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Module SAP Data Required Tabel SAP Frequent

MM Purchase Order EKKO


PP Production Order
Reservation Daily (2x)

SD Sales Order
SIT No Integrated Module Description
Master Material
Master Customer

Purchase order
Purchase order intercompany
Goods reciept from purchase order
Transfer posting from QI to (Unrest,Block)

Goods receipt free goods from vendor

Goods receipt from another plant with one step (301)
Goods receipt from another plant with delivery order
Transfer posting batch to batch (309)
Transfer posting from Sloc WM to Non WM (2 Step)
Transfer posting from sloc Non WM to Sloc WM (1 Step/2 Step)
Transfer posting Sloc WM to Sloc WM (1 step)
Return Delivery to vendor
Purchase order Return
Goods issue from reservation
Stock opname/Pysical inventory
Transfer posting from Restricted to Unrest
Goods issue sampling

Transfer posting from Kanban area to Produksi

Production order
Goods issue for production order
Goods reciept from production order
Transfer posting from QI to (Unrest,Block)

Sales order
Delivery Order
Goods issue from DO
Frequent Transaction Process SAP Note

Get setelah putaway WMS

Get Sequence and 2 Step


Get Setelah Putaway


Scenario 1
Goods Receipt from purchasing RM Strategy
Flavour & Cheese Cross doc
Other Empty Bins
Scenario 2
Goods Receipt from purchasing PM
Cheese - Yogurt Floor
Susu 1 bin 1 material

Scenario 3
Goods Receipt from purchasing Sparepart Sparepart Fixed Bin

Scenario 4
Picking RM Flavour & Cheese
Other FEFO

Scenario 5
Picking PM Cheese - Yogurt FEFO
Susu Kanban

Picking Sparepart


By Reservation