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1. HQ DG NCC letter No. 7276/VSC-17/DGNCC/Trg (Air) dated 03 Mar 17.

2. Red Book Revised Edition 2017.

3. Check list for Conduct of Camps issued vide HQ DGNCC letter No
4180/COC/S&S/ DGNCC/Trg A dated 11 Sep 14.

4. SOP for Safety of Cadets during Camp and Instructions on Planning and
Conduct of Camps.

5. NCC Camp Accounting Instructions 1986 (Revised) and P & F Manual (2005)
as amended from time to time.

6. Allotment of vacancies as per HQ DGNCC letter No7276/VSC-17/DGNCC/Trg
(Air) dated 12 Jun 17.

7. Detailment of officers, PI Staff / Adm Staff and AMIs, issued vide HQ DG NCC
letter No.7276/VSC-17/DGNCC/Trg (Air) dated 25 Jul 17.

8. Return of Trophies to NCC Dte, Rajasthan, issued vide HQ DGNCC letter
No.7276/VSC-2017/DGNCC/Trg (Air) dated 31 Jul 17.

Appendices: -
A - Distribution of Sqn wise vacancies with Chest Nos.
B - Format for submission of Cadets’ Nominal Roll.
C - Camp appointments: Officers.
D - Details of PI Staff& AMIs.
E - Details of Adm / Civilian Staff.
F - Dte wise participants in Flying Competition.
G - List of subjects for lectures by ANOs.
H - Important Tele Nos.
J - Arr & Dep timings of Imp trains at Jodhpur Rly Stn.
K - Format of various documents to be submitted.



1. All India Vayu Sainik Camp (AIVSC) is essentially a Centrally Organised Training
Camp for eligible Air Wing SD and SW cadets organised and conducted by Directorate Gen
NCC. AIVSC 2017 will be conducted at Jodhpur from 23 Oct to 03 Nov 2017. Necessary
adm arrangements will be carried out by NCC Dte Rajasthan.

2. Objectives of the Camp

(a) Assess proficiency achieved by various NCC Dtes & NCC Air Squadrons in
all aspects of Air Wing Training.

(b) Assess conduct of Air Wing Specialized training at respective Air Squadrons
and Air Force specific awareness of participating Cadets.

(c) Inculcate sense of Discipline, Leadership and Team Spirit amongst Cadets.

(d) To provide environment for Community Living and foster National Integration.

(d) Inculcate sense of adventure and achievement through Educational /
Motivational tour to IAF establishments and places of interest.

3. Aim of the AJI

(a) Lay down a standard framework for conduct of camp.
(b) Update on the methodology of conduct.
(c) Firm up the existing guidelines.

4. Eligibility for Cadets’ Participation. Only second / third year cadets of NCC
training would be eligible for AIVSC-2017. Under no circumstances would cadets, who
have participated earlier in AIVSC/RDC or are on extension, be permitted to attend the

5. Allotment of Cadets’ Vacancies. Allotment of cadet vacancies for Air Sqns of all
NCC Dtes as allotted vide HQ DG NCC letter No7276/VSC/17/DGNCC/Trg(Air) dt 12 Jun
2017 is attached as Appx ‘A’ for strict compliance.

6. Contingent Commander. Each Dte will detail one SD (Air Wing) ANO as
Contingent Commander and one Lady ANO as Deputy Contingent Commander who
must be competent to undertake Instructional duties at the Camp. In case lady ANO is not
available, a GCI will be detailed. The Contingent Commander should be in possession of
the Nominal roll and copies of enrolment forms of all the cadets, duly signed by the
respective State ADGs/DDGs/Gp Cdr of the launching Gp / Unit. Nominal Roll along with
Chest Nos will be handed over to the Camp Commandant on arrival. The same will be
submitted in the format as specified in Appx ‘B’ both, in hard, as well as soft copy. All
Contingent Cdrs are to ensure that Cadets are in possession of NCC Identity Card issued
by respective NCC Units and College / Institution Identity Card where the Cadet is a bona
fide regular student.

List of Inter Dte competitions to be held during AIVSC-2017 are as follows:- Ser Competition Points No (a) Flying (Best Pilot Competition – Boys and Girls) 1200 (b) Aero modeling 650 (c) . The following is to be ensured by all Dtes. Salient issues / points. Daily conference will be held at Camp site as per time notified in Camp Routine Order. Dte wise numbers of participants in Flying Competitions are as per Appx ‘F’. ‘D’ & ‘E’ respectively. (a) All Dtes are to forward particulars of personnel detailed in the following format to be handed over to Camp Commandant.22 Firing 200 (d) Skeet Shooting 200 (e) Drill 200 (f) Tent Pitching & Line Area 100 (g) Health & Hygiene 100 Total 2650 . Dte Service No Rank Name Unit Camp Appt (b) No personnel other than detailed by HQ DG NCC will be permitted to stay in the Camp. PI Staff and Civilian Staff detailed for the Camp are attached as Appx ‘C’. (a) Camp Appts: 1100 hrs at Camp Location. Personnel reporting to the camp without valid authority will be reverted back to their Unit under intimation to HQ DG NCC. COMPETITIONS 9. On 23 Oct 17. if any. will be brought to the notice of Rep of DGNCC. Lists of Officers. Camp Appointments. All Competitions will be held as per Appendix ‘C’ of Standing Instructions for Republic Day Camp (Page No 213 – 220 of Red Book Vol . 8. (b) Contingent Cdrs: 1900 hrs at Camp Location.I & II 2017). the conf will be held as under. 3 7. Coordinating Conference.

