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2001-2007 Precis Intermedia

Precis Intermedia presents...

Archaic Equipment
Rules for pulp gaming in Lankhmar or Cimmeria

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2001-2007 Precis Intermedia

Different weapons and armor will be used in a fantasy campaign. Firearms, for example will not be available. Here are a
few new weapons:

Weapon Damage Muscle Minimum Size Range Shots EL

Lance Base+9 18/12 S 6
Javelin Base+8 16/10 S- Short 1 6
Dagger Base+4 8/ T 5
Staff Base+4 8/ S 5
Broadsword Base+8 16/10 S 9
Greatsword Base+10 20/14 M- 9
Warhammer Base+8 16/10 S+ 6
Greataxe Base+9 18/12 S+ 6
Pike Base+9 18/12 M- 6

Here is some new armor:

Armor Protection Size EL

Light Leather +1 Resistance vs. slashing S 8
Heavy Leather +2 Resistance vs. slashing S 9
Chain Mail +3 Resistance vs. slashing attacks S+ 9
Scale Mail +3 Resistance vs. all attacks M 10
Plate Mail +4 Resistance vs. all attacks M 12
Shield +4 Resistance vs. all attacks (but see below) S 7

Most armor (except for the shield) protects the entire body except for the face. (This assumes characters are wearing
helmets or least leather or chain hoods). Subtract 1 from all hearing-based Mind rolls when wearing helmets or other

Characters who wear plate mail reduce their effective Reflexes by 1, in addition to any encumbrance effects, due to the
rigidity of the armor. In addition, subtract 2 points from any Mind(Move Silently) rolls when wearing scale or plate mail,
and 1 point when wearing chain mail.

A shield can be used either for a passive defense or an active defense. A passive defense will protect a characters torso,
providing the listed Resistance bonus. An active defense is assumed when the character does nothing but defend during a
combat round; an active shield defense provides an extra Bonus Die to the combat roll (in addition to the bonus die for
taking a single action); however, the armor bonus to Resistance is lost.

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