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Kristies 2017 Inquiry Summary

Reading for 75% of our Year 0-3 students, especially our Maori students, to be working At or Above the National

Writing for 80% of all Year 1-3 boys working At or Above National Standards by the end of 2018

What I know: What I did:

Target students have things at home that are Small group phonics targeted at their level
impacting support, focus etc (extend to the other digraphs and sound
Lack Phonics knowledge needed for both Reading chunks)
and Writing- not chunking words correctly Teach strategy read on and go back to see if
Not recognising and applying aspects from the they can make sense of the word in context
Writing Matrix indp. Discussing interest (what sorts of books do they
Lack Fluency in Reading like to read?)
Not Self Correcting as they read and make a Daily reading (groups and buddy in Room 19)
mistake Specific Literacy games around sound chunks
with TA for practise)
Booster groups with Maureen
Reading for a purpose (mini research projects
around Inquiry- extra support where needed)
Kaea and Cruz (Toe-by-Toe to develop chunking
strategy and Phonics knowledge)
Flexible grouping (students working on same
thing not level are together)-specific targeted
Whole class modelling= surface feature focus/
recapping deeper features
Group focus on new deeper features
independent implementation
1 day teaching deeper, 1 day practising, 1 day
teaching and practising editing (writing is a
Teach the writing process
Think about the purpose for writing- what is it?
Use the highlighter system
Use mentor texts to pull apart concepts and
formats (see concepts in practise)
My Professional Conclusion
Through assessment and observations, I have observed that that all target students have made great progress in
Reading. Students are able to recognise more blends and now a range of other diagraphs and chunks. The gain of this
knowledge has meant that in Reading, the target students are able to chunk unknown words with ease independently.
There is however, room for improvement with the explicit teaching of strategy as students arent consistently self-
correcting errors. Fluency and confidence in Reading has developed greatly, which I put down to the increase of
reading mileage at school with books one or two levels below their instructional level, as many of my targets arent
receiving support at home.
Throughout the year, not many of my targets have gained a level in Writing. However, there is a massive
range of writing for Level 1ii. Many of my target students started as an early level 1ii and are now beginning
Kristies 2017 Inquiry Summary
to work at level 1iii in varies areas of the matrix- huge gains actually being made across the level. Through
samples, further information is beginning to emerge (questioning to extend ideas) and the selection of
correct blends and digraph knowledge is becoming evident. Through observations and Writing samples, I
can see that teaching around the writing process has dramatically increased students ability- more detail is
being added, they are beginning to edit their work, use interesting beginnings to draw the reader in and so
forth. The use of the highlighter system in particular, has really aided the students in knowing their goal and
actually putting it into practise! They are able to discuss and share their learning with others where prior
they didnt even know what it was they were learning and practising.

Things to consider

Students anniversary dates- are they on track to meet their targets?

Is the text appropriate to the learning goal and to students cultural backgrounds?

What are the gaps in students learning?

Where is their actual working level? Ensure data gathered is based on working at level not mastered level.

Where to Next:

Continue to use this approach to Guided Reading sessions and extend to other curriculum sessions, to enhance other
reading skills such as comprehension, inferring, predicting etc, as it is the lack of these skills that are hindering their
Reading development.

Continue to use the highlighter system as it ensure students know their goals and can identify them. Continue to use
modelled text to draw out the deeper features authors use when writing to generate interest and entertainment to
the reader.