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RCM based Critical

Equipment Maintenance
Leading-edge practices for operating a state-of-the-art
maintenance facility

Key Learning Objectives Course Overview

Process and Power Plant Equipments play a major role in
1. A-Z of equipment, Basic managing processes across the plant .The Equipment is very
Classifications. expensive to maintain and as such un-schedule events
2. API , ANSI & ASME standards for associated with equipment can have high impact on direct and
Equipment indirect operating cost of plant. This course is designed for
3. Advance Maintenance professionals to have an insight into equipment maintenance
Management in Process Chain. strategies and reliability program, its implementation, control,
4. Eliminate unplanned down time, performance factors, efficiency and uptime with replacement or
Improvement In maintenance repair decisions optimization.
5. Latest innovations in RCA and CM Maintenance program for equipment whether static or rotating is
for rotating equipment. a proactive and live document and as such need constant
6. Implement Solutions that reduce review in the light of OEM maintenance planning document and
the cost per hour of operation implementation of the same at Operations level .The course is
7. Increasing daily revenue for Plant aimed at learning the Maintenance management of equipment
8. Optimize performance and with proactive strategy and especial emphasis on Reliability
efficiency by adopting updates in centered maintenance program and its costeffectiveness. The
condition monitoring asset management model as applied to various equipments will
9. Effective reliability program to be discussed in detail with reference to PAS-55 recommendations
optimize the performance of and ISO 55000 (under development).
Training Methodology

The training will be facilitated using

modern techniques & Supported by Benefits of attending the course
case studies from real plant
environment, Videos. Improved job performance, Decision making
The Analysis tools application to
maintenance, reliability and failure Understanding the Design Concepts of Plant
analysis will be exercised with mini Equipment
workshop within the sessions.
Equipment performance Evaluation throughout
The audiences are requested to bring life Cycle
their laptops to exercise analysis
softwares with their own plant data. Understanding Life Extension Evaluation and
Repair vs. replacement decisions on
specific equipment will be exercised Understanding Equipment Key performance
within sessions. Indicators
Maintenance Reliability Program Implementation
What Attendees are saying?
for Plant Equipment

1. This course gave me ideas I can Operational Cost Monitoring

Understanding operation, and maintenance
implement immediately and gain
immediate results. requirements
Equipment Repair vs Replacement decision
Technology transfer between participants
2. The best seminar I have ever
Lean Six Sigma Tools and Applications
Be proactive. Join us for two days of
best-in-class, cross-industry case
3. The instructor displayed a sound
studies including:
proficiency in the subject matter
and was able to teach it 1. The comprehensive case studies for various
effectively. equipment form Process and power generation
will supplement this course.
4. Your upbeat teaching style kept
2. Advanced failure analysis tools (six sigma) and
our whole class on their toes.
techniques as applied in Industrial Plants will be
Definitely recommend this seminar
given a thorough insight.
to any company looking to get a
3. Performance calculations for various equipment
handle on their Maintenance.
and interpretation of parameters will be
addressed in detail.

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Course Contents

Day 1 Equipment Condition Monitoring Techniques

Overview of Plant Equipment Test & Inspection ,Inspection Data Gathering

Vibration Analysis ,Thermal techniques
Types of Equipment Oil Analysis , Wear Debris Detection
Static vs Rotating Online Monitoring of CBM data
Special purpose Equipment Performance Monitoring and Analysis
Plant systems , components Other methods & Latest Developments
Compressors , Gas Turbines Example , Advanced Gas turbine Technology
,Fans Example , HRSG Heat recovery steam generator
Motors , Heat Exchangers ,
Boilers , HRSG Plant Equipment issues
Generators etc
Application of Equipment Balancing Issues for Rotating Equipment
and their part in your process Lubrication Selection
chain Vibration Issues in Rotating Equipment
Importance of Equipment as
an Asset in Plant Equipment Fatigue and Failure Modes
Causes of Fatigue and failures
Design, Operation and Total Cost Optimization Aerofoil / Impeller failures in Turbo Machinery
Failure Videos
Plant as an Asset , Key Asset Root Cause Failure Analysis Pr ocess , Failure
Management Strategies Reporting
Basic design of equipment Cause behind the cause
static and Rotating Reliability improvement Program for Plant
Structure and operation of Equipment
critical equipment Use of Six Sigma tools and Methodologies

