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Thu, Sep 14, 1995 Matt Calvin Time Warner Inc. 75 Rockefeller Center New York, NY 10019 via fax, 212/956-7236 Hello Mr. Calvin, Don Levine asked that I forward to you some information regarding illustration for our book project, GI Joe:The Making of an Icon . We see the book as being fully illustrated throughout; each and every page will be visually appealing, colorful and populated with images. The story of the people behind creation of GI Joe is best told with many pictures working with the text, and we’d like to show enough shots of various GI Joe figures and toys to allow every reader to find something he or she recognizes. Along with a compelling story, we have an “art book-look” in mind. The newly produced photography will be shot in a studio environment to achieve the highest quality possible. Never-beforeseen prototypes, sketches and mock-ups will be captured in a manner befitting pop culture artifacts. Vintage GI Joe figures and accessories will be photographed with equally high production values and attention to detail. Snapshots and correspondence from the private files of Hasbro employees will be reproduced and incorporated into the layout in a variety of ways in order to create the finest, most coherent overall design. We will also commission a computer-rendered exploded-view of the classic GI Joe figure in order to illustrate how America’s favorite man of action was designed and manufactured. This image—augmented with the personal recollections of, among others, Don Levine and Sam Speers (who engineered the actual body)—will allow readers will understand the true complexity and innovative problem-solving involved in creating the world’s first fully poseable figure toy. Also included will be photographs of celebrities as children with their own GI Joe figures. These photos will be augmented in sidebars with personal recollections of GI Joe adventures as remembered by the celebrity in question. We’ll also incorporate a different non-celebrity “kid with GI Joe” shot into the design of each page of the book to illustrate the ubiquity of the toy and “close the circle” between the creators of GI Joe and the kids (now adults) who enjoyed the fruits of Hasbro’s labors. While there are a plethora of figures, accessories and fascinating never-before-seen prototypes to include, we want to be sure to incorporate a large number of personal photos depicting the people behind GI Joe as they worked to develop the icon. Through the narrative and snapshots included, readers will get a look inside the Hasbro camaraderie and corporate culture of the earlyand mid-60’s. Don also mentioned that you’d asked about potential markets and promotional undertakings. Many of these issues are covered in the proposal we submitted, and Hasbro’s promotional plans for next year are, of course, not able to be shared in any detail with a publisher until a serious commitment is expressed. Thanks for your consideration, and please do not hesitate to call myself or Mr. Levine if you have any further questions. Sincerely, John Michlig

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