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November 01, 2009

The Controller of Examination
National University of Bangladesh

Subject: Submission of the internship report on General Banking Activities & Analysis
of Customer Satisfaction of EXIM Bank Ltd.

Dear Sir,
It is my great pleasure that finally I am able to transmit the internship report on Export Import
Bank of Bangladesh (EXIM Bank) to my honorable teacher and Internship supervisor. By
doing this internship program I have gathered many practical banking experiences. This
report is based on my academic part of BBA program.

The whole report is prepared on the basis of practical banking experience on Saver Branch
and various bruisers on Export Import Bank of Bangladesh. I have tried enough my best to
furnish all the things what I have achieved during the internship period.

I shall be highly gratitude if you are kind enough to accept this internship report.

Sincerely yours,

Nuriya Zannat
ID No: 0406
Bachelor and Business Administration
Department of Marketing
Institute of Science & Technology


First and foremost, I would like to express my debt of gratitude to my Supervisor, Mst.
Momena Akhter, Lecturer, Department of Business Admionistration, Institute of Science &
Technology whose generous guidance and precious advice always kept my bewildered
thoughts towards an appropriate focus. Special thanks are due to my all friends who helped
me during my study in many ways.

Finally, I am grateful and obliged to parents for their moral support and encouragement and

financial support.

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Being one of the best financial institutions EXIM Bank Ltd enters in the business field with
an objective to gradually become the top bank of the country. First part of the
reports is about the organization. On the other hand, second part - main part of
the report - includes the detail analysis.

EXIM has decided to implement go slow strategy first up. It offers different sorts of
accounts which have distinctive properties. Customers open the different type of accounts
that fit with their needs. The transaction flow differs from account type to type depending on
many relevant matters.

The scope of this report is limited to the overall description of the company, its services, and
its position in the market and its marketing strategy .The scope of the study is limited to
organizational setup, function, and performances of the Saver Branch of Export Import Bank
of Bangladesh Limited

In the main part of the report there is a detailed analysis of the general banking system of
Exim Bank Ltd. & in the last part there is an analysis of customer satisfaction of the services
provided by the bank.

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