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1. Elevator

Kevin entered the elevator and went down 9 floors. He had intended to go up, so he
stayed on and went up 12 floors. Write a number sentence to show how many floors
Kevin ascended from the start. Give reason of your answer.


2. Money

Jevan has only Rp.80.000,- in his bank account at Mandiri Bank, which is below the
minimum balance. The bank adds Rp.10.000 charge. Write an equation showing what
happened to his account and what he has left now.


3. Temperature

It was a very freaky weather day. The temperature started out at 9C in the morning and went
to -13C at noon. It stayed at that temperature for six hours and then rose 7C. How far below
the freezing point (0C) was the temperature at 6 p.m.?

4. Temperature


1. A frog is at the bottom of a 10-meter-deep wells. The frogs can climb as far as 3
feet during the day. However, at night, the frog and fell asleep again as far as 1
meter. In such circumstances, how many days it took the frog out of the well?
How could you get that answer?

2. Andy was helping his mother sell kerosene. A buyer wants to buy 5 liters of
kerosene. However, there are only sized cans of 10 liters and 4 liters and 3 liters.
How does Andy measure to get 5 liters kerosene?

10 liter

3 liter
4 liter

3. Look at this sign below!

How far is the City center from the National Park? If you are halfway between
the city and National Park, how are you from the sign? Give your reason.

City Center

110 Miles

National Park

150 Miles

1. This problem can solve in different way. For example, students may be make vertical
number line to visualize the situation. Then make assumption that went down means
negatif and go up as positif integers. Accordingly, they will get the number sentence:
-9 +12 = 3. In addition, perhaps students just write the equation directly without
number line.

2. Charge means cost that he should pay.

So, 80.000 10.000 = 70.000. It means that, Jevan just has Rp.70.000.

3. 13 o C. Students perhaps make number line for illustrating the situation or maybe
just calculate by integers operation.


1. In solving this problem, most students will think that the frog takes 10 days to get out of
the well. Students who have more capabilities will realize that the answer is certainly
wrong. By visualizing the state of the matter through the pictures, we will obtain the
correct answer that the frog was able to climb every day just 2 meters away, so the frogs
can reach a height of 8 m at the end of the day-to-4. This means that the remaining 2 m
to reach the top of the well. Thus the day-to-5 frogs were out of the well and will not
back down again.
2. There are several ways to solve the problem. For example:

(a). Fill the 10-liter pail/can and pour it into the 4-liter pail. This leaves 6 liters. Empty
the 4- liter and fill it again from the 6 liters that remain in the 10-liter pail. There
are now 2 liters in that pail. Now fill the 3-liter pail and pour the 3 liters into 10-
liter pail. There are now 5 liters in that pail.

(b). Fill the 4-liter can and pour it inti 3-liter can. This leave 1 liter in the-4 liter pail,
which should be poured into the 10-liter can. Now refill the 4-liter can and add
those 4 liters to the 1 liter in the 10-liter can. Making 5 Liter in all.

(Maybe the students find additional ways )

3. The distance of city to national park is 260 miles. Then, I will be 20 miles from the sign.

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