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Policy Deposit Receipt

Name of the Life assured : Mohit Narang Receipt No : 33382145

Policy Owner : Mohit Narang Date of Receipt : 11-May-2017

Address : Wz 1484A Rani,Bagh Delhi,,Delhi,,110034

Contact Details : ,9873899028

Client ID : 58347068 Policy No: 03197667

We acknowledge with thanks, receipt of Rs. 35576 via Net banking towards renewal of your policy.

Policy Term: 15 Premium Paying Term : 10 Payment Frequency : Annual

Plan Component Premium Service Tax Applicable Cess Revival Charge Total Premium Paid
(Late Fee)
Kotak Assured Saving Plan 34921 611 44 0 35576
Total 35576

Next Due Date : 12-Apr-2018 *

Payment Mode : Net banking

Cheque No./Transaction ID. :

Bank Name : Kotak bank

This is a computer generated
receipt and does not require
Mudrank No: EMSHU-2016/2631/CN668/M1 Dated 07-10-2016
manual signature.


1. Service Tax and Applicable Cess are levied at the applicable Tax rates in accordance with the prevailing Tax Laws, from time to time
Premium is eligible for deduction under Income Tax act 1961, as per the prevailing tax laws.
2. For cheque payments the receipt is subject to clearance and for electronic mode of payment upon the credit in companys account.
3. Service Tax Registration Number : AAACO3983BST002
4. In respect of premium received up to 3 pm by the insurer the closing NAV of the business day on which
premium is received shall be applicable.
5. In respect of premium received after 3 pm by the insurer the closing NAV of the next business day shall be applicable.