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Tummy slide / Stomp
Move up / down

Primary fire
Secondary fire
Use secondary weapon
Take a pill
Use object

Switch weapons
Switch secondary weapons

Map / Database
Pause / Main menu

when swimming or flying in a vehicle


2006 – IAU ridicules Pluto by revoking its planetary status
2015 – NASA's New Horizons probe tries to spy on Pluto
20XX – Planet Pluto responds

And that response is a declaration of war. The only thing standing in
between the approaching space penguin army and the unsuspecting Earth is
one cyber-penguin, Pablo. Of course, thanks to their Prophet, the Pluto
Conclave knows this – and Pablo is thrown into a prison cell before he has
any idea of what's going on.

Now, stranded in a prison cell on an alien world, Pablo has to escape, save
the world and somehow get back home.

Oh, and in TAGAP 3 You are Pablo. Good luck!


Pablo is a cyber-penguin genetically built from
scratch, grown to be a combat expert and used in
vile drug experiments. Instead of joining forces with
his creator, the mad scientist Dr. Glowenko, Pablo
used his powers for good. Indeed, he has already
saved the world three times: from the dastardly plans
of Dr. Glowenko, his hench-penguin Pedro and –
most recently – the penguin super-villain General Primo.

Now, stranded and imprisoned on an alien world, Pablo is about to embark
on his most challenging adventure yet!

Pedro is a cybernetic combat penguin from the same
clone batch as Pablo. Though Pedro started out as
Dr. Glowenko's henchman, now he and Pablo fight
together against evil villains hell-bent on conquering
the world.

Now, Pablo's abduction means the heroes have
been forced to part ways. Whilst Pablo is fighting the good fight on another
world, Pedro is trying to figure out what the heck happened to his brother-in-
arms – and how to re-establish contact.

Working undercover in the ranks of PDOH (Pluto
Department of Health) as The Nurse, Paola is
actually one of the leading members of Pluto's
revolutionaries opposing the war against Earth. As
she sees Pablo as the key to stopping the war
before it escalates, Paola risks her cover by
assisting in Pablo's jailbreak. And so the adventure –
and the friendship of our heroes – begins.

TAGAP 3 has a colourful cast of dastardly space penguins.
Every time you meet a new character, their introductions are
logged into your Database ( ).


The Funky Citizen
Registered citizens are the standard workforce of
Pluto's codified society. Although regular citizens
don't take part in the war activities directly, they will
attack the enemies of Pluto if they happen on their
path. And since Pluto is very densely populated, a
public enemy number one such as Pablo should
expect to face plenty of mobs ready to hit him over
the head, civilians or no.

The Funky Grunt
Grunts are both the basic soldiers of Pluto's army as
well as the guardians of the public during martial law.
Unlike citizens, grunts are armed, trained in combat,
wear body armour and are apt to track
troublemakers down. Grunts can also be found
performing non-military duties that are deemed too
dangerous for untrained citizens.

Pendroids are autonomously operating artificial
penguins used extensively throughout Pluto. As
tireless robots they are most often used for
observation and sentry assignments. Though they
are designed with civilian duties in mind, thanks to
their adaptability Pendroids make excellent assault
troops, too.

Pulse Wasp
Pulse wasps are the standard issue security robots
of Pluto and can be found almost everywhere. They
are effective in their simplicity: they combine security
cameras and pulseguns for precision fire, whereas
afterburner-capable hover engines guarantee steady


Standard-issue weapon for Pluto's
security and armed forces, a
pulsegun virtually never runs out of
ammo as long as the user remembers
to recharge it. It may not be the most
powerful weapon in your arsenal and
it's definitely not the most accurate, but makes for a perfect, reliable side-

A Scrapgun isn't really a weapon, but
a part of Pluto's trash disposal and
recycling mechanism. The gun grinds
whatever junk you pour down its
funnel into smaller bits, ideal for
dispersing into a trash chute without
the risk of blocking it. Although
harmless when used properly,
disconnecting the gun and filling it with metal scrap turns it into a crude,
makeshift shotgun capable of dealing horrendous damage at close range.

And as long as you keep causing destruction, you'll always have plenty of

With the secondary fire, you can lock
onto a target and let the bullets do the
aiming. To lock on, simply place the
targeting reticle where you want the
bullets to fly and hold . If you
lock onto an enemy, the Smartgun will automatically track the target and the
bullets will alter their trajectories accordingly.

These weapons are just the start; more of Pluto you uncover,
wilder weapons you'll acquire! And every gun you get will be
thoroughly documented in the in-game Database, .


Pluto's hand grenades have built-in infra-red proximity
fuses. The on-board processor makes the best estimate
whether to detonate on impact or whether to wait for the
timer to run out. As the result, grenades explode on
proper targets – living or electronic – and bounce off
hard surfaces.

