2012 Official Countdown Guide
Counting Down to December 21, 2012

By: James Michael Sayer
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“This world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Albert Einstein


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Introduction Significance of a Date December 21, 2012 The Mayan Calendars The I Ching Calendar The Importance of Time The Shape of Time Time Conquers All The Prophecies The Sybils The Hindu The Indigenous Americans The Mayas The Hopi People Merlin, the Celts and the Druids Mother Shipton Nostradamus Bible Prophecies The Web Bot Project Significant Natural Facts Our Musical Universe Magnetic Fields and Earth’s Natural Electro Currents Disconnection of Man and Nature is Destructive Crop Circle Revelations Polar Shift Events in the Cosmos Planet X and Nibiru UFO’s and Aliens The Annunaki and Android Beings UFO Contact Armageddon: War in the Heavens NASA Conspiracy Theory Mainstream Media and the Illuminati


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animals use instinct instead of fallible reasoning to guide them where they must go. Funny thing about nature. The other side believes that this will mark a new beginning for humanity. in the possibility that the world will end in the near future.21. 2012. A time of great unrest and fear that smothered cultures for 1000 years. While the masses weren’t facing The Apocalypse. Without knowledge. this is the date now being predicted to be the end of our current world on Earth. Whether it will be a cataclysmic end or a new beginning. We have once again become slaves for the protection of war lords and nobility. The third group of people is comprised of those who emphatically agree that this is all a bunch of nonsense. Ptolemy mapped a spherical Earth.12 be the day that everything changes? These are three different schools of thought found among those who believe. The majority of the population once thought that the world was flat. One side is convinced that this date will bring about complete destruction of the planet. the enlightened people of the time were all aware that the Earth was not flat. and those that doubt. common belief was that if you traveled too far from home.Introduction There is a great deal of speculation going on world wide about December 21. superstition prevailed. Why was everyone led to believe that the planet was flat centuries later? Following the fall of the Roman Empire. There are many who scoff and say this is just hype. Feeling superior could put you in the predicament of everyone who laughed at Noah.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Only a handful of believers in Noah’s prediction survived that catastrophe. Pythagoras put together the theory that earth was not a disc but a sphere. Will 12. Yet. What are the possible events we could experience when the winter solstice arrives in December 2012? Perhaps it is time to put aside our superior egos and investigated where these predictions come from. Everyone thought Noah was completely out of his mind when he set about building an ark. Humanity is once again in grips of chaos. you would simply disappear forever once you stepped off the edge. Except for the clergy and nobility. Perhaps the very idea of superiority is arrived at through a new form of deception. If you haven’t already heard. might depend on what you do next. there was not one single scoffer. only a very few people were aware that the Earth was not flat. There are those who believe. In the Dark Ages. knowledge was removed from humanity in the supposedly civilized parts of the globe. defining longitude and latitude in the year 140 AD. civilization was lead to believe that the world was flat throughout the Middle Ages. In 600 BC. 5 2012OfficialCountdown. Human reasoning can be deceived and has been shown to easily be swayed innumerous times throughout the course of world history. along with many animals onboard. Feeling completely inferior could place you firmly in the midst of a modern day resurrection of the Dark Ages. The rest of the population was easily plunged into a darkness of knowledge. chaos of invasion and slavery in the form of protection.

This is not a coincidence.Significance of a Date Dates are portrayed a bit differently around the world. June 21st marks the highest point and is known as the Summer Solstice. Where did this date in the year 2012 come from and why should we worry about it? Oddly enough. A solstice is the two points at which the sun is highest or lowest in the sky. 2012. this date would be printed and thought of as 21 December 2012. It appears the good Archbishop made some errors in calculations. His findings were part of the printed Bible in 1701. On December 21st we experience the Winter Solstice. Usher’s timeline into the past places Creation of the Earth in the year 710 of the Julian calendar. What happened to these more than 700 years of history? Whether error or erasure. the Julian calendar was in use in Ireland.12. Life on Earth did not begin on January 1st. This is not to say that some benevolent arm reached down from the sky and handed someone a table with a date inscribed on it.21. The beginning and the end are the reverse of the middle. months. which occurs in the heavens when the sun reaches its midway point. In the United States. She does not change important dates up a few weeks or back one to suit man’s purpose. an equinox is a midway point in the sun’s charted course. where everything is always different from any other country in the world. one must question what reasoning lies behind completely ignoring 710 years of chronicled human history. Like all cultures through Earth’s history agree conclusively. 6 2012OfficialCountdown. calculated the beginning of time to be 4004 B. and yet one cannot help but ponder if somehow has a meaning. In the abbreviated form as 12. the numerical sequence becomes a mirror image. This is odd. Many people believe that an age begins when we enter a new century on the Gregorian calendar.C. At the time of Usher’s calculations. according to the begats in the Hebrew text of Genesis. he ignored the fact that the Ethiopian text of the Genesis story is actually 606 years older than the Hebrew version. places this event correctly and accurately on March 20th or 21st according to the stars using astronomy. Our current method of marking years. This date of Usher’s would put the birth of Christ at about 76 B. as each follows the last.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . we see the date as being December 21st.C. the date of December 21st. 2012 appears to come to us from the heavens above. between the lowest and highest position in the sky. according to the activity of the cosmos. weeks and days is a man made concept developed centuries ago by papal decree. In Europe. Mapping the solar system is a more accurate measure for the passing of a season or a year. a riddle that should be solved. Not only that. Bishop Usher. Spring always begins on the Vernal Equinox. when the sun reaches its lowest point in the orbit. Primate of Ireland in the 17th century. The calendar we use is only somewhat accurate to the movement of the sun. The Gregorian calendar. Nature is not convenient.

In ancient China. we may never have known that anything out of the ordinary could occur on the 21st of December. you will find that there were more advanced societies and peoples than some would have us to believe. Throughout this guide. The precision of many indigenous people’s calendars has been proven to be astonishingly accurate in modern times. This shows that there was far more at stake than the planting and harvesting of crops according to celestial alignments.C. it is as old as the stars. that our idea of being the superior intellect of Earth civilizations is a miscalculation. This indigenous people were greatly skilled and highly accomplished mathematicians and astronomers. The Mayans The Maya people were a civilized culture in Guatemala. from 900 B.D. The Maya’s ability to chart the movements of the stars and planets of the Milky Way Galaxy are advanced beyond our comprehension today.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . In contrast to assumed belief. in honor of his wife. for greater reasons that their very livelihood and ultimate survival depended on precision mapping the movements of the cosmos. everything on the earth contains perfect mathematical sequences. Their science of reading and mapping the solar system hundreds to thousands of years ago surprises people in our so called advanced age. the panoramic view from the top platform is breathtaking. to 900 A. errors in astronomical mapping were punishable by death. Soaring 125feet in the air. by King Jasaw Chan K’awaiil I. The precession of the planets around the earth occurs in perfect mathematical sequence. By charting the location of planets as they move through their orbit. In fact. astronomers can mathematically chart their future location by the day and the hour with precise accuracy. and yet. the Olmecs. in the year 2012. If it were not for the study of archeology of ancient civilizations. More astounding is the realization that all these advanced skills were learned from their ancestors.The discovery of this date comes to us from the depths of history. Cosmology may sound like the latest development to you. The Temple of the Masks at Tikal was built no later than the early 8th century of our current era. they were far removed from the view that ancient people were primitive savages who lacked knowledge. This second temple to be erected at Tikal by the 7 2012OfficialCountdown. Their knowledge is proof. Ancient civilizations were highly advanced astronomers.

shown above. The Maya astronomical abilities were not just brilliant. has a set of 91 steps up the center.D. Unlike the pyramids in Egypt.000 years. The 13 shows the numbers and 20 shows the sun glyphs. Mayan astronomy was far more than that and more intense than can be explained here.000 years. but is reflected in the calendar we are using by encompassing 260 days. Each month of the Haab bears its own name and appears labeled by a unique glyph. The Tzolk'in has four seasonal cycles of 65 days. The Tun-Uc. The complexity of the Mayan calendars is such that to work out the calculations used. Temple of the Masks has been the resting place of Lady Twelve Macaw. The cycle of the Pleiades uses 26.Mayas is actually a calendar. an astronomer. The Haab. one for each day in a year. 13 and 20. to account for the full cyclic year. All days of the Haab are depicted by a sacred sun glyph. is the Mayan’s lunar calendar. since her death in 705 A. the Mayan people watched the sky and recorded 17 different cosmological Calendars. Some of the calendars of the Maya people go back 10. these somewhat similar Mayan structures are built from small cut stones and filled with rubble. The total of 364 steps all arrive at the top platform step for a total of 365.C.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved .. they are astounding even by today’s scientific standards. you need a mathematician. with each one guarded by the four suns of Chicchan. as well as the ones with the most influence. It is calculated from 360 days plus an additional 5 days. The most important calendars to the issue of 2012 are the Haab. In 353 B. for a total of 365 days. Each temple entombs only one person. The Tzolk’in uses the sacred numbers. and is based on the cycles of the constellation Pleiades. To assume that these time keeping systems were used for agricultural or religious purposes only is an error. This Mayan calendar uses 18 months of 20 days each. Men and Ahau. seen to the right. Oc. The Tzolk'in is the magic calendar of the Maya people. the Tun-Uc and the Tzolk'in. an astrologer and a geologist. if any.000. Each 28day cycle of the moon is then broken down into four cycles of 7 days apiece tracking the four phases of the moon. Each of the four sides. 8 2012OfficialCountdown. one for each season. and are numbered 0 through 19. This is calculated in 28-day cycles mirroring the female moon cycle. They also made tables that tracked and predicted the orbit of Venus and both lunar and solar eclipses. is round in shape and based on the cycles of the Earth. The Tzolk'in and the Long Count calendars are the most important of Mayan recordings. plus the added 5-days as a month called Wayeb.

0. This is the date that they have given to creation of Earth and the beginning of time.0.0. which show cycles that are listed. The Mayas have calculated dates thousands of years into the past. like the Calendar Round but differs from the pure use of the Mayan mathematical system in that a count of 18. Guatemala.0 equivalents with August 9 2012OfficialCountdown. The Long Count is used to record dates over long periods of times. All of this sky watching was done to support the ritual purposes of a culture. instead of 20 in the second place is used. The short month of 5 days is eliminated from the Long Count to preserve the pure cyclic nature of the count. with the use of their Long Count. they become the Maya’s cosmological vision and time keeping records. It is believed that the last Great Cycle which began on 0. It is based on their vigesimal numbering system.0. in descending order. The Long Count has been widely used throughout Mesoamerica since before Classical times.0. Both of these factors are present in the Mayan date system.0.0. The sum of the number of days specified by this count equals the number of days that have passed. with a level of sophistication that approaches being mindboggling. and into the future. which ends on 13. Long count calendars are inscribed on stone Mayan monuments known as steles.0.0. as a date calendar. It is a permutation count. since the beginning of the last Great Cycle. and Honduras regions.0. It takes 52 years for the Tzolkin and Haab calendars to move through a complete cycle. from top to bottom. The short 5-day month of the Wayeb was considered to be a dangerous time.0.The Mayans created portal days within the Tzolk’in calendar. which create a double helix pattern of 52 days and uses the mathematics of 28. arriving at a time unit of 360 days.0. They were also the first civilization to realize that the number zero existed. The Maya elders perfected their Long Count calendar in the first millennium. Together. The Calendar Round is created by intermeshing the Tzolk’in and the Haab. Belize. Any Mayan born during Wayeb was considered destined for a miserable existence.0.0 in our current cycle. as a single cylindrical system. This sacred calendar is still being used for divination by the traditional Maya throughout the Yucatan.0. Each cycle appears with a numerical coefficient that specifies the number of each unit in the date.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . To the Mayas. The Maya method records the total number of days that have elapsed since their beginning date of 0. the current Earth cycle began on 13. The Mayas discovered place values of numbers 300 years before the most ancient Hindu cultures arrived at this mathematical realization. for religious and ritual purposes.

21. 2012 of the Gregorian calendar. The date recorded is listed as a Movement Day for both the beginning and end of the Great Cycle we now live in. This is just the beginning of the proclaimed unusual astronomical events slated for the date 12.0. This date has utmost importance for the Mayan people. it has only happened once upon our planet.0. cosmology and mythology. with earthquakes. The ancient Mayan elders have calculated their astronomy with extreme accuracy.. 3114 B. the present Haab cycle and Great Cycle will both end on 13. there are others who assume that the Mayan astronomers could not possibly have known about precession of the plants. sacred ceremonies. Should you see the beginning date referenced as September 6th.12. none of which are normal cosmic activity. Yet. precisely 5.0 will return on 13.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . There are arguments that their global location would throw off the relevancy for the northern hemisphere. Some claim that there is no way a system so antiquated could possibly be correct. or December 21st. in the Gregorian calendar using the Thompson correlation.0. The Mayan did know about the slow wobbling of the earth's polar axis. According to the most widely accepted Ivy-League scholar’s conclusions. The processional phenomenon played an important part in their beliefs of ancient gods.0. Guatemala is actually 17˚ north of the Equator placing it in the northern hemisphere.0. and the elliptic plane of our solar system's normal cycle. or the end of the current Great Cycle. For the Maya people. known to the people as the ‘sky-watchers’. and will end. the Mayan sky-watchers found that the solar system alignment of 0.C. these were people whose understanding of mathematics and astronomy precedes that of any other culture on Earth.0.0. By mapping the heavens backwards. 2012.13. Yet. 3114 B. which causes the precession of equinoxes.24 years ago as of December 21. This astronomical event is not only rare. There are many skeptical people and critics who refuse to believe in the accuracy of the Long Count of the Maya.0. found in recorded time. Adding to all of this chaos. The precession was well known by the ancient Maya timekeepers. this event will be celebrated with a very special holistic and sacred 10 2012OfficialCountdown.0.0. the scholars referenced in this case are using the prophetic Julian calendar count instead according to all sources we have found to date. which also happens to mark the winter solstice. Their astronomical future mapping shows that the center of the Milky Way Galaxy will line up with the ellipse of our solar system.126.. You will also find those who claim that since the Gregorian calendar is imperfect that this 2012 correlation is off. though it is scientifically proven to be accurate. The significance of this date in our advanced technology of sky-watching is that the Sun will conjunct with the intersection of the Milky Way. The 4th world of Earth according to Maya time keeping began.C. This is where the prediction of doom comes from.0.

the announcement and printing that no one knows where the Mayas went to is most bizarre. and a less precise way of recording dates. From there. We find this injection of information to be quite odd. There are other discrepancies in the records that are only partially explained by archaeologists. this rare cosmic event is symbolized with the Sacred Tree of Life. While the original Aztec was carved into an impressive 12-foot wide slab of stone. this Mesoamerican sun deity artifact was embedded into the western tower of the metropolitan Catholic cathedral until 1885. adopted the calendar round because it was accurate. Even this explanation of their time keeping method is sketchy as the same day designated was apt to occur twice in a year. The most widely accepted correlation of the Aztec calendar is based on the entrance of Cortez Mexico City on November 8.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Some say that this is just the same as the Aztec Calendar and nothing to get excited about. one Don Joaquin de Monserrat. The most 11 2012OfficialCountdown. The mathematics used to calculate the Aztec calendar is no where near comparable. Its original discovery was made by the Viceroy of New Spain in the year 1760. as that which was employed by the Mayas. There are thousands of pure bloodline Mayans alive and well throughout Guatemala. The Aztec dates differed significantly from the Maya calculations because they used a far more primitive number system. in part or as a whole. Incidentally. like all other early Mesoamerican people. years of the same name recur at 52-year intervals and Spanish colonial annals regularly are in disagreement as to the length of time between two events. It was normal for the Aztecs to note only the day on which an event occurred and the name of the current year. it is not just a duplicate of the Mayan cyclic calendar. Marquis of Cruillas. The Aztecs It is curious to note that every webpage and many print publications that mention the Mayan Long Count calendar. In their culture’s creation story. Since this is a proven and obvious fact. why are such supposedly accredited institutions such as National Geographic and the History Channel suggesting that they disappeared from the face of Earth? Add to this disinformation the actual fact that the Maya sky-watcher’s calendar system is truly unique. to mark the end of the Great Cycle and the beginning of a new era for the Maya. To make it even far less comparable. shows an image of the Aztec calendar and not the actual Mayan Long Count. 1519. The implication is that the Aztecs. The Aztec calendar was not carved until the 15th century.purification ritual. such as the fact that different towns started their year with different months.

Such an error brings grave implications to mind since it is so wide spread it occurs where error should be sorted out before a mistake of this magnitude would be presented. which must be brought to the forefront of thought for humanity world wide. Those who embrace New Age beliefs think this date signifies the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment. It is rumored that the I-Ching also ends on December 21. it is said that the I-Ching graphs have already accurately shown the fall of the Roman Empire. can have arrived at the same ending date. The fact that a culture existed such a long time in the past. when an age ends. it is the fact that we have absolutely no control over the cosmos or nature. Half way around the world. 2012. Some say these already come to pass realities. which comes but rarely in history. If there is one thing that current humanity should come to grips with. add impact to the fact that the highly regarded I-Ching predictions. gives absolutely no credence to the idea that they are ignorant or even primitive. Much of what we now think of as progress and advancement becomes much more like egress.” Jawaharial Nehru There is an incredible amount of speculation going on around the world regarding the date December 21. and when the sound of a nation. is that it is being advertised as something it never was. Or do they? What are the truths and is it possible these sources are wrong? Other ancient civilizations have had their own astronomically developed calendars. While we remain skeptical about these predictions. It all has a purpose that is far greater than we could ever hope to be. we are told that the 5000 year old I-Ching prophecies echo the Mayan’s conclusive prediction. when we step out from the old to the new.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . World War I. “A moment comes. not even by a shadow of a doubt. We wonder how two. Modern scientists and archaeology studies have found them to be remarkably accurate.mysterious thing about the Aztec calendar being substituted for the Maya Long Count in 99% of the publications or programs it is discussed within. Our egos cannot repair any of the issues humanity faces today. 2012. and World War II. so detached and alien to each other cultures. when you consider the price our planet and all peoples have paid for it. All see that this will be a time of massive change. the discovery of America. finds utterance. 12 2012OfficialCountdown. Academics. long suppressed. researchers along with religious and New Age spiritual practitioners have begun to speak along the same vein regarding 2012. This date that is said to signify the end of our current era is proposed to be reflected in another ancient civilization. Knowing that the rest of the futuristic predictions of both of these cultures have already come to pass makes this apparent coincidence rather uncanny.

Around the edges of all this. all peoples and cultures of Earth have always known that one day in the future. we have those stalwart souls who assume that this too will pass just like any other day. but the experience of time is that it is moving at an out of control pace. not living in a seething cauldron of chaos and imbalance. it is thought to be ruled by Yang energy which is light or the opposite of dark. the Yin energy rules. as opposed to an adult. The world is a mess on every plane of life and nature. The only difference between them is which energy "rules" the hexagram. Exactly how the imprint of modern life on Earth could continue as usual for much longer is rather unthinkable. because it does not state the end of the world. Additionally. Time may tick by on your wall clock at the same pace it did 20 years ago. at this moment in human history.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . In hexagram 63. as a global community. What if these skeptics are wrong? What if the predicted date is in error? What if the New World Order decrees Utopia illegal? No matter what happens in the rapidly approaching future. for the Self is the procreator of rebirth. and accomplishment. This was once explained as just the difference between the ways a child experiences passing time. or a beautiful new world. Hexagram 64 speaks of the idea of cyclic rebirth. Since it is moving toward creative birth. The dark energy leadership of hexagram 63 moves it gradually towards hexagram 64. Technology 13 2012OfficialCountdown. This hexagram corresponds to the dark forces of ‘The Shadow’. It says that the day will bring great movement in the Earth and predicts nothing else. label them ‘After the End’ and ‘Before the End’. Please take note that the Maya Long Count calendar was already discussed. None of us can say that we are not. Yes. Both these hexagrams are composed of equal amounts of yang and yin energies. It is time to unveil everything that points to incredible change for humanity and nature. where Yang energy rules. this speaks of having reached a state of equilibrium. great change would arrive in some form or another. This hexagram corresponds to the Self. we are indeed living under a shadow where nothing has a positive outlook. You cannot protect yourself or others from what you pay no attention to or fail to have knowledge of. The planet is in pain and there are many other things going on above us. It could also be that linear time has been increasing in pace as it approaches the end of this current perpetual clock or era on Earth.Everything being tossed about is either doomsday catastrophes. The I Ching The I Ching Text of hexagrams 63 and 64. which is a recurring theme in the I Ching. will be even slightly prepared for such events. it is doubtful these skeptics who believe the world they know will go on and on. that seething caldron of potential energy out of which chaos and imbalance arises. around us and under us than most people take the time to see and understand. These are the much talked about prophecies surrounding the end of times or the date of 12-21-12. repose.

all of these cultural sacred calendars are based on 29. a number they felt was far to close to the number of days in 13 lunar months to be coincidental. The effect could have a great bearing on how we experience time passing today. At which point it should be questioned by any intelligent mind as to whom the McKennas were employed by to concoct this entire phenomena. How they arrived at 29. Terence and Dennis are widely known for their work with ethno botany and fractal time. However. Thirteen equal months of just over 29 days. along with some other issues with the original calculations of the programming. The pair introduced their findings and ideas in their 1993 book. but not without manipulation.89 days. as ancient time keeping predicts the ending of a great cycle depicts. It occurred to them that multiples of the ancient hexagrams were strangely related to other ancient calendar cycles.25 days = 4306+ years = 25836 years = 13 lunar months = 6 minor sunspot cycles (11. he could not provide Watkins with sound 14 2012OfficialCountdown. 1 day x 64 384 days 67 years. or six-line figures had an underlying meaning. 104. Mathematics was used in Timewave Zero. time may soon become totally irrelevant.53 days in a lunar cycle as opposed to the known 28 days we shall leave up to you. Knowing that the Mayan calendar predicted the end of this Earth cycle to be December 21. Even Julius Caesar wasn’t this far off from arriving at a true calendric cycle.2 years each) = 2 Zodiacal ages = 1 precession of the equinoxes The supporting culture would like you to believe that the McKenna brothers arrived at the 2012 end date by using mystical fractals to create the infamous Timewave Zero. However. the reality is that Terence McKenna actually arrived at a different end date in December of the year 2012. 104. The realization struck them that the I Ching. To be precise.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Momentarily we shall overlook the fact that this discovery was arrived at under the influence of a mind altering drug. The McKenna’s arrival at six cycles of 64 totaled 384.has increased the speed of everything around us. versus the minutes and hours of the same time span experienced a decade or two ago. McKenna went along with most revisions in the mathematical errors that existed in his original TimeWave computations. Yet. and that their mathematical calculations would have drawn a failing grade in academia.53 day months over a 13 month yearly cycle totals 383. they suggest is reflected in all ancient civilizations lunar-solar calendars. This point was proven to Terence McKenna by mathematician Matthew Watkins. the McKenna brothers arrived at the notion that the I Ching was actually once relied upon as a calendar. 2012.25 days 4306+ years x6 x 64 x 64 x6 = 384 days = 67 years. some where back in the mists of time. ‘Invisible Landscape: Mind Hallucinogens and the I Ching’ (1993). In the 1980’s under the influence of DMT psychedelics. being composed of 64 hexagrams. McKenna tweaked the mathematics to fit the Mayan prediction because it was “close”.

or the end of times. or what form of written testimony was given long ago in the care of our ancestors some where on this planet. they all marked time for spiritual and survival reasons. Exactly what happens with fractal time in Braden’s hands we cannot as yet report on. would come to pass. Written in the Bible. All ancient cultures of our current human era studied the heavens as a part of their religion. 15 2012OfficialCountdown. but time has stretched on before us. Not as a means of earning an income. Terence passed away in the year 2000. These ancient calendars are far more than you understand at this moment. as if it were eternal until recently. but it has never failed us. as you might assume in our current society. The ancient people of this globe have all predicted that 2012.reason as to his tweak of the mathematics employed to make programming of Timewave Zero arrive at the end date of 12. Time is their connection to the creator of this world and the key to knowing what natural events they should be prepared to weather successfully. Druid or Japanese were all constructed for a far greater reason than knowing when to plant crops. You should come to an understanding that ancient calendars. Consider your life in the here and now.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . In lieu of this known discrepancy on McKenna’s part. and calendars based on the actual lunar solar elapse of time have been kept for over 5000 years. written in the mists of time. A great deal of study about fractal time and ancient cultures has been done and recorded by author Gregg Braden. The significance of this one date in 2012 that we face today does have a foundation with the ancients that we descend from. Hebrew. No matter what tongue it was spoken in. Refusal to believe what was always known is suicidal. That this moment was already preordained thousands of years ago. Humans may come and go. even though the certainty of a date is unclear. Egyptian. Braden is a senior computer analyst who saw in the McKenna’s work a profound meaning that led him to investigate it further. as the years of our history on Earth have come and gone over the ages. Time is elastic to our era. We live in the moment at the end of linear time. though there will be masses that do so. Before the issue could be resolved between Watkins and McKenna. time is very important to humanity and has been since our world began on this planet. the concept of fractal time is not without weight. Time has changed some values over the centuries of human existence for this era on Earth. Fractal time has been picked up again because there is some well founded meaning. two forces that have never failed to be present as far as we know today. if there were no calendar. be they Mayan. It is written. There are two constants. Without a doubt. the message is clear. No matter how far flung around the globe these cultures once were.12. One is that time just keeps elapsing and the other is that one almighty God is our Father and creator. To find the importance of tracking time thousands of years in advance. To argue this point is futile.21. one must first come to grips with the realization that time is immortal.

why that is? Acceleration of time is far more of an impact now than can be explained between how a child perceives the hours in a day. and the written word was suddenly mass produced. Technology is bringing the end closer at an incredible pace. The only thing that science and government can control is humanity. Just as when marriage vows are broken. Their force fed genetically modified crops have polluted nature. to your life. Time is not on their side. Now everything is increasing at a pace we cannot keep up with. yet accredited science has been doing just that for the past couple of decades. where will you be? Investigate Fair Trade and GMO crops on a world wide scale to learn exactly what kind of impact this means to nature. it is however. Japan now has a computer that thinks like and is. What does this have to do with time? It propels us faster to the end of our time. in the eyes of the corporate government state above us. the harmony will end. What exactly is it about our technological advancement that speeds up the once slowly moving time eternal? Has the chaos and corruption reached the degraded Earth clock’s saturation point or drained its very energy to continue marching on? The act of cloning life. on your side. but chaos and the cost of merely surviving. versus those in the life of an adult. Time and nature were immortal. man domesticated plants and animals and things slowly progressed over the years. Science and governments cannot control the planets. Not far behind that. have been forced to eat foods harvested of this type of creation for the past 15 years in the United States. who completely severs the circle of life. Over 100 years ago. When the circle of nature and humanity is broken. should you choose to take the right path. He. Man was put on this planet as the highest intelligence in the circle of nature. is evil incarnate. Five hundred years ago. the printing press came to exist.The closer we get to the end of the timeline. computers were created and no one thought they would amount to much. Many thousands of years ago. When the music stops playing. the automobile increased the speed that life could be lived at by an unbelievable increment. This is not a good thing. Fifty years ago. So is the biological crossing of plants with fish and frogs or human DNA with animals. This portal of our timeline is without a doubt. as intelligent as a human. our planet will be destroyed. The circle of nature is a holy essence. the last dance. And we. not something to be toyed with or defiled. they cannot even control themselves. Not just time. humanity.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . it can only increase the chaos such entities cause. They dabble continually in polluting all the wonders created by the hand of their own bestowal of life. 16 2012OfficialCountdown. the speed of change in our world has been so rapid it is incredible. until evil took up residence in the halls of accredited organizations upon planet Earth. Have you ever stopped to wonder. Time cannot heal the defiling of nature under the control of those in power. the faster everything moves. the Internet was invented and since that moment in time. both humans and animals is in fact an abomination of nature. this computer makes most of humanity now expendable.

A backwards chronology through the annals of time to the days of Adam. We have 20. that had no need for a constant. Just as the world is round and an astrological or astronomical chart is round. Each piece of the whole plays a grand part in the harmony of our lives. The phrase ‘time is money’ is only important to our current phase of life on planet Earth. Time is everything. yet you cannot fit a round peg into a square hole. a day or a year is defined by the cosmic movement of this solar system. time in your life is far more important than money. An hour.The Importance of Time Timing is everything. evolutionists may just find light shed on the subject they never hoped to witness. Why would time be a part of their religious beliefs? That is the quintessential question. heavy flow of money. A tree marks time by creating rings that show each year that it has existed on Earth. A calendar system that accurately extends time over days and years is a floating chronology. Trees mark time in circles.000 years of recorded Earth history. However. Time and nature are circles created by the motion of planet Earth. For those who believe in evolutionism. How did money and time come to be an equal? The answer lies in the not so distant past. The debate between believers of creationism and evolutionism is at best. have come 17 2012OfficialCountdown. not cubic. A clock or a calendar is cyclic. when the date December 21. Ancient peoples on any spot of the globe were obsessed with time.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Clocks were originally round for a reason. humanity. Yet. you really should read and consider the information contained in Genesis because it is the oldest written information of mankind. albeit the harmony of our world. The book of Genesis informs us of the cycle of life since the creation of humanity on Earth. Time is the root of eternity. many successful and happy cultures have existed before the past century or so. If you really think about your values and put your priorities in perspective. The idea that humanity evolved from a slime pit is a bit shadowy at best. 2012 rolls around. The love of money. The Industrial Age brought us to the understanding that time is money. Money is fleeting. Ancient people had good reason to worship God and time as one. is the root of all evil. Yet. Time was a firm part of their belief in their creator. Blocks instead of spheres. and farther into the past than that if you dig deep enough. Modern humanity marks time in squares. heated. it is only a fragment of time that has passed. The awareness that there are two schools of thought surrounding the origin of mankind today brings Yin and Yang to mind. Ancient peoples are the best vestige footprints we have today about where we.

That is how long it took from the creation of Adam to the onset of Noah’s Great Flood. The knowledge of lunar and solar time reckoning that has been gathered over the centuries is far too immeasurable to account for. Nothing that is without effort is ever worth pursuing. One single page in the Bible contains the history of mankind over a span of almost 8. The reason for that is because as time marches on. nor will it be the last. as well as the measuring of cycles. The Maya culture and the American Indians will both show you that the flood was your creator’s way of cleansing the world of the evils that took hold. There are not many among us who will say that Genesis is easy to understand. are still the purest reason for humanity and the circle of life found on planet Earth. The tree and celestial calendars of the ancients came about by the observation of the sun. Man’s early opinions of God.000 years. Celestial motion was of huge importance. The calendar system would be total chaos if bad weather or some other unforeseen event. On top of the calendar and the mapping of celestial movements. Genesis offers all of mankind the key. The ancients have given you the genealogy of Adam for reasons you may not yet have understood. religion framed the daily operations of the planets as observed and recorded. ancient peoples had a religion and a God that reigned as a supreme monitor. there was a necessity to be accurate and specific. This occurrence of shifting in time was not the first. in their lapse of lessons learned. you will find a comparison of differences between lunar and solar calendars. That doesn’t make it something to toss off lightly. Remote culture in those days was far more specialized and evolved than most of today’s accredited scholars can grasp. Not only do they forget. In ancient cultures. 18 2012OfficialCountdown. Every civilization that has preceded our era on Earth. moon and stars. easy go is not the key to the universe or the secret to your future. history has a way of repeating itself.from. comes the same problem tossed in civilization’s face. No matter which way you tilt your head. located anywhere in the world. has made the same mistakes. such as is needed to produce a large tree. In primitive eras of mankind. The information provided to every person on Earth in the book of Genesis is serious knowledge. for years on end was passed down through the generations. This is because the issue was not properly solved the first time. the creator has endured all of humanities history. should disrupt the watching of the sky. creating a homogenous people within any culture. Their language had to be very adaptive to the counting of days and years. day in and day out. people forget. Easy come. When you analyze modern science and technology. From prehistoric culture to modern society of today. A piece of time.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . The celestial motion of the heavens. We are not exonerated from this repetition. is a dating method that is much like a calendar. in Genesis we find the precise genealogy of Adam and the beginning of mankind on Earth. The precision of the ancients in keeping their calendars was a definite. Yet. This God bound society together.

the next phase of humanity. Failures in faith are dangerous entities. Disbelief and partial commitment was not part of these ancient people’s lives. God is on high. Positive intentions must always be behind the purposes of humanity if it is to continue. like time has no beginning and no end. failure to follow the continuum of time as plotted out by celestial movements. Every person is concerned with the domain known as time. no matter how widely scattered they were across the face of the globe. In that era of modern humanity. As is found over the eons that have passed since the story of Genesis begins. the importance of geometric shapes and standing stones is important to the information that you seek now. has caused all manner of chaos to humanity and planet Earth. your life is over. The popular style of a calendar in 1908 did not lay out dates in squares. God. all time pieces were round. the heavenly realm and supernatural forces of God brought them into everyday reality. Until the birth of digital clocks.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . No matter how far the gap was between their civilizations. as well as that peoples’ entire culture centered on their god. Yes. To put God into your life will be the only way that you will be able to transcend into the next level of our world. Time was not a commodity one hundred years ago. because when time ends. the solar deity and marking time. Adopting the idea that humanity originated from aliens is taking the easy way out. Time is not square. You will find that all ancient sun kingdoms are linked together by a bridge. there are no cubes segmenting days of a month. It is not so much a question of creationism versus evolutionism. Pyramids or mounds. Where did this idea come from? If you look at a calendar printed in the early 1900’s. Understanding the knowledge of yesterday is imperative to your acceptance of your future. a member of something huge. Continuous time is only discontinuous when calendar changes come into play. there were no separations of days or weeks of a month with solid lines. The minute and second hands of the clock 19 2012OfficialCountdown.Science that is headed in the wrong direction and for impure purposes will not lead to control of the future. but there were no regimented squares created by the presence of horizontal or vertical lines. The concept of the ceremonial practices of ancient kings and their other treatments of religion. somewhere in the space above Earth. The Shape of Time Have you ever considered time past the hours in your work day? Here in today’s world. There are parallels between the ancient cultures around the globe that should not be ignored. The dates were typeset in equally spaced columns and rows. though our calendar is laid out in a block of separate cubes. we all are enveloped in the concept of time as a block or a cubic entity. Each culture of ancient humanity has a calendar with 19 to 20 year cycles of lunar-solar time reckoning. as it is the acknowledgement of a Holy Spirit.

