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Motor Protection Solutions

Protecting Your Investments

Motor Protection Solutions
The Allen-Bradley line of motor protection devices encompasses a range of simple,
single purpose protection to the newer overload technologies featuring diagnostics
and Logix integration.

Key Features:
Importance of Motor Protection Causes of Motor Failures
Current measurement-based protection
E1 Plus Electronic
Electric motors are the backbone of Rotor Bar, 5% Low energy consumption
todays modern industry providing Unknown, 10%
Overload Relay Side-mount expansion modules provide adjustable
the mechanical energy needed for levels of protection and communication
most manufacturing processes. Push 75% of motor failures
too hard, too often, and there is the
can be prevented
potential for unforeseen downtime
while the affected motor shuts down Bearing, 51% External, 16% by appropriate
and awaits reset. protection measures Key Features:
Provides critical motor protection functions
E300 Electronic Communication and diagnostics provides
Stator Winding, 16% Overload Relay detailed logs and control from relay to motor
Shaft Coupling, 2% Can simplify control architecture
Source IEEE Petro-Chemical Paper PCIC-94-01.

Key Features:
Programmable latching or inhibit at set level
Feature Comparison
MachineAlert Adjustable time delay settings
E1 Plus,
MachineAlert Bimetallic E300 857
Monitoring Relays Three-phase devices are powered by the
measuring circuit
EE Model
Protection Features
Adjustable measurement set points
Overload 4 4 4 4
Phase loss 4 4 4 4
Ground fault 4 4 4

Key Features: Current imbalance 4 4 4

Ambient temperature compensation for consistency Jam 4 4 4 4
Bimetallic Rated for DC and variable frequency drives Over/under voltage 4 4 4
Overload Relays applications up to 400 Hz Voltage imbalance 4 4 4
Optional remote reset solenoid and external Over/under power 4 4 4
reset accessories
Diagnostics Features
% Full load amperes 4 4 4
% Thermal capacity utilization 4 4 4
Key Features: Voltage 4 4
Suitable for any system voltage to 450,000V Power 4 4
857 Motor/Feeder Configurable interlocking schemes offering Energy 4 4
Protection Relay basic logic functions Integration Features
All settings, events, and indications are in DeviceLogix 4
a non-volatile memory
Logix controller 4 4 4

2 3
E1 Plus Electronic Overload Relay Model Specifications Diagnostics
Bulletin 193, ED Model
The solid-state design of the E1 Plus overload relay, offered in two models, provides ambient
Current Range 0.145 A
temperature compensation, thermal and phase loss protection and a wide 5:1 adjustment range.
Trip Class 10 Fixed
The ED model provides fixed protection while the EE model provides selectable and expandable protection. Reset Mode Manual Only
Side Mount Modules

Bulletin 193/592, EE Model

Current Range 0.1800 A
Trip Class 10, 15, 20, 30 Adjustable
The E1 Plus communication side-mount modules
provide a cost-effective transformation of real-time
Reset Mode Automatic and Manual
data into your control architecture.
Side Mount Modules Communication, Protection, Reset
Selectable Trip
Class & Reset Mode Advantages
Selectable manual/ Includes integrated I/O
Provides convenient local termination of
reset modes
Up to 4 trip
Mounting Options motor-related inputs (2) and outputs (1),
simplifying the control architecture
class options
Provides operational and diagnostic data
Average motor current
Percentage of thermal capacity usage
Device status
Trip and warning identification
Side Mount Trip history (5 previous trips)
Modules Expands protective functions
Communication Overload warning
Protection Jam protection
Remote reset Underload warning
DIN Rail Mount with Pass-thru

5:1 Current Range

Wide FLA range
IEC Motor Starter
193-EE Shown

NEMA Motor Starter

Communication Protection Reset Modules
The optional side mount modules*
for the E1 Plus overload relays allow Modules Modules Remote reset
you to customize the device to your EtherNet/IP Ground fault Remote indicator
22 mm push
applications specific needs. DeviceNet Jam protection button cutout

* Side mount modules only available for EE model ProfiBus Ground fault/
jam protection
PTC module
4 5
E300 Electronic Overload Relay Module Specifications Diagnostics

The E300 Electronic Overload Relay provides a flexible design and advanced intelligence. Communication Module

Real-time diagnostics are transformed into actionable information maximizing your up-time 193-ECM* Features
and protecting your assets.