Shock Grenades
Upon detonation, shock grenades release a blast of
disruptive electrical energy that damages and
temporarily scrambles electronic systems. Although the
heaviest robots and attack vehicles are protected
against electro-magnetic pulses, most electronic
devices are affected by the blasts.

Upon activation, the nanoshield generates a crude
floating barrier of nanite glass you can use for cover.
The barrier doesn't last forever, losing cohesion over
time and breaking from taking enough damage, but
temporary cover is always better than none.

Defender Drones
Defender drones are small, AI-driven robot bodyguards.
Once it is activated, the drone imprints on its operator
and provides protection until its power cell depletes.
The electroshock coil the drones are armed with can
deliver enough of a shock to disorient organic targets
and even momentarily scramble electronic ones.

Use to cycle through available secondary weapons –
and press to use one.


TAGAP – or Tissue Augmenting Green Addictive Pill –
is a DNA-altering wonder-drug that cyber-penguins like
Pablo tick; consider the Pablo's TAGAP blood level as
your hit point reserve.

Taking too much TAGAP results in an Overdose; a state where your reflexes
and agility are boosted to the point that the entire world seems to go into
slow motion. And as with all drugs, overdoing this will have side effects.

One-up pills contain a super-dose of TAGAP, up to 20
times the dose of the basic green pill. If you have one of
these in your possession when you die, you will be
automatically resurrected on the spot.

The Overdrive power-up module super-charges the
TAGAP in your blood, resulting in an instantaneous
Overdose. Additionally, as long as Overdrive remains
active, the TAGAP level in your blood automatically
recharges over time.

A fancy super-hi-tech weapon module, Freeloader
doubles the firing rate of all your weapons. Better yet, it
also makes your weapons work without spending any
ammunition. Freeloader burns out quickly, so use it for
all its worth while you can.

Quad Damage
Quad Damage is a weapon module which multiplies
every fired projectile by four. This hi-tech device is based
on alien tech and obviously designed after spending too
many nights at the arcade hall.


1. Pablo's TAGAP blood level: boost it over the maximum or munch
two pills at once to reach Overdose

2. TAGAP pills in your reserve (use to pop one at any time)

3. Keycards you carry

4. One-ups you carry

5. Currently selected weapon

6. Currently selected item

7. Frag-O-Meter displaying frags and power-up reward tiers

8. Holographic power-up halo displays

9. Targeting crosshair – you aim with this

TAGAP 3 is a Penguin Development Team production

Penguin DT is
Jouni Lahtinen
Design / Art / Programming / Sound design

Petja Heiskanen
Music / Sound design / Additional design

Timo Liimatta
Social media support / Tech support / Testing

The Cast
Neil Gardner as The Narrator
Jouni Lahtinen as Pablo
Petja Heiskanen as Pedro
Tiina Heiskanen as Paola
Mikko Vuolle as The Funky Prophet
Tuomas Raivio as The Funky Doctor
Heini Liimatta as The Funky Botanist
Toni Vehmassalo as The Funky DJ
Eetu Pykäläinen as The Funky Warlord
Timo Liimatta as additional voices

Helping hands
Neil Gardner's voiceover produced by
Ladbroke Audio (

Proofreading of the Database: Teemu Pesonen

For full credits see Help\Credits from the game's main menu

TAGAP 3: Copyright © Penguin Development Team

TAGAP® is a registered trademark of Jouni Lahtinen. All rights reserved. For
more information, visit:

This software is provided 'as-is' and licensed free of charge. There is no
warranty of any kind for this software. The entire risk as to the quality
and performance of this software is with you.

In no event do we (Penguin Development Team) take any responsibility
for any damages, including any general, special, incidental or consequential
damages arising out of the use or inability to use this software (including but
not limited to loss of data or data being rendered inaccurate or losses
sustained by you or third parties or a failure of the content to operate with
any other programs), even if such holder or other party has been advised of
the possibility of such damages.

In layman's terms; If it happens that TAGAP 3 causes you some brain
damage, screws up your OS, blows up your computer or turns your
computer self-aware resulting total annihilation of human race, too bad. It
was you who installed the software. Despite heavy testing our computers
are still up and running, but thanks to many wise-ass lawyers and legal trolls
we have to warn you about the worst-case-scenarios.

You are encouraged to share it as long as you don't do it
for money/goods!

TAGAP 3 uses FMOD API for sound; Copyright © Firelight Technologies,
Pty, Ltd. Used under the terms of the free indie license. For more
information, visit:

This software uses the FreeImage open source image library. See for details. FreeImage is used under the
FreeImage Public License (FIPL), version 1.0.

The FreeImage Public License is available for you to read in "freeimage-

TAGAP 3 uses OpenGL API for graphics; OpenGL® is a registered
trademark of Silicon Graphics International. For more information, visit: