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Reading /,r?

'| \. Keadthetext
a. i
3 . , quickly to get a general

Look at the title
of the article. " idea of what it is about. Look
11 What do you
at the first part of the question, then
find the part of the text the question reiers
think it is to. Go through the choices and choose the

about? Where answer that best fits. Keep in mind that the
might you information may be rephrased. Even if you
think you know the correct answer,
read it? Say
always check that the others are not
words you appropriate. Check your answer
expect to find in it. against the text.

b. Read the article
and answer the questions.
Explain the words in bold, then suggest synonyms
for the highlighted words.

More and more people build their own home

A so that they can live underground.
B so that they can have exactly the horne they want.
C because it is cheaper than buying a new house.
D because they want all the modern luxuries you find in
a new home

John and Josephine Mew

tree Il an underground home doesn't appeal to you, 35
A know that their choice of home rs unusual.
]e as .,)w about living in the tree tops? Dan Garner, a
B found that creating their dream home was easy.
Tlore ee surgeon from Gloucestershire, certain[1, tl-rinks
I and rat this is tlre wzry to go np in the world.
C wanted to live like people would have in traditional
theli "When our family became short of space at home
from .ir solution wits to build a luxury tree house in the 40 D converted an ancient building into a modern home.

-.rrclen. 'l'he tleer house is built into a spruce tree six What do Jonathan Ridley-Jones and Shanon
:Llmg ".etles above the ground. It has one main room. a
Ridd say about their home?
own :droom and a balcony running around two sides." A lt's just an ordinary house.
The Trrner is so happy with this practical extension to
B They always wanted to live underground.
ould s home that he thinks he can convince rtore 45 C lI doesn t harm the environment.
r0 to :ople of the benefits ot iiving in the trees. IrIe wants
D They don't pay anything for heating and lighting.
the set up his own enterprise making more of the
ixing rluxe tree dwellings, saying, "Tree houses are airy, Why did Dan build a tree house in his garden?
ot of ,.-urc and comfbrtable and the r:nly disu.lrr*ntage is A He wants to persuade people to buy one.
ieep, rat they might not tre suitable for people who 50 B His family \ /anted to live in a tree house.
.se is . uffer from hay fever or a fear of heights!" C He burlds them for a lrving
hard Even people who live in more ordinary settings D His family needed more room.
\1ew . ,metimes c.rn't resist doing something to make
ng is ::m stand out from the crowd. One extreme The 'Headington shark'
]ters, 'ianrple of this is Bill Heines' house in Headington, 55 A was created by Brll Heines.
txfordshire. Until one morning in 1986, his house B crashed into the roof of Bill Hetnes' house one night.
n see ,oked much like all the others in his street, when C was immediately popular with everyone in the town.
anon ..idderrly overnight a 7.5 m long fibreglass shark D was butlt \,^/ithout any warntng.
isa ,lpeared to have crashed through the roof. 'fhe
thing .-rark was a sculpture by local artist John Buckley. 60
rding \t first some people complained that it might be
ln an .-irigerous or that it spoilt the look of the 4 a. List the advantages and disadvantages of Mew's,
Jund :ighbourhood, but engineers checked that the Ridd's and Garner's dwellings, then talk about
ne of .,'ulpture wzrs safe trnd the 'Headington shark, has them.
local -icome a well-known ancl popular landmark. It b.
6-5 What would your ideal house be? Describe it giving
re of -rems that no matter where you live, you can always rea50ns.
they . -r something to make sure your house says
. ,mething about who v()u are. My ideal house would be a castle. lt would be made of ...