed broken ability to use and reposition author logo
- Reworked most of the underlying code and some of the GUI for a better experience
overall and to fix various minor bugs

- Added new PDF exporting preset - "MACST3R"
- Added animation to indicate it's working when exporting a PDF setlist with many
- Few other bug fixes and improvements to PDF exporting

- Added option to outline audio tracks to more easily tell them apart - to toggle
click on Options -> Outline audio tracks
- Few minor fixes and improvements

- Added ability to view song ID for all indexed songs (you'll have to rebuild your
index the first time you use this updated version)
- Added ability to show only songs without wipe-proof IDs - click on Tools -> Find
songs without wipe-proof IDs
- Added ability to sort by song name, song ID or file location in ascending and
descending order - just click on the corresponding header tab to change sorting
- Expanded ability to send selected file to various tools within C3 CON Tools (same
Send to... menu found in RBtoUSB)

- Added option to rename to internal name - select it under Renaming Options ->
Rename files -> InternalName

- Fixed bug that broke PS3 encryption of some moggs that were already encrypted

- Fixed bug where if "Default to upgrade ID over original song ID" was checked and
"Show new song ID prompt before bundling" was unchecked the resulting bundled file
would have the original ID and not the upgrade ID as it should

- Added option to disable the administrator mode warning that gives false positives
for some of you - click on Settings -> Help -> Administrator Mode warning
- Code changes throughout the entire Tools for improved extracting and reading of
DTA and MOGG files for increased speed and reduced hard drive usage - thanks to
Maxton for the suggestion and code sample


- Fixed compatibility with newer Setlist Manager .setlist files that was broken in
an earlier version

- Now can check for Administrator Mode use and for installation in Program Files -
both of these are discouraged because they cause permission problems - now C3 CON
Tools will advise you if you're doing either
- Some minor GUI changes


- Somewhat big GUI update with changes to make it better match Magma: C3 Roks
- Re-arranged tools to reflect how I believe they are being used and how they
should be used
- Audio Analyzer now has its own button (can still be accessed from within Song
- CON Explorer button is removed since it served no function other than to prompt
you for a CON/LIVE file - just drag/drop the file and CON Explorer is opened for
- You can now move the buttons freely - either right-click on a button and select a
direction under 'Move button' or click and hold on a button for one second and then
drag it around
- You can now hide buttons (i.e. hide features you don't use) - right-click a
button and choose 'Hide button'
- You can now resize the form at will (before there was an imposed minimum size)
- Some other minor visual tweaks and improvements (I think)

- Added progress bar to show you how much of the file transfer has been completed
or what percentage of files to delete have been deleted
- Modified behavior to tell you what file is being added rather than what was added
after the fact
- Modified behavior to show the file in the list immediately after adding it rather
than waiting to refresh after adding all files
- Added Cancel button to cancel long-running operations (i.e. copying lots of
files, or copying a very large file, etc)
- A few other tweaks and improvements

- Modified behavior to show the name of each file it extracts and the name of each
file it adds to the pack - this should help tracking down when a corrupt file
breaks the process and Pack Creator fails to create a pack
- Fixed error that would crash Pack Creator when the CON had a corrupt .mogg file
inside - this does not FIX the corrupt .mogg file, you have to redownload the song,
but it will no longer crash Pack Creator


- Made optional the step that removes all *.png_xbox files after converting the
CONs - this is disabled by default since it shouldn't be needed anyways - enable it
under Options

- Flappy C3 is no longer included with C3 CON Tools - if you really, honestly,
seriously played that and still want it, I might release it stand alone in the


- Added option to choose whether to truncate long text when exporting to Excel
(This Is a Long Name vs. This is a L...)
- Further fixes to the difficulty tiers displaying incorrectly in different parts
of Setlist Manager and when exporting the setlist
- Fixed bug where some songs displayed different durations in the song list panel
and the detailed info panel
- Fixed bug where exporting using PDF style 'espher' would not display the first
two lines of the setlist
- Other minor improvements and changes

- Added option to disable the song ID prompt when bundling
- Added option to default to using the upgrade ID over the original song ID when

- Added option to auto-load last used Visualizer Profile when Visualizer is run

- Improvements to the MIDI to EDAT encryption process

- Added feature to most parts of the Tools to 'pin' the active form to be always on
top - just click on the pin icon and the form will always be on top no matter what
you're doing, click it again to return it to normal

- Improved batch behavior when copying files to the drive - now analyzes files and
determines possible conflicts and asks you to confirm whether to overwrite or
ignore existing files rather than asking in the middle of copying the files
- Added ability to select all files by pressing Ctrl + A
- Added Refresh feature to the right-click context menu
- Fixed bug where sometimes the same file would be listed twice in the list of
- Other minor improvements and changes

- Fixed bug that would fail cleaning of entire MIDI file when there was a note that
NAudio could not recognize the length for - now it notifies you and skips that one
note and continues trying to clean the MIDI file

- Improved displaying of album names that would be cut off weird depending on
character length
- Now uses new Imgur ID - if you use Visualizer to upload to Imgur you HAVE to
update, older versions of Visualizer will no longer be able to upload

- Fixed (hopefully) reported problem with displaying correct difficulty tier
numbers and names in the manager and while exporting - if you're still having
issues, re-create your Setlist from scratch (re-import the cache file) and the
issue should go away - if not, let me know

- Added ability to both automatically and manually check for future updates to the
- Several under the hood improvements and changes


- Now prompts you to enter a new song ID for your bundled song in case you want to
change the ID (you should)
- Can now bundle a harmonies upgrade with just the MIDI file without needing an
upgrade DTA file to correct the DTA information

- Changed behavior to allow 'editing' of song ID for songs with no song ID in the
DTA file (i.e. it'll add it for you)

- Enabled networked drives showing up when selecting your customs drive
- Fixed error thrown after receiving a file from Magma

- Fixed playback of songs with certain amount of channels that would result in the
wrong channels being assigned to each instrument track

- Fixed drawing of CON files or loose MOGG/OGG files with certain amount of
channels that would result in incorrect channels being grouped together and some
channels not being drawn correctly
- Fixed audio separation of songs with certain amount of channels that would result
in incorrect channels being grouped together and/or some channels not exporting
- Fixed audio downmixing for songs with certain amount of channels that would
result in incorrect assignment of volume levels from the DTA to some channels

- Fixed bug that would make Smart Folder Merge fail if the song's internal name
started with 'meta' or 'song'
- Fixed creation of preview clip for songs with certain amount of channels that
would result in incorrect assignment of volume levels from the DTA to some channels

- Fixed 'wife proof' typo when exporting to Excel


- All-in-one file transfer/handling tool tailored specifically for use with Rock
Band 3 files and USB or portable hard drives formatted with the new Xbox 360
upgrade that breaks compatibility with prior tools (Party Buffalo, Modio, Horizon,
- Allows you to simply drag/drop CON, LIVE, Title Update, game save or
configuration files to the program and it sorts where the files need to go - users
accidentally adding compressed archives (RAR/ZIP files) don't need to worry -
RBtoUSB will extract the archive for you and add the files inside
- Allows you to view all important file information as well as song metadata right
from the program without needing to first extract the files
- Interfaces with most of C3 CON Tools' other feature sets so you can send the file
to Visualizer, Song Analyzer, CON Explorer, etc without needing to extract first
for real time access to the files
- Title Update 4, required for the best experience with customs, is included and
can be copied to your drive with one click
- See the included Help document for more features and instructions on how to use

- Added step during conversion process to correct some moggs that cause looping at
the end of the song - click on Encryption Options -> Fix looping when converting
and try converting the problem songs
- Added tool to correct some moggs that cause looping at the end of the song -
click on Encryption Options -> Fix PS3 mogg that causes looping and feed it a mogg
that has already been converted to PS3 use but causes looping in game


- Fixed bug where downmixing the audio would fail

- Fixed bug where creating audio clip would fail

- Changed audio encryption to (hopefully) fix some of the reported issues with
audio skipping and looping - thanks to djmike534 for the assistance

- Fixed bug with the renaming of Phase Shift song folders when the song contained
illegal characters in the name


- Now using BASS instead of SoX, this replaces the old method of visualizing mogg
files in Song Analyzer, can still be loaded the same way by opening Song Analyzer
-> Mogg analysis -> Visualize mogg file(s)
- Allows you to get a visual representation of the contents of .wav, .ogg and .mogg
files (both loose and inside CON files) - just drag/drop the file(s)
- Can also be launched by drag/dropping a .mogg, .ogg. or .wav file on the main
form or by using -audioa as a command line argument for C3 CON Tools


- Track number is now saved to the song.ini file
- Improved speed when separating audio file into its component parts (when
possible) (now uses BASS instead of SoX)
- Improved speed when downmixing audio file to stereo ogg file (now uses BASS
instead of SoX)
- Improved speed and accuracy when detecting silent files from non-multitrack
customs (now uses BASS instead of SoX)
- Improved batch converting speed
- Removed some redundant and unnecessary options to clean up the interface

- Added feature to batch rename Phase Shift song folders - click on Renaming
Options -> Batch rename Phase Shift folders (or Press F3) - most of the renaming
options intended for Xbox files will also have an effect when renaming the Phase
Shift song folders

- Improved speed and downmix quality when creating song preview clip (now uses BASS
instead of SoX)
- Fixed bug where mogg header given to preview clips would tell the game the clip
was encrypted when it wasn't (and then wouldn't work)
- Fixed bug with the Smart Folder Merge feature that would manifest with songs that
used the old DTA format

- Fixed support for pro guitar and pro bass tuning broken in v3.6.7

- New (and hopefully the last) feature is being planned, so it gets its own 'Coming
soon...' button to save the place - the about screen is now moved to the context
menu - just right-click on the main form and select 'About...' or press F1 to see
the credits
- Improvements to all the context menus and menu strips throughout the Tools for
consistency a little bit nicer look
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements
- Trimmed the executable with some code improvements and the package by removing


- Can now delete selected songs by pressing the Delete key
- Can now mark multiple selected songs as Do Not Export
- Won't crash when Harmonix marks a song's track number as 2013...

