Constitutional Principles

By Michelle Hohmeier

As I sat at a one sided debate last night, I listened to the Republican candidate for the 3rd Congressional district in Missouri talk about getting back to the Constitution and Constitutional principles. The more I heard, I began to wonder, does he really know and understand Constitutional principles? After a restless night’s sleep, I have come to this conclusion. No. He doesn’t. Why? Because as his “reform” speech resounded in my ears, the underlying message remained the same. It is the responsibility of the government to take care of the people. For someone who touts Constitutional principles, he doesn’t really have an idea of what that means. Or is it simply that he only wishes to go back to the principles that suit the people today? Does he truly believe the Constitution is the only law of this land? Or is it a living, breathing document that changes for the times? As wise as the men are today, I don’t believe they hold a candle to those who set up the governmental system that brought this country from a group of squabbling states into the greatest nation on the earth. Men like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and John Adams were students of history, economics, but most of all, human behavior. Going back to the beginning of time with Adam and Eve, we can see that human nature has not changed. We may have advancements in medicine, agriculture, technology and many more, but when you get down to the nuts and bolts of men and women. We are the same as we ever were. Although this candidate did not, many call the Constitution an antiquated document. This is not true and is merely a ploy to persuade the people it is time to change our government. By convincing the American people the founding principles of the Constitution no longer apply to people today, they have convinced us they are more intelligent than the average person and even worse, the Founders themselves. In doing so, we give them carte blanche to alter our rule of law, or freedoms. And I realized men like this candidate have also been convinced of this same erroneous belief. Americans have not been taught the truth of our history, of our constitution, of our beginnings for generations. Those wishing to distort the true

meaning of liberty and freedom have crept into our educational system to alter our way of thinking in order to gain complete control. For instance, Americans think the United States of America is a democracy, when in fact it is a constitutional republic. We believe it is the government’s responsibility to provide our wants instead of promoting opportunities to be responsible for ourselves. They are to take from those who have much to give to those who do not. There is no room for personal accountability. Because after all, those we elected are not answerable for their own actions. Americans have grown complacent and lazy. We don’t want to be bothered with self-responsibility. And so, our sugar daddy government tells us what we want to hear, gives us what we want, all in order to keep us quiet and subdued so that we won’t see what they are really up to. Stripping us of our independence! Of our Freedoms! Of our Liberty! I’m not saying this particular candidate is one of those men, yet. He hasn’t been exposed to the depravity and debauchery of Washington. He hasn’t had to deal with the Republican Party when what he believes goes against what they want him to believe. But I do know this. Listening to him speak last night, I got the impression he doesn’t agree with all out entitlement programs, or the bailouts or Obamacare or shipping our jobs to China. But the undertones of what he did say were, in some capacity, the government is responsible for the welfare of the people. He believes in governmental welfare reform, not the abolition of it. He believes the bailouts should have had parameters set with accountability established for the payback of the money. He can see this now because of hindsight. As my representative, I want him to see these things are not constitutional. They do not hold any constitutional principles whatsoever. And you should too! The Tea Party movement has been vital in the “Great Awakening” of America. And yet, those involved continue to close one eye to the corruption that stands as the foundation of the Republican Party. They continue to hope if they put good men in office, they will be able to reform the Party. But will in fact happen is quite the opposite. Those good men will fall to the evils of the Party. And in doing so, the hope of the Tea Partiers will begin to wither and fade. Thomas Jefferson said: “Every generation needs a new revolution.” He is right. But the revolution of our time does not need to be one of bloodshed. We already have a form of government that, left to its pure nature, will lift this country once again. I pray for all those men and women running for public office hold strong to their convictions of the Constitution. I pray we, as the American people, will open

both eyes to the corruption of our federal, state and local governments. I pray we will become a great nation once more. That is why we cannot be lazy any longer. We must pull ourselves out of this selfsatisfying funk we’ve been in for nearly 100 years now and take responsibility for our own well-being. It’s time to elect people, who truly represent the welfare of the people. And that does not mean giving us everything we want. Like spoiled children, we scream and throw tantrums until our every want is placated. Grow up America! It’s time to stand on your own two feet again! It’s time to learn the truth! It’s time to study the principles of freedom! It’s time to take back our country and put it on a course of righteousness and goodness! Where those in Washington and the State capitals are statesmen! Where they practice ethics and morality and value the doctrine of the Constitution as it was written!

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