HQ DG NCC letter No. Block training programme will be prepared in consultation with HQ DGNCC & issued prior to commencement of the camp. (b) Vayu Sena Trophy for 2nd Best Air Contingent (Runners Up). Social service activities incl Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan would be conducted during the camp. individual Medals / Merit Certificates will be awarded for individual events except Drill / Line Area (Incl Tent Pitching). Decision of judges detailed by Air HQ / HQ DGNCC for conduct of competitions will be final. printed/roller charts. 4 10. (f) Best Dte in Drill. List of subjects to be covered by ANOs of various Dtes are attached as Appx ‘G’. Judges. cadets will be taken on a visit to the local Air Force Establishments and places of historical importance in and around Jodhpur. Training Programme. 18. (c) Best Dte in Flying (d) Best Dte Aero-modeling. Participation The number of Cadets participating in each event will be as per Red Book 2017. (g) Best Dte in Line Area. 16. etc to derive maximum learning value for Cadets. In addition. AIVSC 17 being essentially training camp. 15. flying experience in IAF aircraft are planned. . Flying Experience. CDs. Dtes to ensure that detailed ANOs bring requisite Trg aids. 11. Social Service. As part of the training. 12.2016 are dispatched under escort so as to reach NCC Dte Rajasthan. All Cadets are to be present in Multipurpose Hall for the classes. All Dtes are to ensure that‘ Rolling Trophies’ awarded during AIVSC .7276/VSC- 2017/DGNCC/Trg (Air) dated 31 Jul 17 refers. Jaipur. In addition. JD Trg (Air) HQ DGNCC (Rep of DGNCC) will oversee conduct of all the competitions. conduct of classes on Aviation related Subjects need focus. Educational Tour. (e) Best Dte in Firing. Following trophies would be awarded during AIVSC 2017:- (a) Vayu Sena Trophy for Best Air Contingent. 13. Conduct of Classes on Air Subjects. not later than 30 Sep 17. Day wise programme will be published in Daily Orders. 17. All participants of AIVSC 17 will fly Air Experience sortie in NCC aircraft. Return of Trophies. In this connection. All participating Cadets will be awarded Certificates by DGNCC. TRAINING 14.

20. musical instruments. Contingents are to reach Jodhpur by 23 Oct 17 (F/N). There will be no competitions for the events. Sports Activities / Yoga. Important Tele Nos. short events / group presentations are to be presented by each Dte. For return journey. Accounts. Transportation from Rly Stn to Camp site & back will be organized by Camp authorities. Dy Contingent Cdrs (Lady ANO/GCI) are to be present in the front row of audience during conduct / practice of all cultural events. payable at Jodhpur. E-mail:4rajairsqnjodhpur@gmail. wef 22 Oct 2017 (AN) onwards. List of arrival/departure timings of important trains at Jodhpur is attached as Appx ‘J’. 5 19. ADMINISTRATION Enactments of Comedy. The Contingents can also remit money to Acct No 0712000100490901 in the name of CAMP COMMANDANT ALL INDIA VAYU SAINIK CAMP (IFSC Code PUNB0071200). Intimation of ETA. Kho- Kho) will be held separately for SD & SW Cadets. all contingents are to plan their departure after 03 Nov 17 (A/N). All India Vayu Sainik Camp. Reception. 21. 24. POL as per following rate through Demand Draft/Multi-city cheque drawn in favour of Camp Commandant. dance numbers are prohibited. 23. All Dtes are to deposit funds towards Messing. Motivational talk / Guest Lectures are planned. . All Dtes are to intimate the ETA / ETDs and move particulars of respective contingents to 4 Raj Air Sqn NCC by 09 Oct 2017 (Tele: 0291- 2515101. The Reception Centre would be at the MCO side of Jodhpur City Rly Stn. In order to inculcate and educate NCC Cadets on Indian culture and heritage. In addition. Interactive session with Officers from Air Force Selection Board / Air HQ (Personnel Branch) is planned during the Camp to enable Cadets to prepare themselves to join IAF Officers Cadre. Yoga sessions will be held every day. All participants are to be in possession of requisite sports gear and mats. Costume. etc are to be carried by respective Dtes. Incidental. The Contact Nos are as under:- (a) 4 Raj Air Sqn NCC (Office): 0291-2515101 (b) WO HR Choudhary 09116526112 (c) WO CS Dahiya 9503307515 25. Reception Centre will be established at Jodhpur City Rly Stn and Bhagat Ki Kothi Rly Stn (a satellite stn of Jodhpur City). Volley Ball. List of important telephone and FAX Nos relevant for AIVSC 2017 is attached as Appx ‘H’. songs from films. Sense of pride and decorum are to be adhered to during conduct of cultural events. Events on Cultural & Heritage Value. Career Counseling / Guest Lectures. Inter Dte sports events (Foot ball.

