For Immediate Release Contact: Mark Vinsel, Executive Administrator

November 10, 2017 Office (907)586-2820 Cell: (907) 200-0240

United Fishermen of Alaska Announces Selection of Frances Leach as
Executive Director
United Fishermen of Alaska (UFA), Alaska’s statewide commercial fishing trade association, is
pleased to announce the hiring of Frances Leach as its Executive Director effective January 5,
2018. Ms. Leach, a Juneau resident, was raised in a commercial fishing family in Ketchikan.

“I am excited for the opportunity to represent UFA. Having grown up in a commercial fishing
family in a coastal community, I understand the importance of commercial fishing to Alaska’s
economy and cultural heritage. The commercial fishing industry faces many challenges at the
state and federal level, and I look forward to addressing these challenges as UFA’s Executive
Director,” said Leach.

“Frances has a proven track record of success and has demonstrated leadership during her
professional career. In addition, her life experience working in her family’s commercial fishing
business makes her uniquely qualified to be UFA’s Executive Director,” said UFA President
Jerry McCune.

UFA is the statewide commercial fishing umbrella association, representing 34 member
organizations from fisheries throughout Alaska and its offshore waters.

Photo - United Fishermen of Alaska Executive Director-designee Frances Leach