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Sales practices in Sun Direct TV Pvt Ltd



Slot: G2

Name of the faculty: Prof Siva Kumar A

Line of communication (hierarchy)

Managing Director

Vice President

Regional Manager

Zonal Manager (ZM)

Area Sales Manager (ASM)

Area Sales Executive (ASE)

Zonal Manager: The Zonal manager looks in to the strategy to implement the sales.

Area sales Manager: The ASM will take care of some territories regarding daily sales activities.

Area Sales Executives: The ASE will take care of his district or particular areas that are appointed to
for him.

Sales positions and their job responsibilities

Administration comprises of Managing Director, Vice president and regional managers.
These people look after forecasting and planning the marketing 4 Ps.

Front line comprises of Zonal manager, Area Sales Manager and Area Sales executives.
These people are responsible for execution of the sales function.
Account Management Practices
The company is majorly dealing with B2C business. The B2C customers division is made
from the corporate where at the regional manager level they divide the customers into
different categories based on their revenue, age or connections.
In case of B2B model where the accounts are required to be managed the entire sales force
i.e., from Zonal manage to Area sales executives are replaced with key account managers or
corporate account managers who will manage the respective clients.

Primary responsibility of a sales manager

The primary responsibility of a sales manager is to appoint distributors as per territory mapping and
ensure that ASMs and ASEs are motivated to drive the sales, to drive the revenue and ensure that the
channel is intact and achieve the targets.

Ethical and legal responsibilities of sales managers

Company narrates job role of any manager. He has to bind over with the company policies and is
responsible to honour assignments and be ready to take any future derived roles also. He has to work
as per companys norms. The legal responsibility of the sale manager is that he must not publish the
companys internal policies.

Starting sales positions in the company and their growth

It starts with Area Sales Executive and based on the performance along with 24 months experience in
one position the person can start moving from ASE to ASM and then ZM. If the person is able to get
the quality of a leader then he can even become regional manager.

New representatives initial sales assignment determination

Usually new representatives are given assignments at a remote level. In this process the person will
come to know how market actually behaves.


HR along with Sales team jointly performs the recruitment and they go by market reference only.

The company does not recruit people through college placement in case of sales people but they
recruit for backend and technical functions. This is done because people with technical knowledge can
be brought for lower salary packages if recruited through college placements.

Training program
HR and respective functional heads do the new recruit induction program and employees for skill
enhancement training once in very quarter.

The sales manager also sometimes provides training if required.

Special skills, abilities, knowledge are required to be a sales manager

The person must have the nature of working together and has to mingle with team continuously. He
should maintain team spirit in continuous manner and appreciate the efforts of others.

Compensation methods used for paying sales person
The company uses a common method for compensation that is fixed + variable+ incentives.

Methods of motivation used by the firm and their reward system

The sales personnel are motivated by providing certifications and facilitations based on their
performance quarterly. Cash rewards are given on quarterly basis based on their performance.