A moon cycle is what the month is based on. chaos erupted across the civilized regions of the globe. From a linear perspective it is the abrupt end of time. Yet. Throwing time into chaos did affect human life on Earth. Have you ever wondered why this is so? Ancient cultures all believed and observed time as a cycle. If you could draw time as a round clock kept it. month after month. Far more of the inhabitants of Earth are industrious from sun up to sun down. retains this natural knowledge within every living cell. These calendar systems used the rhythm of the sun and moon to measure the months. time was kept and recorded in a completely different way. The added day that belongs to no month was a day of celebration and forgiveness. While we have nocturnal creatures whose domain is lit by the glow of the moon. The human body. and the hands of the clock just kept spinning.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . much like we do now. Day after day. Time on Earth was once measured by the power of the cosmos. This day was observed by all ancient cultures to welcome the new year. At the time that the Julian calendar was put into effect. Before the rulers of ancient Rome decided to create a unique calendar named in their honor. time just kept spiraling onward. Our 12 month Gregorian calendar is unnatural and out of balance with the flow of real time on planet Earth. The natural cycle of an Earth year has 13 months or 28 day moon cycles. “The Gregorian calendar. a civilisation where money and technological advance prevail over human sensibility 20 2012OfficialCountdown. No matter what form of life you consider on this planet. the seasons and a full cyclical year. it is ruled by the sun or the moon. long ago. the years would come and go. when in reality time is a spiral? We just accept what has been given to us as a method of measuring time. rather than material. not 12. the day stretched on. The end of the road is without question a termination. These numbers. A 13 moon calendar system is known as a solar-lunar calendar. The act of changing the natural calendar as ordained by the heavens is to change history itself in the rhythm of natural balance exists technologies that are mental. Why do we value time as a line or a rectangle of cubes. and all other life forms on Earth. just as the cycle of each moon. the end of a cycle is immediately seen as a climax. the current global civil standard is indeed the foundation in time of globalization … Only a species whose time sensibility had been daptured by instruments of artificial measure could have become so alienated as to have produced the monstrous conundrum known as the ‘fast world’. From our linear perspective. not as a linear entity. A natural month is exactly 28 days long.marched ever onwards tracking the moments. 13 moons of 28 day lengths is 364 days plus one day ‘out of time’ completes the full circle of the seasons and celestial movements. the acknowledgement that another year had passed. Morning dawned. That sweeping motion never ceased. and cycles were known by earth dwellers and time keepers of past ages. cultures worldwide used solar and lunar calendars.

The last modification of the world calendar was brought about by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. it is very difficult to understand the past. The imperial cylindrical cycle has misled humanity and given us a false understanding of time. and what we ourselves think. “What we wish.and the natural order. we readily believe. we imagine others think also. Why is humanity only interested in the winners? Or is it more a question of the reasons that only those who conquer are allowed a recording? It is worth pondering. It is also the product of Julius Caesar’s calendar. most people tend to brush right on by. 21 2012OfficialCountdown. the Gregorian calendar programs humanity worldwide to adhere to the system. which stems from the calends of the Roman Empire. far more important than we are allowed to see. The surviving legends and records all only give us the story of those who were the victors of the battle. The word ‘calends’ was the ancient schedule of taxation enforced on all residents of Caesar’s Empire. The Gregorian calendar measures time in an archaic manner. Consumption is now more valuable than creativity and independence is rendered impossible. This too is out of balance from the wishes of our creator. Time is a very powerful entity. allowing only famed glory to see the light of day. The Gregorian calendar system was forcefully issued upon all conquered indigenous peoples as they lost their land. Inhabitants of Earth have a right. to reclaim our true connection to time.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . It is to the correction of this destructive momentum that all efforts of calendar reform must now be directed. World history has been aptly coined ‘His Story’. With time being out of sync from the system created along with the Earth. as we travel through yet another cyclic year out of sync with natural time. Where there were losses that were allowed to seep into the accounting of the ages. and a responsibility. Cultures of people who forget or ignores where they came are disconnected from time. It was given to each of us the moment of our birth beginning with Adam. The marketplace is more worthy than our morality. their treasures and historical records.” Julius Caesar As a measure that guards the power of the patriarchal priesthood and a neo-feudal financial system. The power of Pope Gregory XIII was so exonerated his bust adorned the coins minted in his era of rule. this habitual human trait to veil the evils and shortcomings. The past is where we come from and holds the key to the future. True history is very important to tomorrow.” Dr. along with their unique culture and their religious freedom to the power of Rome. José Argüelles Global dominance is the result of centuries of imperial conquest. This calendar perpetuates a lifestyle known as “time is money”.

the time keepers are definitely divided and not in the fashion you might immediately assume.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . “Not to know what happened before you were born is to be forever a child. Time keeping was a universal observation.Governments around the globe argue until the day is done that only the tales recorded in ‘accepted books’ are those which are true. Calendrics Exhibit A 22 2012OfficialCountdown. To understand how your world has become something other than it was meant to be. The power of time is far more intense. is only valid within the framework of the cultural discourse. They do not meet in the middle. Not so much in the keeping of hours or minutes in a day. that there always was and always will be two sides to every story.” If no one seeks knowledge of the past beyond what is handed to them by selective decree. in that the value and or meaning in question. Calendar systems fall into two categories. the history we are given. The most glaring example of a culture specific calendar system found around the globe is that which was devised by Western civilization. “History will be kind to me. then we can never attain that which we were meant to be. within the practice of controlling time. is missing important pieces of intrinsic value? The answers existed once and will come to the forefront again. those with culture specific reasoning and those with universal attributes. Many people take what they are handed as all there is to know. we offer you the following insight into two distinct ways of tracking time.” Sir Winston Churchill From ancient Greece and in the words of Cicero we find this piece of wisdom and logic. for I intend to write it. A culture specific features calendar is the exact opposite of a universal attributes calendar. as they are universal. until the arrival of the Western system of civilization. all of humanity is well aware. What happens to a culture or an era when the knowledge we do know. Yet. The secrets of the ages will be revealed. The Power of Time It may come as a complete surprise to know that there is a virtual realization of power over people. Under all ancient cultures there was always an equitable sharing of feminine and masculine sharing of the composites of time that spanned one cylindrical year on planet Earth. All calendars kept by the indigenous peoples of Earth are not so much culture specific.

The fixation with the monotony of the Western calendar’s solar year lies within the realm of religious domains. Our Western calendar system has been. The Sybils 23 2012OfficialCountdown. politics and science across the so called civilized world.Calendar systems that employ universal attributes apply to any person or culture on the planet. Science was meant to study life on Earth. Which persons over the eons have given us great insight. They will all. the most accredited party would be those who have a connection to the creator of humanity. however. and God is perhaps the most mysterious of all our perceived rulers. but have always attempted to discredit all information which undermines their authority. your life. the intellectual province of Western religion. When it comes to continuing your time. that there is a profound difference between knowing and understanding God and religious dogma. a sound connection to the power behind Earth and humanity? It should be noted at this juncture. for over 1000 years under the rule of the Vatican. the Vatican was not to be thwarted. In the eyes of so called Christian powers of Rome. This guide will show you a concise divide between the two. you must understand that time was measured in days and seasons long before it can be accounted into years here on Earth. First. controlled religion.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . One person’s word is seemingly not worthy in most people’s eyes. life and pure love has sent us a message many times over the course of our present Earth cycle that will not be found in the Bible. Ancient Rome is a concrete lesson in the ideology of. True scientific investigations readily updates it ideas about nature with the arrival of new information. among other holy historical volumes. “if at first you don’t succeed. They need to consult with an accredited source. The best example of such a calendar system is none other than the Mayan calendar system. since its inception. Be that as it may. their vision of power sought to harness the globe. Truth can be stranger than fiction. There is no one asking why the Maya people counted days instead of years. Religious and conservative ideologies not only ignore. tries again”. not to pretend to be God and create it. the God of light. there has been many who claim to have foreseen what will come to pass in the future. It has also been repeatedly proven to be incorrect. While the power days of the Roman Empire only spread across the European continent. We won’t have to look far and wide to find those who have been granted the sight of tomorrow. back up the messages found in the Bible. Be that as it may. a hopefully benevolent party who is deemed far more worthy than they to understand the importance of anything. The Prophets T through the ages. Christianity ala carte Rome.

Mr. The currently available and so called Sybil Oracles are someone other than the Sybils ideas of what these texts should contain. especially woe for various cities and countries such as Rome and Assyria. There is very little knowledge of the actual contents of the original Sibylline Books. Though they were once part of religious teachings. It is interesting that these decidedly pagan books are described as a portion of the Apocrypha. The obvious paganism did not preempt the early Christian church fathers from referencing the Sybils. Noah and the Tower of Babel. These people of ancient history resided in the Tuscany area of Italy.C. all in no particular order. and last but not least. Terry (1899) … translator of The Sybil Oracles from the original Greek Do the Sybil books predict an end to the world? Yes. Jewish legends such as the Garden of Eden. as well as a long list of Roman Emperors. thinly veiled references to historical figures such as Alexander the Great and Cleopatra.E. The accounting is very much like the events we find depicted throughout the Bible. Terry goes on to say in his epilogue for the complete set of said translated books that these doubtful Roman Syballine Oracle writings do not rise to the level of Nostradamus as prophecies. The city of Pompeii and its demise is not mentioned in the canonized Bible. Gnostic and early Christian homilies and eschatological writings. They are an odd pastiche of Hellenistic and Roman Pagan mythology. they have never appeared on any canonical lists.C. They purport to predict events which were already history or mythological history at the time of composition. It is perceived that the volcano that smothered Pompeii alive was a cleansing of evil and corruption.. partially in a fire in 83 B.E. The city of Pompeii was one of the 12 city governments of this long ago destroyed culture. these ancient pseudo prophecies do just that.” Milton S.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved .E.“The original Sibylline Books were closely-guarded oracular scrolls written by prophetic priestesses (the Sibylls) in the Etruscan and early Roman Era as far back as the 6th Century B. Some views that arise in recent Christian times arrive at the conclusion that as this culture was very “paganistic”.). including Homer and Hesiod. The texts which are presented here are forgeries. There may be actual residue of the original Sibylline books wedged in here and there. but this is dubious. It is highly unlikely that reading the Sybils will lead you to any new conclusions or information regarding the end of our current era. as well as vague all-purpose predictions. Pompeii was destroyed by volcanic eruption. and finally burned by order of the Roman General Flavius Stilicho (365-408 C.E. probably composed between the second to sixth century C. It is strange that they should be considered true works since the originals were destroyed by fire. They do not predict a new age of enlightened 24 2012OfficialCountdown. though far more gutteral in language.” The original Sybils were written in the Etruscan civilization that preceded Rome. These books were destroyed. He notes that the apocalyptic passages scattered throughout the volumes give the reader the feeling that the Sybil Oracles “seem like a first draft of the Biblical Book of Revelation.

the story is very easy to understand. They make the fire and brimstone sermons preached today a far less terrifying event. The Hindu people believe that the fourth world is the most evil of all worlds to exist on our planet. with character that is mostly vial. These sacred doctrines also offer guidance on the traditional sciences and cosmology. The Hindus Hindu prophecies and sacred texts are very ancient doctrines.C.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . karma. along with concepts like dharma. It is also the age of the Hindu Apocalypse which culminates with the natural ending of the world. a white horse that is destined to destroy our present world appears. Vishnu appears symbolically as the savior in many different forms and he has already saved humanity numerous times. reincarnation and many other uniquely Hindu beliefs.spirituality some feel will descend on humanity come December 21. The Hindu prophecies for the end of time and life on our planet are disturbingly similar to those in the Bible. Vishnu will take humanity to a different plane.E.. Yet these extremely ancient peoples believe in a creation similar to all other indigenous cultures who believe in an omnipotent God that would return one day to Earth. This portion of the Hindu Smriti intended to make available the essence of the Vedas to ordinary people. strong in anger. At this end date. children. rising to power and soon falling. Unlike the parables in the Bible. It is also quite alarming and uncanny the way the prophecy describes human behavior and world conditions as if it were written today. inflicting death on women. The Hindu prophecies say that Vishnu will come again soon as Kalki. The Hindu name for this fourth world for humanity is the Kali Yuga Age. taking pleasure at all times in lying and dishonesty. 100 years before the Pyramid Texts were written in Egypt. prone to take the paltry possessions of others. and cows. As with other ancient peoples. the Hindu teachings from the Puranas refer to a series of catastrophic apocalypses. which is the current era we live in right now. The Sybils wax on at great length on the horrific events that mark the end and destruction of planet Earth. The following are descriptive lines from The Puranas about the world and humanity at the end of Kali Yuga. They will be 25 2012OfficialCountdown. higher than the one the Hindus reside on in this fourth world of now. who absorbed the world into himself before being born again. The Puranas were not meant for the scholars and lays out the principles of Hinduism on very simple terms. The Sanskrit of The Puranas focuses on ancient history of the universe. the God of preservation. This is the story of Vishnu. each of which marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Their religious teaches devotion to one powerful God in his various aspects. 2012. This fourth world of their ancient legends began in 3201 B. “All kings occupying the earth in the Kali Age will be wanting in tranquility. The Christian church judges the Hindu faiths to be heathen.

and bad earnings excite fear. Thus in the Kali Age humankind will be utterly destroyed. vegetables. the holy spirit from the heavens is represented by the Condor. Bad ambitions. there will be many false religionists. and a special connection to the creator. and a symbol associated with visions from this Holy Spirit. The pretense of greatness will be the proof of it. fatal diseases. and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations. Testimonies and proofs have no certainty. There is no criterion left when the Kali Age settles down. Propriety will be considered good conduct. Civilizations that use words instead of symbols have often confused with the mighty benevolent eagle. On the North American continent. and carrier of prayers. Earth will be valued only for her mineral treasures. The whole batch becomes greedy and untruthful. “ The Indigenous Americans The ancient cultures and civilizations of both North and South America. roots.short-lived. Simply to be well dressed will signify propriety. Many sudras (which means ‘the lowest workers’) will become kings. fruits. people will hide in valleys between mountains. the father of humanity and nature is found in the Eagle and the evil entity is known as the Thunderbird. flowers and so forth. wind. thereby. Boldness and arrogance will be equivalent to scholarship. Quarrels. all have their legends and stories of creation. All of them portray this Great Spirit to have wings. the sky spirit. India will become desolate by repeated calamities. Oppressed by their excessively greedy rulers. Money alone will confer nobility. People become poorer in vigor and luster. birds. and I will be exalted in the earth. Be still then. No matter how far flung across the continents they once were. and various diseases. bad dealings. The Eagle is considered a protector. Many Indian Nations honor this bird for possessing courage.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Only those without wealth will show honesty. of little virtue. where they will gather honey. they will put on clothes made of tree bark and leaves. wisdom. and many heretics will be seen. Psalms 49:11 26 2012OfficialCountdown. and powerful men with many severe faults will rule over all the classes on Earth. Power will be the sole definition of virtue. Suffering from cold. In the Kali Yuga Age. drought. Falsehood will win out in disputes. seen below. plague. Praise worthiness will be measured by accumulated wealth. with evil spirit of the Thunderbird. the Eagle is the master of the skies. and only feebleness will be the reason for unemployment. In South American cultures the one all powerful God. Many profess to have supreme knowledge because. they will easily earn their livelihood. ambitious. and calamities appear. every one of these indigenous peoples knows that the greatest God came from above the Earth. heat and rain. bad education. and greedy. famines. To the Native American Indian tribes. short lives.

a fish or a bird then returns to the soil to replenish the Earth. 27 2012OfficialCountdown. The oldest cultures of the Americas predict that at this time. Each footprint across the planet destroyed yet another original culture and their historical recordings. echoing the story of Babel. the Church of Rome or all of the European Kings have to change the life of these tribes and destroy all that they were? Why was it so important to destroy other histories of mankind beyond that which they wanted to exist? “If the Great Spirit had desired me to be a white man he would have made me so in the first place. reaching farther afield through time. all humanity will live in peace together. yet exceedingly wise cultures all heartily agree that all life on this planet is carbon based. While Western culture insists that God’s preferred species is white. This is not a heathen belief. Like the ancient Celts. the plagues and parables from the Bible this is the simple version of the message it holds for us.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved .These ancient. Was it the intention of the one true and most benevolent God that all of mankind worships him in a singular way? If that were what was meant to be. in my heart he put other and different desires. It was not until Julius Cesar decided he wanted to rule the world that the notions of Rome were inflicted on humanity one slaughter and enslavement at a time. then why would our creator have set us all down on different corners of the globe? The known world in ancient Mesotamia encompassed only their continent. it is reality simply stated and from a great deal of common sense. These bands of simple people never once thought to travel to distant lands and conquer any located inhabitants. He put in your heart certain wishes and plans. If you remove all the begats and early history of humanity. They did not consider the act of traveling far and wide to instill their beliefs as righteous over those of their white. as we are born from and return to Mother Earth. What right did the Romans. Even the Bible states in numerous places that humanity came from dust and returns to dust upon death. a mammal. but they were satisfied with the lands the omnipotent being gifted them with. At the end of the life cycle of a plant. the indigenous people of the Americas were all separate tribal cultures successfully existing far beyond what was once the nucleus of the so called civilized world. Their legends and prophecies of when the Great Spirit father returns from the sky decrees that the pure human brothers of all four colors and directions will again be united as one mind of spirituality. The indigenous Americans know that each color was sent a different direction on the globe. all the American Indian and Mesoamerican Indian tribes know that God’s children come in red and yellow. we are well aware that all life that comes forth on this planet is nurtured by that which exists around us. just as any family is bound to do. In our advanced stage of knowledge today. They may have quarreled among each other. black and white. yellow and black brothers.

and the Mayan cosmovision has been preserved in its totality. the large Mayan councils discussed and decided that the confrontation must be minimal to prevent the extinction of the Mayan people and devastation of the Mayan culture. we die defending our rights. The Mayan elders seem to have a somewhat differing point of view. what was going to happen. More than 60 books 28 2012OfficialCountdown. yet the archaeologists are focusing all views on just these two interlocking calendars. Thanks to the great prophecies.Teton Sioux The Mayan Prophecies Regarding the end of the Long Count calendar. They did a lot of work before the Spaniards came to Latin America. It appears that religious dogma handed down from world religions is the only way some people connect with the end of a cycle in time. Some were of more important than others throughout the year or the cycle of the Haab. “The elders informed their people of the prophecies. reports only echo something horrifying to the alien cultures of humanity. The elders say that the Haab and the Tzolk’in were not alone in providing the predictions. The following interview of Maya timekeeper and tribal elder. “In the Mayan world we were fortunate that the prophecies let us know of the coming of the conquistadors of Europe. No white man controls our footsteps. the use of the 20 sacred Mayan calendars. or the Mayan wiseman. They instructed them that they must be prepared not fight it. This allowed the Mayans to prepare for this invasion.” Sitting Bull . and this knowledge is very much alive within the Mayans today as a result of the elder's vision. The Mayan spirituality has been going on since the beginning of time. Part of that work was to create secret libraries to keep the codices. Now we are poor but we are free. All 20 Mayan calendars were used to arrive at the conclusions for the future. All of those who claim that the Mayas saw the end of the world are not natives to this culture but Caucasians of European descendent. this interview was not done for the sake of monetary compensation by the interviewer. They asked the Mayans to translate their glyphs into the European language. making it difficult to grasp the entire picture on such a vast scale as the Mayans saw it drawn so long ago. Perhaps we highly educated cultures have been trained not to think on more than two dimensions at once. “After the Spaniards took possession of Guatemala.Each man is good in the sight of the Great Spirit. Unlike the more famous interpretations by those who study the Mayan calendars. and that it was unavoidable. but to let it happen. We were most fortunate that the knowledge of the Mayan Cosmology was preserved. and the advice of the elders. Common sense would be to listen to what the Mayan elders have to say regarding their arrived upon end of this cycle on Earth. It is not necessary for eagles to be crows. George Barrios Kaanek took place in 1998. The great elders were transferred and migrated to other areas that were inaccessible. As a result. Even though there were many warriors in the Mayan groups. the preservation of their textiles. the prophecies were fulfilled. and towns saved. they began to take an interest in the existing Mayan Books. If we must die.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . the closure of the fifth world that we are living in right now.

the Mayan people. “From the beginning of the world. were Tepeu. and the four restorers.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . These four builders came to this part of the universe and created the galaxies. So. which have helped so much during this process. Lemuria. and Nagamaya. She reversed humanity's work and decided to make some changes of her own -. Gugumatz. as you can see. making an arc and following all the way to Venezuela. this is called Muchuchu Mil. Asia. Their existence and great 29 2012OfficialCountdown.to restructure herself. the white earth. and so it did. In Mayan. “The great Gods. “In the western world. When the builders came. where the great pyramids were constructed. Maya Ches. “These centers of great light. the beginning of life on this planet. and Potala in Tibet. Yis. The darkness had the opportunity to take over. and Tzakol. Some of the continents partially sank into the ocean. the planet was harmonized again. Mount Olympus in Greece. to keep up with the changes that were about to begin. With the restoration of the energies. Egypt in Africa. and planned the four primary continents. was the North Pole. Mu (the black continent). and Lemuria (the yellow continent). the red earth. Each one of these continents had the seed of the four races of the universe. beginning in Florida. Sak Uleu. Bitol. these continents are called Atlantis (the red continent). have been guided by the cosmovision. was between Australia and the islands to the northeast of Australia. the yellow earth. especially the religious leaders. the solar system. “Now it was time for four new Gods to come to Earth and continue the project by establishing four energy vortexes -. This harmony led to the creation of great cities of light. Tibet. Akab Uleu. the black earth. These continents were called Kax Uleu. and Chip Kakulja (the micro ray). we have been fortunate to have those records. from the beginning. such as night and day. Harmony was restored. They made the plans to begin life in this part of the universe. Caramaya. Rax Kakulja (the green ray). Nim Kakulja (the great ray). Mu. such as Memphis in Egypt.were translated for the Europeans. These four restorers were called Nim Quetzalcoatel. Yis (the white continent). There are cosmic cycles where light. or the designers who began the project. These great builders were Kakulja (ray of light). and the city of Lhasa. the planet was experiencing times of great exultation. Their work has been based o the Pleiadian Communication. and Rax Uleu. Greece in Europe. but everything changes and goes through different cycles. Atlantis was what the Caribbean Islands are now. of great harmony and peace with nature. “Mother Earth is a living energy. These vortexes were Tikal in Mesoamerica. Then humanity began to work against nature. they call upon the great builders of this project. while other parts of the Earth rose to give way to different continents. Tikal in Guatemala.one in each continent. was south of Africa. are written of in books. When they were finished. as well as the darkness exists. I will tell you a little of this.

Guatemala. they each helped to a certain degree. The people of the town went to see if they were allright. They also state that this science was brought by Nagamaya. After the third ceremony. In Sanskrit. This is especially true in the Popol Vu.a sacred pouch. When they folded this measured beam of light. Maya Chez is written of in the Greek books and Nagamaya is written about in the black culture. and went to sleep. This time four more Gods came to organize and restore the light. It is also written in the Jewish bible. “The sacred pouch is carried and used by Mayan elders. Their names were Balam Quitze for the red race. in Mayan. The others we are still not allowed to speak of. (the recognized Mayan bible in America). Now their mission was to remove the clouds blocking the Sun. “These beings of light came after the great floods when there was a great layer of mist and clouds covering the Earth so the Sun was unable to penetrate. “Question: What is in the sacred pouch? Answer: There are red seeds that look like regular beans. and of the Mahajuga of the Yugas. 30 2012OfficialCountdown. They played the musical instruments and danced with joy. Time went by. the Siu. which was copied from the Assyrian books. There are many American books that this is written in. these beings of light came to Earth and settled in America to begin their work. This history may be found in all of these books. The first thing they saw was Venus. “Then the great luminous beings came together to perform a fourth ceremony. That is why. It speaks of the great floods which cover the Earth. one of the Vedas in the Vipareta Korana. and the Hipopeya of Hilgamesh. Guatemala. and the Book of the Council of Total in Copan. a third change happened. This time the continents didn't sink into the ocean. and the Mayan priests and priestesses as their symbol of the Mayan powers. Naga means serpent.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . “In the next cycle of darkness. However. the arrival of the great calendars. “When the next cycle occurred. and they didn't come out of the wrappings. And in India. The first Egyptian dynasty was called Naga. the Analyses of the Chajil. they left behind four gifts -. they knew they had been successful. a luminous being came to Earth. They probably restored Chimney Rock! Harmony was restored once again. They restored the light in all of the sacred sites. but they grow on a tree instead of a bush. First. At these times in which we are living. each one covered their bodies with a large sheet. “Before the light restorers left. and a spool of threads of light of the cycles of time (sacred calendars). only the nature of some of these gifts may be revealed. He was so luminous that it was difficult to see him. He explained what was necessary to make a fourth ceremony succeed. In Maya it was the ethnic name for Atlantis. Balam Acab for the black race. the Book of the Dead of the Egyptians. of Chichicastenango. they performed three fire ceremonies which seemed unsuccessful at the time.works are still recognized in their towns and cities like Quetzalcoatel (or Kukulcan) is well known in America. They measured the Earth with a red beam of light. a seed of light. but they found only the wrappings -. the Popol Vu.the four light beings were no longer there! However. but there were great floods. Maja Kutaj for the white race. like the Chilam Balam. a metallic crown. At the end of this fourth ceremony the clouds began to open. speaks of the coming of these restorers. and Iq Balam for the yellow race. they found the center of that measurement to be the Mountain Paklom in Momostenango in Guatemala. they call Venus the great fake. but thought it was the Sun. the planet took a new shift. Later when the Sun came out. According to the Popol Vu. which writes about the flood with Noah's ark. and another cosmic energy project began.

When this cycle is completed. which means the cycle of the 13 heavens. there is a cosmic calendar. It is called Ox Lahun Baktun. the quartz crystals vibrate at 600. This cycle has nine years of gestation which will end in the 2001. and to abide by the Mayan prophecies. Crystals are a channel to see the past and the future. the peoples from the North. Everything begins gradually. it began at the exact day and hour that Hernando Cortez came to Veracruz. This runs through two cycles of different duration and different time cycles. and it's known as Belajeb Bolamtiku. You know how the other beans get worms into them after awhile. They lived the paths of darkness in times of tears. 2012. “Yes. of the Gregorian calendar. In these years of gestation for the 13 heavens. then of the baby kicking. “We are living in the times of the prophecies now in another calendar of Ox Lahuj Baktun. there are still 15 more years to be completed in this period of the year 5185 before this calendar can be completed. “The Ox Lahji Baktun calendar spans 5200 years and it will end on December 21. and of the different energies that interrelate with the human being. Mexico. My pouch contains small and large quartz crystals. it will mark a period of 2100 years. In the Mayan calendar. Thanks to the great elders who preserved and shared this great knowledge. Nine Hells is another name that it has been given. Another restoration of the planet will then begin -Because the world once again has fallen into neglecting nature. not like a light that you can push the button and the light comes on. We are in the fourth part of these two cycles that began in 3114 BC. It generates 260 days. until finally the pain of birth. and the Central and South Americas realized that they had to live by the knowledge left to them. When we put together these two calendars. It's duration is 468 years. This is also a calendar for the cycle of the insects. But as a result. It will take time. We Mayans realize that it doesn't start immediately. well these beans can live forever. which is the cycle of the Mayan calendar.“These beans can live forever. It also speaks about the cycle of the great changes. is a 9-month calendar. They went through periods of much sadness. The Tzolk'in is for the observation of time. as well as other rocks. There are four prophetic calendars. and humanity needs again to transcend a cycle and to 31 2012OfficialCountdown. and a planetary calendar called Ha'ab. One has a time lapse of 9 times 52 years. and spiritual bodies. it gives us one period of great destruction for all humanity. This calendar has already elapsed. “The ethnic towns and groups of the Americas had to live through these cycles. 260 days in the Gregorian calendar is 9 months.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . “A new cycle began in 1991. It is not. This will be the union of the two cycles. it will be like the phases the mother goes through when she first experiences a time of nausea. The pouch also contains other crystals of power used to heal the physical. and vibrate in the next dimension as well as this one. There are in cycles of 52 years. This period of gestation is like the nine months period that it takes to create a human being -. totaling 676 years. “Question: Could you talk about the 20 calendars? Answer: The most important of the Maya calendars are the Tzolk'in and the Tzolk'ij. “The world has been led by the materialistic ways. It has a duration of 13 times 52 years. mental. This nine months is the time of gestation of the human being. One is Tiku. Belajeb Bolamtiku means the nine periods of darkness. Some people have gotten the idea that it is a cosmic calendar. which became extreme when property owners lost their lands.only this gestation takes nine years. It is called Ox Lahun Baktun.000 cycles per second. which in the Gregorian calendar. emotional. For the Maya.

