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Inspect the feed bins. If lining is to be installed (for high moisture or abrasive
materials), ensure the lining is installed as per drawing without any weld seams for
material to hang up on. All welds should be ground smooth.

All construction steel and other debris must be removed prior to feeding material to
the bin. Verify the size of each bin, and the types of the bin level detectors.

Inspect the bin venting dust collector.

Inspect the feeder arrangement. Note the operating ranges of the feeders as well as
the pre-feeders if supplied.

Check conveyor discharge points for items such as height of material drop, impact
plates where necessary, rock boxes where necessary, access ports for sticky material.

Check the installation of the magnetic separator, the clearance between the magnetic
separator belt and the belt conveyor, the sag in the magnetic separator belt, and for an
area to contain the metal rejected from the separator.

Check the location of the metal detector. The detector should be located far enough
from sources of interference, mainly a magnetic separator, any electrical panels, or
large masses of metal. Rubber belt idlers should be installed in the vicinity of the
metal detector. Wiring to the metal detector should be in separate conduit than other
Consult the operating manual for other potential problems.