- Smart Folder Merge now allows you to drag/drop multiple songs at once
- Preview clips will now use smaller mogg header to save you some precious storage

- Can now drag/drop Wii .bin file to the Wii Converter button to extract the ng_id
- Can now drag/drop CON file to the Visualizer button to launch Visualizer and open
the file at once
- Can now drag/drop CON or DTA file to the Quick Pack Editor button to launch Quick
Pack Editor and open the CON or DTA file at once
- Can now drag/drop CON file to the Quick DTA Editor button to launch Quick DTA
Editor and get to the DTA file at once
- Can now drag/drop CON/MIDI/MOGG file to the Song Analyzer button to launch Song
Analyzer and analyze the CON/MIDI/MOGG file at once
- Can now drag/drop CON or MIDI file to the MIDI Cleaner button to launch MIDI
Cleaner ready to clean that CON or MIDI file
- Can now drag/drop DTA file anywhere on the form to launch Quick Pack Editor and
open the DTA file at once
- Can now drag/drop MOGG file anywhere on the form to launch Song Analyzer and
analyze the MOGG file at once

- Other minor bug fixes and improvements


- Changed from using SoX for audio playback to using BASS.NET so Windows Vista (and
maybe Windows XP?) users should be able to preview the song audio without problems
- Added ability to adjust the audio playback volume
- Added audio spectrum visualization during playback - click on it to cycle through
a few choices
- Various changes to the audio playback UI

- Added third MIDI to EDAT encryption option ('Type 3') that uses make_npdata.exe
- Added native support for PAL conversions and the ability to switch from NTSC to
PAL and vice versa - click on Region Options and choose your region
- Added process to clean files of problematic characters in the file names during
the conversion process
- Will now remember which encryption option is selected so you can choose the one
that works for you and it'll stay across sessions


- Changed behavior so when creating RAR files during conversion the containing
folder is also kept in the archive, so you don't have to manually rename each
extracted RAR file

- Changed from using SoX for mogg analysis to using BASS.NET for faster processing
and no need to call an external process

- Other minor bug fixes and improvements


- Added pro bass tuning, pro guitar tuning, song ID and whether the song is wipe
proof as fields that are exported when exporting as Excel or CSV using the
'Everything' presets for either format - you will need to re-import your song cache
for the tuning values to be captured and stored in the new .setlist file
- Added detection of songs with pro guitar and pro bass tuning when viewing the
Setlist details/statistics
- Fixed a couple of small Excel formatting errors

- Expanded Quick Access Buttons to work with Pro Upgrades - will allow you to
extract and replace upgrades.dta files in single song file or packs, and will allow
you to extract and replace the upgrade MIDI in a single song file

- Fixed bug that had broken creating of preview audio automatically when v3.6.0
changed how DTA files are read

- Modified merging of songs in the Songs to Merge folder to account for nested DLC

- Fixed bug in X360 library that would fail when analyzing some files to determine
if it was a CON file or not
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements


- Fixed bug that wouldn't count songs extracted from correctly

- Modified behavior of change ID button to also allow you to fix customs with
song_id lines but missing song IDs values - but still won't allow you to add a song
ID to official DLC that never had it in the songs.dta file

- Improved grabbing of lyrics for exporting
- Added feature to display the start and end time of lyric phrases when the 'Search
for lyric phrase' feature - to enable, go to Lyric Analysis -> Lyric phrase search
option -> Display phrase timing

- Improved math for calculating real time of notes/events


- Changed behavior so downmixed songs use guitar.ogg rather than song.ogg for
better compatibility with older versions of Phase Shift and FoFiX
- Fixed broken renaming of song.ogg to guitar.ogg for songs with only stereo
backing audio


- Fixed broken bundling caused by new method of loading MIDI files introduced in

- Fixed encryption bug introduced in v3.6.4 that would leave the PS3 stuck in a
loop trying to decrypt the audio

- Added option to encrypt the audio (mogg) file when converting a song

- Various other bug fixes and improvements


- Added feature to easily change the song ID - just click on the 'Change ID' button
under the song ID and enter a new ID - you have to click Save to commit the
changes, so if you made a mistake just close the CON file without saving
- Fixed bug where program assumed the short ID and the song ID would be the same
and would display that for customs that weren't using the numeric ID system - now
displays correctly the song ID field regardless of whether it's numeric or

- Fixed 'bug' caused by the updated NAudio.dll which would throw a Debug.Assertion
message when cleaning certain MIDI files


- Now allows anyone to convert encrypted Xbox 360 songs to Phase Shift format with
resulting stereo audio (song.ogg) - you no longer have to wait for a C3 volunteer
to convert C3 songs!

- Various under the hood fixes and improvements when working with MIDI files
(thanks to raynebc for the update to midishrink)
- Various other bug fixes and improvements


- Fixed small bug caused by drag-dropping one of the pack thumbnails on the Pack
Creator form

- Fixed bug where difficulty levels were one tier too high after v3.6.0 and would
cause errors for Impossible tiered songs
- Removed annoying ding sound when pressing enter to search for a song or artist

- Added feature to analyze the album art files when analyzing a CON file
- Added feature to analyze Xbox/PS3 album art files (just drag and drop it)


- Added ability to cancel extracting process so you're no longer forced to wait
until it finishes
- Improved scanning process to prevent the program's UI from locking up when you
have several hundred or thousands of CON files to scan through initially
- Added more detailed logging so now you know which CON file it's extracting from,
how many songs are inside that CON file, and which song it's currently extracting

- Added ability to cancel renaming process so you're no longer forced to wait until
it finishes
- Improved scanning process to prevent the program's UI from locking up when you
have several hundred or thousands of CON files to scan through initially

- Added ability to cancel conversion process so you're no longer forced to wait
until it finishes

- Added ability to cancel indexing process so you're no longer forced to wait until
it finishes

- Added ability to cancel pack creation process so you're no longer forced to wait
until it finishes


- Fixed bug introduced in v3.6.0 that would result in Phase Shift songs having
difficulty values one number too high for all instruments
- Added ability to cancel conversion process so you're no longer forced to wait
until it finishes

- Fixed bug where internal folder name wouldn't be converted to lower case but the
DTA would be changed to expect it being lower case
- Added ability to cancel conversion process so you're no longer forced to wait
until it finishes


- Added ability to cancel dePACKing and batch dePACKing processes so you're no
longer forced to wait until it finishes

- Changed searching behavior to only search after you press Enter - this removes
the slow-down caused by the constant searching after each character was typed
- Fixed bug when exporting Setlist as CSV artists, songs, or album names with
quotes in the name would lose the quotes
- Fixed bug when creating PS3 DTA List artists and song names with quotes in the
name would lose the quotes
- Fixed bug when creating PS3 DTA List the InternalName rather than the ShortName
was being used to identify the song

- Fixed bug where analysis of PART VOCALS, HARM1, HARM2 and HARM3 would ignore
valid notes at note #84
- Improved handling of some lyrics
- Added ability to cancel running process so you're no longer forced to wait until
it finishes

- Added ability to cancel pack creation process so you're no longer forced to wait
until it finishes

- Improved displaying of song lengths over an hour long
- Improved playback of song audio when visualizing a CON file

- Added ability to cancel conversion process so you're no longer forced to wait
until it finishes

- Improved code for DevIL's wrapper for safer and faster interaction with
DevIL.dll, used in the image handling and editing of some of the Tools
- Now using leaner version of NAudio.dll, trimmed and improved for much more
accurate timing of notes and lyrics in any of the Tools that work with MIDI files
- Various other improvements to the code throughout


- Redesigned the playback portion to be more like an actual media player, with
fully skinnable buttons, the ability to pause/resume, visual representation of
where in the song you are, ability to select any point in the song to play from,
and ability to enable or disable any or all tracks present (as long as the audio
supports it, of course)
- Improved audio playback to account for panning of mono tracks
- Added ability to grab song length from mogg file when visualizing a CON file, so
old songs without the song length in the DTA file still display a song length
- Moved uploading function to separate thread to better handle uploading problems
- If you use a Visualizer shortcut (shortcut to C3 CON Tools with -visualizer
argument) now you can drag/drop a CON file to the shortcut and the CON file is
visualized in one step

- Added detection of unpitched notes that use the ^ symbol instead of #
- Added analysis of audio channels used by each instrument when analyzing a CON

- Modified audio preview defaults from 30 seconds to 15 seconds and adjusted fade
in and fade out accordingly
- Added feature to extract ng_id from .bin file easily - click on Extras -> Grab
ng_id from BIN file or drag/drop a .bin file to Wii Converter and the ng_id will be
saved in a ng_id.txt file

- Modified Visualize behavior so when sending to Visualizer from CON Explorer, you
can still preview the audio

- Fixed bug when exporting a setlist it sometimes would be saved as an
extensionless file

- Fixed bug that would cause a problem reading the DTA file and break converting of
RBA files

- Added ability to preview the song audio (in-game preview or entire song) when
Visualizing a CON file
- Improved displaying of long song names and long artist names
- Fixed bug with displaying some old songs with only one part vocals in the
songs.dta file
- Difficulty selector now shows up next to your mouse cursor rather than centered
on the screen to save you all that effort of dragging the mouse to the center of
the screen

- Added distinction between standard and pro drum animations detection
- Added batch tool to attempt and identify songs that have PART DRUMS with Pro
Drums animations but no Pro Drums markers (typically old RBN1 songs) - will work
with packs of songs, single songs and loose MIDI files all in one folder - will
output list of MIDI and/or CON files that need Pro Drums markers added in the log,
which can be exported as a text file, and will also separate the files into a
separate folder (if the option is enabled)
- Added feature to search for a word or phrase in the lyrics of a song - put all
the song MIDIs you want to search through in one folder, click on 'Lyric Analysis',
then click on 'Search for lyric phrase', select the folder where the MIDI files are
and enter the word or phrase to search for - see the Help documentation for more
- Added option to enable/disable analyzing of mogg files when analyzing a CON file
(before was always on) - will save you some time if you don't care about the mogg
file analysis

- Added support for creating PS3 Setlists - see the Setlist Manager Help
documentation for the steps required (thanks to forum member traflaz for doing the
hard work to make this possible and forum members grubextrapolate and Gep for very
thorough testing)
- Greatly improved the speed, detail and accuracy when drag/dropping a DTA file to
add songs to your existing Setlist ~ 1500 new songs in a couple of seconds rather
than several minutes

- Added feature to automatically back up and restore (will ask you to confirm) the
configuration file so you don't lose your song ID counter from one install of C3
CON Tools to another going forward
- Expanded tool to 'Encrypt replacement MIDI file' under 'Encryption Options' from
one MIDI at a time to as many as you can select - this makes batch encrypting RBHP
MIDIs a one-click process


- Fixed misreading of old DTA comments as empty song entries

- Added option (enabled by default) to create a backup of the CON file if the MIDI
needs cleaning


