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Lesson Plan

Topic area: Stage of Learner: Stage 6 Syllabus Pages:

Date: Location Booked: Lesson Number: 2 /16

Time: 50 minutes Total Number of students Printing/preparation


Outcomes Assessment Students learn about Students learn to

Syllabus outcomes Lesson assessment Student understand Calculate simple interest
Represents information Raising hand to answer
the question how to use percentage for different rates and
in symbolic, graphical and
tabular form MS11-2 to apply and find out periods
Models relevant financial increase or decrease in
situations using appropriate various contexts
tools MS11-5
Makes predictions about
everyday situations based on
simple mathematical models
Use appropriate technology to
investigate, organize and
interpret information in a range
of contexts MS11-9
Justifies a response to a given
problem using appropriate
mathematical terminology
and/or calculations MS11-10

Cross Curriculum themes & General Explicit subject specific concepts and skills

Time Teaching and learning actions Organisation Centred

Intro Break the ice in the class by walking around the class Teacher:Pay attention on student T and S
5 mins and ask student who can be volunteer to write their homeworking to see if they need to
working out of their homework on the board. adjust the homework level or adjust
their teaching strategies
Meanwhile, teacher keeps walk around the classroom to
have a look on students homework, so they can know if Student: revise their understanding
their students homework has been done or not, as well before moving to the new less. Also
at have a better vision at students understanding. learn from their peer by discussing
In the other hand, if students have not done their work their mistake
at home, teacher ask them for the reason why : Giving
extra support and attention if that student is struggling
or couldnt catch up the with flow in the class. However,
if student didnt do their homework because they forgot
or lazy, teacher make sure to note student name down
so can check in the next period

After all, checking the working out from the board. Ask
student what are the good points about your friend
working out?. Secondly what are the things your
friend need to concentrate on. Lets students discuss
for 20 second and ask them to raise their hands to
answer the question. By doing this student can learn
from their friends mistake. Teacher explains all the
common mistakes which have seen when walking
around the class.
Ask student if they are stuck at something or have any
questions then lets them mark their homework.
Before moving into the new lesson, teacher collect
student feedback to reflection on their teaching practice
by just asking some simple questions. Collecting
students feedbacks benefits teacher on re
Tell me if you thinking homework is hard Easy? Or
I am not really sure what I am doing
Who think that they need spend more time to work on
these problem

Body Revise student understanding about percentages before Teacher: Help students revise their T&S
10 mins move into the new lesson. knowledge before they moving on
Handing out worksheet 1 for everyone. into the new lesson. Building student
Lets student look at the worksheet for a minute and understanding in using percentage
slowly do it on the board step by step. For every step,
ask different student to do it, at the same time teacher Student: Raise hand to answer the
can have a look at at students current knowledge to question or have problem with the
give extra support if they needed solution. Working as a group to
3% means 3 for every 100 answer worksheet 1
100 3 Resources: blackboard, worksheet 1
100 3
100 3
so 3% of $300 is $12
Now, ask student to raise their hand if they have
problem with this question.
Let student work as 4 to 5 people in a group, teacher
working around to answer student question as well as
check their solution. It is the chance for teacher to see
which student are on the right track and who is not. At
the same time, note down their name without their
attention, pay extra focus for those student in the next
15mins Teacher now ask question that related to their real life Teacher: Direct student into the new T&S
problem, by asking these question, teacher can create a lesson. Support students to develop
comfortable environment for the class room as well as understanding how to apply
raise student excitement in the classroom? percentage to find out decrease of
Who here like Video games ? .Who here various context. Connect the lesson
like shopping ? Do you know sale season is to real life issues so student can
coming soon and Do you know how to easily to understand and raise their
calculate the price of the merchandise you excitement in the classroom
want to buy ?
Example if a DVD game is 78$ and is on sale Student: Copy note down on the
50%. How much do you have to pay ? board. Answer teacher question
Let students think about it for 1 minutes and
ask them to raise their hand to answer the Resources: board, worksheet 2
Exactly! $39
Furthermore, you get extra 10% discount
because youre a student, how much money
do you need to pay ?
$35.1 ! well done can you explain to me why
did you get the answer?
Teacher always ask why when student answer the
question and encourage the class to come up with the
what is $78 what should we do with 50%
when we see discount do you we need to pay
more or less money
Is the money we have to pay increasing or
Lets student discuss with each other, observe
student response and walk around to see if
they have a right formula or not.
What do you thinking about the amount of
money we need I pay is less than the old
amount so is this formula for decreasing or
New amount = old amount decrease amount
Asking student if they have any question at this
problem. Encourage them to try the new formula.
Convert 50% into fraction or decimal number.
Decrease amount = 0.5 x 78= 39
New amount = 78 -39 =39
No lets student do by themselves when they get 10%
discount. Walk around checking on student working out,
make sure they understand the concept. Note down
student who are having difficulties with the topic.

Hand out worksheet 2, teacher walking around and

answer student question and look at their solution. Give
extra support with the students who are struggling with
the work that teacher already note down

Handout worksheet 3. Teacher lets student work as a Teacher: Direct student into the new mainly S
group 4 -5, however this time, teacher doesnt give show lesson. Support students to develop &T
15 mins student working out,let students do it by themselves. understanding how to apply
Teacher only waking out and guide student to get on the percentage to find out increase of
right track various context. Connect the lesson
Teacher ask one member from every single to real life issues so student can
group to give a point of the different between easily to understand and raise their
the question they did before and this question. excitement in the classroom
Again, ask student to come up with their own
formula. Student: Working as a group to find
Ask on group to write their formula on the out solution
board Resurces: worksheet 3
New amount = old amount + increase
Ask student where they can use increase formula
When pay tips, or tax GST
Giving example When you visit a restaurant
in America, the bill is $34, you have to pay 10%
tips, how much in total do you have to pay
How much for the old amount
How much you have to pay for tips
How much you need to pay in total
The total amount you have to pay = 34 +3.4
Ask student to keep working as a group to finish the
worksheet .

Conclusion Teacher emphasise the key Point of the lesson today. Teacher: Conclude the lesson. T
5 Ask student to do homework by look up the internet and Handout out homework
find 5 things that they need to buy. Every merchandise
need 10% GST. Find the price for every merchandise ? Student: Revise again their
Finally ask student knowledge tody, collect homework
Hand out homework sheet 1& 2 sheet

Resources: Homework Sheet 1 & 2

What have I learned about the teaching and learning process when preparing this lesson?

It is important for student to revise their understanding because they move on to the new
topic. Teacher can expect student to pick up the new knowledge right away, teacher needs
to constantly building their understanding as well as revise students understanding. Its is
important for teacher to plan the lesson before class, so they can reflect on their teaching
strategies and can adjust it which suitable for every student in the classroom.
How am I measuring the outcomes of this lesson?

Learning Outcome Method of measurement and recording

Student understand how to Working as a group
use percentage to apply Showing understanding when come up with the formula
and find out increase or Giving the right answer in the worksheet.
decrease in various


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Worksheet 1
worksheet 2
worksheet 3
Homework sheet 1
Homework sheet 2