000 to 12. This situation might even erupt on our land. The prophets say we will speak one language and that this will happen in Hopiland. there will be a total destruction through the acts of man or nature. Then new life will begin from a girl and a boy. Hopi elder The Hopi Indians are the Record Keepers for all the Native American Indian tribes. it is not necessary for many lights to be lit. Even though we have neglected and abused Mother Earth. the proponents who spread the Christian message to the world through the ages are the civilizations that have neglected and abused Mother Earth. Then the changes of Mother Earth won't be that drastic. They will be beheaded and speak no more. If this does not materialize. 32 2012OfficialCountdown. the drastic changes. These changes will be very catastrophic. Yet. They will use tools of love to bring the message to humanity that their attitude must change. This will get out of control.” That last line echoes some lines from the Bible. the second by ice and the most recent destruction to allow renewal and repair was by a great flood of some 11. But if one person carries that light. and air. there can only be a few. If you have the light. they can bring that little light to many people and create one huge light. in the village of Oraibi . the day will come when people in high places will be hunted. where the new life plan will be drawn in the pattern and cycle of religion.live in a more subtle dimension.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Some believe that the actual date of this deluge took place was on June 5. the Hopi version is closely related. Finally. contaminated her waters. and that is the salvation of humanity. Show your understanding and your path to others so that they may follow. When a great part of humanity begins to understand this process and act upon it. That doesn't mean that many people will be carrying that light. The Hopis call the current era of humanity. taken her skin off. she still nurtures us. This is a frightening prophecy. It's big work. “We must respect all living things. detailed in the prophecies. or Chief. and my vision is that the different ethnic and spiritual groups will come together as the new warriors of the light. but they can have the force to bring that tremendous message so that we can really hear. Like the great indigenous elders. 8498 BC. A final decisive battle between good and evil will occur under one God. We must join hands and treat each other respectfully to reach a higher level of consciousness in order to survive.” Dan Evahema. The Hopi have always known that the first purification of our planet was by fire. “Even just a few enlightened people can light the future. It's a big job. and will not be supported by many. and take action. this will lead us to the Biblical version of Armageddon. might not be so drastic. Right now only the ethnic and spiritual people on this planet are living this process. Why is it that only the indigenous people see the wisdom and blessing that the elements and physical portions of nature is a huge portion of what supports life on Earth? The Hopi Message “According to prophecy. Their ancestral belief is that the Earth has already been wiped clean three times. Here also a final decision will be made for the wicked. wind. The hunting will gather strength and spread. It's hard work.000 years ago. feel.

the translation from Greek is none other than ‘falling eagle’. once unknown to the greater population is emerging in our present day for a reason they were bound to in the past. It is easy to see the truth in this guidance. This portion of the Hopi prophecies is very much like the future expected by the Maya people. They have been told that "The Sixth Age" will be "The World of Prophecy and Revelation". We should restore the health and balance to our bodies by eating natural grains. The Native Americans have been not only the forefathers of the First People who came to North America. The Hopi dance the Ghost Dance to raise the consciousness of people globally. The 3 days of darkness in Hopi Prophecy will come to pass. 33 2012OfficialCountdown. or "The Seventh Age". Many old star maps show the constellation of Lyra as an eagle holding a harp. They call this upcoming human age. The Hopi prophecies foretell of two more worlds we will experience. This sacred knowledge. their culture was dedicated to what they were instructed to do. we are soon to enter "The Fifth Age of Man". The salmon from Alaska are not as plentiful as before. which is in the Ring Nebula between Draco and Cygnet. The El Nino' was also swelling to record proportions. This prediction is echoed in the warnings of world religions. The corporation is the enemy of humanity because they are greedy to harvest profits from the planet with little regard to the future impact on our environment. and know it is not some far fetched tale. To the Hopi people the Lyra is known as the "Eye of God". According to the Hopi teachings and prophecy of old.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . because our human brothers are not the enemy. The Hopi elders warn us that humanity needs to return to its connection with the Earth. which astronomically seems to coincide with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. These molten eruptions raise the water temperature of the ocean. "The World of Illumination". Their ancestors taught them that the Hopi people originally arrived in the Pleiades from Lyra. which in turn forces the normally present fish to change their migration patterns. It is said that we must stop fighting each other.“The Fourth Age of Man". It is interesting to note that the ancient name for Lyra was Aquila Cadens. Hopi elders speak of the volcanoes going off in the Pacific Rim in the late 1980’s. This will be followed by “The World of Completion”. The Hopi believe themselves to have descended from the Pleiades long ago. For hundreds of years this people worked at fulfilling their assigned role as the Keepers of the Earth. the Aztecs and the Inca. These occurrences in nature tell the Hopi that their ancestors’ legends are being fulfilled and we are now at the end of The Dream.

Then Oraibi the cultural Mecca of the Hopi religion and society. It will come when the Blue Star Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask. many people are wondering if there is a reason they are here. They ancestors have taught them that this occurrence will “come out of the blue.” All ceremonies of the Hopi people will stop when the Blue Star Kachina removes his mask during a ‘dance in the plaza before uninitiated children’. skin disorders 34 2012OfficialCountdown. it is none other than the star we know as Sirius today. deep down inside. the removing of the mask so that all of humanity can identify the Blue Star Kachina in the plaza they are certain will happen without warning. blue light therapy shows healing results for acne. It is common for people every where to be seeking the answers to the greater truth of who they really are. that things are altering. as in what greater purpose we were meant to fulfill. this magnetic presence has a profound effect on the human mind and triggers rebirth of cells in all living beings on our planet. For a while there will be no more ceremonies. The event this indigenous culture awaits to witness. no more faith.The Hopi know the Phoenix Bird would raise its wings and fly. We can tell on a conscious level that change is happening. science and medicine has recently discovered that blue colored light makes the human mind more alert. the Fifth World will emerge. This event marks the start of a new cycle of Hopi life. Before you start thinking that this reasoning is some off the wall paranormal craziness. global society looks around at everything that is happening in our world and we can feel. An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy gives world culture the following guidance. Not just to us personally. will be rejuvenated with its faith and ceremonies restored. but on a global scale. This will be the Day of Purification. and why they feel at a loss of their true purpose being enacted. Additionally. Believe it or not. "When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens. The fact that the light of this star is blue is highly interesting for reasons a great may people will not presently understand. meaning on display before all of the general public.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . In this current era of time. Today. We are still not in balance. The fire that burned it was the consumption of human desires. This is all because of the effect of blue light and the altering electromagnetic fields on our planet." The Hopi people can show you exactly where the Blue Star Kachina rides in the sky.

The same kinds of seeds are being planted in the sky as stars. protect. “ World War III will be started by those peoples who first revealed the Light in the other old countries. All these are the same. symbol of power and authority over all land and life to guard. He made a set of sacred stone tablets. Only the Hopis and their homeland will be preserved as an oasis to which refugees will flee. The Hopi people have much to reveal to us in the legends and foresight the many tribes of the First People of North America have left in their capable hands for safe keeping. the three future worlds we have yet to experience. White. for I am the First and I am the Last. You have shown me your intelligence. and warnings. the present Fourth World. Material matters will be destroyed by spiritual beings who will remain to create one world and one nation under one power. You have obtained the real corn. each was to choose which would be their food in this world. It is being made by the humble people of little nations. It is mentioned here to alert you to the importance of the Blue Star Kachina event in Hopi prophecy. This could start a new study of botany if people were wise enough to read them. or Yellow race. prophecies.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Plant forms from previous worlds are beginning to spring up as seeds. "It is only materialistic people who seek to make shelters. brothers. connected with the creation of the nine worlds: the three previous worlds on which we lived. Fifth World. Africa. for this reason I will place in your hands these sacred stone tablets. by atomic bombs and radioactivity. called Tiponi. " “ The Hopi and others. the Creator. "These comprise the nine most important prophecies of the Hopis. land and people. Dental practitioners have also found amazing healing results treating gingivitis tumors with high frequency blue light. and his nephew. "You can read this in the earth itself. Red.” (The Light refers to the divine wisdom or intelligence in India. be they Black. Bomb shelters are a fallacy. color and sound in a bit. and racial minorities. that of the Creator. Sotuknang. Islamic Nations. The same kinds of seeds are being planted in our hearts. depending how you look at them. Those who are at peace in their hearts already are in the great shelter of life. tribes. and hold in trust for me until I shall return to you in a later day.and melanoma cancer. China. a great deal of wisdom and knowledge of this era of humanity. The Hopi waited until last and picked the smallest ear of corn. into which he breathed his teachings. Tiponi . for all the others are imitations in which are hidden seeds of different plants. There is no shelter for evil.” “ The Emergence to the future Fifth World has begun. The Great Spirit has also bestowed upon these indigenous stewards of the continent. 35 2012OfficialCountdown. he placed before the leaders of the four different racial groups four different colors and sizes of corn. That is what makes the Emergence to the next. and the world of Taiowa .) The United States will be destroyed. who were saved from the Great Flood made a sacred covenant with the Great Spirit never to turn away from him. the Great Spirit said: "It is well done.” “ The third world war will be "a spiritual conflict with material matters. Those who take no part in the making of world division by ideology are ready to resume life in another world. At this. They are all one. Before the Great Spirit hid himself again. You will learn more about the effects of the Earth’s magnetic fields and the vibrations of light.

and reaffirm the Hopi respect for all life and trust in the Great Spirit. The elder brother of the shining light also would come to look for the Tiponi tablets and fulfill the mission given him by the Great Spirit. The elder brother would restore all land to his younger brother. at which time all evildoers would be punished or destroyed. Each Hopi clan perpetuates a unique ceremony. Utah and Colorado meet. rain and winds. and upon reaching his destination to start back immediately to look for his younger brother. and in one day gain control of this entire continent. (the Continental United States of America). “ The Hopi settled in the area now known as Four Corners. If they succeeded. But in spite of all the pressures against them. “ His mission was to help his younger brother to bring about the Purification Day. the Tiponi will be placed side by side to show all the world that they are true brothers. when that happened. but his hair will remain black. after which real peace. It is said. brotherhood. Each brother was given a set of Tiponi. and both were instructed to carry them to a place to which the Great Spirit directed them. “ The elder brother of the shining light was told to go immediately to the east. It is said that after many years the elder brother might change the color of his skin. will wear a red cloak or a red cap. the Hopi were told they must hold to their ancient religion and their land. the destruction will not be so bad. toward the rising sun. "If he comes from the East. He will come swiftly. who remained on Turtle Island. similar to the pattern on the back of a horned toad. all people would know that the elder brother had reached his destination. and will bring with him the Tiponi tablets. He will be all-powerful. His two sons scolded him for his mistake. there to remain until the elder brother returned." 36 2012OfficialCountdown. they were promised that their people and their land would be a center from which the True Spirit would be reawakened. for the elder will help the younger brother to obtain real justice for all Indian brothers who have been cruelly mistreated by the white man since he came to Turtle Island.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . and everlasting life would be established. They lived in humble simplicity and the land produced abundant crops. New Mexico. The Hopi were told that after a time White Men would come and take their land and try to lead the Hopi into evil ways. He will bring no religion but his own. but he fell into evil ways. ninth will be able to stand against him. and the ceremonies together maintain the balance of natural forces of sunlight. do not get up on your housetops to see because he will have no mercy. and it is the microcosmic image of the macrocosm of the entire planet. Then great judgment will take place. When he returns to find his younger brother. But if he comes from the West.) and of Mother Earth. and after he died they assumed the responsibilities of leadership. the True White Brother. This area is the "heart" of Turtle Island (the U.“ The Great Chieftain of the Bow Clan led the faithful ones to this new land. Both brothers were told that a great white star would appear in the sky. Thereupon all people were to settle wherever they happened to be at that time. “ “The transformed elder brother. from whom the Evil one among the white men had taken it. “ The younger brother was instructed to travel throughout the land and mark his footsteps as he went about. where the state lines of Arizona. though always without violence. He will have the ability to write. and he will be the only person able to read the Tiponi.S.

All three will help the "younger brother" (the Hopi and other pure-hearted people) to make a better world. 37 2012OfficialCountdown. We offer you this current news item from Science Daily: ScienceDaily (July 10. terrible evil would Befall the world and great numbers of people would be killed." In 1997.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . The True White Brother and his helpers will show the people of earth a great new life plan that will lead to everlasting life. Robert Ghost Wolf on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast radio show. 2009) — The earliest stars in the universe formed not only as individuals. known as the Red Star Kachina. Before assuming ‘the twins’ or the ‘two brothers’. these helpers will shake the earth first for a short time in preparation. but sometimes also as twins. and Brian O'Shea of Michigan State University have gained the most detailed understanding to date of the formation of the first stars.. The earth will become new and beautiful again. In the prophecies. according to a paper published July 19 in Science. It was said that the red star would follow shortly after the twins had passed from our heavens. a state of life that calls for another way."Koyaanisqatsi". they will be joined by the True White Brother. They spoke about the finding of strange physical sightings among animals.“ When the Great Purification is near. The Hopi elders foretold Earth changes and 'Firestorms'.and that of society today . the Hopi Elders appeared with Dr. astrophysicists Matthew Turk and Tom Abel of the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology. four-eared rabbits." as if they were large groups of people. “The Hopi also have prophesied that "Turtle Island could turn over two or three times and the oceans could join hands and meet the sky." This seems to be a prophecy of a "pole shift" . By creating robust simulations of the early universe. “ The Hopi were warned that if these three great beings failed..a flipping. The Hopi call this imminent condition . the two helpers are designated by the Hopi word for "population. The elders spoke to millions in a global audience as they predicted the coming of The Blue Star Kachina and the Purifier. However. Those who are saved will share everything equally. who will become one with them and bring the Purification Day to the world. and animals being born with both male and female genitalia. located at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. it was said that they would succeed if enough Hopi remained true to the ancient spirit of their people. which means "world out of balance . this term may have just gained new clarification today. with an abundance of food and life. as well as the ‘Eight Thunders Prophecies’ and the ‘Pale Prophet’. are some superstitious gods of ancient tribal lore. After they shake the earth two times more. All races will intermarry and speak one tongue and be a family. such as frogs with six legs. of the planet on its axis.

(Crop Circles have been found in ice) From the Purifier will issue forth a great Red Light.“The story of the Blue Kachina is a very old story. even within a drop of our blood. "It is important to understand that these messages will be found upon every living thing. which would mean that we were in the end times. “The messages will be found written in the living stone. her creatures and all life as we know it will change forever. In the final days. and his Brother Palongawhoya is the guardian of the South Pole. "Those who return to the ways given to us in the original teachings. There will be messengers that will precede this coming of the Purifier. Grandfather Dan was the oldest Hopi person on Earth. the Blue Star Kachina. They will start as fires that burn within us.Those that 38 2012OfficialCountdown.t to see who still remembered the original teachings. flying in their Patuwvotas or flying shields. Then. Only in the ancient teachings will the ability to understand the messages be found. I was told this story by the grandfathers.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . and return to the peaceful way of life.” At the time of the broadcast. through the sacred grains. This event would tell us that the end times are very near. and even the waters. the Blue Star Kachina will come to be with his nephews. The twins will be seen in our northwestern skies. "In the Final days. and we will burn up with desires and conflict if we do not remember the original teachings. that first the Blue Kachina would start to be seen at the dances. and would make his appearance known to the children in the plaza during the night dance. "This fact is evidenced in many petroglyphs that speak of the Zodiac. we will look up in our heavens. I have been aware of the story of the Blue Kachina. All things will change in their manner of being. Every living thing will be offered the opportunity to change from the largest to the smallest thing. the Blue Star Kachina would physically appear in our heavens. in ‘The Book of the Hopi’. The story came from Grandfather Dan. a new world that is coming. All life forms will receive the messages from the twins. "The return of the Blue Star Kachina who is also known as Nan ga sohu will be the alarm clock that tells us of the new day and new way of life. They will survive and build the new world. They will leave messages to those on Earth who remember the old ways. They will come and visi. This is Grandfather Dan’s story: "It was told to me. “Not far behind the twins will come the Purifier The Red Kachina. and within the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids. Poganghoya is the guardian of our North Pole. very old. even within our bodies. Hopi Chief Dan Evahema died in January of 1999. On this day the Earth. The rotation of the Earth has been manipulated by the not so benevolent star beings. Frank Waters also wrote about Saquasohuh. and they will return the Earth to its natural rotation. and we will witness the return of the two brothers who helped create this world in the birthing time. They will bring many of their star family with them in the final days. who will bring the Day of Purification. and live a natural way of life will notbe touched by the coming of the Purifier. which is counter clock wise. since I was very young. This is where the changes will begin. who are now between 80 and 108 years of age.

for we are nothing without spirit. through canyons they will have constructed in their man made mountains.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . "Life will get very perverted. The appearance of the twins begins a period of seven years will be our final opportunity to change our ways. some in whole groups. in these time. there will be much confusion. Those who remember who their mother and father are The Pahana. For in the Earth we shall find relief from the madness that will be all around us. Still others will appear as if untouched by what is occurring. “Many things will begin to occur that will not make sense. and their elders. Life will be so bad in the cities that many will choose to leave this plane. The sky will be the color of blood. it will appear almost painful as they take each step for they will be disconnected from their spirit and the Earth. Even those who do not feel their connection to spirit will see the face of creator across the sky. Things unseen will be felt very strongly. Confusion between the sexes. Things long forgotten will come back to remind us of our past creations. "After the arrival of the twins. Others will have great deformities. both in the mind and upon their bodies. Many will ask for the mountains themselves to fall upon them just to end their misery. who have left to live in the Mountains and forest. There will be those who would walk in the body that are not from this reality. "As we get close to the time of arrival the Purifier there will be those who walk as ghosts through the cities. Many of people in this time will be empty in Spirit they will have Sampacu. for they are just hollow vessels for any thing to use. The ones who remember the original teachings.fly. will not be as it is now. and children. "Many will appear to have lost their souls in these final days. It will be a very hard time for women with children for they will be shunned. and we enter the forever cycle of the Fifth World. and have reconnected their hearts and spirit. So intense will the nature of the changes be that those who are weak in spiritual awareness will go insane. for many of the gateways that once protected us will be opened. Then one morning in a moment. Those that walk through these places will be very heavy in their walk. and many of the children in these times will be unnatural. Everything we experience is all a mater of choice. "We will receive many warnings allowing us to change our ways from below the Earth as well as above. the plants. Watching us to see how well we have remembered the sacred teachings. "This Purifier will show us many miraculous signs in our heavens In this way we will know Creator is not a dream. they will begin to vanish before your eyes like so much smoke. "Only those who return to the values of the old ways will be able to find peace of mind. They will disappear. No life force in their eyes. There will be many doorways to the lower world that will open at this time. All living things will want to be present forthis day when time ends. Many things will then begin to happen that right now we are not sure of their exact nature. even the rabbit. for reality will be shifting back in and out of the dream state. Some being from the Stars some from past worlds some will even be created by man in an unnatural manner and will be soulless. 39 2012OfficialCountdown. we will awaken to the Red Dawn. and there will be little social order. "When the Purifier comes we will see him first as a small Red Star which will come very close and sit in our heavens watching us. For much of reality.

that these ancient teachings were not written on skins and in books. The ones that present the whole body of the figure contain natural magnetic fields in the center of the torso. many of these were the very rocks the Long Count calendars or stelas were carved upon spoke to them. As for the messages found in the living stone. here or in the heavens. According to the beliefs of some Mayan elders. The other we see in crop circle patterns that appear with increasing frequency today and far removed from being simple circles. Instead the message of the Hopi is in pure form. Getting simple and returning to living with and upon the Earth and in harmony with her creatures.” from ‘Last Cry’ by Dr. sculptures created from huge boulders arranged in circles that were discovered to have two kinds of magnetic arrangements within them. One is the genetic modification of crop grains. The massive rock figures of a head have a magnetic place on the right temple. Exactly as the Hopi were instructed to do long ago when they were appointed stewards of a continent. "No thing living will go untouched. to the tales of what will come to pass at the End of Days. The messages “left to those on Earth who remember the old ways. and spirals or concentric circles in snow cover and beach sand. some from the past and some that we have never seen. If that was how these indigenous people had kept track of such valuable knowledge. Our relatives from the Stars are coming home to see how well we have faired in our journey.” These sacred grains messages immediately correlate to two things present in today’s world. there are stories and predictions among other tribal nations who were the First People in North America. the first thought would be enigmas like the Nazca lines. But also be about the ‘living stones’ of the Maya people. Robert Ghost Wolf From the story of creation. The nature of mankind will appear strange in these times we walk between worlds and we will house many spirits even within our bodies After a time we will again walk with our brothers from the Stars. remembering that we are the caretakers. It is perhaps best. These complex designs all contain elements of Earth’s oldest cultures in our era. The messages in “the living stone” could be the magnetic fields of the planet."There will be many strange beasts upon the Earth in those days. it would long ago have been destroyed or rewritten to suite the purpose of conquering powers. are ancient messages that not even the old ones of Peru have a clue as to their meaning. Perhaps this is referring to the “Fat Boys”. There have also been circles found in the water beneath lake ice. Those however. through the sacred grains.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . They are known as the talking stones. and reuniting with our spiritual self. The way through this time it is said is to be found in our hearts. delivered only to the public as the days before the elder brother arrives appear to have arrived. and even the waters. but most heavily used is the petro glyphs and symbols from the Mayas and the American Indians. and rebuild this Earth But not until the Purifier has left his mark upon the universe. The messages will be found written in the living stone. This magnetic area is part of the 40 2012OfficialCountdown. the fire keepers of the Spirit.

Amu Quella and Amu Sua. they still live among the enchanted lakes and mountains. there would be 500 years of spiritual darkness. They were told that the world would plunge into materialism. with the arrival of the Europeans. eliminating the Wise Ones. With the Spanish invasion. At this time the puma in the temple of the Sun died. are indeed ‘suffering an atomic 41 2012OfficialCountdown. From the Inca spiritual messenger. This alliance of black forces subjugated and persecuted the Children of the Sun. would come the signal of the return of light to the Earth. causing imbalance to permeate our planet. vomiting.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . At the end of this 500 years of darkness. We cannot argue with this wise Inca when he announces that ‘the western world looks to the atomic god and science. helped by the Apu Huayra (angels). was given to the Inca people for the last years. because he had seen the truth and recognized the darkness of the invaders.” Willaru Huayta Like the Hopi elders. as told by Willaru Huayta. Our present era is known to the Inca as Ayar Auca. both in fear and for its salvation. the end of the dark time. Since pre-Inca times the sagras were well controlled because the people lived in harmony under the laws of Amu Llulla. This prophesy. the Golden Age. were able to escape the dark shadow creeping across the land and remove themselves and the sacred energy to the jungle. This would happen when the condor of the south met the eagle of the north. lashing out in anger and killing one another. the era of iron and wars represented by the coldness of metal and a complete lack of love. how we are lost in the darkness of destruction and imbalance. The only solution to our problems will be found when humanity returns again to the natural way of life. the sagras were liberated and became allies of the conquerors. for they have limited power.’ We would have to agree with his statement that our societies. Many. but they lived subject to the Creator and under the control of the Children of the Sun. the Inca agree that Mother Earth is filled with great sorrow for her children.natural composition of the massive rocks and not something that was inserted to create this effect. however. She sees our ignorance. Willaru Huayta we are informed that we now live in the time of the fulfillment of this prophecy. of so-called civilized people. The Intic Chiricun. the great spirit father shows his love by giving us the opportunity to save ourselves. “Since ancient times there have been sagras (negative and destructive energies). The 500 years of darkness for the Inca people began when the conquistadores brutally arrived in their midst in 1532. Here. presently. The Inca Prophecy Incan prophecy holds that. and cries for us. This would usher in the dawn of a new era.

Celts were found in the Balkan region of Europe and the ancestors of those who now reside in Lithuania. there are but a few of their ancient stories and legends remembered. Of this indigenous people. This would make the tales of the Celtic gods known as the Tuatha-De-Danaan become a factual and not the unfounded myths we have been led to perceive them as. To achieve such a life. Huayta reminds us that the Intic Chiricuna offers love if we accept him. In the days of Julius Caesar. It is very possible that much of the original knowledge of the Celts was long lost thousands of years ago. It is believed that the Books of Enoch were written in Ireland.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . When we return to the natural way. having read a good deal of ancient Celtic lore there are portions of the tales that take on new meaning with the understanding of the wavelengths and vibrations that create light. Curiously enough. While there were battles and skirmishes between different tribes and nations of the American Indians and the Meso Indians. The truth lies in the opposite direction we have arrived in the chaos of today. We were meant to recognize the cosmic laws and our bodies as temples. the Druids and Merlin Of all the ancient indigenous peoples that once roamed this planet with little interest of ruling much more than their own God given ream. Mr. Like the First Peoples of the American continents. These Celtic symbols that remain in this region appear in crop circle patterns of the last few years. this was far different than the oppression and forced change that arrived with the Spanish.hell’. The ancient lore of Ireland and Scotland. the Celts believed that in the natural world. Why would the Catholic Church allow pagan symbols erected on top of the Christian cross and church steeples? The Celts also occupied ancient lands we know today as the United Kingdom. There are still Celtic symbols mixed with those of the imposed Roman church following Caesar’s invasion and subsequent rule. Additionally. on top of Christian churches and graveyard crosses even in modern day Lithuania. we will be rewarded with great spiritual treasure. The Celts. The Druids lunarsolar calendar is proven to be amazingly accurate by modern scholars in current time. we find the world tree such as the one on the left. we must return to the ways of nature to receive enlightenment and an answer to our plight. The Celts were far too easily conquered and plundered by the war lords and power hungry peoples who could march across the continent or easily land upon their shores by a short ocean voyage. along with Wales and portions of Britain are all intermingled with Celtic stories. Pictured above is the symbol of the world tree said to be paganistic. the Celts are perhaps the longest persecuted. They studied the stars and recorded time cycles by astronomy. color and can 42 2012OfficialCountdown.

That the Celts and Druids found sacred life in the oak tree is not without sound reason. even within the folds of the church of any religion.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . They remained on the Emerald Isle and intermarried with the offspring of the Tuatha-De-Denaan. When they were come to Ireland they drew up their ships. Amergin was the first to set foot on the Land …” Amergin was the great leaned person of the Milesians. we learn that the ancient Celts also had visitors who arrived in ships out of the skies. but the most learned scholars of the Celtic people. and it is said by some that they came from a land beyond the utmost blueness of the sky and that their ships left the track among the stars that can still be seen on winter nights. This knowledge of everything being a harmony of sound brings an entirely new meaning to the Christmas carol phrase. and the Celts are not to be ignored. The tales of ancient indigenous people around the globe all have mention of beings that arrived in spaceships. No other trees exhibit this type of natural behavior. who turned against their own king. They put the fastening of a year and a day on them and set foot on the Sacred Land. and the ancient god king known as Dagda to the Celts. it is now known that Dagda was none other than a fallen angel on a mission to pollute the human species. Some say the Druids were not sorcerers. the Druid of the wanderers from the heavens. the astronomers and the teachers of faith and knowledge. we find that his demonic mission was accomplished.heal living things on our planet. Though the leaves turn brown for winter. It is exceedingly interesting the connection between Ptolemy’s conclusions and Nicola Tesla’s discoveries about the vibrations of sound. The Milesians fought the gods of Tuatha-De-Denaan and were not overcome. All the ancient cultures keep repeating the beings of light or strangers who flew in from the skies. Perhaps it was the Milesians who took Enoch to the heavens in a flying chariot. There is much more behind the public denouncement of the Celts and the Druids that is not being told. along with everything else on this planet. There is no proof that idols were worshiped by the ancient Celts and it is merely hearsay that some fanatical friar of the Roman church witnessed the Druids sacrificing humans. In the story of Inisfail. “Angels we have heard on high. There is light and darkness present world wide. “It was on the First of May that the Milesians came into Ireland. making the oak a very special tree among its contemporaries. Oak trees were placed here by the Creator. Yet we now know that all of this knowledge was bestowed upon the people by The Watchers. as found in Exodus 32. From the Celtic tales of Dagda’s activities. Yet. There were many of them. The oak is strong wooded and slow growing to live an extremely long life. a practice which is in direct opposition of Christianity and the Bible. 43 2012OfficialCountdown. They were the healers. they remain on the tree until spring when the newly forming leaves of the season push them off. It is also of great note that the Church of Rome promotes the worship of idols. There is far more to the understanding that beings from other planets or galaxies have come here before than the isolated pictographs of the Sumerians and Egyptians. They came with their wives and their children and all their treasures. not the reverent connection between man and the gift of nature that surrounds and nurtures him. sweetly singing o’er the plains”. landed their ships and interacted with the people of Earth. They came in ships. Paganism is the worship of idols.

These visions or prophecies brought the Druids and Druidesses to be the advisors to the kings and queens of Celtic kingdoms. Supposedly. All the prophecies penned by this so called Mother Shipton definitely dealt with the reign of Henry the Eighth. then why are the great cathedrals erected by the Church of Rome and the Church of England. The second volume is titled. built upon the sacred sites of the Druids and Celtic faith? If true evil existed on these very spots. the ancient Druid seer named Merlin predicted the first American Colony of Virginia. While we have been warned that the poles will indeed reverse. The original book was the work of a notorious plagiarist. This leads us to the recent mainstream media introduction of new interpretations of the prophecies of the popular Druid character known as Merlin. It is believed that when Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote his wildly popular Venetian novel. Like all successful novelists.If they were truly an evil force. Before going any farther on the visions of Merlin. A terrified people are so easily controlled and led astray. Connecting the central character of fictional mystery drama books to the end of our era in humanity is ridiculous. There is very little weight or even truth to the so called Merlin Prophecies as they all arise from fiction written in the 1200’s. Monmouth naturally created a sequel to his widely accepted first work. it would have persisted into the structure through its floors. It should be more important to discover exactly who paid for this broadcast to be created and aired. Mother Shipton is a classic British character from the 1500’s but is complete fiction. Yet the holy men from Rome saw fit to build upon these ancient sites of reverence. Merlin is a fictional character created by a compilation of stories and legends that were already ancient in the 13th century. There were many things aired in this Doomsday television program that you should be very skeptical about. introduces us to these Merlin Prophecies. The History of Britain’s Kings. The Prophecies of Merlin. The legends of Mother 44 2012OfficialCountdown. it is important to point out that the research of this show on TV was so well done that they displayed the Aztec calendar as the Mayan Long Count. he created his Merlin character from the crazed bard Myrddin who lived in the forest after his beloved king died. The Prophecies of Mother Shipton Again. The infamous television show compiled and aired by the History Channel.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . the answer lies in electromagnetic fields which we will consider further on in this guide. The entire content was poorly put together and did lead viewers down a path of terror. or drastically be relocated. by the religious teachings of more than one ancient indigenous people. This really is not such a mystery. Geoffrey of Monmouth is only a writer of entertainment known as fiction. as well as the effects of Napoleon in Europe and cell phone technology. Now they would have us to believe that this Merlin character also predicts the poles of Earth will shift in 2012. Or is there some further underlying reason here as well? Much like the shaman and high priests or holy men of all other ancient indigenous people. we find that the Doomsday program aired on the History Channel was weaving fallacy among some grains of truth. the it is said the Druids were given visions of things that would come to pass. Even King Arthur and the Round Table of knights is no more than an imaginary tale from this same medieval master of the pen.

The resulting revision of the tale excluded the predicted 1881 apocalypse.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . of even talk about the events that would occur the year this world would end. submarines or the telegraph. Here we again get a glimpse of those electromagnetic and wavelengths. as they too were deeply rooted in the Rosicrucian Order and alchemy beliefs. because they are just as real as King Arthur and his Round Table. The work of Nostradamus is fascinating. bogus variations of the original fictitious prophecies sprang up all over the Internet. None of the original texts connected to Mother Shipton said anything about horseless carriages. The verse of Nostradamus doesn’t disappoint one bit. to the return of the higher frequencies. astrology and was a practicing physician. Both these cards and texts are derived directly from the practice of alchemy. His connection to the Knights Templar is highly believable. Nostradamus and the good Rosicrucian’s believed in returning consciousness to the Golden Age. It is the interpretations that really are questionable. This era is the understanding that humans move from the energies of the physically driven lower frequencies or male vibrations. and always will be an imaginary creation. Nor did these books state a year. Following the events of September 11. but not in the dark arts we are told. 2001. and expounded upon in the 20th century.Shipton were unearthed. Nostradamus The quatrains of Michele Nostradamus have captured public attention for many years. which are important to humanity. He was an alchemist as well. He was a practicing Rosicrucian and is said to have been involved with the Knights Templar. as you will learn in this guide. Nostradamus lived in an era of history that forced him to hide his Jewish descent. The decidedly female vibrations of energy on our planet hold the return of consciousness to a balance. While we all love the sweeping saga of Arthur. fortune telling magic and the mists of time. The way in which Nostradamus expressed his toughts or 45 2012OfficialCountdown. Guinevere and Avalon it has always been. There is absolutely no verifiable documentation about the tales of Mother Shipton. stem from those of the Tarot and the Rosicrucian texts. How the dark is separated from the righteous in any form of magic is rather hard to understand. The symbols depicted in all of the originally known works of Nostradamus. Alchemy is said to have two sides just as any religion or set of beliefs have had since the dawn of time. and added World Wars I and II. Nostradamus was a learned man who studied astronomy. There is a greater message to the illustrations Nostradamus has left us than the cryptic rhyming verses he recorded them with. Ignore these prophecies. We are accustomer to prophecies that are a puzzle created with words. there is no argument on that.

some fields were divided by stone walls to delimitate kingdoms. à Pertuis mal pour eux". we find that this interpretation is incorrect. "champs diuiƒez en deux". meaning messages seen from a distance but unheard. 52 from a person extremely familiar with 16th Century French language and culture. It turns out that this thread of doubt was indeed correct. Petis pour Grands (Smalls for Talls) could be as simple as Children and Adults ("Les petits et les grands" is a common expression in french). Nostradamus does state years in some of his predictions. south of France. leader). "vn chef" (one chief.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . vn chef. as is described in-depth an analysis of the quatrain XII. à Pertuis mal pour eux. The following quote is found published on Sacred-Texts. 3. The Château de la Tour D'Aigues is up north near Pertuis also in Provence. 4. The image we are told Nostradamus drew and painted is a single burning tower. 2. champs diuiƒez en deux 2. the fortified city in the Camargues. Pertuis* is an old town 46 2012OfficialCountdown. "Deux corps" is two armies as in "corps d'armée" (army corp). Those who have spent many years studying the prophecies of Nostradamus are thought to be accurate in their interpretations. pire pour Enƒƒouis. Here Daniel Fortin concludes that the quatrain refers to an unrelated event. Admittedly. 2001. This tells us he is trying to tell us about things that will come to pass.). region of Provence. Four "non ouys" could be four semaphores or flag signs. long after his era in history. Interpretation: "Then responding to four signals" 3. fields divided in two. cliff etc. It could be a vision of these two armies advancing on fields separated by such wall or a natural element (river. As to the theory that Nostradamus predicted the destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001.visions could conceivably be connected to any number of events. "Petis pour Grands. Et puis reƒpondre à quatre non ouys. 1. Petis pour Grands. 1. In the medieval period. "Et puis reƒpondre à quatre non ouys" (And then respond to four non heard). which may or may not have happened. not two of them. Tour D'Aigues foudre.com. from the days of his life until the year 3037. But the original French version mentions Tour D'Aigues which is a different place. “In the English version there is mention of Aiguesmorte. Deux corps. and has nothing to do with the tragedy of September 11. This led us to questioning the theory that this image was the foretelling of the catastrophic events that happened that day.