- Added option to enable/disable backing up of the CON file prior to editing

- Fixed bug that would fail extraction of files in some RBN1 songs
- Fixed bug that wouldn't allow you to disable renaming of files if you only wanted
to sort them

- Now opens automatically to the right folder when you drag and drop a .rba file on
the main C3 CON Tools form
- Fixed instances of RBA files with _rb3con in the filename ending up with
_rb3con_rb3con in the file name when converted

- Major rewriting of the underlying code for most of the tools for greater
consistency and accuracy when reading DTA files
- Various other fixes and improvements throughout all of the tools


- Improved process of replacing song IDs with unique values to match the
developments with Magma: C3 Roks Edition
- Improved batch replacing of song IDs to use new numeric values and avoid
overwriting song IDs that were already in numeric form
- Improved batch merging of songs to also replace song IDs with numeric values if
the option is checked

- Fixed displaying of file name when it includes periods in the file name


- Fixed behavior that would eat lines from Magma: C3 Roks Edition in the dePACKING


- Expanded DTA Quick Access Button to also extract and replace upgrades.dta files -
if a CON contains both songs.dta and upgrades.dta, the button will extract both, if
only one or the other, it will extract that one - when replacing by drag-dropping,
it'll know which one to replace based on the input file name ('songs.dta' or

- Changed behavior to remove '_rb3con' from file names when creating RAR files

- Changed behavior to remove '_rb3con' from file names when creating RAR files


- Changed behavior to remove '_rb3con' from file names when creating RAR files


- Added gold star that pops up between obstacles for extra possible points
- Tweaked default jump height and speed for smoother animations

- Other minor fixes and improvements

- Fixed bug that broke reading of Magma: C3 features

- Fixed small bug when exporting lyrics joined as whole words and the lyrics had #
and - in the same lyric

- Made merging of newly converted songs and replacing of song IDs with numeric
values enabled by default as requested


- Added quick access buttons for the songs.dta, *.mid, *.mogg and *.png_xbox files
- one click extracts the file and copies it to your clipboard, then you can paste
the file anywhere you need. Can also quickly replace the files by drag-dropping the
replacement file to the corresponding quick access button


- Added ability to batch analyze mogg files for a variety of technical information
- to use either drag and drop a mogg file or go to Mogg Analysis and click on
'Batch analyze mogg files' and select the folder where the mogg or CON files are
- Added ability to 'visualize' one or multiple mogg files - creates a spectrogram
showing all the channels in the mogg file and a visual representation of the audio
in each channel - to use go to Mogg Analysis and click on 'Visualize mogg file(s)'
and select the folder where the mogg or CON files are located - note that you can
select one or multiple mogg or CON files...the spectrogram images will be found in
the same folder as the mogg or CON files
- When analyzing a CON file, the mogg file is analyzed along with the MIDI file


- Added option to batch convert from LIVE to CON or CON to LIVE - you can drag and
drop a CON file, and all files found in that folder will be converted to LIVE, and
vice versa, if you drag and drop a LIVE file, all files found in that folder will
be converted to CON - or you can click on the LIVE <-> CON menu button and then
select 'Batch convert LIVE to CON' or 'Batch convert CON to LIVE'

- Added option to automatically change the song ID to a unique numeric value when
merging new song with existing songs
- Added option under Tools to automatically change all song IDs in a songs.dta file
to unique numeric values

- Added ability to load songs.dta file by drag-dropping onto form
- Added ability to select songs.dta file or image file when browsing through the
'Open File' button
- Fixed small bug

- Improved communication with Magma: C3 Roks Edition when sending a MIDI file to be
cleaned with MIDI Cleaner

- Fixed compatibility with png_xbox, png_ps3 and png_wii files, where files being
drag/dropped were no longer working


- Added option to disable confirmation before deleting songs from the Setlist
- Other minor bug fixes

- Fixed bug when exporting using the espher PDF format where last page would have a
header that wouldn't match the rest of the document
- Other minor bug fixes

- Minor bug fixes


- Improved process for adding songs to your Setlist automatically using song files:
now you drag and drop one or multiple song files or packs and all the songs will be
be added to the Setlist automatically without even needing to press a button
- Changed behavior to not allow moving around of panels unless you go to Panels ->
User can move panels
- Fixed bug where Setlist Manager would not know which Setlist file to open by
default if you renamed the one you were using and then forced the program to close
through Ctrl+Alt+Delete or similar

- Added custom PDF format as requested by the always awesome espher

- Improved how custom themes are used: place themename_overlay.png and
themename_button.png in the res/vis_themes/ folder, then in Visualizer click on the
yellow plus sign near the bottom to open the theme selection screen and you'll see
all available themes and can preview any theme by clicking on it
- Included custom themes by Nightmare Lyra (Norway) and drummerockband (Canada)
- Improved when some of the preset custom themes are auto-loaded at runtime

- Fixed bug that would delete original RBHP songs.dta file if used as part of the
bundling process

- Fixed handling of some kinds of non-standard characters experienced by one of our


- Changed library used for creating PDF thumbnail for one that doesn't require any
- Fixed bug that would leave a dash on the header if you disabled showing Setlist
name and Page Count


- Added option to mark song 'Do Not Export' so it won't be included in exported
setlists (good for duplicates) - right-click on the song in the list and select it
- Added option to search for songs marked as 'Do Not Export' - find it under Tools
- Added option to Create Empty Setlist - this allows you to start from scratch and
just add a few songs manually or by drag-dropping CON files
- Fixed bug that would not save source change when changing from RBN1 to RB1 or RB2
or from RBN2 to RB1 or RB2
- Fixed layout bug

- Added feature that shows you a real-time thumbnail of your selected PDF format
- Added feature that tells you amount of pages based on selected PDF format
- Added ability to change sorting to be by Artist or by Song right in the Setlist
Exporter window
- Added option to show song count on exported PDF - can be on the header or the
- Added option to hide or show the page numbers
- Improved page numbers to show 'Page x of y' instead of just only 'Page x' as
- Added custom format based on request by forum member Deadly Robots
- Complete layout re-design for a fresh (and hopefully more intuitive) experience

- Added song count to confirmation message when loading a Setlist file

- Improved slow loading time when you had previously indexed files

- Fixed bug that would cause lyrics to export incorrectly when the note and the
phrase marker started at the same time

- Fixed bug that would fail to replace songs.dta with RBHP one if no upgrades.dta
was also provided for bundling


- Fixed handling / fixing of lyrics with spaces in them so no more crashing with
- Better way of grabbing lyrics when they have spaces in them to get correct lyrics

- Improved exporting of lyrics when lyrics had spaces in them

- By default bundled files will be changed to RB3 game ID rather than preserve the
old game ID - you can disable this (not recommended) under Options
- Changed behavior to be clearer when an old CON doesn't have a Song ID entry in
the DTA file
- Added displaying of internal name for songs and upgrades
- Updated Help doc to reflect possible conflict with RBHP files - read this or you
will have a bad time trying to merge RBHP + Pro Upgrade into your CON


- Fixed repacking of edited packs (broken in v3.4.6 while having too much fun
improving dePACKing)

- Fixed bug that would mistake some songs for packs when clicking Visualize!
- Improved displaying of song ID information for packs, pro upgrades, and old CON
files without song IDs in their DTA files

- Added unique instance check to ensure only one instance of C3 CON Tools is
running at a time to prevent file access errors and crashes
- Removed warning prompt telling you that C3 CON Tools requires at least 1366x768
resolution for some of its features. But keep it in mind!


- Ported code from the VB.NET project and integrated with the rest of the tools
- Includes huge improvements to old code for stability and better performance
- Communicates with your .Setlist file from Setlist Manager to give you song
information and auto-populate upcoming acts
- Some small redesigns to make it look a little nicer (but only a little)
- Every event has a log saved that can be reviewed using the included Log Viewer -
can also export the log to CSV
- Can be launched directly by adding the argument -event to the shortcut


- Completely redesigned and re-envisioned to now work with more than just pro
guitar upgrades - RBHP upgrade files can be used as well! - you can now combine an
existing CON or MIDI file with a pro upgrade CON file, or a loose pro upgrade MIDI
and upgrade DTA file, as well as all MIDI files from RBHP and their corresponding
DTA files
- Just drag and drop the files, click Bundle, bam - but please do read the help
documentation included!

- One of the restricted tools only available to C3 Authors before is now available
to the public!
- You can use this to package songs that you will be recording - you get one pack,
with all artists changed to 'Video Recording' so they're all grouped together in
game, with unique song ids and track numbers to avoid in-game conflicts AND with
custom songs.dta editing that makes multitrack audio not mute, so you can record a
multitrack song without worrying about audio dropping out
- This is only really useful to those who record videos of songs often - if you do,
it's an essential tool - every single Friday preview video has been made possible
using this tool

- Added ability to export lyrics for Lead Vocals or Lead Vocals + Harmonies

- Some adjustments to the MIDI to EDAT encryption Type 2 process to hopefully fix
the 'unable to load song, skipping' errors: updated TrueAncestor EDAT Rebuilder to
1.45c, changed time waited between commands to 500ms (up from 100ms), added option
to choose how much time to allow TrueAncestor EDAT Rebuilder to build the EDAT file
= can choose from 2, 5 or 10 seconds, other refinements to the code
- Added option to encrypt replacement mogg files used in the few cases where the
PS3 doesn't like a normal Xbox mogg file (see Tutorial thread for more info on
this) - either click Encryption Options -> Encrypt replacement mogg file or
drag/drop the new mogg file to the program
- Added option to encrypt replacement MIDI files used in the few cases where the
PS3 doesn't like a normal Xbox mogg file and has to be replaced (see above), which
in turn means the Drum Mix Events in the MIDI file need to be changed - either
click Encryption Options -> Encrypt replacement MIDI file or drag/drop the new MIDI
file to the program


- Added option to batch dePACK files - just click on the 'Batch dePACK' button and
point it to the folder with all the packs, and watch it work
- Added option to sort songs in pack by DTA Entry #, Artist - Song, and Song -
Artist. Choose by right-clicking on the list of songs
- Added workaround for the broken Oasis - Rock 'n Roll Star modified file that was
breaking packs for many users


- Added option to change the format of the Display Title (what you see on the Xbox
dashboard) between three styles
- Added option (enabled by default) to use the song's album art for the Package
Thumbnail (what you see on the Xbox dashboard)
- Added Help documentation

- Fixed bug that would show songs with harmonies as only having one part vocals if
the songs.dta was formatted in a specific way
- Fixed bug that would refuse to visualize a select few songs because it would
mistake them for packs

- Fixed bug that would refuse to visualize a select few songs because it would
mistake them for packs

