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How many Isos you know?

Isobar: A line on a weather chart joining points of equal atmospheric pressure.

Isobars are analogous to contour lines.

Isobaric: Referring to or showing isobars. Isobaric charts.


Characterized by no disturbance to the speed and direction of a fluid when
it is withdrawn as a sample from a flow.
Having equal sides.
In chemistry, compounded of the same elements in the same proportion by
weight, but differing in one or more properties.
isomerism, isomerous:
1. Repetition of similar parts.
2. The condition of having two or more comparable parts made up of
identical numbers of similar segments.
1. Of the same measure; characterized by equality of measure.
2. Used to describe exercises in which muscles are put under tension but
not allowed to contract.
A condition of equal refraction in both eyes.
The fact of being equal in dimension with several scientific, geographical,
mathematical, meteorological, and other applications.
isomorph, isomorphic, isomorphism:
1. Superficial similarity between individuals of different species or races.
2. Equal in form; crystallizing in the same form.
3. A line in a linguistic atlas connecting places exhibiting identical or nearly
identical morphological forms; a morphological isogloss.
4. A substance or organism that exhibits similarity in form or appearance to
5. An animal, plant, or group having superficial similarity to another;
although phylogenetically different.
1. A line on a weather chart connecting points that have the same degree of
2. A line on a map, etc. connecting places at which the amount of clouds for
a given period (e.g., a year) is the same.
A line on a weather map connecting points where ice formation begins at
approximately the same time at the onset of winter.
A figure having a perimeter equal to that of another.
About a line on a map, connecting places at which phenomena of any kind
are equal.
isotach, isotachy:
A line on a weather chart connecting points of equal windspeed.
isothere, isotheral:
A line connecting places on the earths surface having the same mean
summer temperature.
1. A line connecting places on the earths surface having the same mean, or
constant, temperature.
2. A curve or formula showing the relationship between two variables; such
as, pressure and volume, when the temperature is held constant.
isothermal, isothermic:
Relating to or having a constant temperature.
One of two or more forms of an element having the same properties and the
same atomic number but different mass numbers or atomic weights.
isotropic, isotropy:
1. Possessing similar qualities in every direction.
2. Having equal refraction.
3. Having physical properties that do not vary with direction.