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8th International Exhibition for the Energy Industry

19 - 22 May, 2010
Karachi Expo Centre

Organised By Supported By Supporting Publications


Board of Investment Engineering Oil & Gas

Government of Pakistan Development Board Regulatory Authority

Alternative Energy Hydrocarbon Development Pakistan Petroleum CNG Dealers

Development Board Institute of Pakistan Dealers Association Association
The location of Pakistan at the crossroads of Central
Asia and the Arabian Sea has brought into spotlight
its significance as an attractive market and a regional
transit route for energy. Oil and Gas are the two major
components of the energy mix which contribute 79%
to the 63 million TOE of energy requirement in the
country. The Government is formulating investor-friendly
policies to increase the share of indigenous resources
in the country. As a result of these policies, the Oil &
Gas sector has attracted foreign direct investment of
over US$ 700 million in 2008-09.

Pakistan is one of the largest consumers of gas in the

region. It has a well developed and integrated
infrastructure of transportation, distribution and LPG
utilisation of natural gas with 10,285 km of transmission
LPG is environment-friendly and an economical
and 93,961 km of distribution network. The two gas
fossil fuel available in the country. It is mainly
distribution companies plan to invest about US$ 400
used by the people living in remote areas, having
million to increase the capacity of existing distribution
no access to natural gas. Annual LPG
consumption is 600,000 tonnes out of which 20%
Up till now 725 wells have been drilled by various local is met through imports. Total investment of US$
and international exploration and production companies 200 million has already been made to develop
with 219 Oil & Gas discoveries, bringing the gas the LPG supply infrastructure.
reserves to 30 TCF. An investment of US$ 1 billion
was spent in drilling activities with 60 new wells drilled
in 2008-09. At the same time, the crude oil recoverable Pakistan has the 7th largest coal reserves in the
reserves are estimated at 313 million barrels. The world, estimated at over 185 billion tonnes of
current production of oil is 66,532 barrels per day, Coal. The country is producing 2.4 million tonnes
whereas gas production is at 4 billion cubic feet per of coal to meet the current coal consumption of
day. 6.4 million tonnes while 4 million tonnes is
imported to fulfill the energy requirement of the
Currently seven refineries are operating in the country
country. The Government has allocated an annual
with a refining capacity of 13 million tonnes per year.
budget of US$ 25 million for the development of
Pakistan is now the largest CNG user in the world. Thar Coal Infrastructure. Thar Coal project has
Currently, 2700 CNG stations are operating with an the potential to cater to the increasing national
investment of over US$ 1 billion, serving 2 million energy requirement for decades with a relatively
vehicles in the country. low unit cost.
Total Resource Potential 27 Billion Barrels
Crude Oil Refining Capacity 13 Million Tonnes/year
Consumption 19 Million Tonnes/year
Imports 17.5 Million Tonnes/year

Total Resource Potential 282 TCF
Production 4 BCF/day
Transmission Network 10,285 km
Distribution Network 93,961 km
Domestic Consumers 5.25 Million
Commercial Consumers 71,789
Industrial Consumers 9,149

Total Proven Reserves 185 Billion Tonnes
Consumption 6.4 Million Tonnes
Production 2.4 Million Tonnes
Imports 4 Million Tonnes

Composition of Energy Mix

Oil 30.5%
Gas 47.5%
Hydro-electricity 10.9%
Coal 9.2%
Nuclear 1.3%
LPG 0.6%
Oil & Gas Pakistan is geared to be an exclusive trade exhibition, showcasing state-
of-the-art equipment and machinery providing its participants with a comprehensive
technical insight into the regional Oil & Gas industry.
POGEE, featuring Oil & Gas Pakistan and Power Technology Pakistan exhibitions,
has established itself as the premier event catering to the Oil, Gas & Energy sectors.
It serves as a convergence point for national and international companies to explore
business opportunities in Pakistan. With unprecedented experience and reach,
POGEE is the ideal venue to interact with key decision-makers and government
officials, discuss areas of mutual cooperation, implement government plans and
fulfill the future requirements of this industry in Pakistan.


· 243 leading players from the Oil, Gas & Energy sectors with dedicated pavilions for Chinese and Iranian companies
· Representation of 28 countries with participation of more than 10,000 trade professionals visiting the show
· The show was actively supported by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, Mines and Minerals
Development Department (Government of Sindh), Board of Investment, Engineering Development Board, Pakistan
Petroleum Dealers Association and CNG Dealers Association of Pakistan
· Special Buyer Program in order to ensure and facilitate the participation of key decision makers at the event
· The 5th Pakistan Oil, Gas & Energy Conference was held in concurrence with POGEE 2009 to address “Pakistan’s
Energy Security: Prospects & Challenges”
· Spread across two days, the conference comprised of three sessions dealing with the topics “Energy & Sustainable
Development,” “Reforming Oil & Gas Industry” and “Coal & Indigenous Renewable Resources”
· Speakers of high repute came from several countries including U.S.A., Russia, Germany, Turkey, India and Saudi
· A Technical Session covered various technical advancements like multiphase boosting, viability of harnessing
tidal energy in Pakistan and production of oil from shale
· Extensive coverage by print and electronic media
· 13 international and local publications supported the event


POGEE Conference 2010, is scheduled to take place in concurrence with the
exhibition. The conference brings together the most renowned international and
local experts from the world’s Oil, Gas and Energy sectors. These professionals
share their experiences and ideas in order to cope with challenges and paving
the way for mutual progress. The conference will be an exclusive networking
platform for the participants.

