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Samuel B. Kigar Graduate Program in Religion • Box 90964 • Duke University Durham, NC 27708 • (970) 275-5559


Ph.D., Duke University, Graduate Program in Religion, January 2017 (Anticipated) Dissertation: “Islamic Land: Muslim Genealogies of Territorial Sovereignty in Modern Morocco, 1900-1990” Committee: Ebrahim Moosa, David Morgan (co-chairs), Mona Hassan, Cemil Aydin, Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, Abdeslam Maghraoui Fields: Islamic Studies, Modern Islamic Thought, Religion and Law, Political Philosophy

M.A., Duke University, Religious Studies, October 2014 Committee: Ebrahim Moosa (Chair), David Morgan, Luke Bretherton

B.A., Reed College, Religion, May 2006 Thesis: “Islam on the Inside: An Ethnographic Case Study of Islam in American Prisons” Academic Adviser: Kambiz GhaneaBassiri


Lecturer, Departments of American Culture, Afroamerican and African Studies, and Near Eastern Studies, University of Michigan. (Fall 2017- Winter 2018)

Program Assistant, Islamic Studies Program, University of Michigan. (Summer 2017-present)

Lecturer, Department of Religious Studies, Michigan State University. (Fall 2016)


Peer-Reviewed Articles and Chapters

“Far Too Close: Representation and Religion in the Work of Erich Auerbach and Muhammad Asad,” All Religion is Inter-Religion: Essays in Honor of Steven M. Wasserstrom, eds. Kambiz GhaneaBassiri & Paul Robertson. Bloomsbury Publishing (Forthcoming)

“Arguing the Archive: Taha ʿ Abd al-Ra mān, Muammad ʿĀ bid al-J ābir ī, and the Future of Islamic Thought.” Comparative Islamic Studies 11.1, 5-33 (Indexed: 2015. Actual: September 2017)

Book Reviews

“Noah Salomon, For Love of the Prophet: An Ethnography of Sudan’s Islamic State.” Reading Religion: A Publication of the American Academy of Religion (April 2017)

“Jonathan Wyrtzen, Making Morocco: Colonial intervention and the Politics of Identity.” The Journal of North African Studies 21.3 (March 2016)


“Wondrous Plays of the Heart: Abu Hamid al-Ghazali as Dramaturge.” The Maydan (Forthcoming).

“The Portland Samaritans and Politics Moving Forward.” Contending Modernities (June 2017).


Invited Lecturer: “Far Too Close: Representation and Religion in the Work of Erich Auerbach and Muhammad Asad.” All Religion is Inter-Religion: A Conference in Honor of Steven M. Wasserstrom, Reed College, Portland, OR (November 2017, anticipated)

Presenter: “The Walled Muslim State: Morocco’s Anti-Saharawi Berm, Muslim State Sovereignty, and the Waning of Westphalia.” American Academy of Religion Annual Conference, Boston, MA (November 2017, anticipated)

Invited Lecturer: “Islamic Space and Political Space in Twentieth Century Morocco.” Department of English, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Tetuan, Morocco (May 2017)

Presenter: “States, Statelessness, and the Shape of Muslim Politics to Come: A Methodological Reflection.” Islamic Studies in the Trumpocene Conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (April 2017)

Presenter: “Islamic Law and Territorial Sovereignty: Modern Morocco in International Perspective.Islam and the Modern State Conference, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL (April 2016)

Presenter: “Acquisition (Kasb) and the Construction of Borders in Pre-modern Islamic Thought.American Academy of Religion Annual Conference, Atlanta, Georgia (November 2015)

Presenter: “Religious Discourse in Morocco’s Postcolonial Irredentism.” The American Institute for Maghrib Studies Dissertation Workshop, Berkeley, California (October 2015)

Invited Lecturer: “Morocco’s Saharan Question.Metropolitan State University of Denver Fulbright-Hays Group Project Abroad, Rabat, Morocco (May 2015)

Presenter: “Political Theologies of Gender Reform in Morocco.Gender, Law, and Social Change Workshop, Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco (March 2015)

Presenter: “Islam Possessed: Political Theologies of Land in Modern Morocco.Social Science Research Council Dissertation Proposal Development Workshop, Berkeley, California (June


Presenter: “Muslim Ethics in a Time of Climate Change.” Vienna Institute on Scientific World Conceptions, Vienna, Austria (July 2013)

Presenter: “Taha Abdurrahman: Ethics Beyond the Secular.American Academy of Religion Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois (November 2012)

Presenter: “Arguing the Archive: Mohammad ‘Abid al-Jabiri and Taha Abdurrahman Debate the Future.” The Duke University Colloquium on Islamic Thought and Muslim Societies, Durham, North Carolina (September 2012)

Presenter: “Constructing the ‘Ulama: French Orientalist Scholarship and the Modern Moroccan ‘Ulama.” The Sixteenth Annual Maghrebi Area Studies Symposium, Rabat, Morocco (April



Sanford School of Public Policy, Center for the Study of Philanthropy and Volunteerism,

Dissertation Fellowship (Spring 2017)

American Institute for Maghrib Studies Short Term Research Grant (Summer 2016)

Anne Firor Scott Fellowship for Public Engagement (Fall 2015–Spring 2016)

Arcapita Foundation Research Fellowship (Summer 2015)

Social Science Research Council Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship (Summer 2014) Field: “Modernity and Autochthony: The Question of Land-Based Group Identity.” Participated in one early summer and one late summer symposium with graduate students and professors specializing in this emergent field. Conducted pre-dissertation research

Arcapita Foundation Research Fellowship (Summer 2014)