- Several adjustments when saving changes to CON files throughout the Tools to
hopefully reduce the amount of 'corrupted' files when you put them on your Xbox
- Re-arranged the location of buttons to create (I think) a better work flow
- Several other improvements throughout the entire Tools


- Allows you to create an index of all your songs across various folders and
subfolders, counting individual songs as well as songs inside packs
- Once the Index is built you can search for any song or artist within it and right
click to open the folder the file is in, send the file to Visualizer, send the file
to CON Explorer or send the file to Quick Pack Editor
- Index and list of indexed folders save from use to use so you don't have to redo
it unless you've added new songs
- Index can be exported to CSV for whatever freaky use you may want - I won't judge
- Combined latest version of the existing MIDI Analyzer tool into C3 CON Tools as
it should have been from the beginning

- Added support for storing the following new values from the song cache: song file
path, preview start, preview end, game version, vocal tonic note, tonality, scroll
speed, percussion bank, drum sfx bank --- these will only be printed out when
exporting to Excel or CSV using the 'Everything' option
- Added feature that will fix most of the typical artist/song name encoding
problems (i.e. remove weird characters caused by wrong DTA encoding)
- Changed behavior so when exporting setlist using Detailed 1, Detailed 2 or
Detailed 3 PDF formats while Sorted By Artist, each Artist's songs are sub-sorted
alphabetically (same behavior as in Basic 1 and Basic 2) rather than the random
entry order in the song cache
- Added option to only write the artist name once when exporting setlist using
Detailed 1, Detailed 2 or Detailed 3 PDF formats while Sorted by Artist
- Fixed bug that would tell you you had to unlock the program even when it was
unlocked if you exited via File -> Exit
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

- Added option to select from two methods of MIDI to EDAT encrypting - if a song
you converted tells you 'Unable to load...skipping', try changing the encrypting
under Options to Type 2 and try converting again

- Fixed bug that would skip renaming files that had periods in the name, making
Windows think what followed the period was an extension rather than part of the
file name

- Added -indexer and -analyzer command line arguments
- MIDI files can be sent directly via Windows' Open With... - you'll have the
option to send to MIDI Cleaner or MIDI Analyzer



- Added CAT EMH button to mark songs with lower difficulties autogenerated by C3
Automation Tools ('CAT')

- Fixed bug that would cause each file to be extracted a ridiculous amount of times
if you didn't select to extract the MILO files
- Added back the button to Open Advanced Art Converter after extracting PNG_XBOX


Now a combination of the old Batch Extractor and Album Art Extractor:
- Added ability to extract album art (.png_xbox) and CON thumbnails
- Added ability to extract component files from packs, not only individual CON
- Added option to extract files organized into folders (on by default) or extract
all in the same folder
- Added compatibility for mixed packs of songs and pro upgrades
- Improved compatibility with pro upgrades and pack of pro upgrades
- Other minor improvements and fixes to the batch extraction process


- Added experimental feature that will analyze the output ogg files to better
detect silent files and delete them
- Added option to leave the mogg intact for manual processing at a later time


- Expanded compatibility with some textures extracted from *.milo_ps3 files

- Improved renaming of files with special characters in the artist or song names

- Improved displaying of files with special characters in the artist, song or album

- Changed behavior so songs inside a pack are listed alphabetically when browsing
the contents

- Fixed bug that would create broken packs with certain unique combination of files
(thanks to Nyxyxylyth for figuring it out!)
- Added check to verify pack contents after creation to ensure you don't put a
broken pack in the game
- Fixed bug that would delete songs.dta file when using previously extracted files


- Fixed bug that would occur with old packs that had closing and starting brackets
together followed by the song's short id all in one line

- Further clean up and improvements to the X360 library
- Other minor general improvements and bug fixes throughout


- Added option to 'lock' the program - once enabled Setlist Manager enters read-
only mode and nothing can be edited and the program can't be closed until unlocked.
This is a great feature if you want to leave it open during a party or event but
don't want to risk your setlist being modified
- Replaced icons used on PDF Style 5 with higher quality files extracted from the
Rock Band Music Store
- Changed behavior when using for PDF Style 5 to display Pro icons when a Pro chart


- Added ability to extract and convert textures found in *.milo_xbox and *.milo_ps3
files (thanks to PikminGuts92 for the source code)


- Fixed bug when exporting composite image that would show the drop-down and
buttons for the character information in the image
- Fixed bug when saving modified character name and band name that were shorter
than prior name


- Fixed bug when auto-separating the mogg file for old GHtoRB3 and other songs with
non-standard DTA files

- Fixed bug that would count files incorrectly when extracting CON files
- Few other minor fixes and improvements

- Fixed bug that broke adding of new files or replacing existing files in a CON /
LIVE file

- Fixed behavior so you won't get asked if you want to mark the song as Expert Only
when a song has fake pro keys generated by Magma: C3 Roks Edition

- Overall fixes to eliminate most of the problems created by Windows permission
- Overall fix to prevent files in use error caused by very specific circumstances
when searching a folder for files


- Added support for replacing of existing character images
- Added support for replacing of existing art images
- Added support for editing the band name
- Added support for editing existing character names
- All of the above only for Xbox 360 / PS3, sorry Wii users
- Considerable consolidation and improvement of the code for greater efficiency and


- Separation of the mogg file into its component ogg files is now fully automated -
this means it's now truly a one-click process
- Added multi-threading support and a few minor fixes and improvements

- Wii album art now will be created at 256x256 pixels rather than the prior
(official) tiny 128x128 pixels
- Added option to change preview clip down mixing: can choose automatic down mixing
or dual mono channels (under Options)
- Added multi-threading support and a few minor fixes and improvements


- Added support for more *.png_wii file formats
- Increased resolution of *.png_wii files created by Advanced Art Converter to be
- Added support for converting from .tpl files
- Added support to keep intermediary .tpl files when converting to/from *.png_wii
- Removed support for extracting images from Rock Band 3 save game files - use the
now more robust Save File Image Editor
- Fixed merging of upgrade and CON file that already had pro upgrade charts
- Added ability to display song ID and upgrade ID. Will notify you if the IDs don't
match to ensure you're bundling the right files
- Added multi-threading support and a few minor fixes and improvements

- Added support for *.gif, *.tpl and *.png_wii images


- Fixed bug when using the album art as the thumbnail for new files created when
- Few other minor fixes and improvements

- Added feature that will display song ID for quicker access - click on it to copy
to your clipboard
- Few other minor fixes and improvements

- Fixed major bug that created broken header after multithreading was added
- Few other minor fixes and improvements

- Few minor fixes and improvements


- Fixed bug that would keep the program busy even after it completed the conversion


Added multi-threading support to BATCH RENAMER, BATCH EXTRACTOR and ALBUM ART


- Simple and quick batch converter that will convert RBN1 and RBN2 .rba files, as
well as .rbs files to usable CON format

- New method of processing the audio file that now allows you to pause/unpause the
game and access the practice sessions!
- Removed editing of song.dta preview start time that was necessary under the old
audio process. Now preview start times are as the song authors set them

- Added ability to automatically create the song preview clip for you. No more
messing with Audacity and remembering how to name or where to place the file. Now
the entire process from CON to fully ready Wii file takes only 2-3 seconds!
- Fixed bug causing png_wii images to be offset to the right


- Added ability for end users to expand compatibility with .png_xbox and .png_ps3
files that Advanced Art Converter may not yet recognize. See README file in the
/bin/headers folder for more information


- Added dedicated button on main screen for quicker access

- Minor bug fixes that would keep CON file in memory if it wasn't a song file (so
you would get a "file is in use" error)

- Added mute button to play with or without sound
- Added "flapping" sound (flap.wav)
- Fixed sound bugs that would keep sound bite playing even after closing the game
or starting a new game

- Some cleaning up of the code

- Fixed bug that would export setlist details even if you clicked Cancel on the
export dialog

- Added "Active color" option for background color (inspired by the Windows 8.1
installation screen) ... try it out!
- Added ability to restore C3 banner without having to reset everything and lose
your customization
- Some minor changes to hopefully improve appearance for Windows XP users when
using transparencies

- Various other bug fixes and improvements throughout
- Considerable code overhaul to better skip straight into the different parts of C3
CON Tools
- Reworked some command line arguments and added new ones. Below is the most
current list of supported arguments:
CON Creator: -concreator
CON Explorer: -path_to_con_file
RBA to CON Converter: -rba
Pack Creator: -packcreator
Pro Upgrade Bundler: -probundler
Batch Renamer: -renamer
Batch Extractor: -extractor
Quick Pack Editor: -quickpack
Quick DTA Editor: -quickdta
Visualizer: -visualizer -optional_path_to_con_file
Advanced Art Converter: -artconverter
Save File Image Editor: -save
File Indexer: -indexer
Setlist Manager: -manager
Setlist Manager: -path_to_setlist_file
MIDI Analyzer: -analyzer
MIDI Cleaner: -cleaner
MIDI Analyzer / MIDI Cleaner Selection Screen -path_to_midi_file
Phase Shift Converter: -phaseshift
Wii Converter: -wii
PS3 Converter: -ps3
Flappy C3 Game: -flappy


FLAPPY C3 (Game? Game!)
- Added support for animated GIFs


- Yet one more annoying multi-threading bug fix

FLAPPY C3 (Game? Game!)

- Fixed reading of configuration values to ignore negative values (i.e. no cheating
by setting negative gravity!)


