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Ed Campion Headquarters, Washington, DC (Phone: 202/358-1778) Eileen Hawley Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX (Phone: 713

/483-5111) RELEASE: 96-168

August 16, 1996

LAWRENCE AND WOLF TO TRAIN FOR MIR MISSIONS Astronauts Wendy B. Lawrence (Commander, USN) and David A. Wolf, M.D. have been selected to train for stays on Russia's Mir space station. They are scheduled to arrive at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia in mid-August. Lawrence will begin a four month stay on Mir in September 1997. She will launch aboard Atlantis as part of the STS-86 crew, and become a member of the Mir 24 crew, which will be replaced by the Mir 25 crew during Lawrence's tour on the Mir. Wolf will replace Lawrence on Mir, arriving aboard Discovery during the STS-89 mission, currently targeted for early 1998. He will be a member of both the Mir 25 and 26 crews during his four month tour on orbit. "Wendy and Dave are excellent additions to the cadre of astronauts currently training in Star City, or flying on a Mir mission," said Frank Culbertson, Phase I Program Director. "They will continue the American presence on Mir as we work with our Russian partners and move toward the launch of the first element of the International Space Station in late 1997." At the present time, Lawrence is serving as the Director of Operations, Russia, and she is supporting astronaut training and preparation for the Phase I program. "Both Wendy and David are looking forward to their assignments" said David C. Leestma, director, Flight Crew Operations. Lawrence, 37, flew previously on STS-67, a 16-day flight of the ASTRO observatory in 1995. Wolf, 39, flew on STS-58 in 1993, a 14-day life sciences mission.

With the addition of Lawrence and Wolf, the current flight manifest for the Phase I (Shuttle-Mir) Program is: Flight Prime Back-up To Mir Return STS-81 STS-84 STS-86 STS-89

Shuttle/Mir-4 (Mir 22)

John Blaha

Jerry Linenger STS-79 STS-81 STS-84

Shuttle/Mir-5 (Mir 22/23) Jerry Linenger Mike Foale Shuttle/Mir-6 (Mir 23/24) Mike Foale Jim Voss

Shuttle/Mir-7 (Mir 24/25) Wendy Lawrence Dave Wolf Shuttle/Mir-8 (Mir 25) Dave Wolf STS-89

STS-86 STS-91

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