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Today, with the strong development of science and technology has contributed to the

quality of human life is constantly improved. In addition, the direct penetration of the internet
into our lives is growing. The increasing demand of human beings leads to challenges related
to the efficient observation, recognition and automatic processing of online data. The "smart
garden" topic that Ive chosen for the subject project will help people solve this problem.
In this project, I have created a small intelligent garden system that can collect the
temperature and humidity data from that display on the chart for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month
depending on the selection of user. In addition, the system can automatically adjust the light
to the area and the ability to water automatically or manually. At the beginning of this
project, all difficulties and challenges came to me, as well as my teammate, as if I did not
know where to start because this was a pretty new field for me. I have repeatedly wanted to
give up because it feels too difficult and many times this project was deadlocked. But I and
teammate have researched together, solve each difficulty. Every time we overcome a
difficulty, it gives us the motivation and excitement to complete this project. And finally we
have completed the project with the goals set out initially.
I believe the smart garden system in the future will be very potential for Vietnam's
industry and agriculture. Especially today people are very concerned about food hygiene and
safety. Vegetables are now sprayed with pesticides, weight gain ... when eating will affect the
health of people. This system will not only meet the health needs of users but will also
increase productivity and save human labor. And more importantly, putting chips in a large
system is definitely something that is indispensable. As I know, Vietnam has entered the IC
Industry playing field quite late but now is gradually asserting the position of IC design.
Previously, most ICs for embedded systems in Vietnam were imported from abroad. But at
present, some chips have been commercialized in a number of products such as smart phones,
GPS devices, RDIF cards ... are manufactured in Vietnam. This is extremely impressive. I
really have confidence that IC in general and IC Design in particular are important and
irreplaceable industry in today's technological era. Our beloved country will surely achieve
more success in this field in the coming years. Our beloved country will surely achieve more
success in this field in the coming years. Honestly, that may be the reason I want to finish my
career on the circuit design. I seem to be able to see myself in the future when delivering the
first product to the customer that gives them a more modern, comfortable life and one way or
another contribute to the development of Vietnams IC Industry. Bringing a happy life to
someone I wholeheartedly care about is definitely ultimate purpose of one engineer like me.