It doesn't seem that this prophecy occured and it haven't been retained by Nostradamus exegetists in previous studies. another medieval castle 7 km east of Tour D'Aigues. Tour D'Aigues is the 16th century castle as mentioned ealier. the so-called “lost” book of Nostradamus has absolutely nothing to do with the great seer’s real works that have come down to us from almost five centuries ago. grief. Review : Two armies. "Tour D'Aigues foudre". As in "S'attirer les foudres de l'ennemis" (to provoke the enemy’s thunder). pain (not evil). nothing sounds familiar with 09/11/01.” . in Pertuis grief for them. we have discovered the expertise of Joseph Robert Jochmans. Nostradamus.6 km south of Tour D'Aigues. one leader. ‘The media hype for this false manuscript began when in October. 4. In the final analysis. This is an odd point of view. While everyone is vying to see more of the watercolors the Lost Book of Nostradamus contained. this fraudulent new work is nothing less than a travesty and an insult against his name and reputation. "Mal" is used as misfortune. 2007 the History Channel devoted a 47 2012OfficialCountdown. Joseph Jochmans has determined it is without question. Enƒƒouis in "Pire pour Enƒƒouis" would be Ansouis* (pronounced the same)."Foudre" (thunder) in French can be used in a figurative sens (in English as well) for retaliation or being attacked. Jochmans. Italian news broadcasts reported that a “lost book” of Nostradamus was found in a public library. a forgery. when an entire decade had elapsed since this book turned up and was publicized in Europe. the so-called “lost” book of Nostradamus has absolutely nothing to do with the great seer’s real works that have come down to us from almost five centuries ago. In the words of Mr. Needless to say. worst for Ansouis. “To anyone who has done even the least amount of background study of the prophet and his legitimate prophecies. Interpretation: Tour D'Aigues attacked. In 1994. For almost 50 years.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . The Doomsday program aired on the History Channel in 2007. “One of the most poorly made forgeries to appear in recent years is presently being foisted onto the international reading public in the form of a book purported to have been authored by the famed sixteenth century French prognosticator.Daniel Fortin From this point. this fraudulent new work is nothing less than a travesty and an insult against his name and reputation. France. Jochmans has been an avid professional researcher of the forgotten wisdom of lost civilizations. and the revelations of age-old prophecies around the world. in Pertuis grief for them Tour D'Aigues attacked. In the final analysis. Interpretation: Children and Adults . led viewers to believe that this remarkable discovery was recently made. Having examined and studied this much talked about book. advancing on divided fields Then responding to four signals Children and Adults . worst for Ansouis My conclusion: This quatrain is about an invasion by an unidentified party in a specific area in Provence. To anyone who has done even the least amount of background study of the prophet and his legitimate prophecies. our invesitigation gains even further interest and bizarre twists.

” 48 2012OfficialCountdown. This makes me want to check out who is profiting from all this. The same can be said for the portfolio paper used for the pages and the binding materials and methods. Jochmans views this lost and found repetition highly suspicious. The theory that the book was copied to preserve these valuable pages.” A large portion of the second show was again focused on the alleged “lost” work. The ink used contains a great amount of zinc. crumbles in an instant with it being deposited in Rome’s public library to be ‘hidden in plain sight’ for a century. would more likely have been held in rare book collection. This was followed with a second special more than a year later. It is conceivably possible too. that is one thing. The tale that the book was lost in the Vatican archives. this time attempting to connect it with the supposed Mayan doomsday prophecy of December 21. in light of the centuries of fame Nostradamus’ work has had.very unconvincing two-hour program trying to promote the book as being authentic.” “So what is the motive in creating this stir? If it is for awareness. or any other type of material that was used in the 17th century. there are three very different stories as to how the news reporter came across it in Rome. that is another. They lack the telltale frayed edges that a real manuscript of this age would have. Nor that it was then lost in the depths of a library anyone can access. Tests on the paper have found that it is a type that was not used until over 100 years after Nostradamus died. “The style. who have studied this dubious volume being credited to Nostradamus. could be from the 18th century. as the bottle of ink if well sealed and appropriately stored. If it is to make a buck. until long past the date of computerized organization and referencing of the very library it was supposedly found in. 2012. Jochman goes on to say that even though the ink used to write the quatrains. would still be in pristine condition for hundreds of years. The pages appear to be cut from portfolio end-sheets. while Nostradamus was French and wrote his genuine work in his native language. Instead it is bound like books made during the 18th through the early 20th centuries. the pages are too perfect. Other modern scholars. Additionally. We rule in favor of Jochman’s experienced opinion and testing results. “Nostradamus—2012. and create the lines of the watercolors. and not lost beneath millions of eyes for over a century in the public library. and then sold to Rome’s public library. no matter how well it was stored. at best. he believes that the Lost Book of Nostradamus could have easily been made as late as the year it was discovered. However. which were not used until 200 years after his death.” Joseph Jochmans has a great deal more to say on the evidence behind his denouncement of the Lost Book of Nostradamus. His contemporaries in the study of art history have some very interesting thoughts after studying the Lost Book of Nostratdamus. makes no sense to Jochmans. Here are quotes of their comments.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . which wasn’t used to create ink until the year 1800. Such a valuable volume. The book is not bound in leather. if it were real. color and perspective shouts modern day forgery to me. are of the opinion that it is more likely the work of Lord Abbot Joachim whose initials appear inscribed as the “interpreter”. Jochmans believes the book was deliberately planted for the sake of its existence gaining world attention. The title of the book is lengthy and in Latin. Neither Nostradamus’ handwriting nor his son Cesar’s are found anywhere in the book. The book contains a postscript noting the date it was written was in 1629.

in the Book of Revelations.Yes. An entire 2-hour program devoted to illusion stemming from forgery that led a huge group of viewers to a place of heightened fear. His original works are nothing but cryptic words and a few simple line drawings. Many people think that the prophecies about the end of days are all found appropriately at the end of the Bible. These are sensual persons. This is an error. The widely speculated on and viewed images are those selected because they are “least offensive and disturbing”. Nostradamus is transposed into a gifted artist? There are a total of 80 watercolor illustrations in this sensational discovery. only 32 of them have been released to public view. while offering mistranslation of selected information for the purpose of creating for an illusion. Yet. who indeed is profiting from the planting of a forged Nostradamus manuscript in a public library? The only book in which Nostradamus showed any artistic ability too. Is it possible. Exactly whom are these artistic works offensive to and why? All of the illustrations are a strange mixture of ancient symbols used by religion and the occult. Take another thorough look at the illustrations that have been made public and consider their message with a whole new understanding. The end of times is mentioned throughout both the Old and the New Testament. 49 2012OfficialCountdown. He was fully aware that the day would come to pass that evil and the destructive ways of humanity would require him to return and repair all damages early in Earth’s history.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . but the reason that they were planted to be discovered and made much of on a global basis. Suddenly. not having the Spirit" (Jude 17-19). God talks about the end in the Book of Genesis. The mystery with these new Nostradamus prophecies is not what they mean. Here we find a fresh. are littered with intrigue and amazing plots and drama. new mystery created by the supposed lost book of Nostradamus. The secrets of the ages and today. The Bible Prophecies "… Remember the words which were spoken before by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ: how they told you that there would be mockers in the last time who would walk according to their own ungodly lusts. that the implication in the remaining 48 illustrations have far too much to reveal? It leads the mind to consider the implication of a surprise discovery that leads to suppression of some information. who cause divisions.

Not until recent year was there ability to completely annihilate mass population. Perhaps too much was made of the fire and brimstone. whether natural or manmade. but the decision of the Church of Rome. The necessity to cleanse the Earth of evil with the Great Deluge and Noah’s flood brought the Creator a great deal of grief. Don’t stop your study there. he knew beyond the shadow of a doubt. All that were not destroyed are easily accessed at Sacred-Texts. which is a sign of the end of time in the Bible. it is true that people have been waiting for the end of times since time began. Yet. The Book of Revelation is not about the end of the Earth. the end has arrived. the Apocrypha is also of great importance. You should investigate all of them to learn what historical and prophetic knowledge was purposefully hidden away. Complete destruction of this planet and humanity is not what God has in mind. We have a war that has been waging in the Holy Land for years. Or did just the building burn and the scrolls are safely stashed elsewhere? Yes. It would be rather unwise to assume that this book deals with ancient history of the misty past. Believing that history and prophecy given to the whole world is false. to get as much of the story as still exists. widespread disease and natural disasters have been taking place throughout the history of our current era. There is a great deal of information you should absorb in the canonized books of the Bible. with the touch of a button. we do know without question that fear is an excellent way to gain control of the human mind. It was not God’s choice they be left out of the Bible. Wars. It is rather unfortunate that only these texts escaped the destruction of the Library at Alexandria. Falling stars were enough to send people into terror that God was coming at the beginning of the 21st century. Yet. The Middle 50 2012OfficialCountdown. Because there are no actual dates in the Bible. and not enough time was spent learning about God’s love for his children and the natural Earth. It wasn’t until the latter part of the 21st century that our era of humanity had the technology to actually bring about total destruction of planet Earth.com in the index page for the Bible. it is about the end of ‘the age of evil’. Only Noah’s family was free of the demon seed of The Watchers and the Nephilim. is due to vast deception by the forces of evil. Another book. and even all of humanity. there was no other way to stop the evil that had polluted humanity in the days of Babylon. Somehow it is hard to understand why being in constant fear is supposed to connect us to divine love.There are those who feel that all the doom and gloom of Revelations has already come and gone.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . people feel that every time some great disaster takes place. the Book of Jasher was removed from the canon at the request of the Hebrews who did not want the future to know this part of history. We look at the events taking place around the globe today and it is clear that this world is a very troubled place.

We have yet to see the antichrist. The diseases and catastrophic events that describe the end of days in Revelations have not yet arrived. 51 2012OfficialCountdown. and the mess he has made of your creator’s beloved planet and people. The next event was the annihilation of the Big Easy. Yet the eruptions have always calmed and faded in the past. Yes.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . but the city of New Orleans paid it no heed. There are disturbing parallels between the story of Noah’s time and today. you have no need that I should write to you. the city of New Orleans was scheduled to welcome with open arms more than 100. 'Peace and safety!' then sudden destruction comes upon them. brethren. however. as others do. "But concerning the times and the seasons. known as the Georgia Guide stones which were erected 33 years prior to 2012.000 gays and lesbians for its appropriately named "Southern Decadence" festival. is not the sign that the end is near. For when they say.East countries have been at war with each other for thousands of years. This alone. For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. If you have no knowledge of this so called American Stonehenge. are not in darkness. Somehow the mainstream media left out the important fact that the afflicted area of Thailand was the region that housed its child-sex slave traffic trade. The media neglected to include the fact that in 5 days following Katrina hitting land. as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. but let us watch and be sober. it is the war that involved Western nations that is most troublesome. this too was a great catastrophe of natural causes raging omnipotent upon thousands of humans. so that this Day should overtake you as a thief. Hurricane Katrina was no surprise. Yes. Even more wisdom and insight can be found in the story of Pompeii and it’s destruction in comparison to the biblical accounting of Sodom and Gomorrah. brethren. Therefore let us not sleep. We are not of the night nor of darkness. it would serve you well to investigate this enigma. Earth is a troubled place and it has gone through periods of tribulation before. "But you. But we have the 10 Commandments of the Antichrist. And they shall not escape. You are all sons of light and sons of the day." 1 Thessalonians 5:1-6 We have all manner of practices abundantly threaded through society that are most definitely in opposition of the word of God. though many people predict he is a present day world leader. There is much more that must come to pass before the Creator returns to deal with Satan. We all watched transfixed in horror as a great tsunami wiped out thousand of people without a second’s warning.

God is found in nature and all its beauty. unviewable place riding astride the seven heads of an evil creature. The New World Order combines church. God did not create the Spanish Inquisition. you have one place to look for the right answers. This is why small tribes are more akin to God’s plan than any superpower contrived to exist through the conquest and plunder in the name of God. The seven heads of the dragon are the seven most powerful kings. this tells you that the scarlet woman has total power and control over the collective rulers that make up the whole destructive creature. state and finances into one neat global control package.We have yet to see seven headed dragon rise from the sea with a scarlet woman riding it. if he shall gain the whole world. “For what shall it profit a man. God knew that the Christian church that existed in the time of the disciples would lead man astray through deception. This is what the Hopi message and teachings echoes from the Bible. Here it is. He is most certainly not found where deception is being practiced. The scarlet woman is the church who gained world power and riches untold through the seven kings. The new age of spirituality has been forming for decades and to know that you too have not been deceived. deception did.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . John describes her as the harlot. One ruler of the kingdoms of earth is most definitely found in the Book of Revelations. Seven heads of earthly kingdoms. meaning that this part of the symbolism that this church gladly defiled itself over and over again for money and power. religious oppression by combined church and state did. This is very clearly unfolding right now in July 2009 as the dawning of the New World Order is made public. in the miracle of life and the stars in the sky. God did not send the Mayflower to America. from an era in humanity that we cannot understand. and lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36 Politics are as deceptive as the church represented by the scarlet woman astride the seven headed 52 2012OfficialCountdown. This is why he is described in the Bible as the “king of kings”. at the moment this sentence is typed. knocking at the door of this very age of humanity. The problem with this message found in the Book of Revelations is that it is symbolism. Since the scarlet woman arrives out of a dark. In God’s word and not in a building purported to represent him. God knew that another church would become a superpower through the dark powers and attempt to become the King of Earth. God’s plan placed each people in their own land WITH BOUNDARIES to stall this event from taking place. Not that we ever will see this creature as it was described by John the Baptist. the most powerful government rulers at the end of times.

And Jesus answered and said to them: See to it that no one misleads you.beast. This dark power did not go away. Then they will deliver you to tribulation. Our Creator intended us to lead our entire lives completely separated from the evils that lurk and would lead us astray. For many will come in my name. Matthew 24: 37-39 No where in the Bible is there a date. Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many. The translation of the Book of Revelations has been an ongoing mystery that has occupied theologians and clergy around the world. But the one who endures to the end. but that is not yet the end. most people's love will grow cold. For nation will rise against nation. saying. or even a hint of one to alert us that the world will end soon. At that time many will fall away and will deliver up one another and hate one another. it went underground until the time was ripe to again rise out of the shadows of the deep and claim every inch of the globe and humanity. Somewhere along the way most of society on a global basis forgot that the meek will inherit the Earth. In fact. He gave us the right to redeem our shortcomings. they will be found in the places conquered by Rome and its church over the 1000 years it controlled Europe. for those things must take place. and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness to all the nations. see that you are not frightened. and will kill you. and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. and then the end shall come. nor is there any indication as to exactly when all the horrors and catastrophic events will occur. If we were supposed to be constantly trembling with fear of hellfire and brimstone. so shall the coming of the Son of Man be. they were marrying and giving in marriage. throughout time. For as in those days which were before the flood they were eating and drinking. There is no one absolute interpretation. and kingdom against kingdom. But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs. he shall be saved. and you will be hated by all nations on account of my name. Look at history and locate the meek. "I am the Christ. Measuring the 53 2012OfficialCountdown. Jesus clearly stated that no one would know when that hour had come. until the day that Noah entered the ark. And because lawlessness is increased. Matthew 24: 4-16 For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. Jesus would not have told us that we can seek his forgiveness and be reborn to live our life the way he intended. And you will behearing of wars and rumors of wars." and will mislead many.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved .

You can access every page free online. Whether December 21.org/booklets. They call this little known phenomena ‘time reversal’. lies the earliest written history of humanity. but it does not predict the future. This bot program has been in operation since the 1980’s when the Internet was in it’s infancy.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . While many claim this is unfair. even Lucifer would know." H. by leaving this culmination open ended left the children of Earth as long as possible to live their lives traveling the right path. or it will be the day this era of man will end.temperature of the disaster meter around the world today. Immediately. if you do not have a copy of it in your home. If you aren’t aware of the huge effect 54 2012OfficialCountdown. before the forces of dark deception knew they were running out of time. One of them is called the Global Consciousness Project operated by Princeton University. This unfolds in conjunction with a competition between two superpowers of a supernatural nature. Additionally. To gain a clearer understanding of the end of times prophecies that are threaded through the Bible. you should discover the Bible. the rightful king of the land. The Outline of History The Web Bot Oracle Once again. Evidently. how will you understand exactly who you are and where you want to go? "Human history becomes more and more a race between Education and Catastrophe.G. you will find some excellent enlightenment at UCG. 2012 is the day that will be the dawn of the age of enlightenment and spirituality. is the one that is known as the computerized oracle. our minds can pick up something disturbing 6-seconds before we see the cause of our alarm or disgust. a day of the end of this age on Earth. If you have no idea where you came from. This one they aired on a show called Next Nostradamus late in 2008. the full text contained in any version of the Bible is available everywhere. vicious being that will stop at nothing to steal every soul he can from his own father. They will end the competition and the lesser power of the two is a jealous. and in the selectively omitted apocryphal texts. To put this all in modern terms the event being played out is an endurance test of all people. Between its covers. Unlike all of the other prophets and predictions in this section of information about 2012. The actual Web Bot Project that began as a way to collect and analyze data for predicting stock market activity. Wells. the processor in our brains flipped on the high alert sensor. it most certainly feels as if we are getting closer to the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. it would be important to realize that if a time were given. This particular bot project measures global reaction patterns prior to and after big events. since the last Nostradamus show this channel released was not very well researched. we see the History Channel pop up with yet another broadcast surrounding the mystic fortune telling business. The search for truth led to the realization that there are more than one of these bot programs running.

In 2006. a 10. They have also been contacted by US Homeland Security which made them very uneasy about continuing with the project at one point prior to 2006. by visiting HalfPastHuman. Perhaps. On one page of George Ute’s Urban Survival website.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . The predictions found in the extract reports brought their little project a great deal of web and media coverage. published on UrbanSurvival. and was presumed not worth the effort at the time. of the Web Bot Project.com. it is announced that their spyder ran into the same type of web bot running in China. Or not. The result was that the linguistic data propagated outward and polluted the algorythmns that generated the results.com you will find the following disclaimer attached to the results of these purchasable prediction reports. We are to be held harmless for the universe placing substance behind our words. The Department of Defense was in discussion with the owners of the Web Bot Project about putting it to use for them. This opens the doors to an entirely new scenario. For this reason no further predictions from the Web Bot can be posted on the Internet. As of July 2009. you may miss the significance that such a predicting tool can provide a profitable trader. all those who have access to the ATLA reports now understand that the information contained in them cannot be published if the bot algorythmns and programming is to remain undamaged.com. in keeping with their very strict copyright agreement prior to receiving the extract reports upon purchase. This measuring of global consciousness is far beyond prophetic insight based on time reversal and studying patterns in human conciousness for “science”. With the attacks on the World Trade Center. The repairs to the system were estimated at about 300 hours. gives us the following predictions: We will see a massive surge in UFO sightings.” There is a great deal of information regarding the way the Web Bot Project works as a program. as it so chooses.com and HalfPastHuman.global news can have on trading stocks and currency at a profit. At HalfPastHuman. The intials ATLA stand for ‘Assymetrical Language Trend Analysis’ and there is no intent whatsover to predict an absolute future or event. Chris High and George Ute.000 fold increase in summer of 2009. noticed the dual nature of the analyzed data beginning in 2001. 55 2012OfficialCountdown. Understanding the technology that makes it work is an intense study all on its own. the crash of Flight 587 from American Airlines and the anthraxx attack on Washington an amazing tendancy emerged. anyone can purchase the reports generated by the Web Bot Project. “Please note that our interpretations are provided as entertainment only. If you’re interest leads you to investigate the finer points about this mechanical oracle. the Web Bot crashed because the avid followers of the ALTA reports generated posted portions of the extract data on 20 different websites. your discovery will begin at these websites. The most recent data extraction report from April 2009. This spider based oracle also gleaned a great deal of predetermined information in the Washington DC sniper case and the Northeast power outage in 2003.

The magnetics of the Milky Way has already begun to affect the magnetic fields on Earth. There is no concern about the fate of the public from radiation poisoning. government will have serious problems getting troops home as the dollar. New volcanoes will form and erupt. Beginning in mid-August and continuing into late October there will be further distancing 56 2012OfficialCountdown. will no longer be accepted. The end result with this media situation is not clear from the Web Bot language assimilation.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . More information about chemtrails will come out creating a great deal of fear for the general population. and then greatly increasing in number in 2010 through 2011. Also the powers that be are having the military test ORMEs on troops as a method of correcting any radiation reactions humans experience from the sun and magnet imbalances we will begin having.S.S. which will increase as our magnetosphere continues to collapse. In turn the population will become highly upset and agitated. August 2009: Information comes out revealing the truth about the mainstream media being controlled by the elite powers that be. due to the squeezing of the planet by the approaching Milky Way Galaxy system.S. and their guilt in lying to the public. The volcanic eruptions will be occurring in many places they have not ever happened before. A large number of people who have damaging information on the elite of our global society. Additionally. dollar anymore. and has to be done exactly to that own person's body chemistry. The application is very expensive. who do whatever it takes to broadcast only what they choose to be released. will disappear as they are killed off by these powerful entities. People filming activities of the world’s elite doing bad things lose their lives as the revelations of their activities are presented to the public as a result. further numbers of the population will disappear under very strange circumstances. will inform the public that this is necessary to combat global warming. There will be many volcano eruptions beginning in 2009. but the elite persons of global society are having troops tested with it right now for the purpose of saving themselves in the future. This is the beginning of the planetary effect on our planet that will be at full strength with the coming alignments on December 21 2012. and when it does. The rest of the world will not want U. being worthless. The propaganda released by the mainstream media as a result. as these events will loosen their control on media. military bases in their country. will get angry as things begin happening and truths come out. other countries will not accept the U. The U.The US dollar will collapse in 2009. The media will present these invalid facts for the purpose of creating enough fear that they will not attempt to stop the chemtrail activities from continuing. ORME is a very dangerous mixture of metals that can be very harmful. The five controllers of all mainstream media. the sun and the rest of our solar system.

This will be a problem for the United States. because there is no longer any value to the US dollar. The US dollar has lasted longer than any other currency system. Once this war starts. No other monetary system has been stable for more than 72 years. The Oval Office and the elite powers that be will become very angry at everything happening in November and December. At this point. as Woodrow Wilson signed over control of the US monetary system to foreign interests in 1913. No elaboration was made on how the US will fare through this eruption of violence. This really is long over due. as far too much information is being leaked out to the public. September 2009: The Swine Flu Pandemic really begins to take affect and becomes a huge problem. most especially regarding NASA. October to November 2009: By late October to at the latest the November 5th. These hostile activities will become a 5 war problem. We will see a great deal of odd behavior due to the magnetics and lack of sleep as the earth is 57 2012OfficialCountdown. November and December 2009: Pakistan and Iran will join forces and wage war against Israel. the US dollar will be completely dead.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . If we are to experience Hopi prophecy coming true. There will be many issues with imports and purchases from around the world into the US. US citizens will have no medications as our money becomes worthless and other countries refuse it as payment. The Web Bot predicts we will have no health care by the end of 2009. Rioting starts end of summer goes into mid 2010 Rioting will begin at the end of summer 2009 and go on into mid-2010 due to the information announced by many whistleblowers that will emerge over the summer of 2009. This will take place over a ten and a half day period that will end in a war precipitated by complete collapse of our monetary system. The worst of this dilemma will be that by winter there will be no medications will be available for US citizens. North Korea will follow suite with an attack of their own creation elsewhere. The reason for their anger is that they will no longer be able to exert the level of control they once had on the population.between the populous and the banks. This is the background activity that precedes the ultimate outcome when the dollar finally collapses. the American Empire does indeed experience total failure and collapse. November 5. then the US will be attacked and destroyed. 2009 is an important date. in the history of the world. as the Web Bot finds the number 5 and war as important. as the military bases are removed from other countries due to the fall of the US dollar. in retaliation of Israel beginning the bombing.

He is also referred to as the father god of the Celts they called him the good god because he protected their crops. Dagda played three types of music. and each subsequent portion may be heard in proper order from the same web page found at YouTube. There is a great deal more information that can be obtained from a separate interview recorded in six parts and published online. the music of joy and the music of dreaming. the only way people in the United States will be able to really purchase things from foreign countries will be using pure gold or silver. Dagda was the ruler of Uisnech in County Meath. The effects on the magnetics of Earth will be completely due to the Milky Way. Significant Natural Facts In ancient Celtic legend there is a figure known as The Dagda. the seasons would come and pass in the right order. It is unclear whether the US dollar will still be accepted in trade within US borders. The reason that the fallen 58 2012OfficialCountdown. the mainstream media is not reporting the truth.being squeezed. Naturally. who was the king of the Tuatha-De. The prediction is that once the dollar collapses. The elite prefer to keep the population unaware of what is really going on with the Earth. The web address of the first segment is as follows.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . the Uaithne. Dagda and the other gods landed on Ireland from the skies. The information you have just read are not word by word quotes from Craig High.com/watch?v=umTeKffrnjM. but also prove the legends are not a fabrication passed down through the years. Some of the language the Web Bot returns surrounds people being upset over what the US actually has or does not have in actual gold. who is the translator of the word extractions the Web Bot creates. which supplied unlimited food and a magic oak harp. As the legend goes. This is affecting the sun too. He arrived with a magic cauldron known as the Undry. The bot interpreters feel this could be part of what causes the rioting later in 2009. it was known by all that as long as Dagda played his harp. the music of sorrow. More importantly. These are the general ideas covered in his live radio interview in April 2009. The language does report that the truth about US gold will come out. purposefully excluded from the canonized Bible. The three books of Enoch. because the powers that be do not want this information released.Denaan. expose not only the existence of these gods.

instead of black. They work in harmony with the electrical magnetics in the Earth. The easiest example of this is the color that plants appear under the red and blue spectrums found in LED growing lights. rustling leaves and wind for you to be able to detect the sounds that do envelop us. you will know exactly what is being referred to. If you have ever experienced the sound of silence. wild birds. thanks to the Dagda who shared this advanced knowledge with them. will have heard the actual sound of silence. Bodies of water look blue to us. Illness sets in when the magnetic center of the human body is low. without green spectrum. even the leave of a tomato plant are red. plants look green because it is the one visible spectrum of color from sunlight that they do not absorb. While learning this tale many years ago.angel known on Earth as Dagda is mentioned here is the connection between music and the cyclical movement of planet Earth. Our Musical Universe Ultra sound works quite like the very thing that brings our planet to life. It wasn’t until Rome decided they could control the world. We cannot hear the sound. Everything about planet Earth and our solar system works on the principle of vibration from the energy of sound and electrical magnetics. There is far too much noise pollution from humanity. As you can see in the photo to the left. along with the shape and form of 59 2012OfficialCountdown. it came rushing to the forefront on discovery that sound waves and their vibrations are a scientific part of life on our planet. or feel the vibration but it is there. Plants use predominately the red and orange to yellow part of the spectrum of light which is absorbed into their cells to create food and oxygen. The atom is actually three dimensional and the effect of electro magnets on them cause spinning and spiraling to produce what we perceive here on Earth as color and sound. For instance. This knowledge was once widely known and accepted by the ancients. the same primary colors blended into one consolidated spot of light create pure white. on a day of no breeze in the dead of a northern winter. mental functions and growth such as healing and birth. This is why the ancient Chinese could heal people with magnets. If there were no green and blue to violet colors in the spectrum of light. because the only light spectrum that penetrates deep water are the blue wavelengths of sound. Our universe is not only magical.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Unlike mixing paints on a dark surface. Magnetics cause healing and keep our health and mental capacities in balance. it is completely musical. The ancient Celts knew that musical sound kept the world turning through a calendar year. that the use of this knowledge was abolished. The entire cycle of life. Only those who have stood quietly in solitaire. Wavelengths of sound give us colors. It does exist. our planet would look nothing like it does.

Nature and man exist by virtue of harmony. From there it continues creating the circle of our natural universe." Walter Russell. Is it possible that in keeping with their desire to conquer and rule the entire world.000 year time cycle involved and what the Mayan Long Count calendar is all about. There is greater vibration in higher or feminine frequencies than there is in lower or masculine tones. For such a paradigm to exist. 2012 is the date that the current age of Earth will end. By removing the connection between the energies that connect humans with their natural world. The right tones can create or destroy according to the octave and number of vibrations. 60 2012OfficialCountdown.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . December 21. it affects our bodies and the environment of Earth. a displacing of energies is highly probable. by negating the observance of time according to the natural energies that mark its passing? This question deserves great consideration. There is no such thing as chaos in the universe. When the tones of vibration go off key. throughout our planet. This concept takes on greater weight. Disconnection from Nature Creates Chaos "Any theory which cannot find a fitting place within the wave has no other place for it in Nature. rather than a harmony of sound vibrations. The sun and moon. Further proof has been shown in the work of Nikola Tesla. determined by universal value and principles. in light of the following scientific observations of physics and atomic energy. all hinges on whether or not those who have translated the Mayan dating system into the contrived Julian and Gregorian calendars are giving us the correct date. the solar system and beyond. Julius Caesar and the Church of Rome have thrown off the longevity of our current cycle of humanity. however. to find this theory demonstrated in reality around us. They needed to know when to expect the coming of the fifth world of man. One only has to consider the interconnectedness of all things and energies. The magnetic fields that lie beneath the surface of this planet are what keep it revolving at the proper axis and speed. The findings of Russell and John Keely follow the teaching of Ptolomey and others of old.everything around us is a vibration of pure joy. The phrase that man is his own worst enemy carries quite a wallup when you understand that everything is orchestrated melody. as well as the rest of the planets and constellations in our solar system. reverberating all the way through human activity. it would be woven entirely by the terms and concepts of vibrations that contain everything from the simplest single cell to the complexities of atomic phenomena. beyond that created by man alone. are important to maintaining true north and the magnetic compass points in the proper places. Ancient astronomers like the gifted Maya sky watchers understood that precession was part of the timing of eras in the history of Earth. All vibration is intimately connected to all other vibration. All things are built from single vibrations to complex chords. in an unhealthy way. This date. under the control of orthodoxy. ‘The Theory of a Musical Universe’ So we have been led to believe that the universe is material. Science has known for years that the magnetics within the Earth are changing. This is what the 26.