Armament Requirements. and Bolt Sl no should be mentioned in issue voucher.per day per ANO. . . Messing. (c) POL.04 copies + 01 soft copy (b) Willingness/Risk Certificate .22” RF No 2Mk IV or Deluxe.01 copy (e) Indemnity Bond for AIVSC-17 . 221/-per Cadet (including Lubricant charges). Secretarial. Rs. For conduct of firing competitions.18/.01 copy (h) Arrival /Departure Report . Documents.Wpn body Sl No.01 copy (g) Accident/Drowning Certificate . (b) Incidental.02 copies .22” RF Ball . 40 (f) Target paper (1’ X 1’) . As per contingent requirement.01 copy (f) Cert for non-possession of Lethal Weapons . 10 (g) Snap target paper (Fig 11) . Documents in respect of each of the participating cadet will be brought as per the format attached as Appx‘K’. 30 (e) Clay pigeons . (b) Cart . each Dte is required to deposit the following items to the Camp Armourer.per day per cadet. on arrival: - (a) Rifle . 27. Food quality will be of highest standard and same for all participants.01 copy (d) Medical Certificate . 29. 26. as per contingent requirement (d) Cart 12 Bore 04 shot . (ii) Cadets: Rs 95/. Details of documents are as under: - (a) Nominal Roll (Appx ‘B’ refers) . NCC Dte Rajasthan will provide the required office equipment and stationery for the camp. PI Staff / Civ Staff and Contingent Cdrs / Officers. Rs.01 copy (c) Consent Certificate from Parents/ Guardians . Orderly Room for the Camp would function under the Camp Adjutant. 28. No stationery items are to be deposited by Dtes for conduct of AIVSC.01 copy (j) Indemnity Bond for using IAF Aircraft .per day per cadet. 50 (c) 12 Bore DBBL Gun . 10 Note. Separate dining area will be established for Cadets. 6 (a) Messing (i) ANOs: Rs 100/.01 copy (k) Movement Order .

Smoking / Consumption of liquor in the Camp area / Camp accommodation is Strictly Prohibited for all ranks. Cadets are to carry individual identity cards and display their ‘chest numbers’ at all times during the camp. 32. All personnel are to abide by dress code during entire duration of the Camp. laptops or other such attractive/expensive items and cash to the camp. Adequate precautionary measures must be ensured during travel and transit. If in possession of valuables/cash/other expensive/attractive items. 37. A certificate will be obtained from each cadet. 7 30. Cadets must carry light winter clothing which may be required during evening / night. 34. 38. I-pods/I-pads. I-Pods. Discipline. Accommodation. Pets. Camp Security Orders. 36. The same has to be submitted to the Camp Adjt. In addition. Smoking/Drinking. Contingent Commanders should ensure that their cadets do not to carry any expensive items incl expensive mobile phones. If any personnel found wanting in any act contrary to established norms/ ethics will dealt with appropriate administrative/disciplinary action. Laptops and Other Valuables. Necessary medical certificate to this effect is to be endorsed by Authorized Medical Practitioner only. 35. Pets are not allowed in the camp. The following will be ensured by all Dtes: - (a) All documents as mentioned above will be handed over by Contingent Commanders at camp site Reception Centre. (c) The two Indemnity Bonds as mentioned in Para 29 (e) & (j). (b) All Dtes are to ensure that participating Cadets are free from any disease and free from any infection. the individual would be solely responsible for their safety. All Officers are to intimate . The camp authorities will not be responsible for losses in any form that may occur. The certificate must be signed not earlier than 07 days prior to the date of commencement of camp (23 Oct 2017). duly countersigned by respective Contingent Cdr that he has understood the Camp Security Orders and will abide by them. Gambling in the camp area is Strictly Prohibited for all ranks. are to be countersigned by the parent/guardian. Kitting. Outstation Service Officers will be accommodated in nearby Officers’ Mess / Hotels / Guest Houses as per their entitlement. Cdts with incomplete documents will be returned to their respective Units under intimation to HQ DGNCC. All Dtes are to ensure that Cadets are adequately kitted for all events scheduled in the Camp. Gambling. 33. Conduct and attire of all personnel participating in AIVSC-17 have to be of high standard. 31.