Maintenance Issues for Equipment (General) Equipment Maintenance KPIs /Overhauling Work -Scopes
Cost per hour of Operation
Life Cycle / Bath Tub Curve Restoration Work scoping Minimum Cost
Optimizing Operation over Lifetime Mid and Final Overhaul
Optimizing Reliability of plant Equipment MTBO , MTBUR , MTTF Considerations
Life cycle operating cost ,Cost impact Lean Maintenance concepts
calculations Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety
Maintenance Cost Key Performance Impact of special and common cause variation
Indicators on RAMS
Key maintenance issues with plant Work-Scope example of Gas turbine in LNG
equipment Applications
Maintenance Management
o Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Special Applications Reliability Consideration
for plant Equipment LNG Trains
o Maintenance Supervision / Skill Power Generation Plants
Enhancement Oil Platforms
o Working with external vendors versus Petrochemicals / refineries
self-maintenance Process Plants , Cement , Fertilizer
o Types of Maintenance and its Rotating Equipment Reliability Programs in
Implications Applications
Plant Equipment Integrity Management
More Performance & Failure Videos
Statutory, Safety, Operating and
Maintenance Standards Gas Turbines , Contained / Un-Contained
Pumps , Compressors , Fans & Wind Mills
API , ASME and ANSI standards for plant
Aviation Disasters due Rotating equipment
Insurance issues
Documentation and Record Keeping
Course Contents

Day 2: o Lean Maintenance Concepts and

integration with existing programs.
Reliability Program for Plant Equipment o Efficiency & Effectiveness of Equipment
maintenance Program
Reliability Programs o Inventory Monitoring to Support Equipment
The RCM Process and Method Maintenance Program
Forecasting and predicting the failures
o RCM Programs and Gains Equipment Maintenance work scopes
o Reliability Program elements ,
Implementation and Control o Work-scope planning guides ( OEMs)
o RCM Exercises ,Reliability Analysis o Work-scope Examples
o Understanding a Reliability Program Gas Turbines , HRSG ,Steam Turbines
Implementation , Generators , general Equipment
o Cost vs ROI on reliability program o Understanding work-scope cost
o 1 Performance Measurement and o HARD / SOFT time threshold for Rotating
Parameters Equipment
o Monthly of Plant
Reliability Report
Plant, Systems, components, Economic life of Capital equipment
of Equipment
Critical systems.
Criticalsystems vs Rotating
rotating o EPC issues
Special purpose Day 2
equipment. o Operation and Maintenance economics
o Reliability Based Inspections. Direct and Indirect Cost Associated
o MRB , RCB and RRB functioning ( base with Plant
lines )Program for Plant Equipment Maintenance Cost Baselines
o Implementing RCB recommendations. o Maintenance Contracts Cost Aspects
Reliability Programs o Maintenance Cost Reporting
Maintenance The Program
RCM Process and Method
Implementation o Life cycle cost analysis
o Life extension and evaluation for plant
o Documents ( OEM , MPD , Operator o Repair vs Replace ,Lease vs Buy-in
specific Maintenance program, o LTSAs
o Plant Operators Maintenance Selection of Plant Equipment
Program , General Requirements
o Scheduled/Unscheduled Process Considerations
Maintenance Maintenance consideration , Cost
o Task / Function Codes ,Logistics and ASME . ANSI , API Codes
Man hour planning aspects Long and Short term Agreements
o Maintenance Task Packaging Maintenance Service Offerings
Turn around Checks , Best Mix of Qualities
Equalized Programs ,Phased
Programs Conclusions
o Maintenance Task Cards ,
Computerized Maintenance
Management Systems Q/A
o Maintenance Program
Implementation and Development
Staggered Implementation
Service Experience, Periodic
Inspection Interval Escalations
Course approach: reviews and
This course aims to provide audiences with
A clear methodology applicable to all relevant organisations
Industry standard terminology and content
Methodology and tools that is consistent with the entire business case
Consultant Profile:


22 years of diverse engineering experience in Industrial sectors. For the past 17

years working with PIA Engineering MRO facility on Maintenance Repair &
Overhaul of Turbo Machinery. Diversified Experience on GE, Rolls Royce and
Pratt & Whitney Gas turbine Engines.

Present assignments include the Reliability Program Implementation, review and

control for Maintenance Program. He is Six Sigma Master Black Belt from FBE
LLC USA. Well versed with Reliability Analysis Tools, RCFA, RCM and Reliability
Analysis Software weibull 6+, Minitab R15 Six Sigma Analysis software.

Hands on experiences

Certification Class I Approval 2.4A14 for CFM56-3B2 Gas Turbine PP.

GEs GE90-94B, GE90-115B and CF6-80C2A8 Engines FAM
Power Plant Engineering from General Electric ,

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the

result of a commitment to excellence,
intelligent planning, and focused effort. Paul J.

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RCM based Critical Equipment Maintenance Optimization
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