Negative thought puts out chaos through inharmonious vibrations emphasized by the electromagnetic fields on Earth. 61 2012OfficialCountdown. We find that even animal migration is directed by the magnetic fields. birds. The rapid disappearance of birds. No more bees. Where there is a great lack of towers. What is really interesting to note at this point is that in June of 2004. then disassociation with these radiant properties would have no effect on our health or state of mind. If humanity was not to have a connection to the electromagnetics of Earth. Additionally. insects and amphibians in heavily populated areas is directly related to severe electromagnetic radiation pollution emitted by millions of cell phones in constant use. no more pollination … no more men!” Albert Einstein While there were known occasional bee colony collapses over the past 100 years or so. where the electromagnetics are too powerful it can also have an adverse effect on human health. The truth and impact is found in the fact that regions with low to no magnetic fields cause disease to inhabit the human body. “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth. or darkness and light. It is no secret that microwave radiation causes all manner of biological imbalances in humans. They can no longer detect the naturally present electromagnetic fields and currents on the surface of the Earth. a distinct increase was noted between 1971 and 2004. there is abundant populations of these life forms. Positive thought creates harmonic energy and attracts all that is good. amphibians and insects. In the presence of the emissions of microwaves for communications. man would have no more than four years to live. Extreme losses began in the winter of 2004/2005 reaching an epidemic proportion in late 2006 to early 2007. In this way the power of the telluric currents that crisscross the entire globe can be connected to good or evil. birds loose all sense of direction.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . and that birds use them to map their way south for winter and back north in spring. the crop circle to the right appeared on Milk Hill in the town of Alton Barnes. mammals. Wiltshire County UK.Even our thoughts create energy that is translated as a sound and vibration.

accordingly. beekeepers feed their bees in winter. followed by paralysis and ultimately death outside the hive.This massive loss of our honey bee population is of huge significance in the destruction of nature on Earth as well as in direct connection to humanity’s disconnection from nature. The problem is that this significant natural sign of doom adds yet one more distinct note to the catstrophic orchestra being played out on our planet. This is similar to the findings of a later independent survey. Einstein predicted four years to the end of humanity when the bees disappeared. with beekeepers who do not use HFCS. However. most commonly involving poor nutrition and/or drought. Simple mathematics gives us an end date of early 2011. 62 2012OfficialCountdown. however. not all bees have been eliminated as yet. The consensus among independent beekeepers studying the events leading to the collapse of their colony all noted stress directly related to poor nutrition. but many reports of CCD occur in other contexts. Some researchers have attributed the syndrome to the practice of feeding high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) to supplement winter stores. well-nourished colonies. Two things were going on that brought this about and it has nothing to do with vampire mites. In the interest of materialism and the driving force of commercial production.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Massive extinction of colonies around the globe took place over the winter of 2006-2007. Especially when it picks up the effects of genetically altered crops as a key factor in the unsacred tones being played. European commentators have suggested a possible connection with HFCS produced from genetically modified corn. The variability of HFCS may be relevant to the apparent inconsistencies of results. This led to failure of their wings in flight. there is at least some significant possibility that the phenomenon is correlated to nutritional stress. this should also lead to the exclusive appearance of CCD in wintering colonies being fed HFCS. and may not manifest in healthy. The Department of Agriculture began instructing beekeepers to kill their queen and replace her every two years. in which small-scale beekeeping operations (up to 500 colonies) in several states reported their belief that malnutrition and/or weak colonies was the factor responsible for their bees dying. From Wikipedia we learn exactly what is causing the death of planetary bee population: “One of the patterns reported by the group at Penn State was that all producers in a preliminary survey noted a period of "extraordinary stress" affecting the colonies in question prior to their die-off.” Perhaps they should consider the added factor in colony destruction as their infliction of the loss of knowledge passed between the old queens upon death. This is the only factor that all of the cases of CCD had in common in this report. to the new queen ready to take the throne. Here we find the loss of cultural knowledge and the introduction of ignorance by force. in over 50% of the cases. whether the losses were believed to be due to CCD or not. If this were the sole factor involved. You may be wondering what honey bees have to do with 2012. so there is still time in this left wing correlation.

the Great Spirit will have no choice but to end this age of humanity. if mankind cannot reconnect with the spirituality of nature. it is just these newcomers’ stories we have to judge these old cultures by. A park is not the answer. Some theories are expounded by people as fanatical about their beliefs as they blame Christians to be. there are things being overlooked or ignored. since the dawn of recorded history. the countries of the Middle East and the Amazon gave him concrete evidence that his theory was indeed correct. Here again we find that there is no connection with the soil. How can man hope to connect with this benevolent portion of his life force when it is smothered beneath thick nonconductive layers of concrete. Magnetic Fields and Human Power Our fascination with ancient sacred places such as Stonehenge. Mayan temples and the Pyramids may very well not be such a mystery as it seems. there exists a constant state of mental turmoil and the evil of human destruction. Phil Callahan has studied the affects of Earth’s electromagnetic grids on birds and insects. we must remember that Rome wished to rule the world at this time in our history. As the Hopi people tell us. Traveling to Ireland. Second. The first arrival of the holy men from Rome on the verdant regions of what is now known as the United Kingdom may be key. asphalt and steel re-inforced buildings? The entire community is purposefully constructed to push away natural electrical conductivity. or exactly what they were used for. Without this electrical connection and communication with nature’s bounty found elsewhere in the world. Archaeologists cannot explain what stone circles mean. There is no awareness of the harmony of the universal vibrations or the energy humans were meant to absorb from the telluric grid on the surface of our planet. to an intelligent mind it is none other than egress that fertilizes evil forces. a few things rush to the forefront. Callahan stumbled onto the realization that certain regions of poor soil fertiity have been in a constant state of war. Earth’s energy when harnessed by those who are of pure minds and souls creates good that echoes 63 2012OfficialCountdown.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved .Dr. These places are teeming with masses of humans who are angry and constantly in chaos with themselves and each other. First. All electromagnetic fields and currents have been completely blocked by development. If these places were evil. We are handed the accounts of these friars claiming paganistic rituals and human sacrifice being preformed within these spaces. Now that we have consciously reconnected with the impact of these ancient places in northeastern Europe. anger and hatred of one another. All of these areas of the world have natural soil that does not grow sustaining crops and they lack electromagnetic fields. The result is gang warfare and crime on the part of some that threads through the rest of the urban population creating constant fear. Beneath all of this arguing and prophesying from the vastly varying minds of thought. Handed to us as progress for humanity. then why are the oldest cathedrals all built on top of them? Why is the most powerful spot within these Earth energy vortexes the exact location of the altar? We believe this to be very significant to the events that have brought us to where we are today. There are many conflicting thoughts and scientific reports floating in cyberspace. The same can be said about urban areas found in all larger cities and metropolis areas of the world.

The stones chosen by the ancients are all composites that contain some form of crystal. The coming together of the lines of flowing energy in the Earth connects with electrical currents in the sky with the standing stones being a conductor between the two currents. Standing stones or menhirs are all massive pieces of granite which is heavily laden with quartz crystals. This impressive ancient landmark towers an incredible 32 feet above the ground. Standing stones were erected on natural intersections of underground water ways. there are a few who have discovered things that most people are to busy speculating to see. It is more likely these mysterious supposedly sacred stones stand due to strength of the creatures known as Nephilim and The Watchers. Menhirs dot the landscape in all the ancient Celtic regions of Europe. While these were visual observations. Everyone wants their presence to be due to alien space ships. as he has done before when humanity rose to such levels of corruption. The same can be said of time observance. lacking heavy construction equipment. No longer allowed to live as small tribes. From the time of the erection of these cathedrals until our present day. There have been instances in Scotland where people have witnessed the aura of something similar to heat lightening connecting the top of standing stones to the sky. precisely where an underground water stream intersects the 64 2012OfficialCountdown. This same energy when put to use by those whose minds and souls are not pure translates to the powers of darkness and evil. There is only one king of the entire planet. Magnetic Fields. a constant reminder that there are secrets locked away in the forgotten past. this is very likely possible. and the crossing of the Curry and Hartman energy grids. One French photographer has extended the use of ephiphanie photography to capture the energies produced. They are indeed quite real. Telluric Vortexes and Solar Storms While most of the world seeks to understand the mysteries of megalithic stone structures and formations. recording and control. we were from that time forward forced to form huge concentrations of people devoted to empowering the chosen few. vertically installed in a manner they remain upright. today we cannot imagine how people.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . The one true God will put things back to their proper perspective. What we have unearthed gives huge significance to several things that are part of this 2012 ending of the Mayan Long Count. so much as moved them to these locations. Yet they stand. It is the only way to restore natural balance to this planet. the very direction of humanity has been altered. When you take into account the fact that there is no longer a human-nature connection in the continuum of time today. as is shown in his imagery of the Menhir du Champ-Dolent. it is clear to see that the end of an age is due.through all of humanity. Stones so large. at these nodes on the telluric grids marked with menhirs. It has been proven that this menhir does indeed sit exactly on a node in the Curry Hartman grids. the teachings of the Hopi and the prophecies of the Bible. and is said to have an additional 16 feet submerged in a bed of gravel.

so to speak. and made known to them the metals of the earth and the art of working them. . “And Azazel taught men to make swords. control and alter it.node. The presence of the underground streams or bodies of water in these grid locations creates a very powerful Earth energy vortex. Kokabel the constellations. their tactic of taming this beast. Araqiel the signs of the earth. not trying to tame. the emissions go on from morning until night falls. Furthering the weight of the importance of these sacred sites. they mapped out with mathmatical and geometric perfection. And as men perished. and 3000 B. their culture was connected to nature. . did indeed possess great knowledge. Ezeqeel the knowledge of the clouds. just one notch above beasts. This same menhir at Champ-Dolent in Brittany emits the electromagnetic currents into the sky. and breastplates. That humans in the prehistoic times of between 4000 B. and Sariel the course of the moon. removed the menhirs and replaced them with a cross. These stone cross monuments placed in the same spot also have the same energy emissions. There are images of the Christian era menhir replacements sending up the same clouds of energy waves the original stone did. The timing changes by the hours of the day.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Shamsiel the signs of the sun. and knives. There are places that the priests who arrived with the Christian church from Rome. However. And there arose much godlessness. and the beautifying of the eyelids. or even possible. and shields. and ornaments. was to replace the assumed pagan article with one that represented Christianity. 65 2012OfficialCountdown. and all kinds of costly stones. It would appear that the Earth’s energy is no as selective in it’s conductor of release. and bracelets. and all colouring tinctures. Semjaza taught enchantments. They did not figure this all out on their own. and they were led astray. and yet never milled the stone in their constructions. This doesn’t happen just once in a while. along with the passing of the seasons. they had educators. Consider this bewildering knowledge of capably powering their time piece with natural energy. 'Armaros the resolving of enchantments.C. and their cry went up to heaven . as opposed to nonrenewable fuel for the purpose of material riches. This image is the epiphanie photography of the stone’s first step in releasing the energy into the atmosphere at Champ-Dolent. and the use of antimony. escapes our understanding of these tribes of people. and became corrupt in all their ways. The curious thing is that they possessed this knowledge. This phenomenon is present not just in the Menhir du Champ-Dolent. Yet there ise a gathering pool of evidence that the people we once assumed to be ignorant cavemen and savages. could have been able to come up with the concept of something akin to an electromagntic clock-calendar combination deserves some serious consideration. Baraqijal (taught) astrology. Since they could not stop the natives from visiting these important sites. and they committed fornication.C.” 1 Enoch 8:1-3 The rythym of these energy emissions is known as the heartbeat of the Earth. While the idea that these ancient cultures possessed the knowledge that such a thing was present. and root-cuttings. they cried.

then perhaps the same harmonic tones are added to the symphony our planet plays a part in composing. It was this visit to confer with the wise elders of the Hopi that triggered their return to speak to the United Nations council. Just as is found to be the case in Ireland. Scotland and Great Britain. as we as a race and our world. nothing elaborate or of note. The elders concurred that it was time the truth was delivered to their brothers and sisters around the globe. that the sounds emitted by our planet through this nodal crossing of the two electromagnetical currents. the energy of the Earth’s telluric current vortexes is indeed a large portion of the powerful feeling you experience. In the 1990’s these mysterious creations changed drastically. They have been on record for hundreds of years. Crop Circle Revelations It is true that circles laid down in grain fields are nothing new. they were indeed just circles. the circle makers began leaving increasingly elaborate designs in rural crops. The two crop circle researchers who felt the new. At which point they wasted no time in sharing this treasured and long protected knowledge. It was also this event that brought them to release their teachings and ancestral records to the public. We feel it is important to call your attention to the significance of the fact that the Hopi maintained total secrecy of their prophecy for the end of times until presented with profound signals. more emotive patterns were symbols used by Native American Indians. they were the first white men to be taken to see the Hopi Prophecy Rock. could play a part in the horrific events we know as natural catastrophes. These stones are known to emit musical tones when they are placed on these energy vortexes at the nodes of the telluric grids. when entering the vast space of an ancient cathedral such as those in these spots in Europe. The question at this point is what part does the Earth’s magnetic grid play when natural catastrophes occur? Perhaps the Hopi knew exactly what they were saying when they instantly interpreted a 1995 crop circle pattern from a photo as “The Mother is crying. For a long time. It seems a common sense conclusion. which should be readily expected as the Celts populated this region as well. As you can see. Due to the images the shared on their visit. it make perfect sense that our planet can communicate back to the universe. The frequency of their appearance 66 2012OfficialCountdown.There are sacred circles in Brittany too. No longer reserved to ordinary orb and line patterns. It has come to our attention that if the incoming harmonics create the two nets of telluric currents.” A visitor to Hopi land who brought photos of several crop circle images to ask the Hopi elders what they thought these patterns in rural England grain fields meant. Nikola Tesla could create an earthquake with sound waves. This ephipanic photograph shows the powerful energy of Earth’s heartbeat emanating into the sky. are an operating portion of the rest of our solar system. So if we are to correctly interpret the fact that our universe is musical. the Christian cathedrals and churches were erected atop of the sacred stone circles. So it would seem to reason.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved .

as they construe all manner of things that aren’t true or are only partial reports. We have sightings of tall blond haired beings inspecting a finished crop circle in July of 2009. The mainstream media is having a field day. computers and the handy communication of the Blackberry. There are those who skoff and say these massive.” This fact is known by all of us.has grown to what we today could easily say a frenzy. It is possible the orbs of light are inspecting the handy work of another group entirely. If it weren’t alive none of us or anything in nature would exist. corporations and government seem to have all become like peas in one pod. Who would be better to warn her children of impending danger than the mother? We have photos of light beams between a circle being formed and the sky. The UFO fans are so excited they can hardly stay seated. The crop circle researchers have known for quite a while that all of the crop circle patterns appear on or very close to ancient sacred sites.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . only a handful of crop circle patterns are created by humans. a prank being played on easily influenced people. Perhaps it is the activity of UFO’s. What if the Earth is creating these patterns in the grain fields? We have just looked at imagery of electomagnetics being released to the sky from the nodes in the telluric current grids. They broadcast what you are supposed to think. if anything spectacular or wonderous takes place creatures of the earth and air have this innate tendency to check this oddity or calamity out. We know all circles created by human circle makers breaks the stems of the plants at the ground. Media. but are we are not certain that the light is coming from the sky or out of the soil. technologically advanced pieces of art would be easily done using GPS. The Earth is not some desolate rock. and perhaps not. For all we know one alien race could be just as enthralled with these mesmerizing creations as much as we are. there are those who have admittedly created some patterns in the grain with boards and wires. After all. 67 2012OfficialCountdown. incredibly adept at all show and no tell. We must remind all of you that no one has actually watched these massive messages being formed in the grain. not what you should think or understand. Unfortunately for all those non-believers. The mainstream meida announces that these are just hoaxes. Yes. Here we see the crop circle the Hopi knew said “The Mother is crying. We have orbs of light caught in photography above or in the circles. politics. The desire for it to be the handiwork of UFO’s and extraterrestrials is no different than the desire to witness a miracle. There is a powerful presence of electromagnetics present in these places. hiring circle maker artists to create advertising messages and confusing the population about the significance of these messages. They appear before humans arrive on the scene. that our planet is suffering from the damages inflicted on her by materialistic plunder. Should we be surprised? Not at all. our planet is alive.

Your very thoughts send vibrations into the universe. butterflies and birds. they wouldn’t line up. there is still time to reverse the impending doom. they have all latched onto the dreamed up conclusion that the world will end on December 21. Ask. Instead. “Seek. ending the world as we know it on December 21.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . why is no one connecting these images to the disappearance of our birds and insects? It is as if you want the Mayan Long Count end date to become a reality. to the point that curvature in the land surface does not throw off the precision of the lines and planes. They are mathematically and geometrically perfect. and ye shall find. Instead of connecting them to Mayan art and symbols. and it will be given unto you. We believe there is great significance in where they appear and important lessons to be learned from the patterns. No one seems to be paying any attention to this message. Swallows or the swift have been present for several years. or are they defining concrete fact? Are they emphasizing prophecies and reminding us that the Mayan Long Count will stop. What is it that causes 90% of all crop circles to appear in England. The patterns in the wall covering won’t match and the same effect would be seen on the lines of the crop circle patterns. If these were the work of humans. The legends of the Maya people do say that Quazecoatl will return at the end of their Long Count 68 2012OfficialCountdown. Summer of 2009 we find a fabulous dragonfly. Is it just a coincidence that a honeybee and its hive pattern appeared in a Wiltshire field in 2004? We were already experiencing an alarming loss of bees during the growing season of that year. they merely recorded astronomical alignments and time. and the majority of those in the county of Wiltshire? This portion of Great Britain is like a magnetic for these messages made in the grain. just like wallpaper hung on a crooked wall. Isn’t that what The Secret tells us.The patterns are no random things thrown down in haste. 2012. The Maya’s calendars did not predict anything. 2012? The Hopi elders tell us that until the Blue Star Kachina returns. that you can be anything you want to be if your think it and believe it to be so? Even management inspirationalists concur that positive thoughts bring about positive results.” Luke 11:9 Are the crop circle patterns a warning and a wake up call.

the crop is still harvestable and will mature even though woven into this fantastic piece of mysterious art. the translations can take weeks. but care must be exercised in interpreting them. The stems are not broken at the ground. even months to prepare. 2009 containing hyperglyphs from what appears to be several ancient cultures streaming behind planets being pulled by a bird. compelling and demand your attention. Others who are more intuitive have far more profound things to say. There is a definite message being spelled out in the artistic use of pyramids. renderings of nature. the altered soil structure has been scientifically proven in US soil labs.calendar. Crop circles in the 21st century are breathtakingly beautiful. sacred geometry. The most profound interpretations take into account the current events. The intricate swirling of the crop stems create shadow and depict 3-D depth to shapes. too massive and too intense to have no meaning. There is energy hovering inside the formations that make some people feel spiritually empowered. What does it mean? It is too precise. and others physically ill. The advanced patterns that have appeared in Wiltshire crops over the past 9 years are a far cry from those known as crop circles. What else can we learn from the crop circles? We feel they impart a great deal of information. planetary alignments and symbols used by ancient cultures and an array of world religions. This is not a mere notion pulled out of thin air. things happening during the patterns occurrence or directly following within days. There is a constant repetition of Mayan and American Indian symbology threaded through all these 69 2012OfficialCountdown. You cannot ignore the fact that the very elements of the soil within the crop circle patterns is altered radically from soil samples gathered from just outside of it.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Some of these patterns are so complex in the use of ancient symbols. but gently bent with the joints or nodes lovingly stretched with no harm to the plants at all. Like this pattern that appeared on June 27. They aren’t destructive. Many crop circle followers are reading all manner of things into them that are not there.

patterns. It is as if whatever is weaving these patterns is pointing us toward these cultures more than others. There are similarities in patterns from preceding years and current years and can appear even in other countries like an echo. Fields many times retain the ghost of last year’s crop pattern, like a ghost in the new crop. This phenomenon is completely due to the energy altered composition of the soil, which is so greatly changed that the design remains visible in the new planting. There are crop circles that appear in all the regions the ancient Celts and other cultures inhabitated. These incredible formations leap those man made boundaries. There are formations that appear in Italy, Germany, Canada and the United States. Some of these formations beyond Britain are crudely formed and others are more complex. There is a lack of aerial photography beyond the United Kingdom that leaves us in the dark of the true impact of many crop circles found in other spots of the globe. All eyes are fixed on Britain. While this is curious, it makes some sense when the majority of patterns do indeed occur around the ancient sacred sites of this country. There are within the USA many appearances of ancient mound formations left by long forgotten tribes. They appear in Louisiana, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan according to what we have learned. There are numerous other ancient tribal spots on the North American continent, but recorded crop formations in the US are concentrated in the farm fields of the Midwest. The most notable US crop circle to date appeared adjacent to Serpent Mound in the state of Ohio. The Great Serpent Mound located in the town of Peebles, in southern Ohio, is the handiwork of a long forgotten native culture. Many assume this effigy is a burial mound. This point was disproven in the late 1800’s. Nothing lies beneath the soil of this 5-foot high construction but a strange, shattered mixture of ancient and newer bedrock. The only explanation for this unexplainable rock mixture is going to be Earth energy. Late summer of 2003, in the field to the east of Great Serpent Mound a crop formation appeared in soybeans. Beans are a very rare recipient of a crop circle pattern, easily understood by the foliar mass, yet this is the crop that the formation was very precisely woven in. Today’s crop circles also show us lunar and solar eclipses, lunar cycles and advanced planetary alignments that are easily proven as accurate using astronomical software programs. The rumor that a crop circle has appeared that shows an accurate planetary alignment for the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar is not rumor, but


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truth. This Avebury Manor formation on the preceding page does indeed show us the planetary alignment from the end date on the Long Count. This has been corroborated by astronomical mapping software, as seen below. The planetary alignment is shown in the upper circular formation. The three wide bars slicing through the solar system design run along the irrigation tramlines, and were where put there by the farmer. The top circle pattern appeared in the field days before the lower one. The addition to this crop circle pattern found At Avebury shows us that this is a time of new birth. In direct agreement with the Mayan elders, who have stated repeatedly that December 21, 2012 is an end of the current era in humanity; the beginning of the new world. There is a great deal more knowledgeable data on the interpretation of this pattern which can be studied at length on the web page: YowUsa.com/et/2008/et-2008-07a/cccavebury23july.png. You should be informed before further investigation of the July 17-23, 2008 planetary alignment crop formation and discussed in great length at the previous web page link; that there is a discrepancy in dates for the end of the Maya’s Long Count calendar. The scholars who have translated the dates from Mayan dating methods into the Julian, and subsequent Gregorian calendar of our more recent times, are undecided as to what date the Long Count began on. This discrepancy is only a matter of two days time. In light of the monstrosity of this situation, what importance does 48 hours have as opposed to the entire scenario we face? Before the end of this guide, you might just understand how very vital, and all important one day can be as opposed to the next, given the right situation. The planetary alignment shown in the Avebury Manor crop pattern in July 2008 is more accurately shown in the technological alignments shown for December 23, 2012. Once you have absorbed this important note, the rest of it is accurate and factual, as depicted in the grain in the image on the preceding page. Pluto is not in its normal location, suggesting that something has occurred in the cosmos to move it closer to Neptune. Perhaps, the Blue Star Kachina or Nibiru has indeed arrived. There is a great deal of study to be done about all the crop circles that have appeared over the span of time between now and the early 1990’s. The media does not want to draw your attention to these amazing and haunting pieces of art. Considering the medium used by these yet to be identified artists, the subjects far surpass any masterpieces in the grain, yet to be completed by human hands. You will


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find a great deal of interesting and informative sharing of research knowledge, by those who have studied the phenomenon of crop circles for the past decade or more at the following websites: CropCirclesandMore.com CropCircleConnector.com TemporaryTemples.com SilentCircle.co.uk CropCircleSecrets.org BLTresearch.com BertJanssen.nl

Polar Shift
The North Star seen by ancient people, was not Polaris of the Little Dipper that we view today. At the time of the ancient Egyptians and Mayas, Thuban of the constellation of Draco was the North Star in the sky. Named Draco ‘the dragon’ by the Greeks, this never setting constellation of stars is one of the earliest to gain a name. Draco’s head and upper body outline coils around a brilliant Deep Space Object known to modern astronomers as the Cat’s Eye Nebula. In an astronomical map this nebula is labeled NGC 6543, which Wikipedia reports appears as a bright blue disk in the heavens. Viewed through the Hubble telescope, one cannot help but instantly recall the Hopi talking about the Eye of God being near their ancient home in the Seven Sisters constellation of Pleiades. This planetary nebula is one of the most complex known to exist in the solar system. Science tells us the shift is due to the natural precession of Earth. The problem with modern science is that they ignore anything that they cannot find the cause for. It is important to remember exactly where the funding comes from for so-called accredited scientific work. Here too, is a realm of control coming from the governing bodies in power today. At some point over our current age on Earth, the poles have most definitely shifted. We find repeated evidence from around the globe, in the ancient records and legends of many human cultures. The significant documentation of ancient Egypt gives us record that their people did indeed survive a pole shift 3600 years ago. Unlike Western cultures, the ancient indigenous peoples have a proven history of surviving global cataclysms. The Hopi have survived three past times of Earth. Unlike the modern, progressive cultures fueled by materialism, all of the Hopi people are busy preparing for the arrival of the fourth age of Earth.


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The Hopi knowledge passed from one generation to another since the beginning of time prophesied that "Turtle Island could turn over two or three times and the oceans could join hands and meet the sky. There will be many columns of smoke and fire such as White Feather has seen the white man make in the deserts not far from here. These shall smooth the way to the Emergence into the Fifth World. Many of my people. that shall fall with a great crash. "These are the Signs that great destruction is coming. So yes. Only those which come will cause disease and a great dying. is his message of the poles shifting on Earth. shall be safe.” Edgar Cayce. Their greed for power and monetary riches leaves no time for anything beyond that line of vision. he envisioned his own death. the ceremonies of my people will cease. The momentum that drives today’s industrialized societies wishes us to ignore these signs completely. He shall plant the seeds of his wisdom in their hearts.. They make ready for the day that their ceremonial dances end. and their homeland restoration work underway. The white man will battle against other people in other lands -. there is an increasing awareness that man was meant to live a life connected to nature and the wonder of the cosmos. "And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens.with those who possessed the first light of wisdom. He shall bring with him the dawn of the Fifth World.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . cold consumer epoch. And soon -. Very soon after this. this can only be describing a flipping of Earth on its axis. 73 2012OfficialCountdown.Why is it that only indigenous people do not argue with the directions handed down by their ancestors? They know without question that the current time span’s end is imminent.very soon afterward -Pahana will return.a state of life that calls for another way”. saw many things during the early part of the 19th century. The warnings of the Hopi elders were paid not an ounce of attention by those at the head of world government. This concept has gained a great deal of attention from geophysics for roughly the past 30 years. It will appear as a blue star. Even now the seeds are being planted. have come. is undeniably a "world out of balance. To anyone with an intelligent and perceptive mind. The visions of Edgar Cayce that are important to humanity in our current time. the “Koyaanisqatsi". Yet. they were to expect the poles to shift. a very spiritual man who embraced religion whole heartedly. Like Nostradamus before him. And they were indeed attending to the funeral of Edgar Cayce. In the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. Cayce’s last prediction was that the people he knew would be burying his body in four days. Then there will be much to rebuild. Cayce described the shifting of the poles to be caused by the crust of Earth moving independently of its core. the Hopi have been taught that in the end of this current Earth time. among the masses of humanity beneath them. The result of this motion would bring a different surface area over the spin axis. The signs their people have waited for. The Hopi predict this event to be imminent because today’s society." Turle Island is what all Native American Indian tribes call their continent. above the earth. understanding the prophecies. They are anxious for their oppression to be over. for it brings about the conclusion of our industrialized.. Those who stay and live in the places of my people also shall be safe. The world shall rock to and fro. As with anything that is new to science and is not delivered with a cause for its effect. Many of the visions sent to Edgar Cayce have come true.

which are those found on NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center within their top news article. as you can see from the two images on this page. 74 2012OfficialCountdown. the poles are being squeezed inward instead. the problem is usually ignored. Cayce predicted that when this pole shift occurs. He stated that the cause of these changes would be the shift in the world's magnetic poles around the year 2000. this is not the case.there are two camps arguing over whether or not this is true. The camp who sees the dawn of reason.” Since we discerned no movement as we imagine such an event should reveal itself. far more frequently and rapidly than their first imagined agreements with Cayce’s concept. All explanations the scientists and geodesic experts can use to pinpoint the cause of this phenomenon do not work. These experts are mystified. the poles are being pushed inward … and they do not know why. Unfortunately. most of you are at this moment thinking that obviously. it would begin reversals in the world's climate. While everyone is waiting for the Earth to tilt. “Where there has been a frigid or a semitropical climate. there will be a more tropical one. from the Goddard Space Flight Center. None of this was present in 1997. In the interim.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Never forget that with science if there is no cause found. because this event exists and was seen by NASA. now argues that this would explain the paleo era sea level. They now believe that the crust moves and shifts fairly regularly. The bulge at the Equator has expanded upward and the central area of surface mass of both the North and South Poles has pronounced indentations. time continues to march on. there was a dramatic shift in our planet’s gravitational field. among other mysteries of the past. This was published on their government site as the top story for August 1st. Somewhere between 1958 and 1998. moving the magnetic poles closer together. The findings were that in 1998. and moss and fern will grow. The crust of Earth did indeed shift. Dramatic change has definitely occurred. this polar shift prediction was wrong. Cayce predicted dramatic surface changes of the Earth to begin. 2002.

ocean currents moved water toward the equator. There is nothing to gauge its severity or time of occurrence by. you can expect an increase in your concern about polar shift having a great impact to life on Earth. all things will be revealed. There are those that believe this solar pole reversal will greatly increase the effects of the already retarding magnetic field on Earth. the Earth herself has shifted the surface as any living thing would. It may not have caused huge.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . for everything under heaven. This discovery and announcement does prove Cayce’s vision-induced theory. This movement is believed to be partially connected to shifts in our atmospheric patterns and from the ongoing shift of the Earth’s magnetic fields. since this has never happened before in our frame of knowldege. Perhaps. Anything alive that is in anguishing pain writhes and trembles from the effects. Earth has been abused. This harmful increase of charged particles blasting away from the sun could find it easier to penetrate the atmosphere of our planet. This idea of scheduling every moment of your life should be left for a visit to the spa and reservations for dinner. In the year 2012. in the throes of great pain. Since science has no idea what will happen if the Earth’s magnetic field decreases to zero gauss.The NASA article explains that as the ice on the poles melted. Your government and their minions cannot predict. We have no idea if a shift of catastrophic proportions will happen in 2012. place yourself in her shoes and consider how you would deal with such atrocities. and a purpose. In time. Perhaps. we will soon learn what could be possible. or control the wisdom of their creator. a great deal of horrific speculation is the best that anyone can provide. is correct. How could such a thing come about? At times like these. man’s idea of his power and authority has grown to massive proportions. However. Here again. it would be highly fortuitous to have the scrolls from the Library at Alexandria to at least consult. only time will provide us with the knowledge of what awaits us in the fast approaching year 2012. just as there is no way of halting the action should the crust shift swiftly and erratically. Events in the Cosmos Following the disconnecting of humanity from the natural world and the stars. There is a time. just as we are clueless that this event won’t happen tomorrow. We humans are but a spec of dust in relation to the 75 2012OfficialCountdown. Your creator is the one with the answers. instantaneous catastrophe at the moment the shift occurred. no one on this planet has any idea when the next move the crust of Earth will be. NASA expects the Sun to completely reverse its own magnetic poles during 2012 as a result of reaching the end of current 11-year sunspot cycle.

why would the all powerful creator want to inform us of the existence of other realms of life? If the past 1000 years of history have not taught you that those in power want to conquer everything within their reach. They were an alien life form from space. created this planet or anything that lives on it or within it. To deny such a fact is foolhardy. Earth works in harmony with the stars and all planets in our solar system.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . does not make them different looking beings from the angels who choose to obey. Angels. the angels are just as alien as the Annunaki and The Watchers. Genetic engineering should horrify you. Everything on Earth is guided and driven by the vibrations created in the cosmic realm of space. are alien and supernatural beings in comparison to humans. Did they arrive at the idea this was possible from their own imagination? Or were they given some novice pointers and ideas after Roswell? Even better yet. or inspect through a telescope. The ancient Sumerians leave evidence that a planet name Nibiru was once in our solar system. We believe it is time that humanity understood that every thing that was. All of these beings were God’s angels. mathematics and the cosmos. Just because our artists paint angels as beautiful human-like beings with graceful swan wings. just like the one almighty Creator. Is this progress? Western civilization hails the belief in angels. Beyond our skies lies a frontier we can only fantasize about. nowhere in the Bible are we informed whose image his angels were created to mimic. Yet. and supernatural.entire universe. Why anyone would not believe that there are other planets beyond our solar system is a mystery. All biblical artwork was not left in the scrolls of texts that this cherished book was compiled from. The story of Genesis tells us that God created man in his own image. This is something that the indigenous people have not forgotten. there is no way to measure the evils these powerful beings would get up to. means absolutely nothing to reality. such as we all know. Have you personally seen an angel? We know of not one person who has laid eyes on such a being. It is not just some crazy fictional story. Yet. The one mighty God that all cultures who have lived on Earth agree exists is both natural. somewhere beyond the regions of space we can travel to. even though modern day science has been dabbling in it for a long time now. No natural person. is or will be on Earth is allowed by the movement and activity of the universe as a whole. We cannot fathom being advanced without materialism and gadgets. shuns the concept that other beings and cultures dwell. perhaps you cannot understand the need to keep other worlds cloaked in secrecy. space ships and evil life form creations is all just science fiction. NASA and Japanese astronomers have found the impression of a planet beyond Pluto. Just because The Watchers decided not to follow the rules of behavior set down for them. We can’t even handle the care of our own planet responsibly. The Watchers were real. Since The Watchers or Annunaki were the fallen angels. In fact. Many people think that the entire saga of Sumerians. did it come direct from The Watchers? 76 2012OfficialCountdown. the very location of heaven. Seeing is not the total foundation for reality. Planet X and Nibiru There seems to be a great deal of confusion over Planet X and Nibiru. Our minds are numbed by the magnitude of the ancient Mayas understanding of the time.