Conservancy Staff. For other emergency cases and further management. PA System. NCC Dte Rajasthan will provide following tpt along with drivers to report to Camp Commandant on 21 Oct 2017 at the campsite. 45. Medical. patients will be referred to MH Jodhpur and Govt Hospital at Jodhpur. 44. NCC Dte Rajasthan will detail one Medical Officer (preferably Lady Medical Officer) for the duration of the camp to attend to routine sick parade and assist in conduct of Health & Hygiene Competition. CSD Canteen. 42.000/- (refundable) to the Camp Commandant on arrival. 8 requirement of accommodation by e-mail latest by 18 Oct 2017. The amount will be adjusted against barrack damage. NCC Gp HQ Jodhpur will establish a CSD Extn Counter at the campsite and will ensure availability of essential items for all Camp participants for the entire duration. if required. All personnel arriving for the camp are to be medically fit for undergoing all training activities during the camp. . Cobbler and Dhobi services on payment can be made available as on required basis. The PA systems are to be activated during entire duration of AIVSC 2017. 43. Separate PA systems along with adequate speakers are to be activated in multipurpose hall and Camp Office for announcements / briefing. Services of the hired conservancy staff will be utilized for cleaning of toilets and surroundings. (a) Lt Vehs 08 (04 Vehs ex Jodhpur Gp) (b) Heavy Vehs 07 (S/M or Canter/ minibus) (04 Vehs ex Jodhpur Gp) (c) Motor Cycle 02 (ex Jodhpur Gp) (d) CHTs As per requirement 41. medicines to render medical assistance at Camp site. Facilities of Barber. MI room will be established at the Camp site with required infrastructure and facilities. Photography / Video recording of all competitions and important events is to be undertaken during the day and are to be presented by Dy Camp Commandant during evening conference. 40. 46. NCC Gp HQ Jodhpur to detail one Nursing Asst for the entire duration of the Camp with requisite medical equipments. if any. Security Deposit. Contingent Commander will deposit an advance of Rs1. and balance will be refunded along with Movement Order prior to departure from Camp. 39. O i/c Publicity to liaise with local Def PRO for coverage in print as well as electronic media. Photograph /Publicity. Provision of Transport. Barber/Cobbler / Dhobi. In addition. They may book their own accommodation.

sd xxxxxx (Sudhanshu Sharma) NCC Group Headquarters (Jodhpur) Colonel Air Force Road. No Contingents will be permitted to leave camp site before 03 Nov 2017 (A/N). All camp appointments will move only after completion of assigned duties and dispersal of all Contingents. 07 copy . Ratanada Camp Comdt Jodhpur– 342011 Date: Sep 2017 File Ref: No 4RAS/811/G/VSC-17 (7276/VSC-2017/DGNCC/Trg (Air) dated Sep 17 refers) Distribution: Dte Gen NCC: Trg (Air) . 02 copies All NCC Dtes . CONCLUSION 48. 04copy Camp Comdt . 04 copy All Air Sqns in RajDte . Support of each personnel is paramount to ensure that participating Cadets of AIVSC 17 get an everlasting impression on Armed Forces and strengthen their dream towards Nation Building. Dispersal. Feedback / Debrief. 9 47. 01 copy Camp Appts . will be handed over to Camp Comdt before departure. AIVSC is the apex Air Wing specific Camp of NCC focusing on Air Wing specific professional training and competitions while ensuring best administrative support from conducting Directorate. if any. 32 copies All Gp HQs in Raj Dte .

JORHAT 04 01 05 NER 1 MANIPUR. PATIALA 04 02 06 PB. BHOPAL 09 03 12 36 223 258 3 CG. GUWAHATI 06 03 09 51 ASSAM (T). JALANDHAR 04 02 06 2 PB. 17 33 79 111 DEL 2 DEL (G) NEW DELHI . KULLU 04 02 06 1 CHD. RANCHI 12 04 16 1 DEL. INDORE 09 03 12 MP& CG 2 MP. HR 4 PB. KOCHI 12 04 16 1 MP. 10 Appendix ‘A’ (Refers to Para 5 of AJI. NAGPUR 09 03 12 36 259 294 3 MAH. SECUNDERABAD 04 01 05 4 AP. RAIPUR 09 03 12 1 MAH. MANGALORE 05 03 08 8 KAR. BANGALORE 04 01 05 Kar& 3 KAR (T). VISAKHAPATNAM 05 03 08 45 1 45 8 AP. TRIVANDRUM 12 05 17 KER& L 33 190 222 3 KER. PUNE 09 03 12 50 ASSAM. 16 16 1 GUJ. BARODA 09 03 12 2 GUJ. VIJAYAWADA 04 03 07 9 AP (T). HISSAR 04 02 06 2 HAR. BIDAR 04 01 05 42 148 189 Goa 4 KAR. AMRITSAR 04 02 06 3 PB. BANGALORE 05 03 08 2 KAR (T). NEW DELHI 17 . MYSORE 05 03 08 6 KAR. AIVSC 2017) DISTRIBUTION OF CDT VACANCIES: AIVSC– 2017 Vacancies of Air Wing Chest Nos Dte AIR SQN NCC SD SW Total G Total From To 1 AP. KAKINADA 04 01 05 11 AP (T). SECUNDERABAD 05 03 08 2 AP (T). MUMBAI 09 03 12 MAH 2 MAH. WARANGAL 05 02 07 AP 6 AP. KARNAL 04 02 06 1 HP. BHUBANESHWAR 22 09 31 31 335 365 1 PB. CHANDIGARH 04 02 06 . BELGAUM 05 03 08 1 KER. AHMEDABAD 09 03 12 36 112 147 GUJ 3 GUJ. DIMAPUR 06 02 08 1 MIZORAM. PATNA 12 05 17 BIH & JH 33 46 78 2 JHAR. BHAVNAGAR 09 03 12 1 KAR. IMPHAL 06 03 09 40 295 334 1 NAGA. AIZAWL 06 03 09 ORI 1 ORI. LUDHIANA 04 02 06 48 366 413 HP & CH 1 HAR. TIRUPATI 04 01 05 1 BIH.

COIMBATORE 06 03 09 TN. CHENNAI 06 03 09 2 TN. PONDICHERRY 06 03 09 1 UP. VARANASI 07 03 10 UK PATNAGAR 22 09 31 31 532 562 1 WB. LUCKNOW 06 03 09 7 UP. UDAIPUR 06 03 09 7 RAJ. KOLKATA 08 04 12 WB& S 2 WB. AGRA 07 03 10 3 UP. KOLKATA 09 03 12 4 WB (T). AIVSC 2017) DISTRIBUTION OF CADET VACANCIES: AIVSC– 2017 Vacancies of Cadets Chest Nos Dte AIR SQN NCC SD SW Total G Total From To 1 RAJ. KANPUR 06 03 09 UP 38 494 531 5 UP. 11 Appendix ‘A’ (contd) (Refers to Para 5 of AJI. KOTA 06 03 09 1 TN.P 3 TN (T). JAIPUR 07 03 10 4 RAJ. JODHPUR 07 03 10 RAJ 38 414 451 6 RAJ. KOLKATA 06 01 07 38 563 600 3 WB (T) KHARAGPUR 06 01 07 TOTAL 420 180 600 600 . SALEM 04 01 05 AN 4 TN (T) CHENNAI 04 01 05 1 PY. TRICHI 04 01 05 & 42 452 493 5 TN (T).

12 Appendix ‘B ’ (Refers to Para 6 of AJI. formatted in landscape for A4 size paper. Name. AIVSC-2017) FORMAT FOR NOMINAL ROLL OF CADETS: AIVSC 2017 Sl Regtl Rank Name Father’s Unit Institution Tele Blood Veg/ Chest Remarks No No Name & No Gp Non. Due care to be exercised to fill correct details of the Cadets incl Regtl No. Arial font. size 12. Institution. 2. No Address Veg 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ____________________________ (Signature of Commanding Officer) Notes: 1. . Nominal Roll to be in Excel worksheet.

if flying judges detailed by Air HQ do not report due to service exigencies. Jodhpur OIC Reception & Dispersal 9 Capt Digvijay Chauhan Raj OIC Trg Coordination & 22 Oct 17 Raj CGI. Dte Accounts Officer Dte Jodhpur Camp Security Officer 3 To be detailed by HQ OIC Competitions and 23 Oct 17 DGNCC Results 4 To be detailed by HQ Camp Trg Offr 23 Oct 17 DGNCC 5 To be detailed by HQ OIC Range & Skeet 22 Oct 17 Raj DGNCC Shooting Dte 6 To be detailed by Raj Raj OIC Flying Coordination 22 Oct 17 Raj Dte Dte & Flight Safety Officer Dte 7 Capt Ramchandra Raj MTO & 22 Oct 17 Raj CGI. Appendix ‘D’ . Raj Deputy Camp Comdt. 13 Appendix ‘C’ (Refers to Para 7 ofAJI. AIVSC-2017) DETAILS OF CAMP APPOINTMENTS (OFFRS): AIVSC – 2017 S Name Dte Appt Dte of Stand No Reporting By 1 Col Sudhanshu Sharma Raj Camp Commandant 22 Oct 17 Raj Gp Cdr. Jaipur 10 To be detailed by Raj Raj Camp Adjutant 22 Oct 17 Raj Dte (Preferably Lady Dte OIC Opening and Dte Officer) Closing Ceremonies Rep of DG NCC for conduct of AIVSC-17: JD Trg (Air) Note: Co-opted officers who are current on MLs will be detailed by JD Trg (Air). Udaipur 8 Col Sanjeev Dutt Raj Camp Qtr Master 22 Oct 17 Raj CO. 22 Oct 17 Raj CO 4 Raj Air Sqn NCC. NCC Gp HQ Dte Dte Jodhpur 2 Wg Cdr VS Pawar. 1 Raj Air Sqn Dte Cultural events Dte NCC. 2 Raj ArmdSqn Dte OIC Publicity & Media Dte NCC. 6 Raj Air Sqn Dte OIC Education Tour Dte NCC.

