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Lesson plan: Coping with change

Wednesday 15/09/16

Curriculum area & Content description

Explore strategies to manage physical, social and emotional
change (ACPPS034)


discussing physical, social and emotional changes that occur as

individuals get older, and exploring how these changes impact
on how they think and feel about themselves and different
situations (RS, MH)

Objectives By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

Identify different changes that occur around school setting

Discuss different emotions that may be linked with these
Work cooperatively in groups to create a scenario linked with

Overall duration (time) 45 minutes

Student prior knowledge Students have recognized different fears that they have faced and
described how they got over them

Materials & Resources White board

Copies of the 2 examples of change
Whiteboard markers
30 X Worksheet Things change
Introduction (5 10 min) 1. Get students to all gather on the mat
2. Write the word change on the white board. Ask them what
they think this word means. If stuck state that it means
something has happened that is no longer normal.
*Get students to recognize that change can be all different sizes and
is something that happens everyday
3. Tell students a story about how I coped with change when I was
in primary school
* The story is based on a best friend leaving back to America.
4. Ask students what different emotions I may of felt in that
situation. Write any on board that are said

Body (20 30 min)

5. Pin the examples on the board. Read the first one and ask
students any emotions that they would feel and who would they
talk to about it.
6. Continue this for the next one
7. Ask students to all think, in silence, of a situation in a school
setting, where they have coped with change. Use examples such
as a new teacher, new student, friend leaving, changing schools
8. Once they have completed this, explain that they will be doing a
role play. They will be doing a quick 30 second skit of a situation
that has happened in school that demonstrates change, and
how the character deals with that change. The students will
need to guess what change had occurred, so its needs to be
The pair that puts on the best role play, that clearly shows the
situation and how that person was able to cope, will get 1 point
from the teacher. The students will also vote for the best group who
will also get a point.
9. Give them 5-10 minutes (depending on available time) and ask
them to get into pairs and create a story.
10. After the 5 minutes is up get them to all sit in their seats.
11. One at a time the pairs will come up and do their act. At the end
of act students need to guess what had happened in the story
and the emotions that were shown (use the emotions on the
whiteboard for inspiration).

Conclusion (5 10 min) 12. If students have time to spare, hand out the things change
worksheet. Students need to fill this out individually and glue it
in their books.
13. Once everyone is done and there is 5 minutes to spare, get
students to sit quietly in their seats.
14. Ask them:
Who can tell me what change means?
Does it happen every day or does it just happen once?
Who are some people that you can talk to if youre not
happy or upset by the change?
Any other ideas on how we can cope with change?
Use the worksheet for anyone disrupting the class, or anyone who cant
work in pairs.
If anyone cant work in pairs get them to sit in their chairs and watch
Take off points for anyone not cooperating

Assessment of student Formative assessment

learning Observe students input from the class discussion
Observe students cooperation and interaction in groups
Use the skit to observe their input and understanding of the
Use the class discussion at the end of the lesson to interpret
their understandings of change and how they are able to cope
List some questions that Was the activity engaging?
will scaffold you to What did the students struggle with?
reflect on the What did the students find easy?
effectiveness of the What would you change?
lesson. Were all students participating