Control Module
193-EIO* I/O and
On-Device Settings Control Voltage
Communication Relay Relay The E300 overload relay provides real-time motor
Network address Inputs Inputs
configuration Outputs Outputs diagnostic information to proactively indicate when a
motor is having a problem allowing you to efficiently
Restore factory 110120V AC 50/60 Hz 4 4 2 2 troubleshoot. This information includes:
default settings
Enable security settings 220240V AC 50/60 Hz 4 3 2 2 Current % Thermal
Ground fault current capacity utilization
24V DC 6 3 4 2
Voltage Time to trip
Sensing Sensing Module
Module Power Time to reset
592/193-ESM* Sensing Options: Current Range:
Energy Trip history
Voltage/Current/Ground Fault 0.530 A
Trip snapshot
Current/Ground Fault 660 A
Modular Design Current 10100 A The communication options of the E300 overload relay
The new modular design of allow users to view this diagnostic information using
20200 A
the E300 overload relay the following methods:
allows customers to tailor the Logix add-on profile
device for their applications
exact needs.
Mounting Options Web browser
FactoryTalk View

Dual Port EtherNet/IP

Supports device
level ring

DIN Rail Mount Motor Starter

NEMA Motor Starter

IEC Motor Starter

Customizable Expansion Expansion Expansion Expansion

Digital I/O Analog I/O Power Supply Operator Station
Removable Multiple accessory options allow
for the E300 overload relay to be 4 inputs/ 3 universal inputs/ 120/240V AC Diagnostic station
Terminal Blocks Expansion Port 2 outputs 1 output
customized to fit your application 24V DC Control station
Expansion I/O needs. Customers can expand 24V DC 4 20 mA
Operator station out to 4 of the available Digital 120V AC 0 10V
I/O modules, plus 4 Analog I/O
modules along with a power
supply and operator interface. NTC
22 mm push button cutout
6 7
MachineAlert Monitoring Relays Bimetallic Overload Relays
The MachineAlert family of dedicated function motor protection relays offers supplementary The bimetallic thermal overload relays compensate for ambient temperature
protective functions that are easily added to your motor control circuits. while providing overload protection and phase-loss sensitivity. They are a cost
cost-effective ways to protect your electrical equipment investment.

Provides supplemental protection

in conjunction with Bimetallic and
Electronic Overload Relays
Status LED
Visible Trip Indication
Alarm DIP Switch
Power Configuration*
Protective functions
Inhibit mode
Start-up delay
*Based on model

Fault Delay 193-K Bimetallic
Reset Modes The 193-K bimetallic overload relays
Selectable reset are designed for use with the 100-K
switch manual miniature contactors and 104-K
or automatic miniature reversing contactors
Remote reset
solenoid option

813S Voltage Monitoring Relay 193-T Bimetallic Offers basic motor

817S Thermistor
Guards against the damaging effects The 193-T bimetallic overload relays are
protection at an
Monitoring Relay
814S Power (kW) Monitoring Relay 809S Current economic price
Protects Equipment from of phase loss, under and overvoltage, designed for use with the 100-C contactors
Monitors for under and over active Monitoring Relay
overtemperature conditions phase imbalance, and voltage quality of and 104-C reversing contactors
power as well as power direction Provides under and incoming power line
overcurrent detection

Ideal Applications Ideal Applications

Protects against single phasing during start-up and run-time in Ideal for light industry and low critical process
motor applications Conveyors
Detects incorrect phase sequence to keep the motor from starting Fans
Detects no-load conditions indicating absence of water in water Pumps
lubricated pumps
VFD-controlled motors
Protects motors from over temperature conditions
DC motors

8 9
857 Motor/Feeder Protection Relay Product Selection Attributes
The 857 medium/high-voltage motor and feeder protection relay contains the essential protection
functions needed to protect feeders, and motors in distribution networks of utilities, heavy industries,
power plants and offshore applications. Diagnostics Usability

E1 Plus* Selectable reset mode
Configurable Built-in test/reset button
Front Display E300
Manual trip




p S ogs



E1 Plus*












Multiple trip class options





Selectable reset modes

Wide current range
Load Protection
Additional modules
Two optional 12
for communications
channel RTD Scanners
and protection
Fiber optic connection Three
Ports Performance
Multiple protocol support Wide current range
EtherNet/IP Advanced performance
and diagnostics
IEC 61850 Diagnostics
Embedded communications
Networks and Integration Modularity
Multiple expansion options
Protect your motor investment with Embedded Logic and I/O
EC 101/103
increased system monitoring and
functionality in a protection relay
Motor or DeviceNet Scalable
Feeder Protection 857
Highly configurable
Configurable via a
single parameter Motor and feeder
protection in one unit
Multiple communication
interfaces and protocols
Extensive diagnostic
Suitable for all system
Functions voltages to 450,000V

This device also includes many programmable functions for

various protection and communication situations:
Ultra-fast arc protection (optional)
Power quality assessment Bimetallic E1 Plus* E300 857 Prevent motor failures,
Trip circuit supervision
Circuit breaker protection
protect your investments
Complete protection and control * E1 Plus, EE model used in comparison charts.

10 11
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