01 01 01 01 . 01 01 . AF Fit /EngFit/Inst Fit to be Zen Air ML trained. 01 . AIVSC-2017) DETAILS OF PI STAFF & AMIs FOR ALL INDIA VAYU SAINIK CAMP . . . . . . 03 AN UP . . . . . . 01 . 01 01 04 Bih & J . 01 . 01 GUJ . 02 KER & L . . 01 . 01 . . . . 01 06 TN. 01 NER . . . . . . . 01 02 MAH . . 01 . . . 2. 01 . . . . 02 KAR & G . . 01 . 01 WB & S . 01 ORI 01* 01 01 . . 01 . . . 01 01 . 01 . 14 (Refers to Para 7 of AJI. . . . . . . 01 DEL .2017 Dte MWO AF Eng Inst Fit GTIs Eqpt MT Fit Wpn Fit AMI Total /WO Fit Fit / Elect / Asst Rdo Fit AP . . 02 RAJ . . . . . . . . . 01 . . . . . GTI detailed from Delhi Dte is to report to HQ DG NCC on 20 Oct 17 for collection of training material box to be handed over to Camp Comdt at Jodhpur. . . 02 UK . . . . 01 01 . . . 01 . 01 . . . 01 . . . . 01 03 MP & CG . 01 . . . . . . . . P & . . . 01 . 01 TOTAL 02 06 06 03 08 02 02 03 04 36 * MWO / WO of any trade Note:- 1. 01 . . . 04 PHHP&C 01* .

15 Appendix ‘E’ (Refers to Para 7 of AJI. 01 01 UP 01 01 02 UK . 01 01 10 18 28 . AIVSC-2017) DETAILS OF ADM SUPPORT STAFF FOR ALL INDIA VAYU SAINIK CAMP . 01 01 DEL . 01 01 WB & S . 01 01 MP 01 01 02 MAH 01 01 02 NER . 01 01 ORI 01 01 02 P.2017 Dte ACCOUNTANT / UDC / LDC PEON/LASKAR TOTAL AP 01 01 02 Bih & J . H HP&C 01 01 02 RAJ 03 03 06 TN P& AN . 01 01 GUJ 01 01 02 Kar & Goa . 01 01 Ker & L .

AIVSC-2017) DTE WISE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS FOR BEST PILOT COMPETITION: AIVSC-2017 Ser Dte Total Gen Test Practical No number of Participants (50% and vacancies drawn by lottery Emergencies Simulation from total Test Participants vacancies(c) (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 1 AP 45 23 2 BIH &JH 33 17 3 Delhi 33 17 4 Gujarat 36 18 5 Kar& Goa 42 21 6 Ker & L 33 17 7 MP & CG 36 18 8 Mah 36 18 CADETS SCORING 9 NER 40 20 MINIMUM 50 % MARKS IN WRITTEN TEST 10 Orissa 31 16 11 PHHP&C 48 24 12 Rajasthan 38 19 13 TN.P&AN 42 21 14 UP 38 19 15 UK 31 16 16 WB&S 38 19 Total 600 303 . 16 Appendix ‘F’ (Refers to Para 9 of AJI.

P. Each lecture should be for duration of one hour. 17 Appendix ‘G’ (Refers to Para 16 of AJI. They are to bring adequate training aids like charts. . CDs etc. H & C Career Options in Civil Aviation 8 NER Rules of the Air 9 Andhra Pradesh Navigation 10 Kar & Goa Modern Developments in Aero-engines 11 Kerala & L Aerospace Industry of India 12 MP & CG Flight Instruments 13 Orissa Airmanship 14 Rajasthan Survival 15 Maharashtra India’s Foreign Policy Monsoon Pattern in India: Onset to 16 UK Withdrawal Note. Lectures would be conducted under supervision of the CTO. 1. 3. ANOs of respective Dtes are to prepare the lectures in ‘MS Office PowerPoint’ format. AIVSC-2017) DISTRIBUTION OF LECTURES TO BE TAKEN BY ANOs: AIVSC – 2017 S No Directorate Subject 1 Bihar &Jh Op Safed Sagar 2 Delhi Airframe 3 Gujarat Aircraft Inventory of the IAF 4 WB & S Principles of Flight (PF 1 to PF 5) 5 UP Principles of Flight (PF 6 to PF 10) 6 TN. 2. P & AN 1971 Indo-Pak War 7 HP.

Jaipur 5 JD (Trg). Ratanada Jodhpur . AIVSC. NCC Dte. 1 Raj Air Sqn 0141-2706035 NCC.IAF 079-23242600 (Gandhinagar) Postal Address (i) Address prior to 22 Oct 17 and after 03 Nov 2017 All India Vayu Sainik Camp . 18 Appendix ‘H’ (Refers to Para 22 of AJI.17) LIST OF TELEPHONE / FAX AND MOBILE NUMBERS FOR AIVSC . Raj Col Y Samnol.342 011 (ii) Address wef 23 Oct 2017 to 03 Nov 2017 All India Vayu Sainik Camp – 2017 Barkatullah Khan Stadium Jodhpur-342001 . Jodhpur Gp Lt Col Ajay Tomar 0291-2512937 4 CO.2017 NCC DIRECTORATE (RAJASTHAN).2511516 & 2511517 7 HQ SWAC.2017 C/O 4 (Raj) Air Sqn NCC Opposite Senapati Bhavan. AF 0291. Designation Name No Office Mobile 1 Gp Cdr NCC Gp Jodhpur Col Sudhanshu Sharma 0291-2512937 09958511789 2 Dy Camp Comdt Wg Cdr VS Pawar 0291-2515101 09823368329 3 Trg Officer.SM 0141-2200710 6 Exch 32 Wg. JAIPUR Ser Telephone No.

Jodhpur 16:50 MO.FRI. 19 Appendix ‘J’ (Refers to Para 23 ofAJI.FRI. 19:40 20:15 DAILY Jammu 19224 Jat-Adi Express Jammu–Jodhpur. 05:35 06:10 DAILY Ahmedabad 22473 Bkn-Bdts Superfast Jodhpur–Mumbai 19:20 MON Express .Jodhpur 14:30 DAILY 14708 Ranakpur Express Jodhpur – Mumbai 09:00 10:00 DAILY 14863 Marudhar Express Varanasi-Lko-Agra.SA 16125 Chennai Jodhpur Express Chennai – Jodhpur 10:50 SAT 16126 Ju-Ms Express Jodhpur– Chennai 21:15 MON 16311 Bkn-Kcvl Express Jodhpur – Kochuvieli 01:30 TUE 16312 Bikaner Express Kochuvieli– Jodhpur 16:30 SAT 16508 Jodhpur Express Bangalore. AIVSC-2017) ARR & DEP OF IMPORTANT TRAINS FOR AIVSC: 2017 TRAIN TRAIN NAME ROUTE ARR DEP Remarks NO 04824 Hwh.Jodhpur Special Howrah – Jodhpur 04:40 MON 06013 Chennai Bikaner Express Chennai – Jodhpur 10:50 MON 06014 Bikaner Chennai Special Jodhpur–Chennai 19:20 THU 06587 Yeshwantpur-BikanerExp B’lore –Jodhpur 01:00 SUN 06588 Bikaner-YeshwantpurExp Jodhpur – B’lore 03:00 TUE 09063 Bdts-Jsm Express Mumbai– Jodhpur 05:30 FRI 12307 Hwh-Ju Express Howrah–Jodhpur 06:25 DAILY 12308 Ju-HwhSuperfast Jodhpur –Howrah Stars 20:30 DAILY 12461 Mandore Express Delhi–Jodhpur 07:45 DAILY 12462 Mandore Express Jodhpur– Delhi 07:50 19:50 DAILY 12479 Suryanagari Express Jodhpur.WED 19027 Vivek Express Mumbai – Jodhpur-Jammu 04:20 04:30 SAT 19028 Vivek Express Jammu – Jodhpur-Mumbai 02:45 03:35 MON 19223 Adi-Jat Express Ahmedabad – Jodhpur.SU Jodhpur 14864 Marudhar Express Jodhpur –Varanasi 09:45 TU. 18:20 TU.SAT Dadar 14707 Ranakpur Express Mumbai .SU 14887 Klk-Bmer Express Chandigarh – Jodhpur 16:00 DAILY 14888 Barmer-Klk Express Jodhpur – Chandigarh 10:45 DAILY 15631 Bme-Ghy Express Jodhpur– Guwahati 02:10 TU.SU 15632 Ghy-BmeBkn Express Guwahati– Jodhpur 04:40 TH. 17:50 TU.Mumbai 18:45 DAILY 12480 Suryanagari Express Mumbai – Jodhpur 06:30 DAILY 12489 Bikaner-Dadar Superfast Jodhpur-Ahmedabad.WED 17037 Secbad Bikaner Express Secunderabad – Jodhpur 10:50 TU.

No. Shri/Smt_______________________________________________ (Name of parent/guardian) have no objection to my son/daughter/ward_____________________________________ (name of the cadet) attending AIVSC-2017 to be held at Jodhpur from to 23 Oct 2017. 20 Appendix ‘K’ (Refers to Para 29 (b) & (c) of AJI. ______________________ Place: (Signature of Parent/Guardian) Full home address: Date: (Attested by the Principal) ______________________ Office seal (Signature of CO Unit) . ______________________ Place: (Signature of Cadet) Date: CONSENT CERTIFICATE BY PARENT/GUARDIAN: AIVSC-2017 I.____________________________ Rank______________________ Name______________________________College________________________________ Unit_________________________am a volunteer to attend/take part in AIVSC-2017 to be held at Jodhpur from 23 Oct to 03 Nov 2017 at my own risk. AIVSC-2017) WILLINGNESS / RISK CERTIFICATE: AIVSC-2017 This is to certify that I.

Cholera and Chickenpox etc on____________________(date). PART – II I also certify that the above-mentioned Officer/Cadet has been protected against Hepatitis- B. AIVSC-2017) MEDICAL FITNESS CERTIFICATE: PART – I: AIVSC-2017 1._________________________ Rank_____________ Name____________________________________College__________________________ Unit____________________________________Group____________________________ in accordance with the standards laid down in NCC Act & Rules and found him/her fit to attend/undergo AIVSC-2017 at Jodhpur from 23 Oct 2017 to 03 Nov 2017. 21 Appendix ‘K’ (Refers to Para 29 (d) of AJI. Typhoid. Certified that I have examined No. ________________________ Place: (Signature of Medical Officer) Name and Office seal Date: .

Signature……………………… Name……………………………. l undertake and agree that neither I. in respect of any loss or injury . including injury resulting in death. courses. adventure training. as the case may be) and while travelling (in domestic/international surface. Adventure Training (including Army. Place: Address…………………………. Witnesses 1. COUNTERSIGNED BY CO UNIT . MT drivers or any person in the service of Government against any claim which may be from any third party against them or any of them arising out of any act of default on my part during or in connection with the said camps. civilians. AIVSC-2017) INDEMNITY BOND FOR AIVSC-2017 To. Signature………………………. in respect of any such loss or injury and I agree as to bind myself. JCOs/NCOs or their equivalents from Navy and Air Force. Navy & Air Wing activities. Course. due to any reasons whatsoever which I may suffer.. my executors and administrators and other legal representatives to indemnify the Government or NCC authorities including Officers. MT drivers or against any other such person in the service of the Government. 22 Appendix ‘K’ Refers to Para 28 (e) of the property or person. Date: Name……………………………. civilians. travelling and while on Youth Exchange Programme or any other such NCC activities as may be organized from time to time within or outside the Union of India. MT drivers or against any other such person in the service of the Government. JCOs/NCOs or their equivalents from Navy and Air Force. Name Address 2. while or in consequence of my participation in the above activities and I understand that no compensation will be paid by the Government or NCC authorities including Officers. Signature of Parent/Guardian Address…………………………. JCOs/NCOs or their equivalents from Navy and Air Force or civilians. air and water transport) and attending Youth Exchange Programs abroad. nor my executors or administrators or other legal representatives will make any claim against the Governmentor against NCC authorities including Officers. The President of India In consideration of my being nominated either by the NCC authorities or at my own request as a participant in any NCC camp (which includes Republic Day Camp and Independence Day Camp in Delhi).

.. 23 Appendix ‘K’ (Refers to Para 29(f) & (g) of AJI...... ______________________ (Signature of Cadet) ACCIDENT/DROWNING CERTIFICATE: AIVSC-2017 Name & Type of Camp: All India Vayu Sainik Camp-2017 Location: Barkatullah Khan stadium.. near the campsite are placed out of bounds during the period of camp................ ....._____________________________________No________________Rank__________ am aware of the fact that all wells/ponds/lakes/rivers.... ... Place: ______________________ (Signature of Cadet) Date: COUNTER-SIGNATURE OF CO UNIT Signature of Applicant (cadet) No .. Name ._____________________Rank_________ certify that I am not in possession of any lethal weapons....... Date: ................................. AIVSC-2017) CERTIFICATE FOR NON-POSSESSION OF LETHAL WEAPONS: AIVSC-2017 I....No.............. I shall do so entirely at my own risk....... Jodhpur. If I go there. I._________________________________.. Place: Unit/Group .. .

Officers Cadets Vegetarians Non-Vegetarians Total (e) Date and time of last meal taken at the Camp……………………………………………… (f) Number of days and no of cooked meals being taken for journey……………………….C. AIVSC-2017) ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE REPORT: AIVSC-2017 Part . Part I will be completed and handed over to the Camp Adjutant by the Contingent Cdr on arrival at the Camp..C. (g) Date and time of Departure from the camp………………………………………………… Place: Jodhpur ______________________ Date Oct 17 (Signature of Contingent Cdr) Note: 1. 24 Appendix ‘K’ (Refers to Para 29 (h) of AJI.I:Arrival Report (a) Strength of the Dte: Type of Meals NCC NCC Officers Cadets Vegetarians Non-Vegetarians Total (b) Date and time of arrival at the Camp - (c) Date and time of first meal taken at the camp - ______________________ Place: Jodhpur (Signature of Contingent Cdr) Date Oct 17 PART-II: Departure Report (d) Strength of the Dte: N.C.C. N. .

3. (a) Name of the Dte. - (b) Name of the Contingent Cdr - . Part II will be completed and handed over to the Camp Adjutant by the Contingent Cdr just before departure from the Camp. The same form will be used for Arrival and Departure report by the Dte. 25 2.

executors or administrators. AIVSC-2017) FORM OF INDEMNITY FOR CIVILIAN NON-OFFICIAL USING IAF AIRCRAFT To THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA In consideration of the Union of India having agreed to carry me at my request as passenger in an aircraft belonging to the Union of India. I undertake and agree that neither I nor my heirs nor my executors nor administrators will make any claim against the Union of India or against any officer or airman of the IAF or against any person in the service of Union of India in respect of any loss or injury to my property or person (including injury resulting in my death) which I may suffer while or in consequence of my being so carried. 26 Appendix 'K’ (Refers to Para 29 (j) ofAJI. my heirs. I also agree that no compensation will be paid by the Union o fIndia or by any officer or airman of the IAF. to indemnify and always keep indemnified the Union of India and any officer or airman of the IAF and any person in the service of Union of India against any claim which may be made by any third party against them or any of them arising out of any act of default on my part during or in connection with the said flight. Signature of the indemnifying Passenger (cadet) : Name (in block letters) : Address : Date : Signature of Parent/Guardian: Name (in block letters) : Address &Designation : Date : Signature of Witness : Name (in block letters) : Address &Designation : Date : Accepted for and on behalf of The President of India (Signature of pilot) : . in respect of any such loss or injury to my property or person (including injury resulting in my death) and I further agree so as to bind myself.