- Added advanced option to specify encoding to use with the songs.dta file. Leave
this on default if you don't know what you're doing

- One more multi-threading bug fix

- Bug fix caused by a stupid misplacement of one line


- Given all the recently and newly added (see below) features, it's no longer
appropriate to call it "Album Art Converter", so renamed it
- Added ability to extract textures from your Rock Band 3 save game file. Drag and
drop the file to Advanced Art Converter. Bam. Instantly get your character pictures
as well as custom art you have created in the game's art creator
- Added support for more texture types and expanded support to all Rock Band games
and expansion packs, the Rock Band music store app, and all Dance Central games
- Added ability to copy the current folder to directory or paste a directory to
search in. Just right-click on the folder text box at the top
- Added feature that will remember last directory used and default to it if it
still exists next time you run the program
- Fixed bug that would cause all images to be shifted slightly to the right
- Greatly reduced and improved the code for higher efficiency and accuracy in the
conversion process


- Found in Advanced Art Editor -> Advanced
- Allows you to view your character pictures as well as custom art you have created
in the game's art creator
- All three consoles are supported - see HELP doc for more information
- You can export all images by going to File -> Export all images or by clicking on
the respective image's Export image button
- Five backgrounds are included for your character. If you want to change them,
replace "bg1.png", "bg2.png", "bg3.png", "bg4.png" or "bg5.png" in the /res folder.
To export a composite image of your character on the selected background, right
click and choose "Export composite image"
- The code for editing and replacing of images is there, but disabled since the
game continues to say the file is corrupt. Hopefully someone else can pick up where

- Added support for Rock Band Blitz song cache files ("Library Files") - Xbox 360
ONLY (not quite sure if PS3 has a cache for it)
- To import a Blitz cache, go to File -> Import RB Blitz song cache. You can also
add "blitz" to the name of the cache file and then drag and drop it. If you try
drag/drop without having "blitz" in the filename it will fail, since it will assume
it's a RB3 cache file
- There are some limitations: Blitz does not keep track of a few fields that RB3
does, so we don't have gender (defaults to Male), master status (defaults to being
a master), song length (will show as 0:00), rating (defaults to NR), track number
(defaults to 1)
- Fixed a couple of potential bugs for more stability

- Fixed bug introduced when this tool was strictly for Rock Band use which would
change the game ID of any CON file opened to Rock Band 3 by default if it wasn't
another Rock Band title - now can open, edit and save CON/LIVE files from other
games without affecting the game ID
- Made the Visualize button only show up when the program can find a songs.dta file
in the CON, otherwise it's not a Rock Band song and can't be Visualized

- Fixed bug that would create a corrupt VENUE track, which in turn would cause
playability issues with some songs
- Added option to enable/disable the conversion of the venue from RBN2 to RBN1
(enabled by default)
- Added option to enable/disable the conversion of post processing events (enabled
by default)

- One more bug fix for using our default font. It was requiring you had Myriad Pro
default installed, not just the included Myriad Pro Bold. Fixed

- Fixed behavior throughout to avoid issues of files being in use when the program
scans for CON files


- Changed method used to make the EDAT files to a more reliable and efficient tool
= less failures, more consistency, less clutter

- Added option to pick between Myriad Pro (default), Calibri, Tahoma and Times New
Roman fonts
- Changed behavior when our default font is not installed or accessible = program
will keep running and you can just choose a different font
- Simplified ability to use a custom font = create a text file named font.txt and
place it in the /res folder. Enter one line of text that says FontName=Name Here
and save it. Visualizer will load that and make it default, but you can still
choose any of the other fonts mentioned above. Make sure the font name is spelled
correctly (case sensitive) and is actually installed on your system.

- Fixed multi-threading call bug that would cause the program to fail (introduced
in v2.5.1)
- Cleaned up files being left behind when cleaning a CON file


- Added support for converting most game textures from Guitar Hero 2, Dance Central
3, and Rock Band: Blitz
- Fixed conversion from *.png_ps3 to *.png_wii
- Fixed bug that would count incorrectly how many files when converting to

- Fixed bug when changing how to name the files, settings would seem to change

- Added several new package thumbnails from RB3 and TB:RB textures

- Added ability to make form background transparent. Combine it with borderless and
hide the banner = free-floating buttons!


- Since it's been brought up so many times and the program no longer resembled Le
Fluffie in any way, we've renamed to C3 CON Tools.
changing the path in Magma: C3 Roks Edition under ADVANCED SETTINGS.


- Customs come to PS3! (Requires jailbroken PS3, see included Help Documentation)
- Allows you to very quickly batch convert CON/LIVE files into PS3 format
- Allows you to merge already-converted songs with your existing customs (i.e.
files downloaded from C3's database)


- Increased in-game album art quality exponentially (about 8x the image data) - now
creates 512x512 DXT5 textures instead of prior 256x256 DXT1 textures when
converting to png_xbox or png_ps3
--- As of this writing, Magma: C3 Roks Edition isn't updated to accept these files
natively. Refer to the updated tutorial on the Magma: C3 Roks Edition thread on how
to get these higher quality album art files into your song
- Increased quality of images converted from png_xbox/png_ps3 (also noticeable in
- Added support for most Rock Band game textures (besides the usual album art
files) - can be converted from *.png_xbox or *.png_ps3 to *.png, *.bmp, *.jpg
and/or *.dds. No guarantees are made that it will work with all game textures from
all Rock Band games, but over 3,000 textures from RB3 and TB:RB have been tested
and worked
- Added support for input images in Targa format (*.tga)
- Removed ability to resize images on the fly when converting from
png_xbox/png_ps3/png_wii - this yielded lower quality than doing so afterwards on
Paint.NET or Photoshop, and allows for otherwise overall better quality as
mentioned above
- Fixed bug caused by old songs having Track Number 0 that would cause the
Information panel to stop showing song information
- Fixed bug where certain songs would have ridiculous rating numbers that would
cause the program to crash
- Fixed bug where files would not refresh when drag/dropping one Setlist after
having another Setlist already opened
- Greatly improved error handling and notification during loading of the Setlists


- Added ability to work with loose DTA files without requiring it to be in a pack


- Fixed bug that would result in the songs.dta not opening if you hadn't told
Windows how to open .dta files before

- Fixed bug that had broken ability to use with Pro Upgrade CONs

- Re-designed the layout to account for all the latest additions
- Added ability to fully customize your experience = resize the form to your
liking; make the form be borderless; right-click on the background to choose a
custom background color or use a custom background image (or drag and drop the
image to the form); right-click on any button to change the background color and
the text color of the button; right-click on the C3 banner to make transparent or
hide. All of these changes will be saved and will be there next time you run the
program. If you want to share your customization, just share the main.config file
found under the /bin folder. Your friend can replace his or just drag and drop it
to the program
- Right-click on the background and select "Reset everything..." to put everything
back to stock


- Enabled selecting of multiple songs in the song list for deleting - hold Control
+ click, or hold Shift + up/down arrow to select up or down
- Expanded search for unsupported characters to include two more known unsupported
- Made search for unsupported characters, search for possible duplicates and search
for exact duplicates persistent - click on "Reset All Filters" or filter using any
of the many filters to turn this off
- Considerably expanded the View Setlist Details feature to give almost every
metric you could think of
- Added option to View Setlist Details feature to export the details to a text file
for sharing/bragging online
- Fixed bug when exporting to PDF and sorting by Song
- Fixed bug when importing song cache con file in a specific set of circumstances

- Fixed bug that would fail to clean MIDI if using a non-standard time signature
AND having a problem at [1:0:00]

- Improvements throughout the program to handling of large tasks and animations so
you know the program is working and not stuck

- Will parse both Xbox 360 (both the STFS package and the internal song cache file
are supported) and Wii (*.vff) RB3 song cache files instantly to start a new
- Gives you a multitude of detailed filtering and sorting options
- Can edit existing songs, delete existing songs, and add new songs
- Can export to PDF, Excel and CSV with a multitude of styles and options
- Highly customizable for a unique experience based on your tastes and preferences,
refer to the detailed HELP doc for more info
- To bypass the main screen and go straight to Setlist Manager, add -manager to
your program C3 shortcut
- Right-click on a .setlist file and tell Windows to use C3 CON Tools to always
open that kind of file, and you can just double-click on your Setlist files to open
them straight into Setlist Manager

- Added option to normalize featured artists (featuring, feat, Feat.) to "ft."
- Added counter to distinguish from skipped (already properly named) and failed
- Improved renaming of files
- Improved sorting of files
- Improved recognition and handling of duplicates
- Improvements to the logging


- Added support for older customs with handmade songs.dta files

- Improved normalization of featured artists to consistently be "ft." to save space
- Fixed Theme Button being clickable even though no theme had been selected

- Fixed bug that would result in your settings not being saved

- Improved ability to drag the program around


- Several code changes to hopefully increase stability and address some of the
reported bugs

- Improvements to the code that checks for duplicates and allows you to delete
older versions of the same file, etc.

- Improved shortening of long album names and fixed bug that would scroll to the
beginning of the album name field

- Fixed bug in Smart Folder Merge that would happen when merging songs with older
formatted DTA files
- Fixed bug that would cause errors when extracting files in certain operating


- Added "_keep" to the filename automatically when converting to *.png_xbox /

- Changed how code works throughout the program when reading DTA files. This should
result in drastic improvement in the ability to read special characters and
preserve special characters when creating packs
- Patched up potential memory leak when sending MIDI files to midishrink (and
includes fixed midishrink.exe thanks to raynebc)
- Improved how moving of files works throughout the program for better performance
and lower likelihood of crashes
- Fixed bug when sending files/folders to Recycle Bin which sometimes would fail
and leave the files/folders behind


- Enhancements to the stability of all instances where a MIDI file is being
imported or accessed. This affected Pro Bundler's ability to bundle some files,
Visualizer's ability to determine if a chart had EMHX, etc.


- Bug fixes that would lead to failures when dePACKing the AC/DC Export Pack, Green
Day Export Pack and RHCP's Blood Sugar Sex Magik Album


- Added option to dePACK packs into individual songs with one click. Each CON file
will retain the same game ID as the original pack (i.e. RB1/RB2/RB3) and will be
named Artist - Song. By default the CON files will use the song's album art file as
thumbnail, user can change this to use the pack's thumbnail image.

- Expanded ability to clean CON/LIVE files. Same behavior as before - drag/drop one
or multiple CON/LIVE files or use the "Browse..." button to find them. Can only
combine CON/LIVE files with MIDI files. LIVE files will be changed to CON and
unlocked/made anonymous in the process. No packs or pro upgrades.
- Expanded fixing of uncapitalized words to HARM2 (off by default) - before would
only check PART VOCALS/HARM1
- Expanded detailed logging to specify how many errors are from KEYS and PRO-KEYS

- Further enhancements to the code for stability and to remove some redundancy
throughout the entire program.

