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This Proprietary Right and Non Disclosure Agreement (the Agreement) is made and effective from

26/07/2017 between (The Pravesh Chadda ) & EVOLVE TECHNOLOGIES & SERVICES PVT. Ltd.

(The Company) with its office located at: S - 178 , MIDC, Bhosari, Pune 411026

In consideration of employment by the Company and disclosure by Company of confidential and trade secret information,
and as condition of continued employment, the Employee agrees as follows:

The employee acknowledges that all Proprietary Information, as defined below, is the exclusive property of the Company or
the party that disclosed or delivered the same to the Company. Specifically, Employee agrees that all Proprietary
Information developed as a direct or indirect result of the Employees efforts during any period of employment with the
Company shall be and shall remain the exclusive property of the Company, and the Employee shall have no ownership
interest therein. To the extent Employee may have any interest in such developed Proprietary Information, while in
employment and thereafter the Employee assigns such interest to the Company. The Employee shall not in any time, while
employed by the Company or thereafter use or disclose, directly or indirectly, any of the Proprietary Information of the
Company, as defined below, except as authorized by the Company in connection with Employees assigned duties.


Proprietary information includes, but not limited to, technology (whether patented or not), systems, tools and techniques,
technical know-how and processes, hardware and software design details, circuits, software, source code, object code, trade
secrets, information relating to accounting, cost, research and development, marketing strategies, sales, pricing information,
proposals, client lists, customer lists, business plans, policies, procedures and other similar items. The said proprietary
information may belong to the Company or to others with whom the Company has a business relationship.


All documents, papers and records of every kind (written or recorded), whether originals, copies or reproductions and
whether prepared by you or by others, relating to the business, processes and finances of the Company shall be the sole and
exclusive property of the Company. You will not remove any of the materials and will not at any time, give or disclose such
materials to any unauthorized person or entity. Upon separation, you will return to the Company all such materials including


The Employee agrees that if he/she commits a breach of any of the provisions of this agreement, the Company shall have
the right to enforce this agreement in any court having equity jurisdiction. The Employee acknowledges and agrees that any
such breach of this agreement will cause irreparable injury to the company and the money damages will not provide an
adequate remedy to the Company. The Employee agrees that, in addition, to any other remedies or rights, the Company
shall have the right to obtain an injunction to force terms of this agreement.


In the event of your separation from the Company for whatever reason, for a period of one year thereafter (except with the
written approval of the Company) you will not solicit business in competition with the Company nor pass information to a
third party that may result in the same effect, from any organization

which is, at the date of separation, a client or a prospect with whom negotiations are underway, neither will you in
competition offer or supply products or services which compete with those products or services offered by the Company or
its group Companies.


Until one year after the termination of employment with the Company, Employee will not solicit or otherwise encourage
other employees of the Company to leave the Companys employment.

Employee represents that the Employees performance, as an Employee of the Company will not breach any employment
agreement or any agreement to keep in confidence any trade secret, confidential or proprietary information of a former
employer. Employee has not brought any trade secrets, confidential or proprietary information of a former employer to the
Company. Employee will not disclose nor use in the performance of

Employees work with the Company any trade secrets, confidential or authorization for the former employer.


This Agreement is entered into under the laws of India and shall be governed by the laws of such country Even though the
Company may depute the Employee anywhere in India or overseas, the jurisdiction concerning the Employees present
employment will be with the courts in Pune, which the Employee undertake not to contest.


If a court finds a portion of this Agreement unenforceable, such finding shall not affect enforcement of other portions of this
Agreement. Any portion found to be unenforceable shall be construed to be reformed to extend as for is enforceable. This
Agreement shall be binding upon and incur to the benefits of and may be enforced by the successor and assigns of the

Shilpi Sethi

I have read, understood and agree to the above.

Employee Name : Pravesh Chadda

Signature :

Date : 7/22/2017