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Guide to pursuing Higher Education Abroad

In last few decades, foreign universities have become destination of choice for young students who
want to pursue higher education in arts, medical, engineering or even pure applied sciences. Studying
abroad offers host of benefits to the pupils and often serves as ideal Launchpad for the career into
corporate. This is the primary reason behind rise in number of overseas education consultants in
Mumbai. Different consultants specialise in different streams or for different countries or continents
and a student can choose a foreign education consultant in Mumbai in the basis of his or her choice.

Undoubtedly most of the higher education courses are available in India through many universities on
part time as well as full time basis but pursuing them abroad has many advantages. Firstly, pupil gets
exposed to an entirely different way of teaching and learning methodology. Every country or culture
has its own unique methods of imparting knowledge. This opens up mind of the student, brings them
out of their comfort zone and ushers them into whole new world of paradigms. New method of
learning help them in thinking differently and enhances their analytical and problem solving skills.
Secondly, whether its USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia or even China each country has its own
cultural nuances, language, food, people, traditions etc. Moving to a new country and adapting to all
the above mentioned factors related to that country can be a life altering experience. It adds new
dimension to an individuals persona and help them in developing radical thinking, rational approach
towards life and overall lende them a more well rounded personality.

Thirdly, every country has its own set of industries which are doing well and contribute to that
country's economy. For example, for Germany automobile is one of the key pillars of countrys
economy or manufacturing is one of the key assets for Chinese economy. A student pursuing
education abroad is bound to get exposure and opportunities which are very unique to that country
and will definitely help them in scaling greater heights in their career. And lastly, some countries like
US or Germany put lot of emphasis on scientific research or countries like France or Italy really
encourage students to pursue careers in non science based domains like fine or liberal arts. Education
system and pedagogy in these countries is attuned to churn out individuals with honed minds which
are research as well as creativity oriented respectively. This is quite a contrast in comparison to India
where an engineering or number crunching based career is a preferred choice. So any student who
aspires to pursue career in research or arts should definitely look forward to apply in these countries.
Hence, pursuing higher education abroad is highly recommended to one and all so that it can help
them in broadening their horizons and opens up pandora of opportunities for them.

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