- Added PS3 support! Can now convert to and from *.png_ps3 images
- Minor behavior changes to logging

- Fixed cleaning of incorrectly formatted lyrics, now it detects all instances and
fixes them correctly
- Added check to existing BEAT track for back-to-back downbeats
- Modified code to ensure creation of BEAT track does not generate back-to-back
- Added check for 1/x time signatures ... since these are so rare, user will be
notified as a warning of a possible mistake in the tempo map
- Expanded persistent options to include whether to override note velocities, the
note velocity value, whether to correct notes that are too short, and what size to
change them to

- Added support for PS3 (*.png_ps3) images for album art
- Changed behavior when reading the MIDI file to estimate if the file is Expert-
Only. If the program determines it most likely is Expert-Only, you'll be shown why
it thinks so and you can choose whether to mark is as Expert-Only or not. Songs
marked as Expert-Only through Magma: C3 Roks Edition will continue to behave as
they have in the past.
- Changed location of difficulty tier form to be centered on Visualizer's location
rather than centered on the screen
- Fixed bug that would require pressing on Harmony image twice to change from one-
part harmony to two-part harmony

- Improved tracking of which forms are currently open
- Improvements to code efficiency


- Fixed bug that would lead to failure extracting files from RB1 era files


- Fixed bug where thumbnails were being extracted whether you checked "Extract
thumbnails" or not

- Added function to convert lyric events outside of VOCALS/HARM parts to Text
- Improved code for detecting unsupported events earlier than 2 beats from the
start of the song and moving them
- Changed behavior so options are saved across MIDI Cleaner sessions
- Improved and condensed logging to remove redundant log lines
- Fixed bug that would cause corrupt track header errors in MagmaCompiler

- Added New Year's Eve theme (created by drummerockband). Visualizer will
automatically display this between Dec 25 and Dec 31. To access it before, click on
the lock and enter "newyears".

- Improved code in all instances where CON/DTA files are imported/processed to
expand compatibility with RB1 era files


- Added finding and moving of [music_start] event if it's earlier than two beats
from the start of the track
- Added option (enabled by default) to create a BEAT track for the MIDI if one is
not present already - this is highly accurate for most songs, but it may fail if
there are irregularities in the MIDI file (i.e. very rare but possible, mostly very
old files) - songs with 11/16 and similarly "weird" time signatures may need
thinning of the BEAT track to match the "feel" of the song
- Added cleaning of lyrics with either # ^ & markers at the start of the lyric, now
will be moved to the proper placement (as the last character of the lyric)
- Added option to display total number of issues fixed broken down by instruments
(on by default when Detailed Logging is enabled)
- Greatly improved reporting accuracy when using [M:B:T] format during detailed
logging (i.e. easier to find the problems in REAPER)
- Fixed code to ensure all tracks finish with an EndTrack event (just for a
healthier MIDI file, no changes in behavior for RB3 purposes)
- Adjusted code so a "clean" copy isn't exported when nothing is actually cleaned
in the MIDI
- Fixed bug that would not save clean MIDI to the right directory if MIDI Cleaner
was opened via command-line or Magma
- Fixed bug that would sometimes report wrong notes twice when the MIDI was using
running status
- Fixed bug that would report the uncapitalized lyrics without specifying the track

- Added code to convert unsupported RBN2 venues into supported RBN1 venues =
working camera cuts and lighting calls!
- This takes place automatically when converting an existing CON to Wii format, or
you can click on 'Extras' -> 'Convert VENUE from RBN2 to RBN1' and you can process
MIDI files for songs you've already converted. You can do one or multiple MIDI
files at a time this way.

- Added option (enabled by default) to sort expert only songs separately when "Try
detailed sub-sorting" is enabled. For songs created with Magma: C3 Roks Edition
this is picked up from the DTA file. For other songs this is estimated based on the
charts found in the MIDI file.


- Expanded from only extraction of DTA files to include MIDI, MOGG and MILO_XBOX
- Can extract one or all of the file types above from one or multiple CON/LIVE
files at once
- Still uses all the renaming features present before, each file type is grouped in
its own folder
- For PNG_XBOX (album art) files, continue to use ALBUM ART EXTRACTOR

- Several bug fixes and code changes to eliminate (or at least reduce) the "access
to folder denied" errors reported that would cause the process to fail


- Added some code to improve loading of some MIDI files that may not have loaded
before due to format errors

- Enabled running multiple instances of the program
- Enabled opening of MIDI Cleaner by drag-dropping a MIDI file to the main form


- Feature to batch process old RB/GH/FoF/PhaseShift MIDIs to get them as close to
RBN 2.0 compliance as possible via automation.
- MIDI Cleaner will NOT make an old RB/GH/FoF/PhaseShift MIDI ready to compile in
Magma, but it will reduce a lot of the time you have to spend cleaning it up.
- MIDI Cleaner can be opened via command-line two ways: use -cleaner as an argument
to open MIDI Cleaner, or use the file path to a specific MIDI file to open it
automatically. This also means you can do Right-Click -> Open With and select C3
CON Tools
- For the extensive list of features included refer to the Help in MIDI Cleaner


- Finally one of the most requested features is here! This allows you to quickly
modify a pack of songs in two ways:
You drag and drop or browse for a pack, the program reads it, shows you all the
songs it finds. Select all the songs you want to remove, leaving the ones you want
to keep in the new package. Don't worry, you have plenty of opportunity to change
your mind. Then you choose
1) Edit DTA entries only - the songs will be removed from the songs.dta file, so in
game they will no longer show up. This is much quicker but leaves you with the same
file size pack
2) Edit DTA entries and pack contents (default) - will remove the songs from the
songs.dta file as well the associated files in the package. This is the preferred
method but takes considerably longer
- If you want to go a little further, you can also change the title and description
text, the package and content thumbnails (what you see in this program and the Xbox
dashboard), and the game ID in case you want to change it (default value is
whatever game ID the input file had)


- Feature to quickly open and edit the DTA file (controls all metadata in the song)
- Drag and drop a song/pack file, or use the 'Open file' menu option. The DTA file
is automatically extracted and opened in Notepad, you make your changes, exit out
and click Yes to save. The modified DTA file is replaced and the song/pack file is
saved as a signed, unlocked CON file ready for your Xbox

- Added option to use custom overlays for holidays and other special moments. You
need two files, one called "theme_overlay.png" and one called "theme_button.png" -
replace "theme" with the name of your holiday or whatever you want. Place those two
in the /res folder. Visualizer includes six preset themes: Christmas ("xmas"),
Valentine's Day ("love"), St. Patrick's Day ("stpaddy"), Summer ("summer"),
Independence Day ("freedom") and Halloween ("spooky"). When making your own, use
the included themes as reference. Your files must match the dimensions of the
included themes and be .png (with transparency). Then in Visualizer you or anyone
you share the files with clicks on the lock and enters the name of your theme, and
voila. If you named your files "valentines_overlay.png" and
"valentines_button.png", the password would be "valentines" in Visualizer. C3
Authors must make sure to get admin approval if they're planning to use any custom
- Fixed bug where expert only chart that was also marked as X-Only in Magma would
show two X-Only icons
- Fixed annoying bug where every time you typed into the Name or Artist fields it
would always scroll to the end

- Fixed bug where some special characters would end up in the file name, which the
Xbox would not accept

- Small code changes to hopefully eliminate the random crashes after building a
pack using a thumbnail from one of the cons in the pack
- Fixed bug where input files would be counted incorrectly and lead to incorrect
"duplicates" message


- Fixed bug that had broken ability to use pro upgrade con

- Added option to replace non-working .milo_wii files with a working basic one from
an official song. It is not a perfect solution but it gives you some sort of camera
cuts and lighting effects, rather than a static camera. This option is only
available when doing Smart Folder Merge.


- Added option to replace the genre with the song's subgenre. Note that Phase Shift
does NOT support subgenres, so this replaces the genre with subgenre in the
song.ini file, not add both.


- Added ability to use TIFF (*.tif), GIF (*.gif) and DDS (*.dds) images for the
album art
- Added Halloween and Christmas overlays if you want to theme your Visualizer
images...these will only show up in the months of October and December respectively


- Added ability to open *.tif, *.gif and *.dds images when converting to Xbox/Wii
- Added ability to convert .dds images to usable Windows format
- New method for creating png_xbox images will generate better looking album art
with less artifacts than before

- Bunch of code optimizations


- Bug fix on the song.ini creation for the proper preview start time metadata
- Further fixes to the creation of the song folders where disallowed characters
would fail the process

- No longer using Tao.DevIL.dll or ILUT.dll (you can safely remove them if you
still have them, no longer included with the program files)
- Greatly improved image handling to avoid crashes and more efficient processing
- Testing different way to enlarge/shrink images, let me hear your opinion! Better?
Worse? The same? (= better because cleaner code).


- Added ability to display song rating (FF = Family Friendly, SR = Supervision
Recommended, M = Mature, NR = Not Rated)
- Enabled auto-loading of Author Logo at run-time. Name it "author.png" (224x33
pixels) and place it in the program directory. This image goes in the small
rectangle at the bottom of the album art.
- Changed behavior to account for long album names to shorten and add ellipsis
(...) rather than have the text go off-screen
- Changed behavior to replace "feat." and "featuring" with the much shorter "ft."
to save space and generate text at an easier to read size
- Greatly improved the SPLIT behavior for better splitting and text resizing after
- Fixed bug that would allow Genre/Sub-Genre to be moved up even when there was
existing Album Name text
- Fixed bug that would show both Rhythm on Keys / Rhythm on Bass icons when
importing a song that was compiled with the Rhythm on Bass marker in Magma.
- Other minor improvements


- Bug fixes on the song.ini creation code
- Fixed bug that would fail conversion if the song title or artist name had colon
(:) in the name (i.e. Ulrich Firelord: Breaker of Mountains)


- Removed some more unused / unnecessary tags
- Added support for reading/writing of hopo threshold (hopo_frequency) information
- Included custom c3.png icon to be used as icon for C3 customs
- Modified some other aspects of the song.ini file

- Added preview time shown when sending to Audacity to the log, so you can refer to
it if you forget the information

- Added two C3 thumbnails. Use them when creating packs of C3 customs!

- Cleaned up the installation folder of all .dll and .exe files
- Other minor fixes


- Added ability to estimate whether a song is Expert-Only based on the contents of
the MIDI charts. This should be "pretty good" at determining whether there are
"some" reductions, not whether the reductions are done to any standard. Still,
tests show a 90%+ accuracy. If you want more details as to what is and isn't in the
MIDIs, you might want to use the MIDI Tester feature that will be available in
Magma: C3 Roks Edition v2 soon.

- Fixed bug that would cause a crash when extracting a file via right-click menu.
TIP: You can extract files by drag/dropping them to your desktop/folder!
- Fixed bug where if you replaced a file by drag/dropping it, the form would not
reflect that changes had occurred


- Cleaned up how the song.ini file is created to remove unused fields and modify
some fields from old FoFix format to current PS format - thanks to AkiraNomuraBCN
for the help!
- Added C3 icon to each song archive and necessary line to the song.ini file.
You'll need to copy the C3 icon to your icons folder. Thanks to AkiraNomuraBCN for
the suggestion.