Power Technology Pakistan will display latest technologies in the power sector
of the region, providing a high profile business-to-business environment for the
local and international industry players to explore future investment prospects.
· Abrasives · Fire Detection / Prevention · Quality Control
· Access Platforms Systems & Equipment · Radio & Telecommunications
· Acidising · Fittings / Pipe Fittings / Butt Weld · Reciprocating Compressor Valves
· Air Tools Fittings · Recovery Technology
· Alarm Systems · Flanges · Refineries / Refinery Equipment
· Anchors · Flow Measurement & Control Products · Reservoir Evaluation / Engineering
· Anti-Corrosion · Fluid Connectors Simulation
· Ball Valves · Gaskets · Respirators
· Barges · Gas Detectors · Rigs – Onshore / Offshore
· Batteries · Gauges & Meters · Riser Equipment
· Bearings · Heat Exchangers · Rock Bits
· Bits · Hoses & Fittings · Ropes / Lines / Slings
· Boilers · Hydraulic Engineering / Products · Rotary Equipment
· Bunkering · Inspection Services · Rubber Products
· Burners · Instrumentation · Safety Clothing
· Butterfly Valves · Insulation · Safety & Security Equipment
· Cable & Accessories · Jack Ups & Work Boats · Safety / Control Valves
· Cable Trays · Laboratory Equipment · Sand Materials Control
· Calibration · Leak Detection & Sealing · Scada Systems
· Casing / Tubing · Logging Equipment / Services / · Seals
· Catering Analysis · Seismic Surveys / Products
· Cathodic Protection · Machine Shop & Fabrication · Sensors
· Cementing / Grouting · Maintenance · Separators
· Certification · Marine & Offshore Contractors, · Shutdown Maintenance
· Chemicals / Mud / Minerals Services & Equipment · Skimmers
· Cleaning Products / Equipment / · Meters · Solid Controls
Services · Mobile Homes · Solar Equipment
· Coiled Tubing · Monitors · Stabilisers
· Communications Equipment & · Mooring Systems / Additives · Steamtraps
Services · Mud Logging · Steel Products
· Compressors & Gas Turbines · Navigation Systems / Equipment / Aids · Steering Tool Services
· Computer / Data Processing Services · Network Systems · Strainers
· Control & Instrumentation Systems · Nitrogen Services · Submersible Pumps & Motors
· Control Line Protectors · Non-Destructive testing
· Coring Services · Offshore Construction · Subsea Equipment / Engineering
· Corrosion Monitoring & Control · Oilfield Equipment & Services /Contracting
· Design · Offshore Vessels · Sulphur Solidification
· Detectors · Oil Companies · Supply Boats / Specialised Vessels
· Diesel Engine Power Packs for · Oil Well Equipment / Services · Surveys / Surveying Equipment
Hazardous Areas · Oil Sludge Treatment · Tank Measuring
· Diving & Underwater Equipment & · Paints / Coatings · Tankers
Services · Petrochemical Products / Services / · Tanks / Containers
· Downhole Surveys Technology · Telemetry & Computer Control
· Downhole Tools · Pigging · Terminals
· Dredging · Pipes · Testing / NDT
· Drilling Contractors · Pipe Laying · Thermocouple
· Drilling – Directional · Pipelines / Services / Equipment · Tongs – Casing Tubing
· Drilling Fluids · Platforms · Tools – Power / Hydraulic /
· Drill Pipes · Plug Valves Pneumatic
· Drilling Camps · Plugging · Training Systems / Services
· Drilling Turbo · Pollution Control Equipment · Trays & Tower Internals
· Drilling Equipment / Products / Services · Portable and Fixed Buildings · Tubes & Tubing Services
· Electrical Equipment/Services · Power Systems / Supplies / · Tubular Goods & Services
· Electrical Contractors Generation · Valves
· Electrical Instrumentation · Power Tools · Ventilation Plant
· Electronic Actuators · Predictive Maintenance Systems · Vibration Monitoring Systems
· Electrochlorination Offshore / Onshore · Pressure Testing Systems / · Water Injection Equipment
· Engineering Services / Consultation / Instruments · Well Control
Contractors · Pressure Vessels · Welding Equipment / Pipe Cutting
· Enhanced Oil Recovery · Process Plant / Technology · Well Screens
· Environmental Technology · Production Equipment / Services · Well Servicing
· Exploration Services / Equipment · Projects Management / Support · Well Simulation / Testing
· Explosion Proof Fitting · Protection Systems / Bumpers / · Wellheads / Equipment
· Fire Alarm Systems Coating · Wireline Services
· Filters / Filtration Plants · Pumps · Wire Control System

· Local and Foreign Ministries · General Contractors, Engineering, Manufacturing/Process Plants and
· Govt. & Business Delegations from Drilling & Consulting Companies Large Institutions
the Region · Manufacturers & Suppliers of the · Engineering/Procurement/
· Government Energy & Regulatory Industrial Hardware and Allied Construction Companies
Departments Equipment · Fuel Suppliers
· L e a d i n g Sta t i o n N e t w o r k & · Major Local & International · Research & Development
Distribution Manufacturers of Petrochemical and Organisations
Companies Metallurgy Industries · Support Equipment & Service
· Oil & Gas Producers & Refineries · Self Generating Industrial Providers

8th International Exhibition for the Energy Industry

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19 - 22 MAY, 2010
Karachi Expo Centre (+92 21) 32410723

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