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Al-Gareeb belongs to a rare beastmen sub- They also ally themselves with criminal elements
species called the Apophids, children of the that can ensure their existence and give them
ancient Egyptian snake god Apophis. They meaningful employment slowly undermining the
call themselves per-sef, literally coming society that spurns them. Religious fanatics in
out of the snake. Their scaly skinned bodies Egypt and India, where cobras and other asps are
retain the snake-like characteristics in their revered as godly messengers, often shelter them
head, facial features, and tail, though their and provide useful work in their own radical
lithe bodies employ arms. Some claim they agendas. Several Apophids, including Al-Gareeb,
emerged from a foul magical experiment work for a shadowy organization in London
in ancient times, while superstitious seeking to steal Egyptian artefacts and
Mohammedans view them as use them to summon magical powers
emissaries of the devil. to free Egypt of the yolk of foreign
powers, and raise Apophis himself
Rare even in their homeland of the from the grave.
Middle East, they live apart
from society, often in the
criminal underworld where
they can more easily disguise
their true appearance.
Apophids stick to the
shadows, avoid casual contact

The marylebone Mummy

with others, and hide their
snake faces beneath broad-
brimmed hats, hoods, and
even masks. Lone Apophids As characters, Apophids gain
congregate with others of their a +1 dexterity and +1 presence
kind in poverty stricken areas for bonus, but suffer from a 1
survival. Many rely on various body penalty and the social
forms of magic to disguise their complication foreigner.
presence when absolutely necessary to
venture out in public.