Summary of findings from the survey about Roanoke Park.

Interpretive comments from analysis of the multiple choice questions and open comments.
• Chances are if you ask a resident of Coleman Highlands, Roanoke, Valentine or Volker how they feel about Roanoke Park they will say that the park is an especially valued feature with lots of unrealized potential to enhance both the lifestyle and property value of those living nearby. • The overwhelming feeling from most every quarter is that the park needs to provide well for our children. More developed active areas with playgrounds amidst undeveloped, yet well-groomed pastoral open areas for picnics, pick-up games, strolling on the lawns and romping about. • It seems that kids of all ages would enjoy a water feature to play in or simply for watching and listening. • Neatness counts! After a great playground the most requested fixtures to have are more trash receptacles with dispensers for litter and pick-up-after-pet bags along with a campaign encouraging everyone to help pickup after the thoughtless. • As the efforts of volunteers begin to show craggy bluffs, many envision themselves enjoying trails carved through the woods as well as more improved walk surfaces in the park—with illumination from warm lighting, not those buzzing blue high intensity lights. • Some small, formal garden areas would contrast nicely with and accentuate a mostly natural park. Here and there, plots of native grasses, too. Several see public art in the park (with surveillance systems to safeguard, spot despoilers or litterers). • Reforesting with significant and appropriate plantings is desired to honor the park’s history (and prevent invasive growths from overwhelming the park, again). A program for a well-defined and administered memorial plantings program is favored. • There is good support for a dues paying “Friends of the Park” type organization. • Events are more favored than sports with the overwhelming favorite being Dance in the Park! Next are regular music events. Interest is in a great variety of music from chamber and chorales to blues, jazz and folk. These events are designed for the enjoyment of those who choose to come. Amplification, if any, needs to be very light for the enjoyment of an immediately present small group; not beyond. (It’s a big NO to rock fests for the hordes!) Roanoke Park would be a fun place to celebrate holidays and cultural events, too.

The survey’s 211 participants resided in:
Roanoke: 30.9%, Coleman Highlands: 28.1%, Volker: 20.8%, Valentine: 18%, and West Plaza: 2.2%



Volker  Roanoke 

W. Plaza 

Coleman Highlands 

Do you feel that Roanoke Park should be mostly devoted to “passive” or “active” recreation?
• Passive recreation emphasizes the open-space aspect of a park and involves a low level of development, including picnic areas and trails. • Active recreation is that which requires intensive development and often involves cooperative or team activity, including playgrounds, ball fields, etc.

Predominately Passive Somewhat more passive About half active, half passive Somewhat more active

I feel the areas of Roanoke Park to be:

Predominantly Active No Opinion

What FEATURES would you like or NOT like to make the park experience better?

Formal garden area to contrast with the mostly natural settings Lighted walking areas The whole park in a natural but well groomed state Surveillance Cameras to detect dumping /infractions Areas developed for picnic gatherings
Strong desire

Public art in Roanoke Park Trash barrels & trash bags at main entries/exits More trash barrels throughout park Water feature for viewing Plots of native grasses Drastic thinning around major trees and rock formations Reforestation More parking areas around park More improved surface paths Off-leash dog area

Somewhat appealing, a secondary choice Don’t care one way or other Only if most want it Strong objection

What ACTIVITIES would you Want OR Not Want in Roanoke Park? Or do you not care one way or the other? Select one choice for each, please.

Dance in Park Volleyball Holiday events (ie 4th of July, etc) Water feature for playing Tai Chi Playgrounds for children Baseball Skate Board area Cultural Festivals Tennis Soccer Music, Jass/Blues Basketball Music, Chorales/Chamber Horseshoes Music, contemporary/robust Music, other
Strong desire Somewhat appealing, a secondary choice Don’t care one way or other Only if most want it Strong objection

Survey participants rated their willingness to participate in changing Roanoke Park:

I would participate in park conservancy type activities and show up with gloves for two hours each month. I would meet from time to time in smaller groups to help shepherd along projects that especially interest me. I and a friend or two would adopt a small section of the park, improve it and be its caretakers. It would be fun to research and help reforest the park. I would join a Friends of Roanoke Park Conservancy and pay modest annual dues. I already have or will join the battle against the pervasive honeysuckle! I want to participate in developing the Master Plan by being one of 3–5 representing my neighborhood & commit to 12–18 hours or so to meetings spread over the next 12 months to brainstorm and plan.

Yes, I see myself doing this. Uhmmm possibly. Need to know more. A keen idea for someone else, but not me.

Roanoke Park should be rented out with proceeds from fees going to (check all that apply):

The general city fund: 7.5% A fund to benefit and execute the Master Plan for Roanoke Park only: 65.8% The park should not be rented out for any commercial purposes: 24.1% Private fund raisers to help fund implementation of a Roanoke Park Master Plan: 59.3%

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