They know it is out there somewhere. That isn’t science fiction either.600 year elliptical orbit around our sun. astrology and medicine.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . yet not be able to locate it for almost a century. Comets appear.com. No one knew Neptune existed until 1846. Triton. Space is absolutely huge. and completely beyond the realm of human knowledge. Neptune’s huge moon of Uranus was found. you consume this insane type of genetic tampering every time you buy commercially produced and packaged foods. and some scholars believe that all world religions come from the stories on the Sumer tablets. mathematics. be stated on all grain and seed shipped exported out of the USA. has kept the astronomic scienctists busy for many years. at which point there will be 77 2012OfficialCountdown. in depth. You may wonder how they can feel there is another planet past the last discovery. including their exact distance from Earth. music. the name of which was Nibiru. We could continue discovering the universe for thousands of years to come. along with the recounting of Noah’s great flood. The Sumerians had 7 sacred tablets that contained the story of the seven days of creation. divide or explode and the study continues with much fascination. One week after finding this new planet. It took until 1930 to find Pluto. It would seem that the other ancient cultures were also in possession of mathematics. and has been in your diet since the mid-1980’s. Genesis is nothing like the Sumer creation story. Perhaps this is simply because there are no other ancient records left to be found. astrology and medicine as well. only 6 degrees off from the spot they originally thought the more distant planet should be. From the website X-Files. X-Files tell us is found the exact description of the rest of our planets. Finding Pluto next was not some accidental discovery. as opposed to fractional symbols. This ancient people gave us writing. Their mathematical system is the same one we still use today. According to the writers on X-Files. Genetically modified organism crops and other foods are in just about everything you eat. fish with tomatoes and female human hormones with cows. it is the same creation story that appears in the Hebrew book of Genesis. It is written in their tablets that Nibiru has a 3. The Hebrew people are decedents of the ancient Sumerians. This culture was the first to create writing as a complete language. New stars are born and old ones die. have been searching for over the past three decades. science. we learn that the name Nibiru comes from 6. just one more thing you need to know about. Planet X suddenly orbits back into plain sight. So are there 12 planets in Earth’s solar system? Yes. It took humans until the 1970’s to be capable of sending spaceships up to capture color photos of the planets. GMO foods. There is no law stating it must be listed as such on edible product packaging.000 year old tablets written in cuneiform by the Sumerians. music. locating this next one. the behavior of Neptune told astronomers that something bigger was there. A great deal of what we use today in our modern culture came to us from the Sumerians. The scribes of astronomy and astrology for the Sumerian culture were situated in Babylon. science. While the gist of the two histories is similar. Or are there? Planet X is the current name for a planet that astronomers and global space programs. and someday we will find it. We fail to see how the book of Genesis comes close to being the same story as the Sumerians sacred tablets.com. all of our current systems are based on the ones from Sumer. anything is possible. There is certainly nothing good in crossing frogs with oranges. The resulting images match the descriptions recorded by the Sumerians. Yet. there are. The artifacts and stone tablet pictures from the Sumerian culture tell us that their Gods came from a planet in our own solar system. Planet X.When it comes to the dark forces. Unless of course. In the same records. It must however.

We make bear a likeness to this being. Planet X could be another planet all together. UFO’s and Aliens Will God arrive in a space craft? The answer to that will be available when he returns to Earth. Exactly where has Nibiru gone off to and what does it have to do with 2012? The question occurred to us as to what color this planet also known as Marduk is supposed to be. For example. We searched deeper. We hate to alarm you. Though it may have once existed. there are dozens of these instances. There is a consensus that believes Nibiru is not a planet but a dwarf brown star. but there is a great deal of actual proof that aliens and UFO’s exist. Our conclusion is that though we have a record of Nibiru from a 6. It is said to be erratic and drifts off into space.600 year orbit and was here 6. Thinking that perhaps there was some correlation to the American Indian tribes awaiting a red planet to appear in our solar system before the Blue Kachina. because he is not of this world. we have no reason to believe with certainty that it will ever return. The famous oil composition known as “The Baptisim of Christ” by Aert De Gelder shown above cannot be disputed. He is more powerful and knowledgeable than anything we can imagine. rather than staying in orbit. This is not the only such depiction. This leads to the conclusion that it would not support life. yes he most certainly is. then why has it not reappeared before now? There is every possibility that Nibiru has long ago been destroyed by events we know nothing of in space. It would seem that anyone who has connected the reappearance of the missing Nibiru to the end of the Mayan Long Count is grasping at straws.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . In fine art paintings and freizes decorating cathedrals in the 1300’s through the 1600’s we find orbs and strange floating objects in the sky. The fanatical Nibiru followers claim the planet is red with a gold hue. Imagine their horror when the UFO’s do make their presence known to the world. the frescoes above the altar at 78 2012OfficialCountdown. it may very well be one of those things that became extinct. if Nibiru has a 3. There is most definitely a disc in the sky illuminating the scene of this historical event.000 years ago.no need to hunt the depths of deep space for it any longer. but humans can’t hold a candle to the realm of his intelligence. nothing lives on a star. As to whether or not God is an alien. It only takes some investigation of all that he created on Earth and in our solar system to understand how actually omniscient the Creator is. Additionally. Many people believe that unidentified flying objects exist only in science fiction.000 year old civilization.

The figure shown on the right is a small portion of the Visoki Decani altar fresco. Beings have been seen and communicated with by enough people that there really should not be so much doubt that they are here and visiting places around the globe.Visoki Decani Monestary in Yugoslavia. miniscule UFO’s. You will find a very comprehensive gallery of art containing UFO’s at: Alien-Ufo-Pictures. there are photographs in existence that date back into the late 1920’s. bomber squadrons from both the US and British Air Force did in fact come into direct contact with strange. So we have a group known as The Watchers who wanted to be gods and rulers so they did so. you can thank the mainstream media and your government for your misinformation. Lucifer. and yet the pilot saw it hit. making humanity their slaves. There are reports of numerous 1943 accounts of their experiences with groups of these 1” by 3” shining silver objects descending into their midst. How exactly does one get entangled in wire left floating freely in the air at bomb squad altitude in enemy territory? For the sake of giving you definite proof. alien creatures. Aliens do indeed exist.com/ancient for further personal investigation. the photo on the next page shows the silver discs with a 79 2012OfficialCountdown. which cannot be explained as other than beings in spacecraft portrayed in the sky. The photograph below was taken in the state of Oregon in 1927. As the story is recorded. far above the ground. Lucifer and his band of 200 fallen angels were tossed out of heaven and came to Earth. not a sound or jolt of impact. One B27 was struck in the wing by a disc. To date. Another bomber became entangled in wire far. Before you erroneously assume that such photos are possible due to the wonders of computerized imagery software. the connection was as if it were not there. In the skies above Germany. ‘son of the morning’.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . There was no dent in the bomber wing. maybe these are two separate races of aliens. we have not been able to determine which one is the correct answer. This wire was wrapped repeatedly around the nose of his plane and also opened the bomb door on the belly of the plane. Are these the same beings as Lucifer and his demonic angels? Maybe they are. They have landed here many times. grew jealous of God and started a revolt. and then again. As for the belief that all reports of alien beings and UFO’s are a hoax. We have their first arrival recorded in the Bible and all ancient culture’s mythology. believe it or not. Then we have numerous photographic records of UFO’s and.

then you should for there is some really interesting information in them. “In still another battle. Aliens are the ancient gods who arrived to mingle and cohabitate with the ancient Celts. these IrishCelt gods indeed arrived in a ship from the skies. The aliens were not destroyed in the flood. You will find him in the book of Numbers. He also was descended from Rapha. If you haven’t read the three Books of Enoch. What we have assumed for centuries that gnome or genomes. There should be no more wondering about whether aliens and UFO’s exist.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . which is why it is written that they were chained. They were stripped of their powers to leave the Earth. and what happened to the fallen angels of Lucifer’s band after they were defiled from the act of having sexual intercourse with human women. Dagda could kill with his club. This image is not a hoax at all. The Nephilim were half alien fallen angel and half human. only the progenty of their mating with humans were destroyed. as one should expect from their genetic alterations. trolls. God cleansed the planet of DNA corruption among other evils.” Samuel 2:21 If you read the stories of the Tuatha-De-Denaan. pixies. there was a huge man with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot--twenty-four in all. so they too experienced the arrival of these powerful beings from the sky. the little people and even faeries 80 2012OfficialCountdown.formation of an Italian Air Force squadron in their home skies in 1945. sylphs. where he is stated to be the father of giants. as well as bring the dead back to life. which took place at Gath. heavy enough to dig a ditch “like the boundary of one country from another”. The same story is recounted by the Sumerians about the Annunaki. These creatures were not perfect humans. This corruption of humanity’s DNA was the entire cause of Noah’s flood. Like it is the angels that make it snow or rain. Italy’s military was extremely concerned over this incident. the Sumers and Egyptians and the Greeks. We see spaceships in the artifacts of the Egyptians as well. as we learn in the Books of Enoch. for they are not benevolent or sent from God. Clearly. Dagda of Celtic myth was so large he had a war club that was eight feet long. the red haired Dagda is far more than just an alien from outer space. The person known as Anak in the New Testament is a son of the Annunaki. We should be more concerned about their intent and plans.

the Annanuki did come from the heavens. The Annunaki are none other than The Watchers. However. the stars and all other elements that were important to their life and survival. These were the same gods of the ancient Egyptians and the Celts. You will find their factual story in the Books of Enoch. If you think they come in peace. there is not one mention of these creatures existence in any of the Sumerian texts. Just as we know that many other cultures created characterizations of many of their gods. We do not yet know where this connection between the ‘grey androids’ and the Annunaki come from. Shape shifting and invisible presence would be quite useful to these dark creatures. The land of the faeries was not a place a human wanted to be. All of these ancient cultures have gods they have created to associate the meaning of the seasons. evil and made the Sumerian people their slaves. The Annunaki were giants who arrived on Earth in a spaceship. It is without question that the masters of deception could very well have descended in a craft we now call a spaceship. This is doubtful 81 2012OfficialCountdown. Yes. this does not mean that these creatures did indeed exist. Perhaps in time we will learn something new. one should not dismiss the carving of the gods conjuring up some abomination using several different species of animals from Earth.are figments of ancient imaginations. While these images of Sumer artifacts do have huge eyes. The Annunaki and the Android Beings Who are the Annunaki and what do they have to do with 2012? The Gods of the Sumerians were called that Annunaki which means ‘those from heaven came to Earth’. There are Sumerian artifacts housed in the British Museum that fit very neatly into the scheme of things for the extraterrestrial enthusiasts. and possibly Lucifer’s band of fallen angels as well. we suggest you read the stories of the djins that the Hindus have left in testament. may very well be found to be quite real. The little people of ancient Britain were also a no benevolent presence. Unfortunately. The Sumers do record that the Annunaki were cruel. Exactly what these conceptual android beings being attached to the Annunaki have to with with 2012 remains a mystery to us at present. A great number of people have arrived at the notion that the Annunaki had slaves that had huge eyes in bulbuous heads that were not alive.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved .

until finally it went away. which were made public. New Mexico real? We do believe that this is indeed true and Area 51 is not some far fetched rumor." Whitley Strieber. and that 'I' was nowhere. stating that we had in fact recovered the remains of a spaceship that crashed in rural New Mexico. is going to be totally awesome. UnknownCountry. They then heard a low humming that gradually changed into a loud. do not report the experience to be a pleasant one. "I felt like my soul. directly above the bedroom. as scholars have interpreted all records left on stone tablets by the Sumer culture and there is no mention of beings that were devoid of life yet acted as if they were. even devastated. 1947 concerning their findings. Several US military officials did report to the press on July 7. What is so exciting about feeling your soul is being ripped from your body? “One letter described a soul literally being torn from a body. because he'd never fallen asleep.though. “I was screaming and struggling against an 'invisible beam. He knew the experience hadn't been a dream. What a sight we would have presented if someone had walked in!" This went on for two full hours. and exhausted and badly shaken. He wrote. steady throbbing sound. She did this. E. The man who experienced this wrote a description of what happened after he went to bed one night: "My head had been on the pillow less than thirty seconds when. “The throbbing became deeper and faster. I screamed out for my wife to lie on top of me." Eventually his wife woke up and they switched on the bedroom light and sat up in bed talking quietly about what might have happened. animated shows and TV programs has given them the idea that this experience of meeting alien races. and although I thought it would be futile. I ceased to be. "They pulled. The next day they retracted those statements. Yet many accounts of humans who have had physical and mental contact with aliens and UFO’s.m.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . not my body. The only way I can describe this shocking sensation was that I thought a bomb had blown me to pieces. Growing up on mental programming such as Star Wars. Before he could go outside to see what was going on. A quick glance at the clock revealed it was 2:30 a. and the sensation of pulling eased a little. and many more films.' with my wife lying full length on top of me in my own bed at 2:30 a. he felt something invisible grab his chest and start pulling with amazing force. it exploded?'It' being my head.m. we fell asleep. my wife hung on and the engine throbbed. and then seemed to stop right over the roof of their house. for want of a better word. was being pulled up vertically towards the still loud throbbing noise. I resisted. Factual Evidence of Aliens on Earth There are a great many people who are hungry to meet the extraterrestrial beings. A farmer who had collected some of the debris on his land was taken into custody and imprisoned for days 82 2012OfficialCountdown.com Was the flying saucer crash at Roswell. (note that the time was almost the same as when the friend in Austin was contacted in the last letter I'll mention here).T.

The photos on this page are said to be taken in the autopsy room at Area 51. the amount of subterfuge officials can effectively be involved in. 83 2012OfficialCountdown. Why anyone should be surprised by the photographic quote you will read is a mystery. but this is also what the members of the military refered to them as in the 1940’s and 1950’s.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . in July of 1947. The reason the report page appears in two sections is simply because that was how it came off of the source’s screen. just in the first 6 months prior to the Roswell crash. one institution being guarded has been blacked out. Unfortunately. The official reason that this entire situation was not truthfully disclosed is outlined in detail on page 15 of the White Hot Report. In this document it is affirmed that several alien bodies were collected at Roswell and autopsies were performed on the corpses. the transcripts from the interrogations over a 5 day period do exist and are clearly old documents from the 1940’s. The following two photographs of this interoffice report to members of Operation: Majic Twelve outline the reason for concealing the existence of aliens on Earth and what institutions this subterfuge would protect. There exists an official document known as the Twining White Hot Report. This is not a concocted account. 1947 and approved with Harry Truman’s signature. The report does describe the beings the ufologists have named grays. dated July 9. Twining then states that 200 of them had been proved to be completely factual sightings of interplanetary aircraft. There is photographic evidence of the autopsys conducted on the victims from the Roswell ‘interplanetary craft’ as they were referred to officially. It is of huge interest that earlier in the White Hot Report it states that 1200 civilian reports had already been received. The US population has been shown over and over again. You might be curious to know why it was for the good of the USA to not inform the population of what was really going on.as the CIA worked on coercing him into changing his story for the good of his country.

84 2012OfficialCountdown.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved .

Reading the papers recently. This revelation puts us neatly in the midst of the Roswell Incident. Officials around the world were kept informed of these events. Dr. These youngsters live in a location that lacks exposure to television and movies. yes . 85 2012OfficialCountdown. It really is no longer safe to assume that this is all a bunch of nonsense. because all of these children tell the same story and draw pictures of the same things. To make all of this hit home even harder. Mitchell told the astonished radio host Nick Margerrison. This highly acclaimed astraunotical scientist and engineer states that aliens have indeed visited Earth on several occasions. In China. "This is really starting to open up. A mummified corpse of a gray alien was recently found in a cave in the mountains of Brazil. The UFO landed next to their school playground. 62 grade school children in the Zimbabwe bush all had an encounter with an alien. A small white man with huge eyes.we have been visited." Dr. It is really difficult to argue this incident is not true. His live conversation was reported in The Daily Telegraph on this interview. UFO Contact In September 1994. but slowly it's leaked out and some of us have been privileged to have been briefed on some of it. Mitchell revealing “that sources at the space agency who had had contact with aliens described the beings as little people who look strange to us”. He goes on to say that all contact has repeatedly been covered up by more than one government for 60 years." Mr. I think we're headed for real disclosure and some serious organisations are moving in that direction. it's been happening quite a bit. UFO’s are sited and photographed or filmed in the skies above every country on Earth. This British newspaper article quotes Dr.com. “I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomena is real.From our research we find it stated that Truman did not keep the alien presence secret from other countries’ government leaders. In July of 2008. who know that beneath the surface of what has been public knowledge. To inspect unhampered with images of grays in our midst. their immature artwork presents us with drawings of an alien gray being and the classic spaceship we see in all of the UFO sighting photos. there is a large collection on the pages of Alien-UFOResearch. Alien grays are turning up in spots around the globe." Dr Mitchell said.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Edgar Mitchell. several dead alien grays have been found in the last few years. "It's been well covered up by all our governments for the last 60 years or so. This was just the first time that physical evidence of aliens being on the Earth was found. a bulbous head and long hair got out of the craft and walked towards the group of children. I've been in military and intelligence circles. There are far too many photographs to deny that there is no such thing as extraterrestrials and spaceships that are not of this planet. a retired NASA astronaut and moonwalker on the Apollo 14 mission was interviewed on British radio.

In the coming years these events were to become the most closely guarded secrets in the history of the world. Dr Mitchell is a great American. a spokesman said: "NASA does not track UFOs. The security blanket was even tighter than that imposed upon the Manhattan Project. Sightings of UFOs were so numerous that serious investigations and debunking of each report became impossible.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . on a mesa near Aztec. An alien craft was found on February 13. 13 occurred within the borders of the United States. An additional alien craft had exploded and nothing was recovered from that incident. It is far too big for this publication. in White Sands Proving Ground. “Between January 1947 and December 1952 at least 16 crashed or downed alien craft. he would tell them what they wanted to hear. 65 bodies.org/xdocs/convenant/index. There are several sources that report. 1948. Upon the death of Ebe. A total of 17 alien bodies were recovered from those two crafts. but we do not share his opinions on this issue. Of these 13.Until he discovered that Edward Mitchell was absolutely serious. utilizing the existing intelligence assets.” William Cross 86 2012OfficialCountdown.Whipnet. not including the craft which disintegrated in the air. The scientists and doctors named this creature. 1948. When asked about things he didn’t want to answer. The information he gleaned from authentic reports opens up not only the reality of aliens. After almost 6 years of containment on Earth. They wanted to collect the knowledge that this advanced race possessed. but an undercover chain of events that is larger than anything imaginable. we learn there are several alien races. Ebe had a really bad habit of lying. During Ebe’s prolonged stay on Earth in captivity. those involved in this top secret phenomenon freaked out over the total loss of this connection to super technology. The physicians had no idea what was wrong with him or how to cure it. When asked questions he wanted to answer. We urge you to visit UFO. Ebe grew ill and eventually died. 11 were in New Mexico. Not only have a great number of people in public offices and the military had contact with UFO’s and aliens.” Not all of the alien grays who crashed to Earth at Roswell died. and 1 was in Nevada. that would be useful and lucrative. as revealed by William Cross whose access to Navy documents during his time in the service makes our knowledge possible. Ebe. Some of them are not to be trusted. some are reported to be kind and benevolent while others are purely evil. he did have conversations with his keepers. At which point. A demon had reared its head and paranoia quickly took hold of everyone 'in the know. In a statement. Ebe wouldn’t say anything at all. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover up about alien life on this planet or anywhere in the universe. one of them was actually kept alive and cared for at an air force facility. and 1 live alien were recovered. Another craft was located on March 25. New Mexico.' The Secret lid immediately became a Top Secret lid and was screwed down tight.html to read it all with your own eyes. It was 100 feet in diameter. 1 was in Arizona. Officials from NASA. So that you can understand how credible this information is you should read all sections of the saga. the attempt to communicate with deep space began. were of course quick to stiffle the news. Of even greater significance was the discovery of a large number of human body parts stored within both of these vehicles.Margerrison told the reporter he thought this was just a bit of astronaut humor at first. aliens were out there and there was no debating the issue. Of these events.

” 87 2012OfficialCountdown. When Dee asked why. and instead becoming the ringleader for most of the dark forces in this multi-dimensional Omniverse. almost 30 years ago. you should realign your allegiances. believes it has strong ties to the paranormal. he replied that the thing was so evil it had to be killed. He invaded their 'ring pass not' and became increasingly worse as time passed. having eliminated within its being any remaining spark of light or conscience through which the Almighty might have been able to bring Lucifer back into the 'light'. and who had interrogated a draco that had been captured. we suggest you get your priorities in order. It should be noted also that Dr. in his classic work on UFOs Passport to Magonia. since it bragged about the fact that 'they' have been waiting and preparing within their underground systems for centuries for their invasion of the surface in collaboration with their allies in other star systems. in exchange for super technology information a treaty was signed between humanity’s governments and intergalactic races. “ … from a friend who worked with a deep-level intelligence agency. until he eventually became the 'spiritual black hole' that he is. Each one of them has the same tale of physical pain and tests being done from extractions collected by these beings for their scientific learning. Evidently there have been holes blown in the space-time fabric that once sheltered this planet from other universal races. “Some of the people who have looked objectively at UFO activity have suggested that UFOs may not be from other worlds. He says UFO activity is a 2Oth century version of demonic manifestations that have plagued mankind throughout time. The French astrophysicist Dr. mercilessly. For all of you who are of the mindset that aliens are cool. To top all of these bizarre events off. benevolent beings you are sadly mistaken. After the interview was over the man blew the aliens' head off. Whitney Strieber himself says they may not be from other worlds. Are you for the good of humanity as a whole? If so. If you guessed that the treaty was drawn up with the kind.It is believed that the sudden appearance of countless alien crafts in our skies is due to the nuclear testing done by US military. who has studied the phenomenon for over 30 years. To try and understand this conflict it might be useful to try and see it as a WAR between the sovereigntists (free agency / free thought / spiritual rule over the material) and the collectivists (no free agency / no free thought / material rule over the spiritual). but rather from another dimension. Never forget that all things of great value come at a very high price. but possibly from another dimension.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Lucifer's original 'sin' was when he left his 'space' and invaded the 'space' that rightfully belonged to other created beings. which is another word for the occult.” From Space or another Dimension? Mental stability has been proven in many who report face to face contact with these alien gray beings. Vallee. It showed absolutely no regret for its desire to see all humans slaughtered. Then look around at the plight of global society today and you’ll find the answer to which race drew up this treaty. Jacques Vallee. said the characteristics of space aliens in UFO encounters are virtually identical to occult activities recorded down through the centuries. and so the agent pulled out his pistol and killed it. Many skeptical psychiatrists are surprised to discover that there is indeed a deep unaltering belief in the stories told by alien abductees. published in 1969.

In an article entitled.” UfoEncounters. the encounter experiences are real in some form.uk/AliensAsDemons. According to this approach. “Could Those Aliens Really Be Demons or Devils?” Dr. if you know nothing about the power of time. one cannot fail to see that 88 2012OfficialCountdown. and of contact with aliens. Clark K.UFO’s are seen by many people. are not mere deluded imaginings. beyond rumor of evidence being destroyed. or the future. His work entails vast research of ancient lunar-solar calendars. the only photographic proof that UFO’s exist is found here in the skies over Earth. or parapsychological explanation of UFOs. each incident reported bears one striking correlation.html This point is made even far more intense. They have all reached the undoubted conclusion that there is some substance behind it. even those who are profoundly devoted to God and the Bible. Jaques Vallée shares some very profound reasoning to his conclusions regarding this entire scenario. In a wide reaching trail of studying ancient cultures and the sun kingdoms. He has uncovered the undeniable truth that you can only be stuck in this moment. John Keel and others have spent decades deeply researching the UFO phenomenon. Vallée.co. versus the modern Gregorian system and its predecessor concocted by Julius Caesar.” All of these well informed professionals point out that some things just do not appear to make sense. These “reports of sightings. Throughout the history of man’s exploration of space. not merely hallucinatory. But they are troubled by some aspects of the reports about aliens in UFO literature. Like Dr. Kent’s path of discovery. when you look into the discoveries of a man who made the study of time a life’s work. despite their superior technology? This has led some of these researchers to explore what they call a paraphysical. there is no concrete proof that life can be supported on any planets in our solar system. Until recently. When it comes to the actual avid following of and physical connection with aliens. but the view that the beings behind it all are no more than visitors from outer space is seen as too simple. The only thing that separates now from the past. is a dimension.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . There is this consistent connection between paranormal or occult believers and those who are abducted by or personal witnesses of alien beings. “Why would aliens with super-advanced technology need to perform crude physical examinations? Would they not have detection devices that could tell them all they needed to know more simply? How can extra terrestrials instantly disappear or even pass through walls as recounted in some encounter reports? Surely even an advanced extra-terrestrial race would be subject to the constraints of reality to a much greater extent. Having read the lengthy history of Mr. Kent was led to discover that time emits all things.

The past. it all comes together and creates sense where none is found. UFO’s. within and outside the Earth's atmosphere. which if controlled without a pure mind and heart. Vallee. Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958. and be beaten in the race to put man into outer space. When you connect this information with the conclusions of UFO researchers like Dr. that the USA was not about to stand by idly. placing it under control of one. and 1 in South Africa. Whitney Schreiber and John Keely. 1 in Montana. Time is power. in all likelihood correct. During 1953." Prior to October 1958. Keith Glennan. Four of these space wrecks were found in Arizona. aliens and space are very likely connected to power and greed by those with connections to demonic entities. Time is the key to every event that has led us to this point in humanity. 1 in New Mexico. on July 29th of that year. just as quickly as it can to holy. because rumors that the Russians were building a spaceship were floating around at the time. There were hundreds of sightings. at least 10 more crashed alien crafts were discovered and recovered. most aerospace technology was handled by the military. So our understanding is. then evil steps in and you are lost to the other side of the dimension. 1 in Louisiana. 1958. This was all turned over to a civilian agency when NASA was born. but it would appear that there could well be a great deal more to this portion of history. experienced separately due to dimensions. NASA also absorbed the former National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA).he is. 89 2012OfficialCountdown. Eisenhower’s first year in office. along with 26 dead and 4 live aliens. The agency's official mission upon being formed was: "To provide for research into problems of flight. This is true. which was founded in 1917. Pure time can lead you to evil. Most people believe that NASA was founded. this moment and the future are all one.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . If you are not totally in tune with your Creator and his benevolence. opens the door to the dark powers and allows evil to rule the world. and for other purposes. 2 in Texas. This congressional and presidential act formally established NASA on October 1. T. NASA President Dwight D.

The report lists the reasoning for adamant refusal as being there was no history of dealings from which to judge this situation or these particular beings from. The solution was the Majic Twelve operation. In answer to the request from US officials for advanced technology information. In 1954. It doesn’t take much imagination to see why taking US space projects out of the 90 2012OfficialCountdown. They developed many levels of top secret operations to cover other such project in layers to keep everything under wraps. landed at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida.Knowing he had to do something to get the alien problem under control. the tall blond extraterrestrials refused. Then it became known to some military personnel that the Russians had also been communicating with the Draconian visitors and that they were now building a spaceship. Obviously. government. A face to face confrontation took place between the US bomber pilots and reptilian beings. Eisenhower without revealing the secret to Congress. delivering a warning against having any contact or cooperation with the reptilian race found orbiting the equator. This treaty was for peaceful relations. This group successfully communicated with the U. Now you may be wondering why these aliens known as the Dracos didn’t kill everyone they came into contact with. a party of alien Draconian crafts was cornered by the US military pilots orbiting the equator at low elevation.S. His conference with them took place in the Draco craft and lasted about 45 minutes. Through all of this the officials were terrified that the population would find out what was going on. Nothing is said of whether a peace treaty was discussed at this event. they would not be hovering and landing. This offer was rejected on the grounds that it would be foolish to disarm in the face of such an uncertain future. It became clear that Eisenhower had been taken advantage of. which was formed in one year. Next a race of humanoid aliens reported to be like our human blond Nordics in appearance. After all. the result of that meeting was that a hostage known as Krill was left by the Dracos with our military. along with more dead aliens and some who had survived.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Eisenhower met with members of the Dracos at Hollowell Air Force Base. They demanded that all nuclear weapons be destroyed as a major condition for their assistance. mutilated animals and human bodies were being found scattered all over the US. which is curious. turned to his friend and fellow member of the Council on Foreign Relations Nelson Rockefeller. How much of this offered history is fabricated? It is really quite difficult to be sure amidst the multitude of top secret layers covering one after the other. It is stated the Dracos departed with promises to return with a treaty of peace and collect their fellow reptilian. Human body parts were found inside the alien crafts recovered from crash sites. If these creatures didn’t want something on or from this planet. The sightings of UFO’s became more and more frequent. wouldn’t it be wise to declare a truce with all of these races? It appears that this decision was a most unfortunate choice. By 1955. Later that year. between the US and Draconian beings. According to the reports. Stating that we weren’t spiritually able to handle any technology we already possessed. they have plans or need of some benefit that required some assistance from willing connections. Eisenhower and Rockefeller set about planning the secret structure of the alien task force supervision. This human looking group of alien visitors offered to help us with our spiritual development.

Thanks to some Internet hackers posting internal documents online. NASA announced the 10th planet out beyond Pluto had been located. What this space mission is all about. Who had no time to finish their research on the new heavenly body. in the year 2009. At present. If this were Niburu. An error claimed to be all due to an attempt to save money. and its inhabitants.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . yet NASA is a private enterprise. What are they trying to do? Something is deeply wrong here. There is no tenth planet. a blast strong enough to blow a 5-mile wide crater in the face of our lunar light source could have wide spread negative impact on Earth. Funded by the government. The discovery was made by the astronomers at CalTech University. The public announcement was most certainly made. The reason for announcing and denouncing in this case is that the IAU have decided that it is too small to be classed an actual planet. Not to worry though. What is it about space and UFO’s that led to so much smoke and mirrors activity? The fact that all military records relating to any events reported regarding the Roswell Incident were ordered destroyed by some unnamed official. Both NASA and CalTech have live articles about Eris. Why? In 2003. This enterprise recently admitted that they destroyed the tapes of the Apollo11 mission when man first set foot on the moon. no life could possibly be present with a daytime temperature of over 400˚ below zero. being 1/3 larger than Pluto is the largest dwarf planet and so far from the sun. they had to announce the discovery one year too quickly. the scenes in The Time Machine came rushing forth. On June 18. that even its vapor is frozen solid. we have something more to be deeply concerned with regarding the activities of NASA. is to bomb the moon under the ruse of looking for water. This statement was retracted. 2009 a portion of our latest launch into space.government became necessary. This mission could do all manner of harm and destruction to Earth. 91 2012OfficialCountdown. They have enough knowledge of the moon to fill a teacup and on October 9th. everything on Earth will be forever changed. from January through June. This is not true. NASA has never announced any such thing. While the moon may not crack in half in reality. at the expense of the taxpayers. Are we to believe that these supposedly highly educated scientific scholars have no inkling of the precarious effects such a stunt could have on life on this planet? The moon is hugely important to our very existence. Without the moon remaining exactly where it is. as is Pluto. the television networks have enough footage to reconstruct this piece of US history. and how it is. The planet Eris. Upon hearing this bizarre plan. This newly discovered heavenly body was assigned an identifying number and can be seen with a small telescope high the early morning eastern sky. 2009 we witnessed the spectacular launch of the LCROSS Mission from Cape Canaveral. will blast a two ton bomb into the surface of the moon upon impact. The impetus behind such an egotistical and self servicing action cannot be anything but greed and pure demonic thinking.

If the McDonald Moon ranging project is cancelled. a NASA spacecraft fired a high velocity copper warhead penetrator into a comet's core. So how does water behave when exposed to a reduced atmosphere? The speed it evaporates (sublimates) is in proportion to the amount of atmosphere present. No one can actually predict what will happen. 5.000 ft. 3. Exploding a bomb on the moon will displace several miles of lunar material according to what NASA claims will happen. and as such have no right to instigate such madness. our money is treated with an easy come. measuring the distance within a fraction of an inch. Yet again. Here is what could happen once they set this diabolical plan in motion.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved 92 . If a window blows out of a plane at 50. Last but not least is the water issue. To make matters even worse. easy go style of grandeur. Almost every book about our solar system claims it is nearly a perfect vacuum. 2009. Better yet. 2. just as NASA failed miserably predicting the results of another experiment. Maybe everyone should be praying that the aliens will blow up the LCROSS before October arrives. The people behind this can’t be bothered to take care of the planet we have. The displacement of lunar material will follow Newton's law about equal and opposite reaction. Does this mean following the bombing.Why should we find water and colonize the moon? If man were supposed to live on the moon. Davis. This madness is on a par with the utterly insane space elevator. Once you consider the massive negative impact this insane maneuver of ignorance could cause on our planet. Exploding a bomb on the Moon is against all international laws and treaties. no one will be able to measure the displacement of the Moon caused by the explosion. the National Science Foundation is going to cut the funding for the McDonald laser ranging station at Ft. Comets are not dirty snowballs which is something many of us already knew. Texas. At the same time NASA is immersed in heading off with a bomb that could stop the tides on Earth. the actual results were already predicted by the electric universe theory. “1. forty years ago Apollo left retro-reflective mirrors on the Moon to measure relative distance to Earth. And that's not even in a very good vacuum. Instead. In a previous mission. on the 9th of October. we will have no idea where the Moon is in relation to Earth? Additionally. water and blood will boil. NASA refused to use common sense and look at theories based on real evidence and science. Perhaps this is the idea by cancelling the project. perhaps this is the time that all of humanity demand that this action be halted immediately. there would be no reason to spend billions of dollars on a contraption to get us there. the perfect companion to the plastic civilized world. This means that an equal force will be exerted on the Moon to match the force it takes to eject miles of material. This is one follows yet another big lie. The results were not what they expected. 2012. Perhaps there isn’t any need to worry about what will happen on December 21. Artificial. let alone pollute and destroy one that cannot even support life without artificial means. 2012OfficialCountdown. 4. These lasers emit precisely timed pulses. This is because popular science theory really believes comets are dirty snowballs. NASA doesn't own the Moon and they never will. contrived for the love of money. such as the electric universe theory.

Who knows what it might do to the Yellowstonesuper-volcano which is already heating up and has made larger areas of Yellowstone Park unusable.com Armageddon and War in the Heavens Or is NASA trying to start an intergalactic war? Those who are invisibly poised at the very top of the totem pole of power have always made a great deal of money from war.000.36 followed by 22 zeroes. There also remains an even bigger and more important question what happens if they disturb the Moon's orbit? Few people alive today remember what NASA said when the spent Lunar Landers were ejected and crashed into the Moon. that it "made the Moon ring like a bell for more than 30 minutes. the idea of NASA finding water on the Moon by exploding a bomb in a vacuum on the Moon is utterly ridiculous. Long before the sub-lunar surface cools off to take a reading. The stress caused by a sudden shift in the Moon's gravitational pull could be a serious catastrophe.000 kilograms of rock ring for half an hour? Who could believe this? This appears to strongly prove the Moon MUST be hollow.000.334kg. which is about the equivalent weight of an 11 ton truck.” Rense.000. So the idea of using a bomb to find water is wrong on many levels. How many millions of kilograms of force will bombing the Moon generate? We are not being told that figure." Would this same thing happen if the Moon were made of solid rock? The Lunar Lander ascent stage weighed just 10.000. NASA stated that the seismograph instruments the Apollo crew left behind showed that after a Lunar Lander crashed into the Moon. Heat from the bomb combined with the vacuum will flash-evaporate any trace water so fast it cannot not be measured.36 1022 kilograms. And if the Moon is actually hollow. That's a 7. Lie their way out of the problem. Suppose that the rumors are 93 2012OfficialCountdown.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved .And here's what it all comes down to water disappears completely in a vacuum.360. So how could an 11 ton spacecraft. No two ton bomb has ever exploded without generating tremendous heat. The mass of the Moon has been calculated to be 7. any water will be long gone. And if the NASA experiment goes badly wrong (like most NASA projects do the first time NASA tries them) what do they think countries of the world will do? Send a bill to the USA for damages? Perhaps NASA will do what they usually do. which weighs even less on the Moon because gravity is 1/6 that of Earth . and this heat will blind infrared sensors. it will take far less to disturb its orbit than anyone currently realizes.make 7. Disturbing the Moon's orbit may cause tidal waves and quite possibly Earthquakes in many zones around the Earth where edges of tectonic plates are already at or near the breaking point of sliding. Therefore.000.

” This treaty that 98 nations have ratified and 125 nations have signed the U. Outer Space Treaty. “mountain of Megiddo. has ratified. he announced that this struggle would take place between the "higher forces of light" and "lower forces of darkness" for the prize of total control on Earth.correct and there exists on the dark side of the Moon. “The moon and other celestial bodies shall be used by all States Parties to the Treaty exclusively for peaceful purposes. on a single line found in Revelations 16:16. 2009 Edgar Cayce predicted that the "Battle of Armageddon" described symbolically in the Bible. comes this alarming revelation: “Strange things are happening in our skies and it apparently started around two or three years ago. Charter and the Geneva Conventions. The establishment of military bases. not now or in the past. What else would you call a two ton bomb? Hostile actions against an entity that may very well have been the reason behind the disinformation the population has been served for over 60 years. The Greek form of this word is most commonly assumed to be a transliteration of the Hebrew har megiddo. Consider the depth of smoke and mirrors within the government. We are told that the missile will be aimed into a crater believed to contain ice crystals near the south pole of the Moon. This all began with the sudden "disappearance" of the moons of Mars that so far seem to still be missing.com – Kansas City. The result is that it becomes very clear that what NASA is doing is sending weapons into space.N. “If the true intent of the LCROSS mission moon bombing is a hostile act by NASA against known extraterrestrial civilizations and settlements on the moon. The apparent cloaking of alien and UFO activity could be factual. June 19. Instead. but the skies around the other planets in our solar system as well. It is also possible that the planning began behind the scenes. initiating the need for delay. requires that. Now. While we are long past 1999. From their series about Abbadon and his armies written in 2001-2005.” Examiner.S. If there is life on the side of the Moon never seen on Earth. prohibiting environmental modification of celestial bodies. then NASA and by extension the U. by shuttering the most powerful telescopes from private astronomers. government are guilty of aggressive war which is the most serious of war crimes under the U. installations and fortifications. Not just our skies. Knowing this lends great credence to Cayce’s vision of a battle fought in the skies as opposed to here on Earth. There is no place on earth that actually bears the name Armageddon. Cayce foresaw that this "battle" will not be a war fought on Earth. would begin in 1999.N. The U.S. just as Cayce was shown. the non-government astronomers 94 2012OfficialCountdown. Add the extreme possibility that many reports of alien sitting and contact are factual. Outer Space Treaty. Add the recent moves of rendering the solar system inaccessible to the public eye. which the U.S.” But this place does not exist either.N. what will such an explosion do to the world of these beings? This mission to bomb the Moon is in direct violation of space law. is subject. the colony of an alien race. Armeggedon appears only once in the Book of Revelations. There is a great deal of interesting and informative articles written by a group of independent astronomers known as The Millenium Group. it is possible that everything needed to proceed with this plot was not yet into place. People are still looking at Mars when they have the chance but so far nobody is willing to say (and show pictures) that the two moons have returned or are still there. to which the U.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . literally. the testing of any type of weapons and the conduct of military manoeuvres on celestial bodies shall be forbidden.

He induced great fear in all people.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . he is quite the opposite. The Watcher named Abaddon does not represent anything good. the giants turned against them and devoured mankind. and fish. This king of the air will release an army of locusts that are like horses. They move around showing that they are not something in orbit and a number of them are hovering (and moving as if directed by occupants of the craft) over the United States and the Gulf of Mexico but not in a permanent orbit. and drink the blood. “Who consumed all the acquisitions of men. And they began to sin against birds.com Abaddon. and to devour one another's flesh. And when men could no longer sustain them. tmgnow. possessing great strength and wearing golden crowns on their heads after the sixth angel’s trumpet sounds in Revelations.” 1st Book of Enoch 7:3-6 95 2012OfficialCountdown.” The Millenium Group. The strange objects have also been viewed by the new observatory in Arizona built (in a hurry) by the Vatican. we are told is “the king of the air” and his army of locusts streams out of the pit of ‘sheol’ at the battle of Armeggedon event stated to occur in the end of this age. and reptiles. In the Babylonian Talmud. Some photos show indications of these strange flying objects being fired at with weapon from earth as well as battling among themselves. Mythologies around the world state this would happen just before the world is destroyed. we find that Sheol is the second level of the underworld. about 3 miles in size. like moons of Mars.(government will not talk about it) have gone back over past government photos as well as photos taken by amateurs and found what appears to be maybe a hundred or so strange objects that are all. and beasts. Abaddon is also the head angel left to watch over the Garden of Eden. Then the earth laid accusation against the lawless ones.

The language of these ancient writings relates the sins of the Annunaki as the defiling of women to pollute the DNA of humanity. This section of chapter 7 in Enoch’s first book gives us the perfect proof that the Annunaki were indeed creating havoc with nature as well. They were crossing mammals with fish, birds with reptiles, insects and all other forms of beings found in nature one with another. If it will not sexually produce offspring in nature, then it is an abomination … a creature that was not meant to be. Exactly what do you get when you splice the genetics of the Annunaki seed with a human and a praying mantis? There are far too many grays to ignore the rest our research. In 2002, reporting a creature nature inflicting harm people. coincidental connections seen in the of what we have found along the way in a news item came over the wires that could only be an abomination of and fear that involved a large number of

NEW DELHI, India-- Fear has gripped the Indian capital after dozens of residents reported attacks by an apelike creature able to leap from roof to roof. Police had received about 65 reports of a mysterious attacker with a monkey's face and human body scratching abd biting victims in an around Delhi since Saturday, a senior police officers told Reuters on Tuesday. 2002 news item

If locusts as strong as horses come charging by the thousands out of the smoking pits of hell in the Book of Revelations, then most likely these too will be some genetically modified species of horror. Drones specifically manufactured to serve their dark master. What do locusts swarming out of the ground have to do with there being a battle over head? If what we have seen here on Earth is the work of the Annunaki released from where they are chained, there is absolutely no reason that there are not more species created in the same demonic way. Thousands of cloaked objects have been gathering in the atmosphere over Earth for some years now. This was called to our attention by The Millenium Group’s articles on TMGnow.com. We arrived there looking for a blue star, the Blue Star Kachina the Hopi say is coming. Curious as to whether one of the recent comets was blue, and if in fact, a red one had arrived, we were led to satellite images of square

objects firing at something over Earth. Add to this the phenomenon of planet Earth firing a cosmic blast at some unidentified object in space. This is a factual event, reported by Russian scientists on July 10th, 2005. This is a first in the recorded history of Earth. An earthquake with a 5.5 magnitude in the Northwestern Balkan Peninsula was caused by a cosmic blast, discharged from the Earth’s atmosphere at something in space.


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These strange cubes have shown up in the cloud cover layer of Google Earth, as well as on the NASA telescope images. For reasons not shared with the world, the once open to anyone SOHO and Hubbell telescopes are shuttered to all but a handful of people. The square formation in the blue of space, seen in the image above, was located by private astronomers prior to loosing access to these powerful telescopes. The battle was taking place over the Nazca formations. In the next photo, you see the large rectangle of a cloaked area, which is quite similar to what was found on Google Earth in 2008. This black and white photograph is from 2002 and comes from a satellite. Look closely at the ends of the rectangle and you will see black spots. These spots are everywhere in the atmosphere surrounding the globe. They also are found in near space around the moon. Unlike the classic UFO’s becoming a rather common appearance here on Earth, these objects are square instead of round. Upon more intense study of this growing phenomenon of gathering objects above the cloud layer, the scientists at The Millenium Group discovered that they are actually structures made up of connected cubes. These near space objects are also huge as is easily noted in the above image from the SOHO satellite. Below is the enlarged corner of a photograph taken from the ground in Peru. We have to agree with the men at TMG, this is definitely a light reflecting cube in the sky. Clouds are never square. “Over the Nazca Plain in Peru, this image was taken showing clearly the shape of a cube present. The image isn't high quality but never the less, is real and reveals the cube partially cloaked. The close-up shows the

three dimensional characteristic of the craft and a single line


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emanating from or to the craft at the bottom of the cube. From the limited amount of information that we have collected to this point, it seems that these cubes appear over areas that might have large amounts of energy. It may be that these are the only places that they can be seen, it may be that they utilize these areas to refuel, or it may be that they are attracted to these areas for a reason totally alien to us. There is much that needs to be explained about these ships. Regardless of the fact that our research has revealed that most of the craft are cube like there have been other shapes from time to time show up. But beyond all of this, beyond the skepticism and scoffing, these images are real and they show that there is something quite unexplained. It may be that we are completely wrong about our many assumptions, however how can all of these evidences be ignored or simply explained away. I am sure that many will try and many will just ignore these images. That does in no way release them from an explanation.” from The Armies of Abaddon, TMGnow.com

Since these cloaked cubes began gathering in the skies over our planet, this group of private astonomers could not ignore the automatic escalation in earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural catastrophic events. These objects in the sky did not appear just recently. The Armies of Abaddon article was written sometime in 2002. Their correlations and weaving of myths, personal observations and passages from Revelations are interesting as well as enlightening. Since the closing of the Hubbell and SOHO telescopes to public view, these objects still continued to appear in the white space surrounding the globe on the public satellite images from GOES. The black spots on this satellite image are not anomalies in a particular shot. These objects

keep appearing in countless images being sent in from space, from more than one satellite. What are they and where are these unannounced objects in the sky from? These authors point out that in 2002, Rumsfeld demanded that warheads be added to missiles and NASA was funded to do so. Why did they do this, when no weapons are allowed in space according to the worldwide peace in space treaty? If the far less powerful GOES satellite images contain these cubes gathering in the space around earth and the moon, you can pretty much be assured that NASA knows they are there.


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Right after the shuttle and its crewmembers were lost. an object has to be of massive size for the satellites to pick it up. and the wicked will be gotten rid of." Where is this photo? You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that it was confiscated by NASA. or total annihilation. but not really horrible. If it were the Hopi’s awaited liberators. This battle will cleanse the heart of people and restore our Mother Earth from illness. The population only knows about it because of gallant fellow tribesmen like The Millennium Group. It could be rebirth. The LCROSS Mission blasted off in June 2009 headed for the Moon equipped with a rocket containing a 2 ton bomb. They aren’t comets or falling stars. then we can only assume that forces of evil are gathering from somewhere. a San Francisco newspaper ran the following news story. So we have warheads mounted to missiles. What other objects in deep and near space are these cloaked cubes firing at? These are not small crafts either. and their main source of interest is the Moon and Earth. There are cube objects gathering in space around the Moon and around our planet. The degree of violence will be determined by the degree of inequity caused among the peoples of the world and in the balance of nature. this space object is headed up. If they come from the east.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . like children who have been bad. what are they waiting for? Perhaps they are still gathering in force. Complete with an amateur photograph of a purple streak of lightening striking Columbia the moment before it exploded. and what does the Moon have to do with it? February 1st. “We must not get on the house tops to watch. An even larger question to ponder is why are they firing at each other? You should be asking yourself if there is some simple explanation for all of this? Can 99 2012OfficialCountdown. Richard Hoagland and Jeff Rense.Are these the liberators the Hopi legends say will come to cleanse the Earth at the Great Purification? If so. If they come from the west. They will shake us by our ears. the Hopi say things will be bad.” Even the Hopi cannot say what degree of violence will be delivered upon Earth. As you can clearly see in the image to the left. There are other images in this series found on the TMG website that were all part of the same sequence from the SOHO/Lasco satellite showing two objects firing at each other simultaneously. "NASA investigators of the Columbia space shuttle disaster have set up a study group to analyze a photograph.” If not the liberators. “… the choice is yours. war and natural catastrophe may be involved. not down and it is firing a weapon at an unseen object. why are they shooting at each other. they will have no mercy and will drop down from the sky like rain. taken by an amateur astronomer from a San Francisco hillside. that appears to show a bolt of electricity striking the doomed orbiter as it streaked across Northern California. This will be the final decisive battle between good and evil. 2003 the space shuttle Columbia was destroyed in the sky over the Pacific Ocean.

these images be explained by common means. and all manner of Satan’s spawn were set free? Did these creatures approach Earth’s leaders to form an alliance because they could sense the impure. or will begin soon. for he comes as a thief in the night. They are fighting not for money. though at odds with each other. Be at one with your Creator. Or did these blasts rattle ajar the gates of hell ahead of schedule. How could this be explained as imaging issues that the creative mind has blown out of proportion? There is the huge chance that a stargate was opened in the 1940’s due to the blast tests in the desert. It doesn’t appear that it will be pleasant. There are far too many ancient people who know he is coming. Too many myths. The alternative appears to be beyond painful or short-lived. Then again. Was it all that was needed. if such a thing exists and here are the clues to a huge story being kept from us? Has the government been informed. and if so. we have yet to discover. What is taking place now. Will it be on December 21. Whatever they represent. for the father of man is bound to return soon. It also might be sooner. it may also be that Winter Solstice in 2012 marks the beginning of the end. in this very decade. or the armies of Abaddon. but for the souls of humanity. The end of the fourth world of man appears to be approaching rapidly. there is a clock ticking somewhere and no one on Earth knows what time it is or when the hands will stop turning. far more than coincidence. the Creator has left all of them with their own version of what will come to pass at the end of this age of humanity. power and money hungry members of the government? Whether they are the liberators. 2012? It might be. These truths seem to be literally ringing out as enlightenment. This battle is fought not for land. it is quite certain that something huge is going to happen. is the battle between good and evil.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . prophecies and predictions are all suddenly connecting. as whoever rides overhead in these massive cubed crafts is hostile. how long have they known and kept silent? Or is humanity alone and all of this is just our over active imaginations? It is extremely doubtful that the cameras on every satellite station are malfunctioning in the very same way. One thing is for certain. Will we find ourselves in a New Age of Peace without having to deal with all that has been foretold? Seek the truth with the one highest power that you answer to. that one little glimpse to draw the evil from beyond into our world? The other possibility is that the force of those test blasts reverberated in the core of the Earth and echoed without end in space. Conspiracy Theory 100 2012OfficialCountdown. or is everyone jumping to conclusions? Could there be technology that common man and private scientists fail to understand? Is this a conspiracy. not in the name of religion and not for a king’s ransom.

Diseases are being spread that are not from this planet. The destruction of a once mighty and proud nation brought to its knees by a corporate government. we are governed and organized by people whose goal is to control and possess everything on the planet of any value. these devastating events were created by clambering powers with a need possess another piece of land. but most definitely a conspiracy. There is no reason that power is only produced from nonrenewable sources. Modern science is very capable of creating horrific diseases. has been quietly rewritten by various presidents to give these inhuman entities more power than we human citizens. wielding far more power through the rise of technology.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . growing more complex and sinister for decades. Corporations don’t want anything known or legal to obtain. From all appearances. Every single time. originally written to protect this country from rule by corporate power.Is there a conspiracy being enacted all around us? It has been somewhat apparent for many years that there is something drastically wrong with the very functions of this country. What do you think is going on beneath the subterfuge of layers upon layers of top secret government projects? We are not privileged enough to know what is really going on. The very idea echoes the twisted mind and cold heart of Hitler and his holocaust upon the Jews. To think that it is impossible that corruption is capable of using this method to attain more power and amass more wealth. The plot has been thickening. It is not about what is right. the controllers of the medical and pharmaceutical world don’t want it known. Now we hear that this current Oval Office administration wants to do away with the useless people. This fact is proven with what has been revealed about germ warfare. The United States Constitution. Why would they when the American Medical Association has said that when the cure for cancer is found they would close down. Billions have died through the ages at the end of the sword. or what is good for your health. What are they hiding and why? The Earth and her people have been plundered over and over again. Wars are inflicted with alarming similarities to the march of Rome and the Conquistadors around the globe. an ancient treasure or precious natural elements. from nuclear blasting and other horrors committed against humanity. None of it makes any sense. centuries ago. Is it to wipe away the knowledge and wisdom attained through age? Obliterating verbal evidence of the truths from the past? If the very witnesses from the past are not present to testify something that 101 2012OfficialCountdown. The cure for cancer exists. This in itself is not only corrupt. An industry with the capability of never seeing the end of massive profitability would never allow the revenue stream to end. Would you say that this alone is a conspiracy theory? We most certainly see it as such. The design to create energy for vehicle motors and electricity from the very air was invented over 100 years ago. is not very intelligent. The very things that people fled Europe to escape have been brought back to life. The list of undeniable atrocities that have been delivered against our planet and millions of human lives grows longer every day. beyond what they can patent to reap huge financial gain from and complete control. while kept completely hushed behind guarded doors. Why is this not being used? There is no money to be made there. the elderly. under the Napalm mist. at the top it is about money on a massive scale.

This is just the beginning of the plans for the New World Order. it is thoroughly researched and an amazing collection of historical data that all actually happened. This deception and quest for control has been woven into everything in America far longer than that. but they did this too to see if they would glow in the dark. Were they after the oil.000.happened was fact. you will find it free online. Like the removal of the queen bee from the colonies.000. the Word Trade Center was attacked and we launched a hostile invasion of Iraq in search of nuclear weapons that did not exist. almost 30 years before the population ever heard of terrorism. loss of our elders is a weakening of the human tribe. they were conferring to select the right person to use as a terrorist to create the need for a war to erupt. Within 6 months of the monetary goal being reached. Humanity is once again the slaves of the few and the mighty. It all began with the American Dream. Is this something you think you should be eating? The fish and frogs in our fruits and vegetables don’t belong there. This is important to understand just how much conspiracy has been used against you and the value of your very life. global money. Neither do jellyfish belong crossed with monkies. What horrific accomplishments do you suppose they will be able to attain with that? In the 1970’s elite powers in Washington were planning a war against an unknown enemy labeled a possible terrorist. Yes. Society was programmed to be addicted to buying more and more new products. people were required to give up their independence for material glitter. Why do we need to know this? What makes such knowledge necessary? Very recently it was announced that they have created live. to assist corporations in their goal of huge profits and from an addicted population. This war was scheduled to be launched as soon as the fund reserves amounted to $26. you will be able to see more clearly what is happening before your very eyes … right now in today’s world. Numerous conspiracies seem to have gained great strength when the aliens crashed in New Mexico. viable human sperm. Why is the Pope announcing the New World Order? Do you too get the distinct feeling that the end of papal rule in the past has reared its ugly head again now? Will it be unleashed again in this day of socalled advanced knowledge and technology? The Old World Order will now cover every inch of planet Earth with global law. This book in not a theory or information gleaned from a vision. surprising ushered in by the Pope himself as the world watched. Genetically modified organisms are standard fare in the foods that we eat. watch The Century of The Self videos on Google. Members of the War Room elected Sadam Hussein to be the best candidate. Armed with that knowledge. The beginning of corporate government took place during the Civil War. To learn how this did in fact happen and continues today. to feed the corporate coffers with gross profits in staggering amounts. or is there something of more intrinsic value 102 2012OfficialCountdown. The information it contains will be a big eye opener for many people. A dream invented using psychological human programming through advertising and mainstream media according to the documentation of Sigmund Freud.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . global religion and a singular kingdom. Read the book. The lure of owning more things drove the population to disconnect themselves from the land and nature en masse. We have weed killer spliced into soybeans and corn so that over spraying the crop won’t delete the grain plants. What does this mean to us a society of suppressed humans? The last time the balance of wealth and the poor was this out of balance was in the Dark Ages. all manner of atrocity could result from the loss of those who know. The consumer was mentally programmed on an orchestrated scale. Gangs of America. In order to obtain the American Dream created by corporations.

Consider the fact that since about the year 1000 A. It appeared to die out. you need to do some serious research. Look into the incredibly powerful electromagnetics coursing down the St. the disc with a dome.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . They look forward to a new era. The New World Order wants population reduction in drastic measures. This power was not the Creator himself. What happens to the rest of the lives of the over 6 billion people living on this planet right now? Scour all available sources regarding the alliance that appears to exist between the evil of Annunaki’s creations and those who have been in power since the 1930’s. Look into the history of Ireland and Scotland. next they will be collecting and you’re mind better not give them reason to take you to task. but above all of them there was one power that carried more weight. Civilization was introduced by the Annanuki. because Hitler was also set to conquer the world. None of this chaos existed until tribes were turned into civilizations. An army of absolutely massive cubed spacecraft is gathering in near space of Earth and the Moon. To see is not to believe.D. The cathedrals built atop ancient stone circles. The correlation between the Annunaki. there will only be 5 million people allowed to live. There are monkey headed humanoids attacking people in India. quite frankly. People are being abducted and used as specimens to gather more DNA and samples to take somewhere. Investigate the Illuminati and the Freemasons. There are alien crafts refueling by hovering over the pyramids at Giza. How else will humanity be rid of the greed and oppression. The current Mayan elders say that the end of the Long Count on December 21. Are the actions of the power mad. Why is that we still use the mathematics and sciences the Annunaki brought to Earth? Do you see the correlation between what was going on in the world in the year 1000 to what is going on today? The conspiracy at that time reigned for hundreds of years. It is highly possible that the grays were involved but did not succeed in global control when a bigger power toppled Hilter’s plans. power has passed across different kingdoms and nations. because appearances can be very deceiving. It may even be older than that. If the Georgia Guidestones were put in place by this sector of humanity. crooked elite hastening the end of times? It is very possible. The flying saucer is no longer just round with a dome on top. squares. The Hopi look forward to a time of peace too. If you cannot smell a conspiracy so strong it is poised and ready to control even your very thoughts. the Egyptians and the Celtic gods will all start coming together. strange blobs and even those created to mimic pyramids. This craft is remarkably similar to the ones we are so familiar with. This alone should alert you to genetic testing and creation going on within these alien groups and the grays seem to be in charge of collecting the needed samples. this too is a classic example of a conspiracy theory.. The Global Consciousness Project is really a rather alarming endeavor. but they know it cannot happen unless the Earth is once again cleansed. Michael Alignment and ask yourself what it all means. First they measure. a time of peace. history 103 2012OfficialCountdown. bullet shapes. NASA sees nothing? NASA is going to bomb the Moon? This is. 2012 does not mean the end of the world.buried in ancient Babylon? Either way you dissect the decades of planning and lying in wait. The rocket scientists in Nazi Germany even built a working space ship. or the wasting of Nature itself? In case you haven’t noticed yet. insanity and chaos of the highest order. There are triangular shaped ships.

The conspiracy exists and it is far more widespread and deep than even we realize. Tuning in without fail to mainstream media broadcasting. Who decides what the accredit are and who do the heads of world government work for? It is said that there are 28 levels above the Oval Office. because it is alien and seeks to be hidden. Since the view of the “top” is not something the population is graced with. There will be an instantaneous declassification of every level of the top secret hierarchy. there will be a correction published or reported. Mainstream Media and the Illuminati Is it just a coincidence that the media industry coins air and television broadcasts as programming? We are told what to think. In the end. The truth will evaporate in an instant. Why do you suppose they show the horrors of war daily when it terrifies people? 2012OfficialCountdown. You won’t find the evidence you need to learn about what is really going on in the newspapers. Those who have spent decades researching it do not have all the information. yet they chose to do nothing when the opportunity existed. do we really have a concrete identity as to what exactly sits on this invisible throne? Are we even sure that it is a human being? If they are human. no matter how clandestine. how to act and what we need to buy through programming constructed by mainstream media. society is being programmed to behave in a certain way. This could have been altered. we will just have to deal with the next rung in the ladder of chaos wrought by this increasingly socialistic. It would hardly be part of any mainstream media programming or news show. The only way to forever halt the constant reappearance of wrong is to obliterate its creator. they will all be revealed along with their activities. No time is wasted in seeing to the reversal of statements and stories frowned upon from the heights of power. the Illuminati own that too. Until then. You should already have figured out that ‘accredited’ sources report only what is preferred that you hear. The media decides who is famous. as plots were being laid.is very repetitious. you can be sure that not an ounce of warmth could be found in the blood that courses through their veins. The powers of Earthly nations may just speed up the clock in a shorter period of time. There are many who stood by and watched as harm was being done. We may not have to wait until the Winter Solstice in 2012. what is hot and what information we will be given. If the boundary is stepped over. We may have been able to ring in a new age of peace when the Mayan Long Count resets to a new cycle of time were it not for the evils of injustice and hate.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved 104 . war mongering tepee of power. Espionage works in the opposite way of the human mind.

com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Your mind is being used to create chaos. Fear conditions you to agree to anything said to bring safety. imprisoned or worse for going against that plan. In order to effectively harness the ultimate power your mind bestows upon you. that you cannot use your independent and powerful mind the way it was intended. This is not a bizarre story. or to terrify them and offer protection. behind closed doors. You will see these symbols are everywhere. Visit YouTube and watch the 2-part video with the title of “Illuminati. you're probably going to get in trouble very early on. What kind of person controls an entire world for their own ends? Your life in their civilized society consists of what they want and we are publicly destroyed. That's not the trait that's being preferred or cultivated. a lot of it is designed to prevent people from being independent and creative. That which you really should fear. By removing the ability for humanity to understand and use all portions of their brain. hunger and hate among many other evil things. It is not a pop singer fan culture production." Noam Chomsky (1995) All forms of entertainment and news programming are deliberately designed to disconnect you from your natural world. What you should be afraid of. on cue when the time is ripe. Research the Illuminati and all of their affiliated societies and powerful circles. shut off the radio and clear your mind to use for your own good. If you're independent minded in school. They have risen to power on a population controlled without any knowledge of how much power they had. at your clothes and on movies. has been built and will be delivered. The Illuminati have kept you so busy working to produce their profit. interwoven into your daily life and empowering their plans. The purpose of your mind is to empower you. this is a message that no one should miss. just like tying your shoes and knowing your multiplication tables. "A lot of the educational system. Music Industry and Why Michael Jackson was Killed”. is designed for obedience and passivity. Turn off your television. needs and actions? The enlightened ones. From childhood. They have succeeded because we allowed them to. Mainstream media is owned and controlled by the elite enlightened ones. The fastest way to gain complete cooperation from a population is to control their food and economic welfare. The power of the human mind is an individual possession given to every person at birth by their Creator. being entertained or consuming.000 years. its power and rewards was displaced to serve only those who knew this secret. This is rather unfortunate for society and extremely advantageous for meeting goals developed and plotted. The media programs you to perform according to their desires. if you think about it. you have slowly and subtly been programmed to accept or enjoy. A terrified society is very easy to coerce and control. this skill must be taught from an early age. Only you can take back your right to your own mind. the Illuminati. Just look at how it has been turned against you and your family of humanity. Take a good look at the symbols the secret societies like the Illuminati Freemasons use. to create hate where once love and peace existed. have known this for 1. It uses psychology to instill your fight against your own species. Look around your country. TV and music albums.Do you know exactly how much power your subconscious mind has over your beliefs. 105 2012OfficialCountdown. by tuning in for being tuned out. You are being programmed to provide them with what they need.

They developed your mind for their ends. There is so much you did not learn in history class. not yours. then what would you explain it away as? New World Order “The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. You need to stop speculating and educate yourself. The media knows this. therefore. deserve neither LIBERTY nor SAFETY. If that is not a conspiracy theory.” Benjamin Franklin -1775 There is a great deal of speculation surrounding the mainstream media’s connection with the elite powers controlling our world. and this secret society known as the Illuminati. “Those who would give up ESSENTIAL LIBERTY to purchase a little TEMPORARY SAFETY. Here are the topics you need to research: Origins and history of the Jesuits Knights Templar Rosicrucarians Freemasons The Scottish Rites Knights of Columbus Knights of Malta The Biderbergs The Trilateral Commission Throughout your discoveries.Programming and psychology are highly beneficial tools to those who know how to use them.” Dresden James 106 2012OfficialCountdown. those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves. because it was not permitted to be printed in your textbooks. Your education is incomplete and provides the corporate world with perfectly programmed tunnel vision slaves. The most perfect slaves are. This is why a job never let you get ahead. that possibility was conveniently removed. drones who focus on one small thing for life. you will find even more secret societies threaded in with those listed. The price of relying on others to provide you with financial means and safety is definitely against your ability to be free. as do those who control this country and the rest of the world.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved .

It will outlaw the right to eat natural food. the leader of the The Watchers and king of the air. The economy they created after World War II was slaughtered to prepare for the New World Order. All made possible by a society in constant chaos. or suffer the most demonic torture and death they can devise. yet never being able to get any closer to a moving target. We have thirteen original colonies. will control all that is on planet Earth. The purpose was to preserve your individual right to live according to his intentions. Sumerian and the world as it was in those days. in a brotherhood founded on love and personal prosperity … without money. You will be forced to worship Satan right next to them. to understand and perceive the truth about the 107 2012OfficialCountdown. It will strip every person alive of any rights. not some silly rumor. the hideousness of evil will now become a main feature everywhere. theirs. Thirteen is a popular number in the old New World. This is the reason that God created different tongues and scattered his children all over the Earth. according to the wishes of their beloved higher power. The Illuminati Freemasons have spent thousands of years preparing for this day when one power.The reason you can no longer count on having a job is all part of a well orchestrated plan. the very first Freemason of the 33rd degree. and thirteen levels of brick on the pyramid on the back of your one dollar bill. The Illuminati will finish what they started and build their New World Order. Or because your emotionally connected to them and worship the same dark master. their ownership of land and the ability to generate their own food completely. The eye on the top of the pyramid printed on the back of every one dollar bill is the eye of Lucifer. You will find him in the Book of Genesis. hustling to chase an elusive carrot. thirteen original Illuminati bloodlines. This is the beginning. unless you know what they mean. Why was it called the New World? The Americas are just as old as the rest of the planet. The Illuminati worships Satan. Do not be disillusioned. Is this just a coincidence or does this echo of symbology mean something that you should know about? It is dangerous to be oblivious to your surroundings. thirteen Scottish rites. stranger than fiction. the mighty ruler of Babylon. Wake up and open your mind.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . The time for subliminal mental coercion has ended. The enlightened ones have finally arrived at the goal necessary to fulfill their next step. The Watchers persisted anyway. Truth is indeed. To learn what you need to know. The plan for a one world government was designed by Nimrod. You carry the all seeing eye atop this powerful satanic symbol on your person every day. Symbols and rituals are the foundation of satanic worship. You think these symbols are cool or hip. The New World order will outlaw all religion but the worship of Satan. This is very real. You have served your purpose and are no longer necessary.

visit TheForbiddenKnowledge. albeit the very ownership of your soul. There is no way that you will be able to make a well informed decision about who you really are. Hollywood is famous for 108 2012OfficialCountdown. What do the Illuminati and New World Order have to do with the events predicted for 2012? The prince of darkness will return to reunite himself with his children and rule over his global kingdom where one language is again spoken. 2012: The Movie. only he can put an end to The New Babylon and restore peace and love to its original status. Once they step into the spotlight.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . A kingdom where one religion is allowed and complete oppression will be the order in his new world. Stop the programming immediately to regain your center of power. Leaving them in control of harnessing the power of your mind is in the disinterest of humanity as a whole. it is important for you to remember that Hollywood is about entertainment which has nothing to do with facts. The only harmony in the New World Order will be for those who are poised to triumph through mass deception and illusion. This is not an educational film. including mind control. The mainstream media is owned and controlled by the same elite Illuminati Freemasons poised to unroll the New World Order. and what the significance of December 21. the Rumors and Speculation While we are absolutely certain the cinematography and special effects in the upcoming super movie “2012” will be exceptional. An excellent place to begin your personal discovery is found in a series of 10 videos on YouTube bearing the title of “2012 NWO Agenda”. Read it all and you will be enlightened about a great many things. the Illuminati.com. The Creator of humanity and planet Earth.Illuminati Freemasons of the 32nd and 33rd degree. the plot and the story line will be highly questionable. You have much to learn and time is short. You won’t understand the importance of this statement until you know what you have given up. Don’t put it off. the spoils gained behind closed doors. There is only one power greater than the Illuminati’s devious god of darkness. you will know them by their fruits. It is vital that you regain control of the powers of your mind with due haste. 2012 means to your life.

suddenly Sony announced that they were pushing the release date back to November 13th. or is it a prequel. ranging between the 4th and the 8th as being the beginning date on the Long Count. Five countries will be heading into war. while the Mayan calendar appeals to the interest of all ages and levels of education. We did notice exactly how it could be extremely significant. Make a note of the fact that the TimeWave was aimed to appeal to the younger portion of the population. Or is it because it is the last available Friday the 13th in 2009? While on one hand this notion could be viewed as trying to connect dots that don’t exist. If The WebBot is right in its late 2009 predictions given in the last report generated. 2009 when it was first announced. There were many scholars who spent long hours in an attempt to translate the Mayan dating system into one Western culture could identify. The producer Emmerlich is well known for his disaster and catastrophe thrillers which rely more on special effects than richness of script. Maybe no one will ever see the movie “2012”. On the other hand is the knowledge that something no one in the population seems to notice makes this particular date significant for mental impact. The impetus behind the airing of the Nostradamus and Doomsday programs by the History Channel is definitely something to ponder. because they are blatantly misinformation designed for instigating fear and confusion for viewers. 2009. Let’s not forget that this is the elite level of mainstream media. From these close together dates. A remarkable idea that grows heavier knowing that TimeWave was also purposefully computed to match the Long Count end date. The purpose stated is to coincide with the pre-Thanksgiving box office battles. Were the airings of these broadcasts a calculated plan to heighten our sense of chaos and danger? It is seemingly possible. 2012. Is it just part of a story. 4 of them arrived at dates in September 3114 B. as civilization keeps looking to their government to protect them after being told they are in grave danger on the programmer. Humanity will flock to view this flick that is intended to create a new wave of terror both conscious and subconsciously. There are a growing number of people who would love to know who paid for these programs to be produced. The US dollar will be dead by November the 5th. and magnify the selected end date for the Mayan Long Count.C. the GMT was selected as the best possible date to adopt as 109 2012OfficialCountdown.rewriting even history to achieve just the right scenes and graphic effect. Out of the 18 most notable scholars. Their purpose is to entertain you and teach you how to think through the magic of images and sound in living Technicolor. America could be under attack for destroying the world economy. As we have discussed the tendency for the lower level programming broadcast by The History Channel.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Then we have the theory that the end date calculated to match our Gregorian calendar with the Mayan Long Count was purposefully tampered with to arrive on December 21. You will watch the government build an ark which of course will only have limited capacity. Since most people just believe and absorb everything that the programmer screen tells them. In January of 2009. this is excellent tactical maneuvering on the part of the masters of deception. a glimpse at catastrophe planning underway? It is interesting that this release was set in stone for July 10th. this movie will depict what it is allowed to.

Now you know how the New World Order. Winter Solstice is a satanic holy day or sabbat. Add to this odd coincidence the fact that 13 is a sacred number within Satanism. The Freedom Building that will replace the demolished Word Trade Center in New York City will be finished to a stage of partial occupancy in the year 2012. just to make sure its ancient language and zymology in words might not make a bit more sense after all. Dartmouth is the alma mater of known Illuminati members. All predictions for December 21. 110 2012OfficialCountdown.C. Spring Solstice. The solidity of this ending date is ratified by the archaeology department at the Ivy-League institution of Dartmouth University. July 10th it was rescheduled to Friday. Summer Equinox. It is also a day of human sacrifice ritual for the Illuminati. Believe it or not. However. here is one more hair raising fact to add to the entire mix. to draw your own conclusions. You are more familiar with this date as Holloween which comes from the original name of Hallow E’en. Perhaps we could glean more bearing on the importance of this date with its connection to the occult.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . truth is stranger than fiction. before you start pondering the significance of all of these seeming coincidences. as we said earlier. Perhaps you should read the Book of Revelations again. There are four human sacrifice rituals practiced by the Illuminati and their religion. along with human sacrifice being the high point of these occasions. This first showing date just happens to be 13 days after Satan’s high holiday of Samhein. This 4th Mayan world we live in now began with earthquakes and will end with earthquakes. It is not the fact that there is an end that is so debatable. Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice all are celebrated with human torture and murder. mainstream media and the Illuminati might just be very important figures in events being predicted for December 21. This could definitely quantify some reason to believe that the date being December 21. November the 13th. 2012. Human sacrifice on a global scale would definitely be a planetary catastrophe. Destiny of the world headquarters of the New World Order and the location of Lucifer’s long awaited throne room. goblins and monsters are cute. and is celebrated with the reasoning that ghouls. Millions of people would suffer greatly and die while those that remained received gifts and great honor for their participation in this demonic sabbat celebration. so this does heighten the suspicion along with the realization of where university funding comes from for all departments.public consensus. which is precisely the reason that Friday the 13th is known as a bad omen. 2012 are based on the GMT conclusion that the Long Count began on September 6th in the year 3114 B. as is the actual date of the end being flashed before us everywhere we look. not a factual date. So instead of the movie 2012 opening on the original date of Friday. 2012 is a match to an agenda. We will leave you with this suspicious arrangement of numbers and dates.

Their beliefs were not distorted and rearranged to suit some age old agenda. That is true spirituality. To understand all that has brought us to the current events of today. for they have nothing to be ashamed of. As it is responsible for shedding light on what was really happening throughout the recorded history of our world and is definitely illuminating. you were indeed a slave. generations of imprisonment and belittlement. To realize that no matter what color your skin is. If you look at all the spiritual beliefs that have existed around the world. They reacted no differently than any other culture would when aliens arrived to take their most prized possession. chopping out parts they disliked or contriving the laws to be more convenient. It brings back together the tribe of man as brothers. It gives you an entirely new outlook on your life. gross plunder. just as any other nation on the globe. instead of the enemies elite powers have made them out to be. torture. What he did was really no different than the crimes committed against the American Indian people. murder.Spiritual Awakening and Human Enlightenment We believe that human enlightenment has already begun with the Information Age.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . practiced by a people who still understand their connection to nature and its Creator. along with their lives and outlaw their way of life. you will find that only a handful have remained steadfast in their original spirituality. The one that really stands out most prominently is a belief system that has survived many millennia though it was never written. Greed conquers all. They lived their lives as they were told to without changing the words. You easily see that as the Hopi have always known. along with what it could have been were it not so unjustly tampered with. This culture has no need to hide their history from public view. though you have always been taught that you are free brings fury and disgust. but love is what makes the world go around. America would have fought such an invasion tooth and nail too. Now they wait for the Blue Star 111 2012OfficialCountdown. To see that Hitler is not the only ruler guilty of obliterating a people he deemed beneath his lofty status is numbing. The people the promises were handed to by their Creator have not wavered through centuries of wrong judgment. does indeed reawaken one’s spiritual connection to nature and the Earth. the four original tribes of man would one day be reunited.

yellow. Tribal culture is centered on family and brotherhood. Enlightenment is the understanding of exactly how profound this simple truth really is.Kachina because they know that their suffering will end then and they will be allowed to fix the degradation practiced upon their beloved. you will not choose the path to true spirituality. Tribes support independence and creativity. This type of culture is bound by love and mutual support that creates great strength. but it was used to turn greed and malice into coveted materialism. The Secret is what put the elite in power. as has being pure of heart. To trully see which path your awakening spirituality should travel you must continue to open you eyes. The color of one’s skin has nothing to do with being a member of humanity. within the brotherhood of humanity. The outcome is the same as the Illuminati and the satanic culture. they embrace tradition with joy and cherish the wisdom of the old ones. This means allowing your mind to return to its intended state as your personal power of reasoning. these elite persons who strive to finish their work and allow their master to completely rule the world. Simplicity is not ignorance. you will not be completely enlightened. If the Annunaki and The Watchers had not polluted humanity. The Secret is about harnessing the power of your own mind and time. Tribes were not prey to dogma. tortured. Uprisings of those who wanted to change things were prevented.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . This is not to say that other ancient tribes whose cultures still exist today were not mistreated. They do not want you to. If you are not pure of heart and don’t use the power to benefit your fellow man. you become an enemy to your own tribe. bringing devastation and hate into the brotherhood of humanity. murdered in large numbers and oppressed. Only a spiritual connection to nature and your Creator will lead you to true enlightenment and everlasting peace. This is the way you life was intended to be lived. The bonds are held fast with simple spirituality and faith in their Creator to deliver what was promised. it was the strength of the people as a free nation. All of the other ancient peoples have renovated and modernized what was once their belief about their Creator and his wishes for how they were to live their lives. You cannot find the power or strength to keep your soul in a pure 112 2012OfficialCountdown. we would all be the same color and still speak the same language. simply by the national outcast they would become. it is what it is. living Earth. you will become drawn to the wrong path. Truth cannot be modernized. white. The four brothers. None of them have clung to the original spiritual beliefs and left them pure and intact. When you have finished reading this guide. black and red only speak different languages and no longer are all the same as a measure of protection from one world order and a singular power. Faith has been faith since the dawn of time. If you do not shut out the corruption of the programming.

spiritual connection to the true Creator, if you allow your mind to be debriefed by the Illuminati and their satanic programming.

“Love is patient; love is kind and envies no one. Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude; never selfish, not quick to take offense. There is nothing love cannot face; there is no limit to its faith, its hope, and endurance. In a word, there are three things that last forever: faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of them all is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-13

Some of the best things in life come with out a price, they are free. You cannot stop a sunset or control the ocean. You cannot buy life, love, trust or harmony. Spirituality, family and faith are not manufactured, or offered for sale. Fresh clear air, wildlife, soaring mountains, cool leafy shade or the warmth of the sun; the very changing of the seasons is not a commodity. These are natural living love in the purest sense of the word. Open your mind and your heart to become enlightened to the deceptions and break the hold darkness has placed on your life. The Battle of Armageddon is not one that will be fought for new land, religion or a king’s ransom in rare gems and oil. The last battle is one of pure beneficial light against the opposition of dark deception and evil. They fight for the souls of humanity; the battle will be the final one between the one almighty God and Lucifer the prince of darkness.

A soul is a terrible thing to lose.

The New Age
Before you read the last couple of sections in this 2012 information guide, we would like to say that the following is in no sense meant to coerce you to change your personal beliefs. Many people are struggling to understand which path is the right one to take. They seek to know the truth now, before the end of our age. You should know full well, it will not be the one of least resistance. Freedom has always been worth fighting for, so don’t stop now. You are a very important person to your creator. It is without question that the New Age Movement is a reaction, a revolt against centuries of oppression connected to far reaching power of The Church. It is really unfortunate that all world religions claim to be the “true church”. While sharing some similarities, they are a wildly ranging assortment of beliefs. This is creating chaos in the value systems of humanity, a result that is exactly what was intended. Additionally, there are many leaders within these religions that stand in front of their congregations and preach loudly that all other beliefs are evil, against God’s teachings and those who believe differently


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are headed straight to hell. Yet nowhere in the Bible, does it state that one must belong to a church to obtain salvation, eternal peace and life in heaven. Nor do these canonical texts give the church the right or power; to damn other brothers of humanity or practice the forgiveness of sin. There are no verses that grant power to the church to commit genocide in the name of God. No biblical verses exist that transfers the power of a church to rule all of God’s Earth. No where does it bestow the sanctity to force any people to act God’s word out through torture, loss of liberty and obliteration of their culture. Yet this is exactly how “Christianity” was spread through the world. To peacefully tell a people of the love of God so that they may accept him is what God intended. To persecute those who fail to see the same view is anything but Christian like, or an act done according to the one true God’s wishes. There is a verse in the canonized book of the Bible that states that the church will not rise to heaven for it has deceived humanity. While we cannot at this moment locate this verse, it does exist and if memory serves correctly it is in the Old Testament. So attending a church is not part of being a person who truly loves and honors the true God of light. Additionally, there is no one recorded event that The Son of God spoke a sermon within a temple or church. All of his public speeches were delivered beneath the sky. He cleansed the temple from those who used it to create profit and rob people of their meager coins, and for that the church arrested him and crucified him. “But I say to you that something greater than the temple is here. But if you had known what this means, ‘I DESIRE COMPASSION, AND NOT A SACRIFICE,’ you would not have condemned the innocent.” spoken by Jesus Christ, Matthew 12:6-7

A church is nothing more than a building. There is as much spiritual awareness felt in the cavernous space of a large empty haymow as there is in a huge cathedral or church. Your relationship of size beneath a bowed soaring roof is part of the feeling one perceives in a building denoted to be a church. It is the same feeling you have when you stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon and wonder at its magnitude. Reverence for God can be felt wherever his spirit resides, meaning where ever you allow him to enter your heart and mind. That God separated man to the four corners of the Earth to stop the spread of the evils of the Annanuki should bear proof that not all wide flung spiritual beliefs were wrong. Those that worship idols and the gods who arrived with the fallen angels or practice the black arts using the supernatural powers of Lucifer, are wrong and will be among the lost souls. Shut out the


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world, find a quiet peaceful place and read Matthew 7 where it clearly describes what “seek and ye shall find” really means. What exactly is this New Age Movement, and its spiritual beliefs? There are many who say that it cannot be called a movement because it is without a leader. Here too, we see chaos in what to believe. But New Age religions do lack violence and persecution. This could very well be because no person has been appointed the leader. Yet, there are factions within these New Age spiritual beliefs that are satanic. These cults are connected to the same occult worship that controls the Illuminati and the rest of the consorts in interlinked secret societies. A cult is no different than a coven within the occult. While you study your options within the New Age Movement as a place to invest your spirituality, be sure to investigate the symbols being used. Be aware of whether they are also found in those ancient religions that are infiltrated into these secret societies. You can be sure that no matter how they are applied in advanced society, their meaning has not changed one bit; no matter how they are explained to you through deception. Spirituality in the New Age Movement encourages you to browse for the beliefs and practices that you feel most comfortable with. This concept, in itself, is not much different than being free to choose from the thousands of different forms of Christianity and other world religions. The fundamental beliefs held by a majority of New Age followers are:

Monism: Where all that exists is derived from a single source of divine energy. This belief can be good or evil depending on where your relationship with the one mighty God is currently at. Pantheism: All that exists is God and God is all that exists. This leads naturally to the concept of the divinity of the individual, meaning that we are all gods. They do not seek God as revealed in a sacred text or as exists in a remote heaven. The followers seek God within the self and throughout the entire universe. Here lies a grave danger for even though all that exists naturally on Earth is a blessing from God, not all that exists is God. Promoting yourself to being a god is following the Annunaki and The Watchers path as becoming self elected gods. Reincarnation: A belief that after death, our souls are reborn and live another life as a human; over and over again. This belief is similar to the concept of transmigration of the soul as taught in Hinduism. To create a comfort zone for those connected to Christian beliefs, this practice twists the meanings the scriptures to their liking. Four passages are most frequently used to prove that the Bible teaches reincarnation: Matthew 11:13-15, Matthew 17:10-13; John 9:1-3; John 3:3; and Galatians 6:7-8. These four references all talk about people who did not die, but were taken by God to heaven. Their return to Earth comes at the time God needs them to do so. Since upon his return to Earth, everyone who has died will be brought forth and judged, or taken into God’s embrace this belief cannot be a truth. Karma: The good and bad deeds that we do through our lives, both adds and subtracts from our accumulated record, our karma. At the end of our life, we are rewarded or punished according to our karma by being reincarnated into either a painful or good new life. This belief is linked to that of


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racial. You can find your true potentional and heal the brotherhood of man. Meditation and clearing all interference from your mind can be done with the one true God. is alive and is the source of all nutriment of humanity and natural life. This will be a utopia in which there is one world government. but being able to read another person’s aura we question. And here you have it. religious and other forms of discrimination will cease. Aura: This belief holds that an energy field is radiated by the body. psychological and cultural basis. and at times including the use of hallucinogenic drugs. and end to wars. Gaia is a god and an idol. People's allegiance to their tribe or nation will be replaced by a concern for the entire world and its people. Further research is needed to discover the truth of the intent here being on the side of true light or dark deception. along with their spiritual and physical health. physical.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . disease. meditation. and poverty. Gender. The rest of this belief is threaded deeply into the occult and Satanism. They hold onto the belif that when enough people have achieved these powers. These New Age believers hope to develop new potentials within themselves. This group is being given a highly dangerous mixed message. Those skilled in detecting and interpreting auras can diagnose an individual's state of mind. Man was made from the dust of the Earth and brought to life by the breath of God. Invisible to most people. a New Age will develop. which is often looked upon as Gaia or Mother Earth. hypnosis. the combination of the human sacrificing secret society’s orchestrated plan to turn your spiritual beliefs and control over to Lucifer himself. along with other enlightenment is included. not a holy spirit. and our solar system. All nicely disguised as 116 2012OfficialCountdown. Ecological Responsibility: This group believes in the importance of uniting to preserve the health of the Earth. Use of guided imagery. Seeking psychic powers and a new understanding of the workings of the universe.reincarnation and is also derived from Hinduism. Earth however. a huge global transformation will take place on a spiritual. hunger. pollution. your own person and others without calling on the dark powers. If karma were not connected to reincarnation it would be a righteous belief. as a living entity. helps bring about and enhance this transformation. New World Order: As the Age of Aquarius unfolds. multi-colored field surrounding the body. Personal Transformation: A profoundly intense mystical experience will lead to the acceptance and use of New Age beliefs and practices. It is true that the human body contains the vibrations of energy found in everything naturally present on our planet. Seeing the miracle of life as Mother Earth is not so much evil as is wrought by reducing this spectacular body of teeming life from mammoth to the microscopic size of a mere fallen angel god. it can be detected by some as a shimmering. along with the ability to heal oneself and others.

You will have plenty of time to grow emotionally and potentially when the true Utopia arrives to free us from this desolate place in time. You will find them discussed as the ways of evil in the Books of Enoch. Is this truly what a spiritually enlightened human would choose to follow. It is more important to find the solid strength of preparing you soul to withstand the coming deceptions at the end of this Earth era. the music of nature is the most relaxing and soothing sound you can find on Earth. support and believe? Many various spiritual practices are found among New Agers and are taught to them by a practitioner. If you have sought the knowledge of where the truth. because people’s connection to a person or place grows dimmer the longer they are departed from its influence. very careful if you are seeking the one true spirituality. The typical practitioner is a specialist being active in only a few areas of the various beliefs. The peaceful sounds of New Age music are a welcome balm to the mind and ears when compared to the jarring ugly sounds of rap and acid rock music. This makes a great deal of sense. The Emotional Growth Movement or Human Potential Movement would not require practitioners if the chaos induced by Satan and his league of elitist world powers were gone from the human race. What a remarkably effect method in hastening your disconnection from the living Earth in exchange for material things and accepted chaos. You must be very. In a city where the gentle sounds of nature are all blotted away. Unfortunately. His goal is to steal all souls before God returns. Mixed in with some of the beliefs that are not evil are the use of psychic healing and other practices of the dark arts. the way and the light divert from the magic’s and dark arts. Calling upon the dead can only be possible through the dark powers. you will be strong enough to not loose your soul here. 117 2012OfficialCountdown. this type of music is greatly needed. The New World Order will make this illegal instantly. Why would Lucifer want there be no one left to save when his father returns? Misery loves company. The practices of fortune telling. Having a healthy spiritual connection and peace of mind does promote better constitutional health to the human body.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Holistic health and massage is wonderful and uses only natural medicines along with the power that God has created in your mind.a new heaven on Earth to keep you chained in hell for eternity. In the far reaches of nowhere. they are here to stay until the final battle takes place and the all the fallen are taken to task. predicting the future through astrology or divination and psychic or paranormal ways are the arts brought to earth by The Watchers. The master of deception is alive and well. This is what the New World Order has been striving to bring about since Nimrod accepted the reptilian god from the Annunaki. stopping at nothing to pollute your soul and your DNA. Consider how likely it is that the mass redistribution of the population from the land and nature into the concrete jungle is a part of the grand plan to control you.

Some have decided that it will be an evil king or ruler brought back to life by Satan. You will know them by their fruits. another force will be allowed to enter. though it clearly states that God the Father will return and not his only begotten son. but he who does the will of My Father Who is in heaven. A sound tree cannot bear evil fruit. Lord. Though none of them are a true description of what he looked like. since this is impossible and no one can figure out exactly which one is correct it leads to even more confusion. did we not prophesy in Your Name. The speculation over who the antichrist is has brought lots of people to predict which world power this person is. 'I never knew you. Every religion claims they are the one true church. Religion and politics cause a great deal of disharmony in this world. Not every one who says to me. this is not a miracle that would deceive those who have a strong faith in their beliefs in one almighty God. Who would question such an appearance. Are grapes gathered from thorns. but this is not true. We have come upon the notion that the way to truly deceive those who should not fall.” Matthew 7:15-23 One of the things that are repeated many times about the events at the end this age of Earth is that even those who are true believers will fall due to miracles of great wonder. whatever you are concentrating on is where you mind will travel when you are not aware of what is happening within your mind. nowhere is it written that the antichrist is human or a person. So yes. Yet. Your Relationship with Your Creator Most people have been led to believe that God is religion. Lord. While you are not in control of your mental powers. 'Lord. but the bad tree bears evil fruit.Meditating is the process of blanking out the mind and releasing oneself from conscious thinking. or focusing on an object. This is many times accomplished with the help of repetitive chanting of a mantra. is everywhere perhaps hidden in plain sight. beware of miracles no matter how astounding and long awaited they may be. Thus you will know them by their fruits. This would prove to deceive anyone who is earnestly waiting for Jesus to return. depart from Me. You see. Paintings of Jesus have been rendered by the masters for centuries. the best clue as to who the antichrist could turn out to be. every one recognizes a piece of art that this conceptualized figure is painted into. every sound tree bears good fruit. If you truly believe there is no such thing as God.' shall enter the kingdom of heaven.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. It would be far safer to stop all distraction by closing your eyes and concentrating on pure holy light. would be to introduce them to what they perceive to believe in. "Beware of false prophets. and do many mighty works in Your Name?' And then will I declare to them. 118 2012OfficialCountdown. or figs from thistles? So. you are entitled to your beliefs but your Creator is sad that you have fallen due to deception. However. you evildoers. There is good and bad people found in every church. and cast out demons in Your Name. nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. On that day many will say to Me. 'Lord. something beautiful in nature or what you envision total peace to look and feel like. Because no one knows what God or Jesus actually looks like. every religion or other activity or place on Earth.

Your freedom to know the truth and use the talents that you were born with was removed. What you have been taught in the secular schools you attended are all beliefs written and placed in your hands by the elitists. are squashed through belittlement. the father of the Universe without attending a church or belonging to a religion.The idea that seeing is believing is only true to a materialistic world. You can have a strong relationship with the true God. none of us would be here and there would be no such thing as Earth or a solar system. punishment or chemical control in the form of medication. including the Earth herself. To have such powerful knowledge and be this artistic should bring one to be eager to know this being personally. All forms of creativity and strength not put to use in promoting their objectives. By not being allowed to develop and put to use your natural talents. If it were not for this supernatural power. along with your right to independence. The statement that one is nearer to God’s heart in the garden than anywhere on Earth is an ultimate truth. how could anyone know why they are here and what purpose they were meant to perform? How anyone can look at the shear magnitude of what God created in the natural universe. The purpose behind most of your education was to devote your life to building the power and finances they require to rule the New World Order. He is seen in everything that lives on planet Earth. our solar system and all of the natural beauties on Earth and determine he does not exist. Any school that taught anything else was discredited and funding was withdrawn both locally and federally. The truth is that you are an absolutely awesome creation that was put here for a reason far more powerful than to serve the prince of darkness and his minions. is astounding.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . 119 2012OfficialCountdown.

The prediction that Earth will be destroyed does not appear in the Bible.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . Seeing that perhaps. In fact. The New World Order is moving rapidly now at finalizing Nimrod’s plan. How many times would any being want to fix the most beautiful things ever created. only to have some hell-bent being gleefully mess it all up again? The new land of peace and eternal life is not in another area of the universe. This can only come about after this age of man ends. Only those whose strength of belief will be there for the danger of the evil seed cannot have a glimmer of possibility of tearing it all asunder again. They are also waiting for the new age of peace and harmony to begin. As the Hopi elders say. God finds great reason for us to not be able to find the lost city of Atlantis or the land of Lemuria should become apparent after studying all of the emerging history of ancient cultures. it grieved God sorely to have to destroy his magnificent creation of wildlife and plants to cleanse the demon seed The Watchers and their Nephilim offspring polluted his children with. God has seen his children. corrupting even the natural cycles of the planet and now seeks to make a mark of destruction on the celestial bodies as well. Not all life on Earth will perish. You must truly believe in God the Father.. We believe that the world will continue a few years past December 21. These thoughts will share a great deal from an eye opening perspective formed through common sense and seen through the open eyes that follow enlightenment. Perhaps after trying to fix the damage the jealous Lucifer has repeatedly wrought to God’s world now will come to a final conclusion as the Bible decrees. It is right here on Earth. Until recently. “There were pieces here and stories there. God told Noah that such complete destruction would never happen again. There will be many natural catastrophes though. it will be like the Earth is being shaken by her ears. 2012. the world has been cleansed of evil before through natural catastrophes. Chapter 13 where he says that this army that will come to destroy Babylon will come from the ". The following are the views of another who has spent a great deal of time researching the covert activities of the elitists. God the Son and the Holy Spirit to be granted the freedom to dwell on Earth amidst all of her unspoiled beauty and wonders in the new age.end of Heaven. 120 2012OfficialCountdown. Only those worth saving for the previous newly recreated world were allowed to be here to begin this current age of Earth. that is not what will happen. the brotherhood of man go through enough torture now. It will take all the pure power of true spirituality and an open connection with your Creator to make it through the rest of Satan’s plan to destroy you. The speed that everything is traveling is a sure sign that the clock is close to running out of movement. Demon seed has spread through every living organism. The planet and humanity must be cleansed and all sign of Lucifer’s destruction and pollution must be erased. 2012. about a year ago when I noticed the verse in Isaiah.. As the Mayans and the Hopi people’s legends tell us." Before this I had already began to believe that Babylon was the United States. freshly scrubbed from all filth and degradation. oppression and diabolical suffering must end. will only be those who present absolutely not a hint of possible danger to the pureness of life on this planet. but not many more. None seem to really relate to each other. Earth will not be destroyed. This means that those who rebuild the again cleansed Earth. Life amidst this evil of hatred. So in regards to the end of the world prophecies surrounding the now suspicious date of December 21. NASA and the New World Order. for even Lucifer knows the length of his time to run rampant.

We are at the pinnacle. Seize the window and absorb all that is possible. but look at the WTC destruction. compared to what will soon happen. The New World Order will change every thing that you know and all freedoms will be removed. Learn all that you can without delay. at the climax. The US has become too powerful for anyone to overcome us . The battle is physical. If you open your heart and your mind to your benevolent Creator. and their wives ravished. that it was nothing. and everyone that is joined unto them shall fall by the sword. Mainstream media and those who control it are lobbying to gain power over the freedom of information online. A CIA director running around in dresses. I don't quote all of Isaiah chapter 13 in the previous articles. because your opportunity to do so will soon be taxed and destroyed. All the time declaring how we believe in God. The media is unhappy that the population is disconnecting from the programmer and tuning in to knowledge beyond their control. another misinterpretation of revelation.We have become so corrupt and we go about the world trying to create governments that will be able to trade with us. Throughout history. Most are ignorant. as opposed to some far fetched science fiction flick. Some are seeing at this moment from a vantage point of great familiarity. and he will make man more precious than fine gold. there remains the idea that the time is ripe for such a happening. for the survival of the faithful. but at the same time it is Spiritual. Some have seen it from the inside. our president getting oral sex right there in the peoples' White House. There is the extreme possibility the Internet will become The Watcher in reality. There are sides. their houses shall be spoiled. The time is fast approaching that only the regularly scheduled programming will be allowed in cyberspace too. It is time." Yes it was terrible. It is simply just too graphic and too real.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . We hope to meet you again when the destruction of the evil seed that has plagued us all for far to long. Those who control what you are allowed to know and have access to are busy working on clamping down on this freedom too. Their children shall also be dashed to pieces before their eyes. some from the outside. you will see the truth of this too. waiting for the word to pounce. Life just goes on. strife and hatred that abounds.at least anyone on earth. May you find an inner peace and unwavering strength amidst this steadily building chaos. may not last. Humanity has suffered enough and endured far too many reincarnations of slavery producing materialistic riches for the earthly kings. preparing to battle and there are those too focused on other paradigms that they do not see the amassing forces. 121 2012OfficialCountdown. "Everyone that is found shall be thrust through." In addition to the fact that there is a mighty military force in the heavens above us at this very moment. a part of the membership. You may be saying. "Ya. The vast supply of knowledge we are so used to accessing on the Internet. prophets have looked forward from their day to ours in anticipation of these great events. This is not unlike any other great conflict in time. of the most classical story of all. Isaiah quotes the Lord and says he will lay the land desolate. finally and forever.” The Millenium Group Do not delay your study of information and discovery. BUNK. But I am very sorry to say. Then we have preachers saying that Russia and/or China will rise up and attack us and succeed. and people stepping all over each other trying to get to the "top". We stopped worshipping God a long time ago. But here is some more. money always coming before people. comes to an end.

Promise me. And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance … dance.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . LeAnne Womack 122 2012OfficialCountdown. When you come close to selling out – reconsider. Whenever one door closes. Don't let some hell bent heart. May you never take one single breath.I hope you never lose your sense of wonder. You get your fill to eat. but always keep that hunger. Living might mean taking chances. Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance. for granted. I hope you still feel small. when you stand by the ocean. God forbid. I hope you dance. Loving might be a mistake. Never settle for the path of least resistance. love ever leave you empty handed. When you get the choice to sit it out or dance. I hope one more opens. I hope one more opens. but they're worth taking. Whenever one door closes. Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance. I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance. but it's worth making. you'll give faith a fighting chance. leave you bitter.

you must first learn and fully accept the ultimate truth.com © Copyright 2009 – All Rights Reserved . James Sayer 123 2012OfficialCountdown. To discover ultimate freedom.The truth shall set you free. That is the secret to a spiritual awakening and total human enlightenment.

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