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Each group was given a photograph and a theorem.

Analyze the photograph and using your critical thinking and the
computer, answer questions 1-6.

Then using the theorem

eorem given, answer questions 7-12.

Once everyone is done, your group will present the answers to the
class. Everyone from the group must present at least one answer.
Names: _______________________

Scavenger Hunt

Part 1: Picture
Question Answer

1. What is this a picture of

(building, bridge, etc.)?
List given name of item
and type of item.

2. Who created this item?

3. What is this persons

most famous work?

4. Analyze the picture and

determine how many
triangles are in the item.

5. Using the theorems we

learned in the lecture,
analyze the image and
determine which angles
are likely congruent and
label them with numbers.
List the types of angles
that are congruent
(vertical, etc).

6. How many congruent

angles are in the picture?
Names: _______________________

Part 2: Theorem
Question Answer

7. What is the name of the


8. Who created this


9. Where is the creator

originally from?

10. When did the creator

come up with this

11. Use your resources and

find any other
mathematical advances
this person has
created/discovered and
list them here.

12. Discuss the advances you

have found and make a
group determination on
which one you believe is
the most important and
Names: _______________________

Extra Credit!

Did you watch the video? How many triangles are there?

What is the equation?


Use the following websites to help in your search: