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Come Work with the Most Respected Volunteers of Habit!

ATLANTA, GA September 19, 2017. Habitat for Humanity partners, former

President Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter, announced their

weeklong annual Carter Work Project. Celebrating 30 years of volunteering,

Carter Work Project is held this year in Canada in December from the 11th to 15th.

Meet the most respected and famous people dedicated to Habit, while building for

a family in need.

No prior building or volunteer experience is required to participate in this special

event. There are opportunities available for all skill levels and abilities. Whether

you are volunteering with a group, or coming solo, all contributions are welcome.


Habitat for Humanity

News Release: Special Event

All volunteers are required to submit an application. Following completion of

application, a Release and Waiver of Lability form will appear requesting your

review and acceptance. Notification of acceptance will be sent within two weeks

of submission. To register for this event, you must be 18 years of age.

Carter Work Project works to provide homes for families in need of safe,

affordable housing. Habitat has successfully removed the stigma of charity by

substituting it with a sense of partnership. The people who will live in the homes

work side by side with the volunteers, so they feel very much that they are on an

equal level. former U.S. President Jimmy Carter

Former President Carter and Mrs. Carter began their partnership with Habitat for

Humanity in March 1984. Their journey began with a build in Carters hometown

of Americus, Georgia. Shortly after that, Mr. and Mrs. Carter led a Habit for

Humanity work group to New York, leading to the birth of the Carter Work

Project we have currently.

Mr. and Mrs. Carters work may have started in the Whitehouse, but their

contributions to society go far beyond. They have traveled as far as Logne,

Haiti in 2012 to build one hundred homes in the community of Santo.

Additionally, in 2014 donating time and effort in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

To date, the Carters worked with over 92,260 volunteers in 14 countries to build,

repair and renovate 3,944 homes.


Habitat for Humanity

News Release: Special Event

As tireless advocators, Mr. and Mrs. Carters dedication to Habitat has been

exhibited through increased volunteers, international recognition and celebrity


Volunteers across the world are encouraged to join Habitat for Humanity to build

as many homes as possible during the week of Dec. 11th to 15th. A home is more

than a place of shelter for these families. With your help Habit for Humanity can

provide a place to make memories, to grow, and to learn for families everywhere.



Habitat for Humanity

News Release: Special Event

About Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an international, nongovernmental, and nonprofit
organization founded in 1976, aimed to put Gods love into action by bringing
people together to build homes, communities and hope. Its core principles are to:
demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ, focus on shelter, advocate for affordable
housing, promote dignity and hope, and support sustainable and transformative
development. Habit is in partnership with former President Jimmy Carter and
Rosalynn Carter, as well as various other corporate, faith, media, community and
private philanthropy partners. Additional information about the organization can
be found on their website at