- Code changes to the png_wii creation code to hopefully reduce the crashing that
has been reported at this step

- Changed some code to hopefully fix the crashes reported when building a pack
using a thumbnail from one of the con files


- Quickly and accurately converts CON/LIVE files to Phase Shift format - all the
features that Phase Shift supports that are present in the CON are preserved!
- Only step you have to do manually is separate the mogg into individual ogg files
- program can automatically send the mogg to Audacity for you
- Program can automatically RAR each converted song if you want to share them -
will automatically append _phaseshift to each RAR archive
- By default, C3's banner (banner.png in the program directory) is included with
Phase Shift songs, change that with another image if you'd like your own banner
- By default, the loading phrase is set to "" - to change it
create a text file, name it loading_phrase.txt and place it in the program
directory, enter anything you want to show up as your loading phrase in there

- Added Thumbnail Viewer feature - will display the Package Image thumbnails for
all the files loaded prior to building the pack - up to the first 100 files loaded.
Just drag the thumbnail you want to either the Package Image or Content Image boxes


- Added option to extract the Package and Content Image thumbnails

- Changed RAR behavior to append _wii to each RAR archive
- Minor bug fixes for a smoother operation

- Can now drag/drop user logo right to user logo field without having to click to
- Harmonix and Rock Band Network songs are automatically labeled as Multitrack

- Massive consolidation and cleaning up of the code into single NemoTools class =
more efficient, easier to maintain and significantly less lines of code overall
- All instances where there is image handling should now be more efficient and
- All instances where the songs.dta file is being read (Album Art Extractor, Batch
Renamer, Visualizer, etc) should now be consistently accurate
- Added option to click and drag the main form around - if any other forms are open
they will be moved along with the main form
- Improved the restore form feature - if you hide or minimize a form, click on any
empty space on the main form to restore it
- Hopefully fixed all instances of the code where user could not delete a
folder/file until closing the program down
- Added ability to open Wii Converter directly in the desired folder by passing the
argument as -wii -folderpath - future update to Magma will use this


- Added option to clear contents of folder before starting to avoid duplicates/file
- Fixed bug where preview start time would only show 1:0 instead of 1:00
- Fixed bug where song name was incorrectly determined for non Magma-created songs
- Fixed bug where if the process failed for one song it would stop the entire
conversion process
- Fixed bug where if the file being extracted already the process would fail
- Added several error catchers to hopefully reduce the random crashes or at least
help us pinpoint their cause
- Fixed other minor bugs


- New code for converting from png_wii files that is quicker and will allow for
more Wii texture formats
- Added several error catchers to hopefully reduce the random crashes when
converting to Wii format

- Fixed bug where sending a CON file to the program containing one of the allowed
command line arguments in the file path would be interpreted as being the argument,
rather than the path to the file
- Added some code to clean up temporary folders left by the various parts of the


- Added ability to open Rock Band 3 song cache files
- Fixed bug where extracting extensionless files would cause a crash


- Simplifies the process of converting a CON file into the necessary Wii files
- Will process single or entire folders of CON files at a time, in seconds!
- Allows you to merge a newly-downloaded Wii customs with existing songs
- Refer to the included Tutorial and Help links for more information


- Added support for Wii album art files (png_wii) - can convert to and from
png_wii, including straight png_xbox to png_wii conversions
- Completely re-designed and re-written from scratch to be more efficient

- Fixed bug where typing into name fields would constantly move the cursor to the
end of the text box
- Added support for showing quotes in the name of the song, artist or album
- Enabled showing subgenre by default except in cases where it's the same as the
genre [i.e. it won't default to Rock (Rock)]
- Minor cleaning up

- Fixed bug where changing package / content image sometimes would not save
- Renamed "Sign & Rebuild" to "Save" to make it clear you always have to save after
any changes
- Added code to keep track of changes and will ask to confirm if you want to exit
without saving changes

- Added option to change the game id that the pack is for (Advanced - > Set game
- Fixed bug where if you cancelled the pack creation, the buttons remained hidden
and prevented you from trying again

- Added shortcut support to open Wii Converter directly ("-wii")
- Created new way of displaying the help information for each part of the program,
check it out!
- Few other bug fixes and changes to how the code operates for hopefully less
problems overall


- Added ability to read and display re-record year
- Added option to display Genre (Subgenre), or just Genre, or just Subgenre
- Added option to manually move Genre/Subgenre up/down like with Year
- Added feature so if album name is blank, genre/subgenre automatically move up
(can still move it down if you'd like)
- Added feature so if album name is too long, year automatically moves down

- Improved reading of CON files - will drastically reduce "File in use" crashes
(applies throughout the entire program)


- Fixed bug that would throw an exception when counting files


- now accept DTA and MID files (before, only lowercase dta and mid)
- Added comprehensive error catching for handling of the midi files

- Fixed drag and drop(broken in v2.1)
- Changed behavior: now besides changing the game ID and image, it also sets the
Title_Package correctly for proper sorting in the Xbox dashboard

- Fixed bug that would result in skipping renaming of a file but would report it
was renamed correctly

- Added ability to export the log throughout the entire program, just right-click
on the log box and select 'Export log file'


- allows for easy and quick bundling of songs with their pro upgrade - drag and
drop the song, drag and drop the upgrade con or upgrade files, press
Bundle...that's it! The songs.dta and upgrades.dta files are combined, the song's
midi and the upgrade midi are combined, song is rebuilt as "filename_bundled". Your
original files are not edited.
- Added -probundler argument: add it to your shortcut after the .exe:
...C3CONTools.exe" -probundler and the program will bypass the main screen and go
straight to the Pro Upgrade Bundler

Fixed several bugs pointed out by C16 (thanks!) it should work as intended:
- When using an existing folder structure, everything under "foldername/songs" and
"foldername/songs_upgrades" are counted and added
- Better feedback to the user as to how many existing files are found
- Better feedback as to how many total new files are found
- "Continue previous session" works as intended and incorporates new files added to
the input folder

- Fixed bug where if you replaced a file in a song with a file of smaller file
size, the package would show up as corrupt on the Xbox dashboard.
- Improved extracting by drag-and-dropping to desktop more "extracting"
inside of the program, better communication with the user and deleting of temporary


v2.0.0 RC2
- Added option to include user logo...must be PNG image up to 224x33 pixels (or
smaller). Click on the clear rectangle (bottom of the album art) to select an
image. Click on it again to drag your logo to where you want it. Right click and
select "Clear logo" to remove the logo.
- Significantly improved code to better understand the songs.dta entries and reduce
- Improved code for extracting the songs.dta and album art to make the process
quicker and more efficient

- Improved (but not completely fixed) special characters not showing correctly
after making a pack
- Fixed pre-set filenames for packs to no longer have Windows forbidden characters
- Cleaned up how songs.dta files are generated: no more empty spaces, no more
useless comments, each song entry separate by a blank line
- Changed how Pack Creator "resets" so you can continue creating pack after pack
with no issues
- Fixed problem with the "Bonus Rock Band 2 Tracks" pack not working well and
causing crashes
- Added a few new pack thumbnails

- Added option to extract the Package Image and Content Image thumbnails...just
right click on either image and choose Extract
- Added option to easily select all text in the text boxes: either press Ctrl+A or
double click the text box
- Changed process so Content Images no longer get overwritten during opening, now
will show the true embedded image until / unless you change the Game ID
- Improved logging to persist after resigning/rebuilding pack
- Improved code to "Visualize!" a song...this makes the process quicker and more

- Improved code to remove some of the random (2) that would be appended to some
files based on a certain combination of settings
- Improved code to remove the "Can't create file because file with same name
exists" error


v2.0.0 RC1
- Allows you to rename and/or sort your files in a batch!
- Enable 'Rename files' if you want your files to be renamed (enabled by default) -
can choose from four formatting options: "The Artist - Song", "Artist, The - Song",
"Song - The Artist" or "Song - Artist, The" - renaming works by grabbing the artist
and song from the songs.dta file for single songs (99%+ accurate?) - for pro
upgrades and packs, it uses a bit of logic based on naming conventions and patterns
(~90% accurate)
- If you want to replace blank spaces in your file name with underscores, select
that option before clicking Begin ('Rename files' must be selected)
- Whether you're renaming or not, enable 'Try to sort files' to do basic top level
sorting = sorting of the files based on established naming conventions - will sort
to "pro_upgrades", "hmx_dlc", "c3_dlc", "rbn", "ghtorb3", "beatles" and "pony_rock"
- Enable "Try detailed sub-sorting" if you want to have sub-sorting into "rb1" and
"rb2" subfolders (rb3 content stays in main sorted folder), and then finally
"packs" or "albums"
- Will also find duplicates! - default behavior is to append (2)(3), etc - select
'Delete older copies' to delete files with older "last modified on" dates with the
same internal file name (i.e. v3 of a song for which you have v4), select "Delete
exact copies ONLY" to delete files with same name, file size and "last modified on"
date (i.e. exact duplicates of a file) - duplicates are sent to your Recycle Bin
rather than deleted from your hard drive, so you can restore your files if
something went wrong


- Allows you to batch extract the songs.dta files from CON/LIVE files very quickly
- Provides several naming options so the files aren't all named "songs.dta" - 5
different naming options available
- Can remove spaces in file names or replace with underscores for post-processing
with software that doesn't like spaces


- Allows you to batch extract the album art files (png_xbox) from CON/LIVE files
- Will extract from single songs as well as from packs!
- Provides several naming options so the files aren't all named the same - 5
different naming options available
- Can remove spaces in file names or replace with underscores for post-processing
with software that doesn't like spaces
- After extracting, allows you to go straight into Album Art Converter to convert
your files