Vienna Institute Summer University on Scientific World Conceptions Fellowship (Summer 2013) Field: The Philosophy of Climate Science. Participated in two-week intensive seminar with leading philosophers and historians working on climate change

Arcapita Foundation Research Fellowship (Summer 2013)

Digital Humanities Lab Scholar, Duke University (2013) Took active role in weekly seminars on the future of humanities, including sessions on the future of publishing and digital research

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Grant, U.S. Department of Education (Summer 2012) Studied modern Islamic legal language, with a focus on the Maliki School, the primary school of Sunni law in North Africa, Fez, Morocco

Arcapita Foundation Research Fellowship (Summer 2012)

Kenan Institute for Ethics Graduate Fellowship, Duke University (Fall 2011–Spring 2012) Attended weekly, interdisciplinary symposia with leading scholars on global ethical challenges. Conducted research on Muslim ethics in the face of anthropogenic climate change

Arcapita Foundation Research Fellowship (Summer 2011) Studied classical Islamic law, Amman, Jordan

Fulbright IIE Grant, United States Department of State (2009) Conducted yearlong research project on the relationship between Muslim scholars and colonial authorities in Morocco under the French Protectorate, 1912-1956

Critical Language Enhancement Award, United States Department of State (Fall 2008–Spring 2009)

Critical Language Scholarship, United States Department of State (Summer 2006)

Reed College Presidential Grant, given for Arabic language study in Morocco (Summer 2005)

Scholtz, MacNaughton Scholarship for Academic Excellence, Reed College (20052006)


“Islam and the Pursuit of Justice in the U.S.,” Department of American Culture, University of Michigan (Winter 2018, contracted)

“Islam in/and America.” Lead University of Michigan instructor for a digital course taught by Sylvia Chan-Malik of Rutgers University, through the Digital Islamic Studies Curriculum (Fall 2017)

“Islam in African Literature.” Lead University of Michigan instructor for a digital course taught by Ousseina Alidou of Rutgers University, through the Digital Islamic Studies Curriculum (Fall


Rel. 101, “Exploring Religion,” Michigan State University (Fall 2016)


Guest Lecturer: “Introduction to Islam,” taught by Ali Mian, Duke University (Fall 2014)

Guest Instructor: “Introduction to Islam,” taught by Ali Mian, Duke University (Summer 2014)

Teaching Assistant: “Islamic Law and Ethics,” taught by Mohsen Kadivar, Duke University (Fall


Teaching Assistant: “America’s Gods,” taught by Ebrahim Moosa, Duke University (Fall 2012)


Research Affiliate: “Networks of Conflict and Cooperation in the Middle East,an interdisciplinary project at Duke University (Fall 2017–Spring 2018)

Editorial Assistant: Muslim Humanities Project. Contending Modernities Initiative, University of Notre Dame (Spring 2012–present)

Research Assistant: Ebrahim Moosa, “Resolving Jihadist Conflicts? Religion, Civil War, and Prospects for Peace.” Uppsala University (Summer–Fall 2016)

Editorial Assistant: Ebrahim Moosa, “The Sunni Orthodoxy.” Critical Muslim 10 (2014): 19-36. (Spring 2014)

Graduate Assistant: Karsh Scholarship Program, Duke University (2013) Designed academic and enrichment programs for international students on full scholarships to Duke University. Read and reviewed funding proposals written by the scholars

Editorial Assistant: Ebrahim Moosa, “In Memoriam: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.” Journal of the American Academy of Religion 82.1 (2014): 7-14. (Fall 2014)

Editorial Assistant: Ebrahim Moosa, What is a Madrasa? Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2015. (Fall 2104).

Editorial Assistant: Jeffrey T. Kenney and Ebrahim Moosa, eds. Islam in the Modern World. New York: Routledge, 2014. (2013).

Co-Organizer: Islamic Thought and Muslim Societies Colloquium, Duke University (2012–2013) Ran monthly, interdisciplinary colloquia for graduate students and professors working on Islam and Muslim societies

Research Assistant: Mona Hassan, Duke University (2012)

Research Assistant: Ebrahim Moosa, Duke University (2010–2011)

Research Assistant: Kambiz GhaneaBassiri, Reed College (2007)


Co-Organizer: Islamic Studies Program Conference, University of Michigan. “Belief and Action:

The Subjects of Islamic Studies.” (Winter 2017, anticipated)

Co-Organizer: Duke-UNC Islamic Studies Graduate Student Conference, Duke University. “Making Sense of Islam: Sensuality and Affect in the Muslim Humanities.” (2012)

Co-Organizer: Duke-UNC Islamic Studies Graduate Student Conference, University of North Carolina. “How Ideas Win: Formations of Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy in Muslim Practice and Thought.” (2011)


Volunteer Arabic Translator: Freedom House, Detroit, Michigan (Summer 2016present) Translate documents for asylum seekers’ official court use

Volunteer Educator: Freedom House, Detroit, Michigan (Spring 2016) Taught English at a residential facility for asylum seekers

Invited Lecturer: “Understanding the Qur’an,” Lecture to 10 th grade class at Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL (November, 2015)

Invited Lecturer: “Love and War in the History of Islam,” Chautauqua Lectures at the Serbino Theater, Ridgway, Colorado (January, 2015)


Classical Standard Arabic: Advanced

Modern Standard Arabic: Advanced

French: Advanced reading proficiency

Moroccan Arabic: Intermediate

Urdu: Beginning


American Academy of Religion (AAR)

American Institute for Maghrib Studies (AIMS)

Religion and Diversity Project, Canada