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Dr. Egbert, Professor of Education Ph.D.; Ed. Specialist; & SPED Dir.

Date: 8/25/2017
Dr. Egbert
Name: Heather Dockstader Plan of Action Assignment

CSI Major: Elementary Eudcation EDUC 290

Indicate University/College (transfer institution): Idaho State University

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for you to begin to address the graduation
requirements for your major and to address the entrance requirements for your chosen four-year
institution. Please address the questions below. Please type your responses.

1. What courses are you currently taking this semester?

I am currently tatking 13 credits this semester. My classes include: this class, Math for elementary teachers,
foundations of communication, introduction to sociology, and introduction to literature.

2. What courses do you need to graduate with your AA degree? (Please see Lena Paxton to get a copy
of your Degree Audit, if you have problems. Lena is located in the Matrix in the Taylor Administration
Building on the CSI campus; you can also email her at Otherwise, go to MyCSI under
your grades option.

For next semester I am aonly in need of 10 credits. I will be taking a humanity class, science, history, and maybe
music 233.

3. Have you applied for CSI graduation? (

No, I have not, I was un aware that I needed to so eary.

4. What are the entrance requirements for your chosen four-year institution? What are the
application deadlines? If you plan to apply for scholarships, what are the scholarship
application deadlines? Have you applied for financial aid?

I have not done any of those things. It will be next fall when im entering a new college, I will do all that next semester.

5. Does your chosen four-year institution require Praxis 1 (or other tests)? What scores are
needed? What are the dates for Praxis 1 (or other tests)? Do these tests have to be completed
before the application deadline? If so, how long does it take to process test scores?

Praxis Website:

As I have said I am un educated on this subject. I dont even know where and how to start.

732-6890; FAX: 732-6797 John C. Hepworth Higher Education Center, 315 Falls Avenue West, Twin Falls, ID 83303-1238
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