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Equality for LGBT community

LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Transgender. They are humans and should be

allowed to live their life how they want. 42 percent of LGBT members are reportedly living in

unwelcoming communities (11 Facts LGBT). Discriminating against those of the LGBT

community only raises the suicide and depression rates. It is also against the constitution to

discriminate against those in the LGBT community. They also get denied equal rights on a daily.

43 percent of LGBT members have experienced discrimination at work (Krehely). Although

people claim that it is unnatural to like someone of the same sex, people in the LGBT

community should be accepted because they are regular Americans they just prefer a

different sex, they play a big role in the community, and gay marriages are allowed in all 50


People in the LGBT community are being denied equal opportunities. The Williams

institute estimates that up to 43 percent of LGBT people experienced discrimination at work

(Gates). This means they are treated differently because who they choose who to like. Evidence

supports the claim because 43 percent are being treated differently over what sexuality they


How would it feel living in an all gay community and being treated differently or denied

equal opportunities because a citizen likes women? This is how these men and women feel

everyday, More than half of Lesbian, Gay, and Bi pupils have experienced direct bullying

("LGBT Facts and Figures). It is like Americans do not care that they are discriminating or

treating LGBT members different. The world would be much better for them if America just

accepts them for who they are.

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Discrimination is not the right way to treat someone no matter of their preference. It

should not matter if people like men or women that does not determine the kind of person they

are. Someone can be the nicest person in the world and like men that should not make people

look at them differently. When going out in public Thirty-seven percent of respondents said

they were made to feel unwelcome ( Ross). Discrimination only makes the other person look

weak. As shown below is a graph that shows you how many LGBT members are being

discriminated against.

Discrimination creates higher rates of depression and suicide. 11% of young male

suicide decedents who were identified as gay (Haas). This means the stress put on these young
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men caused them to commit suicide. We need to make LGBT members feel more welcome.

There is no reason to treat them badly just because they do not like what others like. That is like

saying you are going to bully someone because they like Mcdonald's and you like Burger King.

Most problems LGBT members have to face is using the restroom, this should not be a problem

but this is where they face most of their problems. Almost 60 percent of transgender Americans

have avoided using public restrooms for fear of confrontation, saying they have been harassed

and assaulted, according to the largest survey taken of transgender people in the United States


In the restroom transgenders are usually verbally or even physically abused. These

incidents usually cause transgenders to avoid using the restroom in public. Imagine how they

must feel to be harassed everywhere they go even in the restroom. Instead of harassing them

America should accept the fact that times are changing. Although others have different

perceptions of being discriminant you should just treat people how you want to be treated.

These everyday events builds up stress and depression until that person feels like they can

take it anymore and try to take their own life. What is the point of putting someone through so

much pain? Last year 29% of suicides were those of the LGBT community (Suicide and the

Gay Community). America needs to find a way to make life better for them so these members

will not feel the need to commit suicide. If we could make the LGBT community more welcome

they could just go to the rightful authorities.

Discriminating against those in the LGBT community is also against the 14th

Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which states that one cannot ...deny to any person within

its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. This means denying those in the LGBT

community or anyone in general is unconstitutional.

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Other sources, however, argue that LGBT protections are unconstitutional . In addition

to unilaterally and unconstitutionally rewriting a statute enacted by Congress, the Obama

administration failed to follow even the basic legal procedures for altering agency rules...

(Pruitt). Although they say they do not follow the procedures to altering the rules it is still in the

constitution. Others also say that if the LGBT members are constantly being discriminated

against and harassed why do they not go to the police. If that was the case they would be going

to the police station every second of the day. If needed the United States government should put

more laws in place to help out the LGBT community. Hopefully with more laws in place they

will not feel the need to take matters into their own hands and just go to the rightful authorities.

If you were apart of the LGBT community you would be used to not being treated the some.

People tend to look down on those who are attracted to the same sex. In this generation and

todays society it is a disgrace to prefer to date or marry someone of the same sex.

There was a shooting in Orlando, Florida at a gay club in 2016. The club was one of the

best known gay clubs, and the place was packed with both gay and straight men. The shooter

killed 49 victims and injured dozens of others. He targeted this club because he had a problem

against gay people. Hate crimes like this are occurring on a daily basis they may not be major

like this event but it is still a problem we face today. This type of discrimination is what causes

LGBT members to commit suicide or go into depression because who really wants to live their

life or go through everyday feeling that your life is in danger.

America should really make a change to make the LGBT community feel more

welcome especially because there are so many members. There are approximately 9 million

LGBT Americans, a figure roughly equivalent to the population of New Jersey (Gates). You

should not mistreat or judge those because of who they chose to spend their time with. More
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states are starting to pass laws in favor of the LGBT community. America must continue to take

one step at a time until a change has been made and the LGBT members are treated equally.

In conclusion discrimination against those in the LGBT community is a serious issue that

should be addressed. They are a valuable asset to the community and should be treated equally

and with respect. If needed the United States government should put more laws in place to help

out the LGBT community. Hopefully with more laws in place they will not feel the need to take

matters into their own hands and just go to the rightful authorities.
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