- Added ability to mark a song as having 2x Bass Pedal icon (click on the drum icon
to toggle)
- Added 'RB3 version' and 'Expert Only' icons to the Icon Panel
- Removed second 'Convert' icon and re-designed the Icons Panel
- Greatly improved how icons are enabled/disabled: double-click on any icon in the
Icons Panel to send it down, or drag and drop it. In the template box, you can also
drag and drop the icons from slot 1 to slot 2, and vice versa
- Added ability to read subgenre from song. Can only display genre OR subgenre,
click on the the one you want to show
- Added ability to overwrite font size...will always auto-size first, then you can
enlarge or shrink the Song Title, Artist Name and/or Song Duration
- Added ability to split Song Title or Artist Name into two lines - just type the
whole thing, then click on "Split": Visualizer will try to split as close to the
middle of the phrase as possible without splitting a word. Click on "Join" to go
back from two lines to one line
- Added ability to move the Song Title and the Artist Name - just click on the
arrows and move the mouse around. This works with both one-line and two-line names
- Added ability to change font color individually for each component of the image!
Just click on the color bar next to the name of the field (i.e. next to Song Title)
- Added ability to lower/raise the Year - it will be aligned to the Album Name or
the Genre (this is useful for longer album names that typically overlap the Year)
- Changed previous restriction so Song Duration can now show up to 7 characters
(i.e. 1:23:45) since the new Magma allows us to go beyond an hour
- Changed and improved code that reads song duration from songs.dta to take into
account 60 minute+ songs
- Changed and improved drag-and-drop code - can now drop an image anywhere on the
form and it will be assigned to the album art, and can drag and drop a song (CON or
LIVE) anywhere on the form, including on the previously-restricted album art box
and it will be loaded and processed
- Greatly improved uploading code: if fails will ask if want to retry, and can
handle user input
- Changed default uploading / saving behavior: default is now to just upload to
Imgur without making a local copy, you can check off "Local" to also save to your
hard drive, uncheck "Imgur" if you ONLY want to save a local copy and not upload it
to Imgur automatically
- Changed uploading behavior: link is copied to clipboard automatically but browser
won't open unless you click on the link
- Changed the tiering behavior to show pro guitar/bass/keys difficulties when
present rather than their 5-lane counterparts
- Added ability to read new metadata saved by Magma: C3 Roks Edition (whether song
is karaoke, multitrack, expert-only, etc)
- Added field to show you who the author of the song is (if they're using Magma: C3
Roks Edition)
- Visualizer will try to make an educated guess as to whether the song is official
DLC from HMX, from RBN or one of the GHtoRB3 tracks
- Added ability to interpret the contents of the Song Title: if the Song Title
contains (RB3 version) (Rhythm Version) or (2x Bass Pedal), it will automatically
select the appropriate icon(s) and remove it from the Song Title for you for a
cleaner image
- Added ability to save / load 'Visualizer Profile' = saves the colors and font
sizes for each component, so you can set your color scheme, save it, and load it at
any time. Once you load a profile, that will become the "default" values until you
close Visualizer (hint: you can distribute a custom Visualizer Profile with your
custom skins)
- Reworked the font loading process: if "font.otf" or "font.ttf" are found in the
'res' folder, it will default to that (hint: this can be used to distribute a
custom font with your custom skins), if not, it will default to the included c3.otf
font. If the chosen font is not already installed, Visualizer will open it for you
and prompt you to install the font. The program will close, run it again after
installing the font and you will be good to go...PLEASE NOTE that not all fonts
will work well with Visualizer's auto-size feature and GDI+ graphics drawing
method. If your font doesn't play nice, you can still use it but you must set the
size manually
- Improved code that verifies the song is not a pack - Visualizer no longer needs
to extract the pack to determine it has more than once song inside
- Added small graphic to let you know Visualizer is loading when drag-n-dropping a
large CON file (takes a few seconds)
- Changed the look to match the new "look"

- Changed encoding for the songs.dta files - they now are encoded using UTF8
encoding and the line "encoding 'latin1'" is replaced with "encoding 'utf8'" - this
should resolve most of the non-standard character issues caused by previous
- Improved the option to use an existing folder structure (i.e. previously
extracted and prepared pack) - Click on 'Advaced' -> 'Use existing folder
structure' - YOU MUST SELECT THE SONGS FOLDER (i.e. "songs\yoursong\" - select the
songs folder)
- If you load the Packager, and there were previously extracted files, and you
accidentally click "No" (so it deletes and starts from scratch), your folder is
moved to the Recycle Bin rather than deleted from your hard drive, so you can
restore it
- Enabled changing the Content Image (previously locked) and switched order of
images to make more sense
- Can now drag and drop images to both image fields
- When changing either the Content Image or the Package Image, defaults to included
folder of images provided by C16 (THANKS!)
- Several major code improvements
- Changed the look to match the new "look"


- Several code improvements and general cleanup
- Changed the look to match the new "look"

- Added ability to extract multiple files at all the files you want
to extract, right-click, 'Extract selected files' or drag and drop them onto your
Desktop or other Windows folder
- Added ability to add new files to existing package either by drag and dropping
the files into the bottom panel, or right click and choose 'Add file(s)'
- Added ability to replace file by drag and dropping over the existing file in the
bottom panel (can only replace file with same filetype - i.e., .mid with .mid, etc)
- Removed "option" to add new folder since it was never coded to work
- File sizes now display in KB or MB, so it makes more sense than looking at size
in bytes
- Added option to change game ID from and to RB1, RB2 and RB3 - ONLY USE THIS IF
- Changing game ID will automatically change Content Image to match
- Enabled changing the Content Image (previously locked) and switched order of
images to make more sense
- Can now drag and drop images to both image fields
- When changing either the Content Image or the Package Image, defaults to included
folder of images provided by C16 (THANKS!)
- Extracting package now creates a "header_info" text file with all of the useful
information and none of the useless information it generated before
- Considerable code improvements
- Re-created the form from scratch to break away from the constraints of the old Le
Fluffie DevNet controls and changed the "look"

- Added ability to drag and drop entire folders [on the left panel] ... files
inside the folder are automatically added as well. If it's a song folder structure,
the "gen" subfolder and those files will also be added...if "songs.dta" is present,
it will also be added
- Added ability to drag and drop files [on the right panel]
- Added option to change Game ID to Rock Band, Rock Band 2, and Rock Band 3
(default) - when changing ID the Content Image will automatically change for you to
- Enabled changing the Content Image (previously locked) and switched order of
images to make more sense
- Can now drag and drop images to both image fields
- When changing either the Content Image or the Package Image, defaults to included
folder of images provided by C16 (THANKS!)
- Fixed deleting folders ... before it would seem as if it was deleted, but was
still in the package
- Fixed deleting of multiple files: select the ones you want to delete, right click
on any of them, delete. Bam, works as intended.
- Removed option to rename files/folders. It was messy and didn't always work well.
Just make sure files/folders are named correctly before you add them.
- Major code improvements and clean-up
- Re-designed most of the form to break away form the old Le Fluffie "look" and
only give you what you need for Rock Band purposes

- now accepts arguments! This means you can create shortcuts with one of the
following arguments and it will bypass the main screen and go straight to that
form, which saves you time if you only ever use the Visualizer, for example. Valid
arguments are "-visualizer" "-artconverter" "-packcreator" "-renamer" "-
artextractor" "-dtaextractor" and "-songpackager". Only one argument per shortcut.
Add it to your shortcut after the .exe: ...C3CONTools.exe" -visualizer
- program can now be opened via command line with the file path to a CON/LIVE file
as the argument - will open in Song Explorer (now used by Magma: C3 Roks Edition!)
- Re-envisioned the "look" of the program - new modular look that will allow for
further expansion rather than the already crowded drop-down menu system
- Miscellanous code improvements

- No longer using x360.dll, but instead imported only the relevant parts of the
source code, cleaned it up, and fixed some parts that had problems...this may mean
further improvements down the line as I fix up the library.


Just drag and drop your song into it and save the image locally and/or to in seconds!
- mipmaps enabled again in Album Art Converter due to feedback that the song
difficulty smaller icons werent working well

- added button to Visualize! the song, which will open it for you in Visualizer
and preload all the information
- fixed the bug that forced the form to close after extracting, now you can extract
the package, and keep it open, visualize, re-sign, etc., without having to close
and reopen the file!
- heavily modified the look stay more in line with the rest of the software

- fixed bug where it would still create a pack if you pressed Cancel when prompted
for a name
- updated code that should yield faster packages and less errors

- added option to drag and drop up to 10 files at a time to the main form (to open
in Package Explorer) by request of C16
- made small design changes throughout the whole program and further optimizing of
the code


- see included Help documentation for how to use

- Content Images can now be replaced by any size images in JPG/PNG/BMP formats, no
longer limited to 64x64 PNG images (software will auto convert and resize on the
fly) (in all sections of the program)
- You can click on the image box or just drag and drop them there
- reworked the signing and unlocking method to be more efficient and work faster
than before
- added progress animations so you know it's not "stuck" or "crashed" - if
animations are moving, program is still working hard for you
- improved Extract Package option - will auto-extract by default to the same folder
the input file is, using the input file name + _extracted

- minor updates and modifications to virtually all parts of the program
- About and Help messages link to README file - DO NOT DELETE IT!
- deeper cleaning of the old code + IntelliSense and ReSharper analysis and


- redesigned and greatly improved
- can now go from bmp/png/jpg to Rock Band format
- any input image size is allowed, program auto-scales to correct size
- can now go from Rock Band format to bmp/png/jpg
- choice of multiple output sizes and formats
- can drag and drop files into the converter

- fixed bug where package would not sign correctly after replacing existing files

- removed more unused code and forms


- fixed bug where package would not be created signed correctly


- reskinned

- drag-n-drop feature fixed, can now drag-n-drop a con/live file straight to the
main screen


- Initial release, based on code from Le Fluffie:

- reskinned (sorry furries)
- streamlined to remove non-RB3 forms and code (chat, updater, plus a host of
- easily access two rb3 functions (open package, create package) + added functions
from menu bar

- can change format (CON/LIVE), sign and unlock from this form by selecting a
format -> rebuild (saves all other changes made to the package as well)
- can change the package and content images by clicking on the existing ones ->
rebuild (saves all other changes made to the package as well)
- removed non-RB3 windows
- clicking on nodes expands them (i.e. no more clicking on the + sign)
- replace file only allows same extension as file being replaced
- extract file only allows same extension as file being extracted
- removed extra context menus

- all defaults set to RB3 and locked (internal name, publisher, game id, content
- package image default to RB3 icon, can be changed by clicking on the image (no
more default furry cat!)
- Title Display/Description now save automatically as text is typed in, and save to
correct place in Header (was inverted before).
- rename folder function fixed so it works correctly, before would rename first
node ("Root")
- when adding new nodes (i.e. "songs" or "gen" folders), they auto-expand for you.
- all other windows hidden with defaults set for RB3
- fixed bug where if added a folder, deleted or renamed it, and tried to add a
folder with the same name, it wouldn't work
- Create package button moved to initial screen for faster access
- added buttons to select type live/con to initial screen = do entire process from
the same screen
-----selecting LIVE/CON will change the package type automatically from MARKETPLACE
- packages will be created either as LIVE/CON but always unlocked
- when creating a package, file name pre-populated for you based on first entry
under "songs" (allows you to change it)


- converts from png_xbox -> bmp and bmp -> png_xbox
----one or multiple files at a time
----option to delete original files